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November 14, 2019


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Hi Brian ji

The level of high court scrutiny is now moving directly to the garneshees. The court is traveling one firm step at a time. Today's step was a huge victory for Truth. I believe Gurinder's own admission and excuses on Tuesday awoke the court to the fact that this is real, and requires the full court press.

But there are many pitfalls ahead. A battle was won today against those who fought to dismiss themselves of their own responsibilities and accountability. And they will most certainly pull their own legions together and raise their efforts.

I can't help but hope that any public discourse, such as this conversation at CoC, helps keep the light and the journey of truth in this matter alive.

My Guru jee is defending legally ( than intentional or collective as a whole) He and His family's culpability in this money-spinning operation by all which may have continued for a few years with damaging outcome instead.

The amounts admitted are far less by Baba Jee than . claimed by. Malvinder. Perhaps it is the investments made flat over time. which pulled down the finances.

He Himself is perhaps a Loser on worldly side who could not pull strings thoroughly to have beome a Wunner. May be because He is too Humble and unattached or may have advised once or twice of bitter likely consequences to. would be perpetrators.

Were can I donate to the GIHF Go Fund me page?Id be curious what some forensic accounting my find regarding Dera land and property holding abroad.It never made sense to me that these properties were ever needed for the real work of initiating westerners and ministering to the flock

Again, I ask the question; Would a true Holyman, a man of god, be involved (as he has now even admitted himself) in such financial skullduggery?

Surely, surely, in any rational thought process, the answer to that question is now absolutely “NO”!

So, consequently, it follows that this man, GSD, is nothing more than a regular person, with a regular persons flaws (greed, selfishness, nepotistic)

To the irrational followers, they will undoubtedly continue to worship him, hanging on every word he pompously spouts as he denounces “evils” such as Greed and Selfishness despite now admitting to partaking in such vices himself!

For those delusional followers demanding to see the flow of funds to the dodgy Dhillon family, these are mapped out in many, many articles (which have gone unchallenged. Why?);


It must heartbreaking to have devoted 29 years to following this charlatan which would explain the inability to comprehend the “facts”

To the rational, unbiased mind, I feel GSD is losing credibility at an alarming rate. The sheer audacity to preach goodness and righteousness but simultaneously have your snout stuffed firmly in an illegal corporate trough is beyond the pale.

Sai Baba, Ram Rahim, Gurinder Dhillon...all cut from the same cloth. The Baba’s are ten to a penny in India. Why?

If you allow someone access to your bank account and they commit fraud, are you liable?
When you find out what they are doing, will you allow it to continue or put a stop to it? Go to the bank and stop the access.

Seems it continued for many years and nothing was done about it.

Why would you give access if you get no benefit? If you get benefit then you conspire in the fraud.

Every guilty person says
I never did it.

Once involvement is admitted, it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out.


The neglecting of one's duty of one person can never be an excuse for another person to do the same.

If an teaching professor is accused of something it can not and should not be a reason or an student to leave university.

He came there for his own reasons and betterment ...why should he harm himself giving up on what he once started with so much pleasure?!

The professor was an means to an end … not the goal


And Family
Though garnishee
Owe no body
An y thing

The CotC
He is guilty
And should be
Under lock and key
In pris

We shall see
In February
Exactly who owes what
Though in my mind
I think we’ll find
The Baba owes doodley squat

For better or worse
This will lay
The scamdal now to bed
The exers curse
Sangatis pray
There’s no more to be said
The End

One thing I don’t understand is this:

Once the high court ordered the Singh brothers to pay 500 million dollars, and they lost the appeal, at that point, they had plenty of money. They had just borrowed a lot from the bank and pledged their shares.
I understand they invested a whole load into fortis, and also gave a load to the Dhillons.
The question is, why didn’t they pay $500 million to Daiichi and be done with it.
Their assets and bank account only got frozen later and then they were unable to make the bank payments and that’s how they lost their shares worth billions. At least that is how I understood it.

Did they think that they didn’t need to pay? They knew they had lost the case so why not pay? Did they think there would be no enforcement action ?

