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November 19, 2019


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"I don't understand the appeal of nationalism, since it defies logic, facts, and common sense. "

Lol what? Nationalism is a tool. Is there some sort of method that proves self-protection in groups to be illogical? What fact disproves the benefits, or even just the human right of nationalism?

It works for some things, and has various weaknesses as well. But this can be said of all human systems. Just because nations or races, or families, are imperfect doesn't mean they shouldn't celebrate themselves or act to pursue their own collective interests, and defend themselves against those seeking to undermine their collective interests.

A non-Indian, and non-Hindu telling the indigenous people of their land for over 5000 years that they don't exist as a collective, have no rights to their land, culture or genes, and are stupid for wanting to protect themselves from people who've inflicted terror upon them for 1000 years is like colonialism on crack cocaine.

The British already tried to tell Hindus what you're telling them, and they failed miserably. Not sure neo-colonialism will work any better if it's couched in maxims that barely say more than "we're all the same maaaaaan."

This is why the "Ok Boomer" thing is taking off. The wrongness of an entire generation's political leanings is astounding. It makes me think we should limit voting to people under 50, and even those should take an IQ test and prove to be responsible. But your generation was committing all these tragic mistakes long before you got old. Better yet we just abolish the horror of democracy altogether.

Listen to this Kashmiri woman describe the terror inflicted on Kashmir by the violent conquerors you keep presenting as poor innocent Muslim victims of "nationalism." Somehow without being scary "nationalists" themselves, they still managed to kill and rape thousands and displace hundreds of thousands, if not millions of actual Kashmiris who previously lived in a pluralistic society which is now not allowed by Islam.

Still, no word on that massacre from anyone.


religions are all different in beliefs. comparing christianity to islam or hinduism is like comparing chalk and cheese.
nationalism isn't bad, who said and why? earth might be one but is separated by different climate zones, vegetation zones etc. etc.

Religious intolerance and Nationalistic intolerance is the scourge of humanity. Throughout history.

As is ethnic (racialized) intolerance

''Do'nt try to feel one,it's impossible in this stage''

Charan Singhji

In deepest we are'' one''..

Nationalism is fear weaponized.

... As is religion... A form of nationalism... My God... My Master, Our Country, Our Dera.


Even America is a hindu nation... Don't believe me... read this...... https://www.amazon.com/Hindu-America-Bhavans-book-university/dp/B0007JAY9G

You white Christians are plain killers of pagan hindus.

There is only one God.
My God is better than your God!!!!!!
My Baba is better than your Baba!!!!!!
Religion is cause of almost all wars.

Good one Brian! Nationalism allied with populism are what are driving such upheaval over here in the UK. Not wedded to religion over here which is something I guess, but still toxic.
Still love and enjoy our country but under no delusions that we are somehow Great or greater than others. That is just stupid and dumb thinking and causes all sorts of calamities in the world.
good work in calling out this toxic brew Brian.

The constitution of India has been inspired by western ideals, nothing Hindu in it. You should call it fanaticism. By the same measure, you should call Moslem and Sikh fanaticism by the same name.

"Nationalism allied with populism are what are driving such upheaval over here in the UK"

You don't think Pakistanis shouting "Get out of my country you white bastards!" as they cut off people's arms on the road might be driving the upheaval, you absolute mong? Maybe the thousands of underage girls being raped by foreigners? You think family's of foreigners disrupting trials against child rapists by screaming about 12 year old rape victims "she's a slag!" might have something to do with it? Maybe that the BBC protected child rapists for decades? Any of those things contribute to the upheaval, Nick?

"Nationalism is fear weaponized. "

Cool soundbite, Spence. Super deep, maaaaaaaan.

Reality is not what is being propogated in the article you referring. This article is pure political by left wing and so called secular forces. It is sorry state if you tend to believe such. Nothing bad is happening to minorities in India.

Modi is the best prime minister for India. We Indians are fortunate to witness such great soul leading us.

Hindu dharma is about live and let live.

Hindus are the only ones who never conquered with convert or kill format. In fact hindu dharma says sarve bhavantu sukhinaha. May all be happy.

It is only abrahamics who convert or kill. This anti hindu propaganda is by the four Ms --- missionaries, marxists mullahs and MNCs.

Of course you have a valid point I totally get that. There have been real terms abuses from sectors of the community that feel they are invulnerable to being called out because they can play the race card!
I'm not a complete dumbass and unable to see things from both sides.
it does need challenging you are right and yes it is behind some of the unrest. just that when the challenge back is on the level of xenophobia straight and simple then it is not really helping anyone or anything!
There are genuine grievances in our Northern towns and cities I get that! Some minority communities do somehow feel that they can just counter with the 'racism' card when they are called out.
Not sure I have any solutions in mind Jesse, but the warring state in the UK is not very pleasant right now or with an end in sight as I see it.

“ It is only abrahamics who convert or kill. This anti hindu propaganda is by the four Ms --- missionaries, marxists mullahs and MNCs.

Posted by: Deepak Kamat | November 20, 2019 at 11:02 PM”

Me: What about Arjuna, in the Gita story? Isn’t the Gita a Hindu Scriptue?
Jim S.

different motives
1. arjuna/krishna - preserve dharma, ie kill the 4ms
2. mnc/mullah/missionaries/marxist - loot rape kill wantonly, anti dharmic.

Nick, xenophobia isn't a real thing outside of its pavlovian utility of disarming you. Distrusting outsiders and others is as natural and necessary as eating and sleeping.

Francis Fukuyama was 1000% incorrect. The end of history isn't here. The return of tribalism was forced back onto the west. These people want to kill you, and they're open about it. You can't be nice and polite your way out of it.

