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November 11, 2019


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I can't honestly make any predictions, but I do believe that the Modi government is sincere in their effort to reduce corruption, and that makes an honest dealing with this case much more probable today than 15 years ago.

My suspicion is that Gurinder is not a living god, and that his financial dealings are as would be expected from anyone whose associates are manifestly corrupt. Were I forced to guess, a very minimal paper trail will be found to exist, and thus he'll be ordered to repay a sum of money far less than what he truly owes.

It depends on the case they elect to make. The inference goes to the easiest path to recovery.

They are only there to find the money. Or some money somewhere.
I believe the court will find Shivender et al guilty of fraud and proceed to trial.

But what of Gurinder et al? I think the investigation will confirm some of the loan documentation, so the court will announce they have adequate evidence to begin individual civil proceedings but it will be on a case-by-case basis.

They will initiative individual civil suits for payment of many of the 55 who have not offered a payment arrangement. I believe Gurinder will be in that group.

I agree with Jesse and think Modi and Courts will use carrot and stick.Lots of corruption cases are only coming to light because Modi government is not ignoring corruption the way Congress did.None of the Baba,s would be in Jail if congress were in power.Congress would never have allowed Singapore tribunal award to be enforced in India agaist GSD,s close relatives .Cabinet Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal (sister of Majithia)will play a big role as they have more to lose than anyone else if Baba ends in jail and Baba starts to talk like a parrot and give away Majithia-Badal Secrets.

Baba will pay lot less than he owes.

Daiichi Sankyo bought Ranbaxy surely after doing sufficient research on due diligence prior to the purchase.

If I am not mistaken I think the first FDA penalty against Ranbaxy for tainted under spec meds was issued before the Ranbaxy / Daiichi deal.

So how can Daiichi still sue for damages for unspecified records and sale under misleading information?

I suspect that India government is more concerned about saving face and showing Japanese government that they aim to make good the Japan company's losses as a goodwill gesture in smoothing over international business protocol, and that perhaps Singapore arbitration court was over stringent in awarding Daiichi compensation in spite of Daiichi having failed in their due diligence investigation prior to the purchase of Ranbaxy.

Nevertheless Daiichi have resolved these losses by reselling Ranbaxy back into Indian management control to Sun pharmaceutical company, which is now in healthy state and going from strength to strength in broader local and global pharmaceutical markets and economy.

Yet they still want their pound of flesh in spite of having recouped most if not all their losses, plus some extra profit in the resale of the company back into Indian hands.

To my mind the lesson to be learned here is about unbridled wanton greed and ambitious hankering after massive wealth, and I personally believe that this lesson is more probably primarily directed to Malvinder's attachment to wealth and power, and although many on this forum believe that it is Gurinder at the focal point of the fallout, my opinion is that whoever is pulling the strings of balance of karma, it's really not anyone here's business, nor of any real concern or consequence to anyone's spiritual development or association.

So one can speculate what, if anything, will be the outcome and penalty meted by the courts toward Gurinder and family, till the cows come home.

My opinion is that it's mainly wishful thinking by the disenchanted ex RSSB disciple who, like Daiichi, want to get some undeserving revenge for something they believe that they have been unfairly treated by someone for some unfathomable reason or another.

Hi Whodonit
You wrote
"My opinion is that it's mainly wishful thinking by the disenchanted ex RSSB disciple who, like Daiichi, want to get some undeserving revenge for something they believe that they have been unfairly treated by someone for some unfathomable reason or another."

Understandable, from the perspective of a simple, devoted soul. How curious that simple devoted souls can do simply condemn those who believe differently. It seems ready for them to make claims that are untrue as fact, in the defense of their argument. It's a slippery slope.

But in the particulars of Daiichi, they do have standing for their complaint. The fraud perpetrated by Shivinder et al resulted in the largest penalty in the history of the United States Food and Drug Administration. This fraud took place under Shivinder et al's management of the production and shipping operations. But it was discovered after they had sold Ranbaxy to Daiichi.

All Daiichi asked was payment for the amount of the penalty.

How bias alters our judgment! How it turns otherwise good people who should be friends into contentious debators!

I don't think it speaks well of the self - proclaimed devotees.

But neither of their detractors ;)

The fraud took place because Ranbaxy wanted to meet the huge demands of the Clinton Aides Initiative in Africa. The Singhs were unqualified to run a large production facility, as equally inexperienced and unqualified to be chief of operations at Fortis. Naturally corners were cut to meet production. In health care this is negligence.

