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November 18, 2019


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And to anyone you says this is just plain old business and "legal": It goes against everything every damn "god" has preached. There's a reason these frauds are being investigated by the law.

David Lane interviewed some guru from Faqir Chands brand of the RS cult recently. At some point during the interview the man is talking about why he doesn't need money from the sangat and happily exclaims "my pension is 60,000rs per month!"

For those who don't know, 60k rupees is not even $1000. A lot of Delhiites would consider it an insufficient sum for a healthy life.

It's fun to contrast that to hundreds of millions of dollars, endless numbers of properties and the dissatisfaction that the Beas family still feels after having so much.

May they suffer in eternal hell and get roasted and toasted by the devil.

This shows investments in properties and company ratings. I didn’t know a guru’s family was not supposed to be in business. Be it a small business or a big business. And you call this high stakes?? Read the report it says low credit risk.

Nancy, the credit risk must have turned out to be quite large, since the High Court of Delhi has required Shabnam Dhillon's company to repay the money that it owes. If this was a low-risk deal, why has the money not been repaid by the Dhillon family?

So you claim part of the report (you quote) is accurate and another part not accurate. Depending on how it plays to the story you believe??

When the Luthra and Luthra audits came out
"On August 17, 2016, Shabnam Dhillon resigned as director of nine companies including the Prius twins. At present, her only board membership is in Luminous holdings. However, she continued to hold her 84% shareholding in Prius Commercial projects, which has five subsidiaries.

"In her resignation letters, she cited preoccupation and used the address of Sunil Godhwani’s Yashwant Place premises. Though there is speculation about a falling out between the Godhwanis and the Dhillons, this could not be confirmed because of conflicting signals."


Shivinder also resigned from several shell companies as the fraud began to come to light.

"NEW DELHI: Investigations by law firm Luthra and Luthra have found movement of funds by Fortis Healthcare’s promoters of Rs. 473 crore through inter-corporate deposits made by the company’s subsidiary Fortis Hospitals Limited into three entities - Fern Healthcare PVt. Ltd, Modland Wears Pvt Ltd and Best Healthcare Pvt Ltd, according to people directly briefed on the matter.
All three entities were found to be linked to Fortis Healthcare’s former promoters Malvinder and Shivinder Mohan Singh, these sources said."


Nancy, open Google, search "RSSB" and check the latest news results, please. Looks like the guru's family is involved more than just some small or big business.

Nancy, a lot has changed since the analyst's report. To my best understanding, the Dhillon family borrowed large amounts of money to purchase investments in commercial real estate. Those investments weren't wise, and have lost money.

This would explain why the Dhillon family is unable to repay the money they owe, and why the High Court of Delhi has garnished their assets. The report obviously couldn't predict the future. It was based on what was known in May 2014.

"I didn’t know a guru’s family was not supposed to be in business."

Comments like these are the snarky coping strategy that many use to avoid altogether the question of a spiritual teacher grossly missing the mark and being nothing at all like his own teachings.

Guru and family all become obese diabetics from diet of fried chicken and soda- "I didn't know Gurus couldn't eat!"

Guru and family get caught with harem of teen slave girls- "Never knew it was a law that Gurus couldn't love and care for children!"

Guru and family are found with mountains of cocaine- "So spirituality is anti fun now?"

It's not that the guru's family can't do business. It's that they probably shouldn't be doing illegal business with the guru himself and his organizations accountant, and making vast sums of money in attempts to establish their family as a worldly dynasty, when the religion they espouse, and from which the guru claims to have received via succession the mantle of lord and creator of the universe, teaches that he and we should do exactly the opposite.

That award winning, barf inducing, bad punctuation containing, run on sentence is dedicated to Dungeness.

Jessie when we know for a fact the Guru was involved in illegal business then we shall talk. Till then have fun with your comments.

I never said that greed was illegal, Nancy.

I said greed is contrary to the Baba's teachings, and that a man claiming to be god should probably not be both greedy and a hypocrite.

Hi Nancy
You wrote
"This shows investments in properties and company ratings. I didn’t know a guru’s family was not supposed to be in business. Be it a small business or a big business."