Nationalism never brought peace to anyone, get over it it's a crock of BS.

From every marauding megalomaniac monstrosity to the next, all they ever brought was their horrendous mayhem of unsolicited death destruction and oppression in the pursuit of their insane religious and/or ethnic nationalism.

If forced to convert to Hinduism, I wouldn't mind at all, especially if my ancestors had been forced to convert away from it. It looks so colorful and fun!

God packed us into different body ' shapes which grow and experience gradually to touch the finishing line later. In between some identity of us into religion , nation, different aligned groups and even as family help the inside selves in pushing thru the age / alloted time slots here.

Its irrelevant for the One if it is good or bad as for Him nothing is bad or worst but an act in a play which has apparently zero value backstage. and thus regressive or progressive for none - therefore no bias.

All is One and none are strangers (incldg Baba Jee) !

Naa ko barry Nahi beganaa ...- Nanak
( none a foe and none stranger... )


That's how religion influenced nationalism corrupts human life

Brothers killing brothers in the name of their 'religion' or their so called 'Nationalism'.

Same people, different nationality or religious beliefs, killing in the name of their adopted 'country' via human enforcement of boundaries, or in the case of dedication to their adopted 'God'.

As did Arjuna have to face his brethren and his 'karma' so do all those bound by religious affiliates and chains that bind them to their fostered nationalism.

You provide a good countercheck to some of my cod unexamined liberal leftist wishy washy thinking.
I totally see your point and understand tribalism in the context you give.
You are exactly correct in that there are sectors of minority communities that take shelter under liberal democracies whilst at the same time actively wanting to destroy them and the people that inhabit them.
Challenging this ideology back is of course necessary. The left sometimes is woefully inadequate in this debate; I get that!
Still worried about hate on a big scale as it always seems to end up in Gulags, concentration camps and gas chambers.
For what it's worth most of the unrest here in the UK isn't around the settled Asian populations but to the influx of East Europeans.
To anticipate your possible response; yes as many as are family oriented and work their asses off, are equal numbers of imported criminals, sex offenders, freeloaders and so on.
Not offering solutions, but just making point that I am more than able to kick around perspectives and not operate from some fixed leftist posture.

" I am more than able to kick around perspectives and not operate from some fixed leftist posture."

Well, that's a lot better than most people.

Sadly those commonly referred to as "shitlibs" have already done more than enough in their arrogance to destroy the entire western world and likely kick off ww3. Good job guys!

Arjuna just had property dispute with his cousins. He never converted or killed. Sri Krishna only told him to fight for his rights...... It is absolutely a joke to compare peaceful hindus with convert or kill ABrahamic terrorists. Koran explicitly tells the believers to convert or kill.... so does Bible.... so does the Communist manifesto. All these Capitalists have killed in million just to improve their bottom line. So this anti hindu propaganda does not cut any ice wiht me. Besides, Krishna himself tells Arjuna to follow himself (Swadharma). The last line of Bhagavad Gita clearly says --- Yathichassu Tat kuru (Do as you please). It is not convert or kill.

Sorry for the late reply.... but I had to get the record straight. There is no convert or kill in hindu dharma. HIndu dharma is about swadharma..... being yourself or one self. It is about total acceptance.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize the depth of violence and irrationality...

Rana Ayyub is a well known liar, fundamentalist, left winger, radical, who sees nothing wrong with Hindus getting massacred but will yell hoarse if Muslims are not allowed to use cellphones for 5 hours, and will call it a blotch on Human Rights.

India probably is the best country in the world for minorities to live in and thrive.

But yes individuals like Ayyub exist and who are responsible for undermining efforts at promoting social harmony in India.

Kashmiri Pandit holocaust is the darkest spot in post independence India. And there is no denying a section of Indian Muslim's are responsible. A section which resides in Kashmir and which also has no regards for fellow Kashmiri Muslims.

Very well ignorable I would say. But you can believe whatever you want. Afterall for you westerners whatever your press utters is but gospel.

What I believe is that lies, rape and murder undermine social harmony--East, West, North or South. Don't make karma. Shabadabadia, Bababababa.

What I believe is that lies, rape and murder undermine social harmony--East, West, North or South. Don't make karma. Shabadabadia, Bababababa.

Posted by: anami | December 03, 2019 at 09:06 AM

Interesting choice of words Mister/Ms

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize the depth of violence and irrationality..."

Good some realisation has dawned on you. Like i said before believe whatever you want. Afterall for you westerners whatever your press utters is but gospel.

Shabadabadia Babababa is a lyric from a music video Tim Rimmer posted the other day under "Great comment about RSSB truth-telling." A play on Shabd and Baba? And before that "Will the day come when I can see the sun?" Possible references to Sant Mat from a Japanese metal band!
I'll repeat the link.
Unforgettable! Hats off to Tim Rimmer!

Religion and Politics never has and never will play together well, like oil and water it seems that they may be able to blend but there always ends up being a separation eventually,
where religion is supposed to be spiritually based and politics are purely material in nature, there is no freedom in politics because there is always a competition going on to gain the upper hand for power,
and even in religion there is a competition about who's God is best and what to believe, it should be illegal to teach anything about politics and religion in schools until college,
unfortunately, parents are a different matter, my parents took me to a very large church in L.A. a few times but never pressed any beliefs upon me,
other members of my family took me to their own sects churches with no coercion, I found it interesting and made my own decisions ultimately,
these political actions under the guise of Religion are giving religion a bad name, once the parties are abolished and there is true religious tolerance there will be a good base to create real civilizations.

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