What qualified them to run a healthcare corporation when literally hundreds of excellent and seasoned hospital executives around the world were available and thrice qualified?

It is hubris. Rich families attempting to keep the wealth of their children for perpetuity, promoting them into positions they didn't earn and are ill qualified to fill. And this is torment for all those below them who must live under the burden of their excesses and ignorance.

This is what corruption looks like. It looks exactly like this scandel.

What do I expect ?

Probably a commendation for exceptionally decent behavior in the face of a mob squad. An apology for being dragged into this unholy mess, both from the court and an unholy Judas who must knows he’s going to pay for this dearly in what’s to come in the hereafter.

All the problems Leading up to the FDA penalty were from audits of operations eight years leading up to the purchase by Daiichi.

“It took us eight years to help government authorities unravel a complicated trail of falsified records and dangerous manufacturing practices that threatened to compromise the quality and safety of Ranbaxy drugs,” he added.

"Ranbaxy, majority-owned by Japan’s Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd (4568.T), stopped selling drugs to the U.S. markets while it fixed problems with its manufacturing procedures in the United States and India.

“While we are disappointed by the conduct of the past that led to this investigation, we strongly believe that settling this matter now is in the best interest of all of Ranbaxy’s stakeholders,” Ranbaxy Chief Executive Arun Sawhney said in a statement."


" Nearly six years after taking a controlling stake in India’s Ranbaxy Laboratories, Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo has thrown in the towel, selling its stake to Sun Pharmaceuticals for $3.2 billion in stock. The sticker price is almost $2 billion less than Daiichi paid in 2008—and that doesn’t include money it invested in Ranbaxy or shelled out in fines.


Daiichi took a huge loss, in penalties and the lost US market which resulted from the FDA penalty and ban.

@ spence
Many years ago I happened to frequent some indian families and found a total different approach of getting into business. Young fellows, one day still working as electrical operator were next day running a mall wholesale business with money from the family.... no school, no training nothing … hust jumping into the deep.

Just try to contact some indian business men and try to have them speak up how they started. You will be surprised and with a little luck laugh your heart out.

Corruption is not an word they know of.... they can be compared with indigenous hunters
in contrast to western hunters bound by all sorts of regulations, traditions etc.

They are first of all family members, clan members and act according the unwritten laws of their clans, family etc

To look upon what is going on through western eyes, will never make you understand a thing and get you to the core of the drama.

Befriend an indian family and let they teach you about their perspectives.

With great joy i remember my days with them … if only foor the kindness and … lots and lost of good food and different encounters with all sorts of gurus who visited in their way to the USA etc.

Sant mat is an EASTERN religionand cannot be understood by people of the west!!!
what was the saying about the west and the east …. they never ...

All under Malvinder.

Seems you're intent on laying the excess hubris and blame at Shivinder's feet yet it was Malvinder the driver and ambitious head CEO of Ranbaxy prior to and up to the sale to Daiichi.

It's well documented by the whistle blower at the time of the FDA clampdown who was architect and driving force of Ranbaxy production process and sales. Malvinder Mohan Singh.

Furthermore you want to deny that it's not the wishful thinking desire of ex RSSB initiates who look forward to seeing Gurinder Singh Dhillon get some type comeuppance from the impending court hearings, go ahead, you're fooling yourself.

The degree of champing at every tidbit of anticipation in the clamoring of information for your expectations of Dhillon's downfall in here is heralded on pretty much every RSSB posting, so who you trying to kid, me, or yourself?

Rich families wanting to keep wealth in their families planting them to positions they did not earn.

Quite the opposite is true in case of Ranbaxy.It was others who used the young boys as an opportunity to fill their own pockets .
Malwinder 27,Shivinder 23 made a joint statement on July 5,1999,stating"We both are of the firm belief of distuingshing ownership from management".

Father parvinder Singh was dying of cancer .At the AGM of June 1999,he announced that,instead of his sons,Malwinder and Shivinder,Ranbaxy would have a professional,Davinder Singh Brar,as its CEO and commerce secretary ,Tejandra Khanna as Chairman.The boys will not sit as board of directors.He clarified that there will be no premature induction of his Sons to high levels of responsibilities unless their superior finds them competent enough to be elevated.