Once their assets were frozen all they could do was beg the Dhillons to help.
But just a short while earlier before the assets were frozen, they could have paid off the $500 million and still kept their billions.
That appears to be a key mistake they made that cost them everything.
Just wondering why they would make such a big mistake when they knew they had lost the court case and also they had plenty of money so the $500 million was a relatively small amount.

Osho I wondered the same thing why didn’t they pay but my understanding is that they didn’t pay for the same reason they concealed information when selling Ranbaxy to Daichi—they didn’t want to. They probably were riding high and didn’t think anything would touch them. Not paying Daiichi the 500 mill wasn’t the first mistake they made, the first mistake was concealing the information during the sale of Ranbaxy. This is what caused the arbitration award in the first place. And there was a web of many mistakes from there on.

Genghis Khan used river waters as a weapon by diverting waters to flood towns and ask for surrender.

Law prohibits anyone from tampering with river flows.Dera Bea's has diverted beas river leading to drowning of poor farmers lands of adjoining villages.Digging up routes of small farmers and forcing to sell at fraction of market value is another trick employed by Dera.Indians living in India have no right to buy agriculture land unless they are occupier farmer's.How did dera beas head acquire many thousands of acres of agricultural land is a divine miracle,even if he was not Spanish but Indian citizen.

Why should people moan if GSD has taken few rupee's from the grandson's of his master.Hazur Maharaj must have know karmas of his successor and his grandson's.it wasn't GSD fault that hazur chose to marry his daughter to Parvinder Singh ,mega rich owner of ranbaxy ,who before his death had appointed Davinder Singh Brar as CEO of ranbaxy pacifically instructing that boys should not even be board of director's.Others had better idea's to use the boys for their good by getting rid of Bear CEO.

of course nobody WANTS to pay up $500 million.
but that was the cheaper option. now they have lost everything and are in prison.

concealing the info was a mistake, as was paying for the drugs to be approved in the first place.
lots of mistakes and they catch up with you in the end.

but paying the $500 million would mean they would still be billionaires.

I guess it was meant to be - fate / karma.

It is important that all facts be looked at. For example, according to you, you can say you lend x number of dollars to third party, who says that you gave them the money but took it back right away.
Then you say that your ledger says the money was never returned. The third party has no knowledge of your ledger and have never seen it.
Who is right or wrong? If the money was sent to you and you sent it back. There will be a paper trail.
The one should be impartial and wait for the conclusion, instead of being a self appointed judge, jury and executioner.

Do I understand this correctly?

1. The Singh Brothers gave (apparently a pure gift with no strings attached) the Guru's kids many millions of dollars in corporate shares.

2. Guru's kids sold some of those shares back to the Singh Brothers.

3. Gurinder is now claiming that the Singh Brothers actually owe him millions of dollars for the gift shares that they "loaned" to the Singh Brothers.

Can someone explain to me if the Religare shares given to the Guru's sons was a legal transaction? I remember when this occurred, but I don't recall anyone at the time saying that the transaction was illegal. It seems to me this is a key matter, because if the money/shares were the legal possession of the Dhillon family, then despite the utterly preposterous scenario of a receiver of a gift claiming he's owed money for lending the gift back to the giver, it may mean that Gurinder technically has the law on his side.

These two links may help some of you cope with the death of your gods.



It was a share sake prior to going public. When a company goes public (floats on the stock exchange) the shares you have typically increase in valve 80 or 100 times.

Now if the Singh brothers kept all the shares, they would have a huge tax bill (capital gains) when they sell the Shares.