Many big businesses and small take much attention. And when there are so many, so much accumulation of businesses, moving funds, buying and selling, secret family deals, then that is the career, and the spirituality, just a cover, a part time thing.

Spiritually requires singular devotion. That takes a lot of time. It's a 24/7 thing. Once you get the inner connection there is nothing else you want to do. And the Guru, as a teacher, walks the talk, lives the life he is teaching, models that life.

These cannot be said to be simple lives devoted singularly and completely to God.

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."
Luke 16:13

This used to be a very popular idea among holy men and women, including Gurus. Keep your life simple. Let your needs be few. Be happy with what you have. Focus on God not material wealth.

Is all that unfamiliar to you?
Just consider this a cleansing reminder of what pure spirituality can be. There is our joy. Not the temporary joy of denial. Not the limited joy of feeling better than others, privileged. But the humbling Joy of finding a connection to the creation and the creator. The real joy grounded in the spirit that drives the creation. Not a manipulation of that spirit. But a subordination of the will to that spirit.

So, whatever the master and his family chooses to do with their time is up to them, so long as it is supportive to and subordinate to spirituality. But where it is clearly in conflict then no, the Guru and his family shouldn't go anywhere near there.

But anyone can return, Nancy. We are all returning.

Jesse why don’t you read your comment? Or shall I quote you?
“It's not that the guru's family can't do business. It's that they probably shouldn't be doing illegal business ”

And to that I said
“Jessie when we know for a fact the Guru was involved in illegal business then we shall talk. ”
Greed was mentioned nowhere in your entire comment. And while we are on the topic of greed which you seem to be quite familiar with, I don’t see legal business, investments and property ownership as greed. It’s when you loose sight of the goal of life the purpose of this human birth in pursuit or these gains, then it’s a problem. As far as I can see(and I have 20/20 vision) that is not
The case with the Guru. (Can’t speak for anyone else)
And this answer is for Spence too.
Good day

I M LOVING IT !!!!!!!

All, the below is from the article in The Indian Express, dated 14th November 2019

“In an affidavit filed with the Delhi High Court dated November 12 and reviewed by The Indian Express, Dhillon admitted that the Singh brothers had in 2010, through RHC Holding (a company controlled by the brothers), approached him and his family to subscribe to a rights issue of REL that was not fully subscribed “at that moment”. A part of the rights issue was funded by RHC and the Singh brothers, who Radha Soami sect head admits to financial deals with Ranbaxy brothers spent a total of Rs 440 crore on the transaction.

“It was suggested by them (Malvinder and Shivinder Singh) that they would finance the deponent (Dhillon) and his family to subscribe to the rights issue. It was agreed that the deponent and his family members would not be made liable to repay any amount or interest in respect of the said finance management since it was being done at the behest of RHC, Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh,” Dhillon has said in his affidavit.

It was also agreed upon that the shares being sold and/ or disposed of, if the price realised was higher than the subscribed prices, the upside would be shared 50:50 between RHC and the members of the deponent’s family (Dhillons) who had subscribed to the shares,” he added.

He goes on to admit that his sons, Gurpreet Singh Dhillon and Gurkirat Singh Dhillon, were given possession of over 61 lakh shares each through the subscription.

“On the basis of this verbal agreement, on 11.02.2010, Respondent No. 19 (RHC) transferred Rs 219.5 crore each to GP (Gurpreet) and GK (Gurkirat), which was then used to subscribe to the rights issue, resulting in an allotment of 61,83,013 shares of REL to each of GP and GK. The entire transaction was handled by Respondent No. 19’s team,” said Dhillon.

Dhillon has claimed that as the two families were then in a “very close relationship”, they did not record any written agreement. He has absolved his family members from any involvement in the financial transactions carried out by him. He, however, distanced himself from allegations of fund diversion by claiming that the brothers, as well as RHC had “deliberately” avoided giving a clear picture of all transactions between them as it would show “that nothing whatsoever is owed by the deponent (Dhillon) and his family members” to RHC or any of its subsidiaries.

The transactions alleged by Dhillon are in violation of Securities and Exchange Bureau of India (SEBI) norms on promoters’ role in rights issues of companies.”

So, in his own affidavit, GSD has admitted, in his own words, to being involved and benefiting (astronomically) from transactions that are a violation of SEBI’s regulations.