Within 24 days Parvinder was dead. Soon others started to circle Ranbaxy and did not like Brar and Khanna being in their way,both of them were with Parminder for more than 20 Years.Finally they manged to oust CEO Brar in July 2004 and made Malwinder CEO of Ranbaxy to fill their own ambition to be rich through India,s largest pharmaceutical company and inexperienced Malwinder they had planted as its CEO.

Hi Whodonit
You wrote

"it was Malvinder the driver and ambitious head CEO of Ranbaxy prior to and up to the sale to Daiichi.

" It's well documented by the whistle blower at the time of the FDA clampdown who was architect and driving force of Ranbaxy production process and sales. Malvinder Mohan Singh."

No, that isn't documented anywhere.
Dinesh Thakur, the whistleblower, reported widespread fraud and falsification of records, cutting corners and cheating on drug tests throughout the company supported by its senior management. In no article did Thakur point to Malvinder as the sole or even the main culprit.

If you did not invent this, please provide evidence via link to support your claim.

The press reported a different history. Both Malvinder and Shivinder are legally responsible as the promoters. They were both Ranbaxy's promoters, both judged as guilty and responsible. And nothing I could find on the internet stated otherwise.

"Mumbai/New Delhi: The former promoters of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd —Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh—have been asked by an arbitration court in Singapore to pay damages to the tune of ₹ 2,562.78 crore, for concealing facts from Japan’s Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd when they sold their 34.82% stake in Ranbaxy to the latter for $2.4 billion in 2008.

"The total deal value was $4.6 billion.

" The facts relate to an investigation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Ranbaxy’s processes that was ongoing at the time of the investigation.

"The Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), which provides neutral arbitration services to global business community, issued the award against the Singh brothers after Daiichi filed an arbitration case in 2013 in Singapore, accusing the Indian promoters of concealment and misrepresentation of facts and seeking compensation for losses that it was forced to pay the US Department of Justice."

Why do you say otherwise?


Whilst I’m no legal expert, I would imagine the Delhi High Court has seen sufficient evidence prior to ordering the The Billionaire Baba, GSD, and his Dodgy Dhillon family to pay up Rs 6,373 crore worth of dues to Singh brothers so that they can honour the $500 million order to pay Daiichi?

“The order, issued on September 27, has given 30 days to pay up the dues by October 26. "The parties mentioned...are directed to deposit the amount due to respondent...with the Registrar General of this Court within 30 days...," says the order. The 55 entities and individuals were also barred from disposing of, alienating, encumbering any of the assets until the next hearing”

Why would the Delhi High Court have reached this verdict without seeing conclusive evidence?

Obviously, GSD and the dastardly Dhillon’s are in full “dither and delay” mode now but, the ball is firmly in their court as to proving they don’t owe the money. If that was such a simple task, surely it would have been proven by now?

There are literally hundreds of articles, publications mapping out the flow of funds from RHC and Fortis to The Bombastic Billionaire Baba and his unscrupulous family...if untrue, why aren’t these sources being challenged? Shut down? Sued?


Just to clarify, before I read the Bloomberg article last year, I had no opinion on RSSB, GSD at all. Many of my family, including my wife, are passionate followers. Whilst in no way a believer myself, I’m happy to respect others beliefs. However, to my mind, it is now absolutely clear GSD is not a man of god, or Holyman of any sort and I have outlined the many, many issues to my family. Whilst they remain committed to him, that is their prerogative. All I can do is flag the latest developments to them and allow them decide for themselves.

Would an innocent man really continue to “dither and delay” court proceedings?

These proceedings as far as I know are about recovering the money so the court order to pay Daiichi can be fulfilled.
The order was against malvinder and Shivinder , however they can’t pay now because they have no money.
Ironically if I have read the reports correctly, they are only unable to pay because of the order to freeze bank accounts which resulted in them unable to pay the banks even though they had plenty of money, they then lost their pledged shares which was the lions share of their wealth. That was when they were begging GSD to help. If he had, none of this would have happened as they would still be rich and none of this would have come to light.
Now however, since malvinder and Shivinder are saying that the Dhillon family and the listed 55 entities owe them money, the court want that money to enforce the court order.
I believe this hearing is simply to establish if those listed entities actually owe the money.
It’s not a criminal trial just a civil enforcement hearing.
That’s why scrual attendance is not that important. As long as a representative can answer the questions the judge may have, in order to establish if money is owed.
If it’s not owed, the judge will want to see evidence.
So it all depends on the evidence that the attorney has with him. If it proves conclusively that the Dhillons received that money for other reasons and it is not repayable, then the order to pay will be lifted from the Dhillons.
I am not sure what happens if it is inconclusive.
I am not sure if the judge decides on the 14th or if a full hearing will be set for a future date.
I think the attorney will present his evidence to the judge to attempt to make the case that the money is not owed. If the evidence is strong, the Dhillons win.
If weak, the order remains.