So the deal was to sell the shares BEFORE the huge gain.
So let’s say they sold the Dhillons 2.5 million shares at $1 a share. That’s $2.5 million investment.
My understanding is that they gave that $2.5 million as a gift. So the Dhillons could purchase the shares.
Then the company floated and the $2.5 million became worth $250,000,000.
So the $2.5 million becomes kind of irrelevant anyway. I then believe the deal was to buy property with that $250 million and that it was a 50/50 split, verbal agreement.
Technically the $2.5 million was a gift but really the whole $250 million was the real benefit. That would be taxable at the point of sale.
The benefit to the Singh brothers is a huge tax saving and 50% of an ongoing business. The benefit to the Dhillons was they become instant billionaires with zero risk. Win win for everyone.
Eventually they had a falling out which is typical when such huge sums on money are involved.
As in any business each person believes they are right and have acted correctly.

So the Singh brothers expected the Dhillons to help out when their assets got frozen and they desperately needed $500 million to pay off Daiichi and unfreeze their assets. After all the Dhillons only made their huge money because of the singhs help.
However it was not technically the Dhillons problem. Which is why malvinder was explaining in his letter that if help is not given, it will become everyone’s problem.
At that point the intelligent thing to do would have been to put all differences aside and help out. Then everyone wins.

Osho, thanks for that explanation, it makes sense. My reservation is that I don't see how the Singh Brothers planned on coming out ahead by giving away such a huge sum of money. However high Indian taxes are, it doesn't seem to make sense to give away a billion dollars for the sake of paying lower taxes. That is unless the "gift" wasn't a gift at all.

If the Singh Brothers bought 50% of the Dhillon's business with this gift....well, do we actually know this is the case? Were the Ranbaxy shares an actual gift, or a purchase of a share of business entities? It seems to me that if it was a purchase, then the Brothers Singh engaged in tax fraud. And if it was purely a gift, then why is Malvinder asking for "help"? As you note, it's a very strange case where both sides believe the money is rightfully theirs. Or one party is lying about the true nature and arrangement of this business deal.

J you wrote
“Do I understand this correctly?

1. The Singh Brothers gave (apparently a pure gift with no strings attached) the Guru's kids many millions of dollars in corporate shares.

2. Guru's kids sold some of those shares back to the Singh Brothers.

3. Gurinder is now claiming that the Singh Brothers actually owe him millions of dollars for the gift shares that they "loaned" to the Singh Brothers.

Number 1 no they did not gift them the shares they used thier names to buy unsubscribed rights in religare as they were not fully subscribed with the underhanding that if it went up they will split 5050 and if it goes down the Dhillons owe them nothing No principal no interest as it’s invested by them and they facilitated the whole transaction.

Number 2 the Dhillon boys sold some of thier own religare shares and some of the money was parked with the Singh brothers or their companies

Number 3 yes they had 100 cr parked with them if which they only recieved about 25 cr so they actually owe him 75cr

That’s some of what the affidavit says.

The reason it makes business sense is because they already had the rest of the shares and already would have had a huge gain. If they kept them all, the tax bill would be so big that giving away 50% for an ongoing business was a better deal.
The only reason to gift the initial $2.5 million ( I am just giving example figures to explain the idea, not exact amounts), was because presumably the Dhillons did not have $2.5 million just lying around.
Also it’s not really a matter of “if they go up” as they always go up when a company is floated.
The shares sold back are then worth 80x or 100x what was paid for them. If the Singh brothers bought them back at the 100x price, (which is the only price they can buy them for as that is then the market value and they can be sold on the stock exchange for that price anyway) then that will offset the huge capital gain they made on the other shares which they still had. So in effect they will have reinvested their gain so no tax due on that gain either.
Also since it’s offshore, the offshore companies would also pay no taxes, which is another huge benefit. They are not even breaking the law as taxes are not required to be filed by offshore companies.

The reason they cannot gift them the shares, is because then there is no benefit to them. They only gifted the actual money to buy the shares. It’s a mute point if that money to buy the shares was gifted or given or payable back, simple because it is such an insignificant amount of money compared to the value once the money is used to subscribe to the shares.

A brilliant article highlighting the controversy of secret Guru and associates


Nice weekend read about RSSB and Singh brothers. It also mentions Brian Hines few times.

Anon and Osho
The rights handed out in 2010 were done years after the company went public. The notion that this was all pre-IPO is false.

