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November 28, 2019


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I’m so glad I scrolled back a few posts to read this. Beautiful story with several great lessons. Made me realize I really need to be more regular about taking my dog, Marshall, for a walk each day. A lot of days my husband and I use the excuse of being too busy or we get lazy because it cold or we’re tired and we just play fetch with him in the yard. We’ll throw a ball or sticks for him to catch, retrieve, play with or destroy. He loves sticks more than anything—I don’t know why we even bother spending money on fancy toys.

But the walks are more special to him. He also loves to stop and smell clumps of grass. It used to annoy me no end and I’d quickly try to “drag” him on as I was raised to believe that allowing your dog to stop constantly was a sign that he wasn’t well disciplined and that weren’t in control. But then my husband explained to me that for a dog smelling the grass and trees was the equivalent of “reading the news”. That’s what he likes to call it and I believe there’s some truth to it—the grass tells my dog about what’s going on in the neighborhood. Let’s him know what’s happening with all of our neighborhood dogs. I’m sure there’s also a special section in that news that covers cats and other critters. I’ve since re-evaluated my beliefs about “controlling” your dog(s)/pets.

Anyway, it’s a gift. And the giving works both ways.

What dogs have taught me about God...

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