JS, that is the best comment that I have read in ages. Thank you for providing some basic and much needed common sense. 'Dastardly Dhillon's'- that was a flash of literary genius. Ole!
As to Brian's question regarding the outcome, it will depend on the documentation that is provided. I would say No.4.

For Spence Tepper

"2008 > Ranbaxy Laboratories, Ltd., Dewas, India 16-Sep-08" https://wayback.archive-it.org/7993/20170112063846/http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/2008/ucm1048134.htm

This is only one example of who was CEO chief operations manager at Ranbaxy when the proverbial hit the fan from FDA investigation.

No mention of any Shivinder Mohan Singh only his brother Malvinder Mohan Singh was in charge of providing the information and the head of operations at all production plants in India.

This is only one such cited instance, there are many more all over Wikipedia. Enjoy your time ferreting them out.

I believe this hearing is simply to establish if those listed entities actually owe the money.
It’s not a criminal trial just a civil enforcement hearing.

Posted by: Osho Robbins | November 12, 2019 at 12:15 AM

Hey Osho Robbins

First welcome back or should I say good you revert to your better known id.

I think you could be wrong here. This case appears to be a criminal trial. The Singh brothers have been accused of fraud and money laundering and have been arrested under Section 409 (criminal breach of trust by a public servant, banker, merchant or agent) and Section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Civil proceedings are under the Code of Civil Procedure. But I could be wrong.

Hi Spence,

What's wrong with you? Fakery someone took the effort to establish. Hypocrisy you disclose voluntarily. Amazing change of position.

It reminds me of the Indian Congress Party - circa 2007 : the Congress president files an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating Lord Ram is a fictitious person (it's a different matter that one ends up reading moronic posts about Supreme Court having ruled Ram was a fictitious person). Fast forward 2019 - the Congress president is seen on a Temple run worshipping Lord Ram, Krishna and God alone knows which other Hindu Gods.

I suggest you take a pause. Do not lose sight of money siphoning in contravention of extant laws which the court is looking into also.

Who owes what to whom and whether presence is required or not can run its own twisted journey; but even facilitating laundering in any form is criminal activity. The forensic audit has established laundering. Last what was in public domain was Investigators were still tracing the money trail to establish the real beneficiaries. And it's real/true beneficiaries who owe and not intermediaries.

If entities linked to GSD have been used even without his knowledge or if he has been associated with entities indulging in laundering, even if he owes nothing as he has already stated or all dues are even magically settled (including Daiichi), he will be hauled up. Claiming ignorance might not fly.

As I have said several times before, the Baba will walk away scot free.
He claims that He owes nobody any money. He must be in a strong position to make such a bold claim. I.E. documentation to prove the veracity off His statement.
All fun and games.
Can’t wait to see how this pans out.
Though having just read a comment from Osho, maybes He owes the magnificent seven a couple of quid.

Where there is Osho so the magnificent 7 shall appear.
Where there is bad so the forces of good shall kick the trouble-makers ass.
Just saying, it’s karma.

2004 for Spence Tepper

First FDA bust

"This Catch-22 played out in a torrent of confidential e-mails obtained by Fortune, in which panicked and angry executives scrambled to contain the fallout. They copied Tempest and the future CEO, Malvinder Singh, on many of these e-mails. Now executive chairman of hospital network Fortis Healthcare, Singh declined multiple requests to be interviewed for this article. A spokesperson, Raghu Kochar, e-mailed a comment on Singh’s behalf: “All suggestion of impropriety or misconduct in your queries is denied and rejected.”

Ranbaxy’s new leadership

For Spence Tepper

In January 2006, Malvinder Singh, the founder’s grandson, succeeded Brian Tempest as Ranbaxy’s managing director and CEO. At 33, with an MBA from Duke University, Singh was brash and competitive. The Indian business press dubbed him the Pharaoh of Pharma, and hailed him as an “out-of-the-box decision-maker.”

Others viewed Singh as petulant and immature. “I want profit!” he would yell in meetings, two former employees recall. Among the staff, he was known for being preoccupied with his ranking on the Forbes list of India’s 40 richest people. When he and his brother Shivinder fell from No. 9 in 2004 to No. 19 in 2005, despite $1.6 billion in assets, Singh seemed to blame the decline on a lack of employee loyalty, a former employee recalls.