The hundreds of crore are what Grinder claims were rotating funds through his and his families accounts...

"“These transactions essentially involved transferring money from one subsidiary to a bank account of the Deponent and/or his family members and then transferring the same money, either on the same day or shortly thereafter, to another subsidiary of the group or usually to Respondent No. 19 itself,” it stated.

“The transactions carried out by Respondent No. 19 resulted in GP (Gurpreet Singh Dhillon) and GK (Gurkirat Singh Dhillon) receiving funds from various companies controlled by Respondent No. 19, which were immediately transferred to Respondent No. 19 and/or other companies controlled by Respondent No. 19,” Dhillon’s affidavit added."

Day trading and short selling under the radar in a scheme by Malvinder et al to devalue the companies they ran, Fortis and RHC, and possibly even to do the same to Ranbaxy, through the time bomb they left at Ranbaxy when they sold it.

And that means these bank account transactions and balances are only the tip of the iceberg.

The trail to follow is the transfer of these rotating funds from publicly held corporate accounts through fraudulent loans and stock sales into holding shell company accounts, stock purchases, sales and funds transfers from those sales into offshore shelters.

The Bloomberg article stops at these accounts, which Gurinder claims were used surreptitiously by Malvinder et al. But the real destinations to pursue are the shelters.

This is because of the smoking gun in Gurinder's letter. He agrees to handle all the liabilities if Malvinder will turn over all the unidentified properties. These properties must be in Malvinder et al's name or control, and large enough to cover all the debts.

The investigations must follow the full trail beyond these bank accounts to establish the destination of the much larger sums in offshore sheltered properties under Malvinder et al's control. Or Gurinder et al's control?

This could exonerate Gurinder from the majority of the liability, or fully anchor that liability for well over a billion dollars.

Thank you Pakandi Baba
An excellent and balanced article...
"Tejendra Khanna, the former lieutenant governor of Delhi, is also the former chairman of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, which was sold by the Singh brothers in 2008 for a little over $2 billion in personal profit.

Khanna’s close business association with the Singh brothers through Ranbaxy also overlapped with his own deep-rooted belief in the teachings of the Radha Soami sect. “His father, K.L. Khanna, was after all the secretary of the Satsang at Beas,” Business Standard reported in 2013.

As the success stories of Fortis Healthcare Ltd and Religare Enterprises Ltd (REL) unravel, what appears to be at the faultline of the Singhs’ fall from grace is this very interconnected network of influential kin that initially helped them, and the RSSB, grow.

“I’m strongly inclined to believe the reports in the Indian financial press that Malivinder and Shivinder trusted Gurinder (Dhillon) as a father figure and spiritual adviser. But also, a business adviser,” says Brian Hines, an American who was a member of the sect’s US community for 35 years.

“Babaji’s influence over the affairs of Religare was ubiquitous — he pulled most of the strings,” the family associate adds.

“The relationship between Malvinder, Shivinder, Sunny (Sunil Godhwani) and Babaji wasn’t a secret at all, they would constantly be together and very visibly so. In fact, everyone would say ‘Religare is Babaji’s’,” says the associate.

“Mala and Shivi were the previous master’s grandsons and nephews of Babaji, so it really was a close-knit business family in every way… I mean, a Religare helicopter would go to Beas to pick him up.”

"“Babaji has always said, ‘You people are stupid, coming here and listening to me alone at a satsang isn’t the way, because I’m not God’,” the friend says.

But at the same time, he also created rituals that enhance his God-like status, or rather, “God in human form”, the friend adds. “In Beas, whenever he’s holding a satsang, he’ll get into a car to bless people on his way.

“He’ll walk through the sewa area, standing in the centre as the sewadars chant and sing hymns around him,” the friend says. “So he’s not actually mitigating the myth, even if he’s making a point to appear like he’s verbally trying to dispel it.”

"Even in Hine’s experience at the commune, the “RSSB is a highly top-down organisation”. “The guru makes decisions and lower-level people implement them under his close supervision,” he says."


