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November 14, 2019


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More delays, the next hearing will be February 5! Will post link anon.....

Nooooo!! Means I have to go to more satsangs!

How is not clear that Malvinder is the culprit in this whole scam?
1. He concealed information from Daichi that backfired.
2. He misappropriated funds at religare
3. He misappropriated funds at fortis
4. He apparently is part of some money laundering scheme.
5. He has been arrested twice now.
Clearly the commenters here (the ones with some vendetta against RSSB) would love to learn that the guru was behind all this but sorry guys(Brian,Jessie,JS,neon,Spence). Sorry to burst your bubble he was not involved. Get your hands on that 74 page affidavit submitted 2 days ago so you can have a clearer picture.

Oh I forgot one more fun fact about MMS

6. He absconded the arrest and was found In Ludhiana.

"he was not involved"

If he's not involved why is he, and not you or I or Brian, being summoned to court?

If he's not involved why is he, and not you or I or Brian, being summoned to court?

Posted by: Jesse | November 14, 2019 at 02:35 PM

Cant speak for you or Brian but I’m not related to them and have never dealt with them in any capacity. Involvement does not mean wrongdoing.

If a thief, perhaps your own brother, steals a car and on Christmas day presents it to you as a gift, so long as you know nothing of the theft, you are innocent.

Now the High Court sends police to your home investigating the theft.

And you say "I have taken nothing from my brother."

In that instant you have become an accomplice.

Then, the police see you driving the car and pull you over. They check the vehicle and sure enough it is stolen.

You refuse to give it back. You insist it was a gift, knowing now it was stolen.

Now you are guilty of obstructing justice, you have been harboring stolen goods all this time, and you lied about it to the court earlier.

You didn't commit the first crime. Or maybe you did. Your simple minded brother adores you, but he was always a thief. So when he shows up with a fabulous new car, shouldn't you be suspicious? Ah he heard you speaking about your love for that car! And now you can't let it go.

Sad. I can't put words to it. Anger, yes, but under anger, incredible grief.

Today I lost Baba Ji.

But he was never really here.

"Involvement does not mean wrongdoing. "

You just said he isn't involved. Now you're changing it to he did no wrong.

Make up your mind.

He was obviously involved. He is, according to the standards of his own cult, guilty of being greedy and not a sant sat purush param guru maharaj or whatever title he uses now. According to the standards of worldly laws, we've yet to get the verdict. But he's involved.


You didn't lose Baba Ji. You lost your gullibility.

For far too long we have projected onto others what we think they should be or act.

The guru game is a projective one and says more about our own needs than anything ontologically about them.

The guru game is up and yet it liberates us in the process.

Rationality supervene myth.

We just have to grow up and do the hard work on ourselves and say, "how shall I live up to MY own
ideals or lofty goals?"

Baba Ji has his own problems and should have stayed home with his kids and played soccer and
given up the "get me more cash" gig at first light but he didn't and thus his "honest living" tome is going to
bite him in the posterior.

Imagine what Malvinder and Shivinder's mother must feel.... so sad, so tragic, but so, so, so UNNECESSARY.

How much is enough?

Shabd not sufficient?

M: I’ve been arrested
S: What!!??? Again???!!!
SG: Harumph

GSD: lol

Baba ji had no choice
Neither do you or I or Spence apart from facing up to the immediate reality.
I'm pretty sure if Gurinder or Charan or Jagat or perhaps even Sawan had a choice they would not have adopted the mantle of guruship voluntarily.

I'm pretty sure I would have run a mile
I wonder what any here would have done under the same circumstances.

Jesse my English may not be as superb as yours so pardon me. I mean he is not involved in wrongdoing as much as most of you here would like to believe.
The rest you can judge by your own standards I stand by my Guru and the teachings he has imparted on me.


You didn't lose Baba Ji. You lost your gullibility. "

You'll know if this is true when he stops consulting his imaginary internal Gurinder, and when he stops publicly asking how we can all pay back the debts we have nothing to do with to help a conman none of us have ever really met.

Gullibility is what led all of us into having any non-neutral opinion about this drama. None of us should care about it, but because we fell for the cult's teachings, here we are.


i dont know, why people make fuss about Gurinder Singh. Just visit dera once and satsang Ghars, you will realize about where money being transitioned into. Dera is a non profitable org.

In my point to view he is not true guru.. He played with humans emotions n made of fool of them..
I n follower of radha swami for more than 30 years n now I felt I got cheated not bcs of this singh brother case but my personal experience.

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