Hi Whodonit.
The court found both Malvinder and Shivinder guilty.

If you read Dinesh Thakur, the whistleblower's account, he claims this was the whole culture and not limited to Malvinder.

No doubt Malvinder set a bad example. But the courts found Shivinder equally liable and guilty with Malvinder.

The matter was decided in court.

Hi A Wise.
I'm not sure I've reversed my position, only developed it.

Close examination of Gurinder's letter in context reveals that Gurinder did offer to take on all the liabilities. That's a fact. The full context we may never know.

He may have been very much involved in fraud. But at one point he did offer up help.

For some reason Malvinder refused the help but demanded Gurinder pay the debts owed.

Again, all parties could be guilty. But I note the effort and willingness to take on the full burdens which Gurinder makes.

Finally, two more shopping days until Christmas.

More for benefit of Spence Tepper and whoever else needs some clarification or enlightening about 'who' was running Ranbaxy through the years prior to the Daiichi buy out, and who was orchestrating fake meds through FDA loopholes.
(still not One mention whatsoever of any reference to Shivinder Singh, through the entire article - all related references and reports directly pinpoint one CEO and managing director Malvinder Mohan Singh.)

"Malvinder Singh, then the company’s worldwide head of pharmaceuticals, got involved. Through his secretary, he asked who would be taking charge of the samples and when they would reach Gurgaon. This triggered a response from the company’s vice president for Europe: “Dear Malvinder, I need to explain to you how labour laws work within Europe. As taking these samples to India is in principal illegal we cannot force people to do so … Normally however we find our people willing to take the risk.”

Shivinder got tainted by his brothers zealous avarice but he was never the instigator of it. In fact he withdrew (or tried to at least) from business activities as best he could, though due to his close familial association and direct inheritance from his father he was unable to extricate himself entirely from the massive fall-out and inherent mess he has by association been lumbered with.

You're all missing the forest for the trees.

Maybe get a professional diagnosis. I suspect aspergers.

Hi Whodonit
Yes undoubtedly Malvinder have specific orders himself.

Yes the courts have them both a verdict of guilty.

Share the link to the above article.

What is missing in your one - sided account is the documentation that became the basis for Shivinder 's guiltily verdict.

Until you and I fully explore and confirm that neither of us can go deeper than to admit he was found guiltily.

The guru is beyond maya.

This world is a cruel world.It doesn't even spare d saints.History states that Christ was hanged on X mas,Shames Tabrej was lynched, Mohammad sahib was thrown out of Mecca.They all were at shooting range in their time.
If RadhaSoami head is claiming that He owes no money then for sure He owned no money at all.Donot jump on any self conclusion,let d Court decide

I feel ashamed, when people can't recognize the living God among them. He is my father. That's why I will say that he is a living God for me. He owns nothing but spirituality. He owns nothing but respect from his disciples. He owns nothing but love from us. Although many people couldn't understand why it is so, but I request them to once come to the Dera Beas, perhaps they will find all the answers to their doubts.

If He says he does not owe.."Then He does not owe"

Dear friend I can say or thing and will be proved In future that if BABA ji says we don't owe anything ,it is 100 percent true. BABA ji never tells lie. thanks.

Hi everyone.this is my first appearance here.
I believe in todays word we all have became too much judgemental that we are in so hurry to make a decision for someone without knowing the truth . How many of u knows what is true and what is false??just sending useless viewes as we all knows everything.
Noone is fool enough to invest his money anywhere or to his spirtual guru.
While world knows that shavinder has donated his billions to beas and wanted a full time devote there and ppl started saying he wana became next guru . What the hell??? Rest everyone knows what guru is doing with so much money,its being soent on infrastructure for better living of sangat n comfort. However everyone has the right to put there views .

I m targeting K Singh... Who knows each and every thing about the case.. He actually and eventually given the verdict of the case. I m questioning..how do u know everything about this? How did u get those information? I strongly believe that you are involved in this as well. If u have all these knowledge so y don't u become a judge of ur own created High court?

Only in one scenario u know everything...u must be there and u r the eyewitness. Right, K Singh??