These are NOT the actions of a legitimate businessman, earning an honest living.

Let’s see what else is admitted to/alleged/proven in the coming weeks/months...

All in all, again I ask the question; Are these really the actions of God in Human Form?

"Greed was mentioned nowhere in your entire comment."

Yeah I reread it Nancy, and I did imply greed when I mentioned his attempt to start a dynasty, and I talked about the topic of his deeply immoral and scandalously sinful endeavors explicitly in another comment (or 500). The distinction between his personal anti-RS actions and greed vs the legalities are something so repetitive that's been discussed here so many times that I shouldn't have to repeat any of it.

The guy doesn't follow his own religious teachings. He's the worst,you're just a sad apologist, and the entire drama is boring now. Continue being a worshiper of frauds. Hell will be hot. Not much I can do to help you about that.


more of the saga unfolds


"I don’t see legal business, investments and property ownership as greed. "

I agree completely. 'Legal' being the keyword here.

There are tens of thousands of businesses in India, if not millions. Not everyone gets summoned by the court. And it's not a normal practice for promoters of the businesses to setup hundreds of shell companies and give out hunge loans to each other. That's literally money laundering and stealing!

When the mainstream media is taking about the businesses of Dhillons with proof that they are involved in corporate fraud, it's amazing how you still convinced that there is nothing illegal going on. Aren't you even curious about why theres so many news reports on this matter? Are you really believing that it's all fake news?

If it isn't greed then exactly what is it? If it was anyone else; some media celebrity then it would be straightforward greed and that's that!
As it stands we have lots of sophistry trying to make the best of it as the emotional hurt of admitting what is going on is too much.
Keep on banging this gong, but others keep pointing this out ad infinitum (Jesse etc); why this association with gross profiteering (legal guilt or not aside).
Why the 'need' to be involved with making sums of money that are a thousand (ten thousand) times more than is needed to kick back in luxury for the rest of your life and allow your extended family to do the same),
No doubt about it this is totally and utterly contradictory to what is preached from RSSB satsangs every Sunday.
Not that anyone needs to be puritanical and ascetic in dealings with money. This however makes a mockery of 'right livelihood'.
The apologetics offered by devotees are lame and pathetic. The real teaching (if any) is to face up to the hurt/disbelief/anger and deal with it! What you do after that is also the teaching here!
Not that any of this has been 'designed' by a God Man to test the faithful. Just an enormous fuck up that should really teach you to beware of giving your life over to cults and bogus leadership.

Greedy Baba backed by Majitjia-Badal gang ruined the lives of villagers and small farmers by unlawfully diverting river Beas.Many farmers lost all their land to new flows created by RSSB land mafia.Value of land grab scandal is much higher than the value of Ranbaxy.

Land grab scandal is bound to surface.Majithia-Badal had a big input in dodgy deals of Dhillon Clan.

Cousin Zigzag found this related article from June 10th adding, "Nobody knew nothin' almost ten years." And "Like I always say, 'He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.' Heh heh." Bible quotes from a guy like that, can you even?

Tyler12 quoted
“I agree completely. 'Legal' being the keyword here.

There are tens of thousands of businesses in India, if not millions. Not everyone gets summoned by the court. ”

I’m not sure who you are referring to as summoned to court the Singh brothers or Babaji. My comments are only for Babaji, he was asked by the court not for illegal business but for a debt that the Singh brothers “claimed” he and the Dhillon family owed.

Tyler quote
“When the mainstream media is taking about the businesses of Dhillons with proof that they are involved in corporate fraud, it's amazing how you still convinced that there is nothing illegal going on.”
Really??? Show me report or court document that says there is fraud. Please don’t conclude something on the basis of hearsay. On one hand you say some initiates speak of the path based on hearsay and not what they “know” but on the other you do the same only difference you read “planted” media articles.

Tyler quote
“Are you really believing that it's all fake news?”
I am believing my Guru

Hi Nancy
When a teacher is no longer devoted to their job of teaching, but has divided interests, that is losing sight of the goal.

But if you are keeping your life simple in devotion and belief even as others have lost themselves in material gain, it is to your benefit. No need to lose that criticizing others who see things differently. Nor ask about disturbing facts you have already decided to dismiss.