One of the clues to engineered short selling is the rapid sale of their stock the moment they acquired it. So in the case of Ranbaxy stock, planning for decline, they would sell it immediately, then use the money for short selling as many loaned shares as possible, with the buy out coming later after the stock declined.

Ranbaxy lost 40% of its value, or nearly $3 billion dollars. A portion of that could now be in properties controlled by Malvinder / Gurinder et al.

If it is God who is in trouble or shortchanged due to Worldly web trap He got into to harvest Big monies then nothing to worry. He is all capable- omnipotent.

But if He is Human then He deserves sympathy or empathy provided He has not master-minded the whole web of dealings.

Anyways the decent wealth He has already owned may have been more than sufficient for He and His family's comfortable and even luxurious survival. He got into a trap may be partly initially. Later gradually got stuck in a marshy terrain. never to be returned to original peace and state.

With great power comes great responsibility.

First they took millions of lives by selling deffective medicense,may be under the guradinaceship of baba and filled there pockets, ..now same under his guradin ship looted poor shareholders money....what kind of living is this..

Sevadar inc aka Chamchae inc, you are the exact disease, causing GSD disease to spread

Clearly, you have a bakwas life yourself, your transfer all of your hopes to this charlatan. And even he’s exposed as a fraudster, you start to, in your 45th language, discredit, impartial observers, like me

Believe me, I had no opinion on this crook...I was happy to go along with my wife Bullshi** but now, with all the mounting evidence, it’s obvious, to the minimally reasonable mind, that this Baba, like sai baba & Ram Rahim, is an absolute JOKE

Continue to follow, If you’re SAD chamchae. Us rational people know Gurinder Dhillon is an absolute fraud and will soon be in prison, picking up bars of soap 🧼

Agree with JS, its about fairness and finding out the truth.

Followers (satsangis) should demand answers at Haynes Park HQ about Baba Gurinders dealings and credibility as a spiritual leader(true master), after all they have made huge sacrifices to be on the path to seek truth (not lies and lack of communication) and Gurinder has been involved in a huge financial scandal.

Any genuine spiritual leader( true master) would be transparent and if he made a mistake, be quick to apologise and correct it.

Gurinder should offer to meet his followers and answer burning questions that have left the organisation with a big ugly cloud.

Instead he will hide like a coward and distance himself as he doesn’t want people to see he is an ordinary man. His cover would be blown, it will be beyond embarrassing - criminal springs to mind

What can he say to millions of followers who love him? They will be broken!! And it wouldn’t make sense esp after thinking you have found truth

Really sad situation but justice should prevail, think Brian has been really brave to start this blog, lets support him to try and get to the bottom of the RSSB org.

Very sad to see RSSB haters going to any extent to prove their rubbish.

1) Gurinder never ever said that, i am a guru or god in human form. He always says that " Shabd is a guru", "no kind of body have capability to become guru". Guru in front is a just a channel to take you there. This has been the views of every RSSB guru.

2) Those ppl who are saying that ,we spent 30 yrs or 40 yrs there and got nthing. How much time you meditated ? and Spirituality is a long process and it takes several births to even view a certain improvement unless you had some great past.

Now coming at points if article which are complete garbage -----

""But at the same time, he also created rituals that enhance his God-like status, or rather, “God in human form”, the friend adds. “In Beas, whenever he’s holding a satsang, he’ll get into a car to bless people on his way.""

He comes in car so that ppl can easily see him. They dont have to run here and there just to have a view of him. Those who know, how darshan used to take place earlier will know.

"Even in Hine’s experience at the commune, the “RSSB is a highly top-down organisation”. “The guru makes decisions and lower-level people implement them under his close supervision,” he says."

The role of the guru is to do satsang. Whatever happens in dera, its upto to authorities to decide and implement. Although, they always go for suggestion.

Many great points.

Me God! Meeza flabbergasted.

So many Articles, one big problem not original articles. Like not always original Blog Posts.


Posted November 14, 2019 (Article Updated: November 15, 2019)


Posted November 14, 2019 (Article Updated: November 15, 2019)

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