As Brian Ji once said, "why go into a biker bar if you don't like motorcycles?"

"I am believing my Guru"

Not a smart decision, but do whatever you want. I can believe the birds in the trees, the dogs barking, and the cars passing but it doesn't change anything.

Your faith is weak anyway. If you truly believed in him, and weren't being tempted by the "negative power" of the mind, you never would have found this site. You have doubt, "Nancy." You have quite a lot of doubt.

Jesse you know nothing about me or my faith so I suggest you keep your theories to yourself. I came across this site after reading about David lane and his writings about Fakir chand. That’s what directed me to this site as during that time there were blog posts about the unknowing sage on this blog.

"Jesse you know nothing about me or my faith so I suggest you keep your theories to yourself."

It seems you are the one who knows nothing of your own faith. The guru you claim you believe in gave out his "hukam" years ago that satsangis weren't allowed to talk about issues relating to the cult online.

He not only surrounds himself with, but signs contracts and does business with people now proven guilty of financial crimes. Your defensiveness won't alter that reality. Neither will meditation.

Jesse like I said have fun with your comments. Peace out

"I studied him carefully when he entered the homes of the rich. I observed him carefully when dealing with two rajas who tried to bow at his feet. I took careful note when streams of people came along offering money for some public building, like the satsang hall. Also when people tried to give him money or other things for himself. Under all conditions, I found him a perfect man as a Master is supposed to be."

-- The Path of the Masters pg. 224

Guru is not doing business. His wife and son. They don't follow guru. Ok guru is totally not involved. He is INNOCENT PURE AND GOD FOR MANY. PLEASE RESPECT HIM AND dont make fun.

Hi Admin,

I haven't been really following your blog, but sometimes it does come up in my Google news so I check it out if I get curious.

I'm a RSSB follower, however I'm not a blind follower like maybe most of people in the world are towards their guru's. But I would like to tell you this.

If he or anyone in his family or anyone else is doing anything wrong, it will build up their karma accordingly, for which they would need to pay.

I'm not worried if you are posting such things on your blog, maybe for awareness or hatred or whatever doesn't matter.

I was a strong believer of Karma before rssb followers and still I'm. So as he said in satsang himself when he was asked in one of the questions about Baba guru ram rahem. He simply answered whatever are his wrong doings it's his karma, don't focus on those things focus on the preachings they are never wrong not on guru, same goes for me, if I do any wrong doings I'll have to pay for my karma.

The above is what I believe too, if he has any wrong doings he will pay for it through his karma, like each one of us, he is only a saint in human form and is part of the human cycle of karma.

I hope it clarifies few things, even if you doing this awareness or not, karma is always watching and will punish the wrong.


If we believe in karma always watching, wouldn't we have no need for the courts, the police, and the military to protect us?

If the Law of Karma exists, why would we even need to lock our doors? After all, there's no need to fear intruders who might invade our homes to steal our possessions and hurt our families. The Law of Karma can be trusted to punish the invaders and restore our stolen property.

Or wait...if people steal our property, doesn't that mean that we did something in the past that caused them to steal our property? Maybe we were thieves in a past life, and the Law of Karma is rectifying our past transgressions.

As far as Guru Ram Rahim's fate, Gurinder's comment was rather glib. it was Indian courtrooms that provided justice for the victims of Ram Rahim, and not some Law of Karma.

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that 'karma' plays out in the 'payback' sense you use it. On a more prosaic level it simply means that actions have consequences, but when metaphysics is dragged in it becomes speculative and ultimately meaningless.
The only real way anyone pays is through their 'conscience' and not through some cosmic payback scheme.
Of course their is also the law and the loss of reputation, but those are natural consequences and not some mystical balance setting mechanism.
As for dragging results of actions over into other lives that is even more untenable and speculative. These sort of considerations are really what has lead me to move away from such metaphysically dense systems like Sant Mat.

Lets discuss about what is happening with GSD or Baba's wife these days

She is in UK living in Haynes Centre where Baba built a big house within centre premises.

It has been told that Baba built this house with own money and nothing was taken from RSSB

But all so called sevadars worked there free of cost, do all household chores and housekeeping

This whole Haynes land and main building which they called Mension was bought on charity name very cheap must have saved lots of money in tax and stamp duty

My question is how anyone can built a private home on Charity's land. This house is used by Baba and his family and distant relatives time to time

I have very much doubt whether they are paying any council tax... which all house owners have to pay in UK

If it was built for Baba who is the main Trusty then why his wife, kids or distant relatives use this house as Holiday home.

A big board saying 'Private property' you will see outside of Haynes when Baba or any family member at Haynes

These days Baba's wife is living in Haynes for some surgery in UK with her son and his family and you can see security on its high. No one allowed to take any phone or electronic device inside. Airport style security.

Full exploitation of Charity money and resources and on the top free Sevadars to do all Housekeeping of the private house

Brian you should write more on this issue in your main Thread rather than in comments


@Guru Rakha.
Haynes Park House,Church End Road,Haynes,Bedford,MK45 3BL is registered as Teaching centre and premises ,business rateable value of £173,000.

There is also a footnote that says"This valuation is not available to the public.Only the owner or occupier may view the valuation details of the property".

Some type of teaching centres are business rates exempt .It is not clear whether the owner/occupier is getting business rates exemption for this property.

India's police are ignoring Malvinder's accusations against Gurinder Singh?

"Malvinder’s lawyer Manu Sharma today approached the court with a plea that there has been no headway in the case filed in February. “So far no action has been taken by the police on the case, in an effort to shield [Gurinder Singh]. We approached the court today with a grievance that there has been no headway in the case so far. The court has sought action taken report form the police,”

Read more at:

@KS again an another fraud

How can be a Teaching center is not open for Public
How can Baba built his own personal hoilday home inside

Too many frauds..hope they will have to pay for their karmas in this life

Follow what you teach...but Baba is going other way

Not sure if Brian’s seen today’s interesting development;

Malvinder Singh’s lawyer has demanded an official update from the Delhi police as to where their investigation is with regards to Malvinder’s compliant, filed in February this year, to the EOW

Amongst many other allegations made in this complaint, in particular, Malvinder demands the return of Rupees 8,646 Crore from God in Human Form aka GSD. Accompanying paperwork attached, with a comprehensive list of loan ledgers. Why would Malvinder demand an update on this complaint if it contained misinformation? Lies?



Malvinder’s move today is definitely doubling down on his accusations against the Dodgy Dhillon family.

Js says
“Why would Malvinder demand an update on this complaint if it contained misinformation? Lies?”
JS I don’t know you but how I wish I could see the look on your face when you find out the reality of Malvinder and all the accusations they have pinned on the Guru. Notice I used the word “they” would you like to take a guess who all are behind this scheme???
Oh let me give you a hint just like the book “bottle of lies” which was written on Malvinders company this complaint against the guru is a “affidavit of lies”

Thanks JS for the links!
Malvinder made a bold move, and he sends to expect progress, hence there must be other Independent evidence to confirm his accusations. If the police are building a case they will work in very small steps. It is more likely that if there were no case it would have been rejected by now.

But I'm guessing that they have found significant threads of evidence to corroborate Malvinder and wish to make sure the whole case is pretty much sealed up and air tight before making anything public.

Kia, likewise - How I wish I could see the look on your face when “God in Human Form” is placed into custody and/or forced to cough up $500m to Daichi

This would, in any rational persons view, undermine the whole idea behind the cult that you, and many of my family (including my wife) follow

“Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

"Show me report or court document that says there is fraud. Please don’t conclude something on the basis of hearsay."

Posted by: Nancy | November 19, 2019 at 08:25 AM

Whoa, what an utmost concise and succinct argument! I concede, and my hat's off to you Nancy.

This all reminds me of what happened in the year 1991, I was in class and a friend was kidding about our teacher's toupee. Suddenly we heard what sounded like drums. So we looked left, then looked right and saw nothing yet still we all heard this sound of drums going on 'gTHUMP, THUMP, THUMP etc.' Finally, the wisest of us spotted a fellow classmate Georgette punching the class clown repeatedly in the rear for insulting the lady's honor. The funniest thing that year -for life is fair!

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