This all stupid people of media doesn't know the real matter just post to have TRP and don't know the real truth and just blam any one
And all you people commenting just have some respect He is the spiritual guru just not normal person or fake guru . just see and search about the RSSB and than talk bloody useless just you have take your device and type shit in box and create wrong impression

GSD is the baba of the world and why blame him as he does not force 3 million people to blindly follow him - its the peoples fault for following him blindly. GSD will take you to sach khand with his astral form and the brothers are paying for their karmas, on the 14th. why do people still follow GSD so blindly ? because he is the god man

I agree with you Harsh... They all r stupid and don't know anything about this..they just need to type and get the hype

We all are bounded in this worldly senses and limitations so unable to see the truth.. so instead of commenting anything for anyone look into your own home what is going on and what you can do to improve it ...

People are commenting just to make fun and see other reactions..

If you say bad, think bad about Him it doesn't make difference to Him... Because He is PERFECT.. n v are not..

Ekta, I can't believe you said I'm not perfect !!! Why, every day our dog looks at me as if I'm the MOST PERFECT person in the world. Well, that's right after I start to put her food bowl down on the floor.

"History states that Christ was hanged on X mas"

We got real geniuses in the comments today. Wow. It's a beautiful thing that the disabled are now allowed online.

Brian, do you ever check the IP's of visitors? I ask because these super defensive comments often come in bunches, and have very similar grammatical errors and syntactic "style." They always do that thing where they say something super dumb, then write a comment under another name and say "Wow you're so right and so smart! Please write more comments!"

I just assume it's one sad man who makes 20 comments and changes his name each time, at least.

"Dirty medicine – Fortune" https://fortune.com/2013/05/15/dirty-medicine/amp/
Fortune report 2013
No mention of Shivinder's involvement

Malvinder is CEO from 2004 till sale in 2008 and staying on as MD officer under Daiichi till resignation further 5 years.

Silence is best answer if u r innocent.. Radhasoami dayal knows all consequences..... everything happens with his grace n order,

The guru is beyond maya.

Posted by: Sandeep | November 12, 2019 at 05:00 PM

Who is the Guru here? GSD? If yes can you confirm when has he said this?

Stop talking non sense if u dnt know the reality...
By writing n commenting against RSSB guru, u only want to gain cheap popularity !

Comments from the faithful here are somewhat disturbing. Shows the perils of religious faith not tempered by any critical faculties.
Uninformed, incoherent, hostile, bizarre, left field, weird, silly and juvenile.
Multiply this across a number of religions that rely on 'faith' alone and you have a real mess in the world.
faith as such in a sketchy sort of way I get. Faith in life, even faith in a 'greater reality' maybe. It's when it's faith focussed on specific fixed dogmatic positions that it becomes disturbing; i.e. all this untenable stuff about 'perfect masters' and so on.
Jesse you crack me up with your comments. You seem as similarly vexed by the silliness and plain dumbness as I am.

Social media is such a creating mess and people are creating rumors only ..they will not get any place in heaven

Must put these fake babas behind bars

These people are land mafias working together with government officials making fool of people for there own greed

Why would the Delhi High Court have reached this verdict without seeing conclusive evidence?

Posted by: JS | November 11, 2019 at 10:14 PM

Hi JS,

If the Delhi High Court has passed it's verdict why does it still continue to have subsequent hearings?

Additionally there exists nothing which validates attempts to “dither and delay” court proceedings. The hearing proceeds as scheduled. For now nothing indicates that proceedings will be scuttled by the Dhillon's absence. Unless you claim ability to peer into the future.

Hi Whodonit.
You wrote
""Dirty medicine – Fortune" https://fortune.com/2013/05/15/dirty-medicine/amp/
Fortune report 2013
No mention of Shivinder's involvement"

But may I suggest you go back and read the article again with a little more attention?

" The rough outlines of the fraud at Ranbaxy first emerged in a 2008 court filing by the Justice Department. But its extent and depth and the involvement of top company executives have not been previously revealed. Fortune has also uncovered evidence that the company’s misconduct continued well into 2009, even after the FDA restricted the company’s activities.

"This account is based on more than 1,000 confidential Ranbaxy documents, including internal reports, memos, e-mails, hundreds of pages of FDA documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests, and court records. Fortune interviewed more than a dozen former and current employees, as well as 40 scientists, public health experts, patient advocates, congressional investigators, and regulators."


As you can see both Movinder and Shivinder are equally and directly implicated in this widespread fraud known at the time through all levels of the company.

You see, Whodonit, how the mind works? You can read a whole article but miss the facts presented that are painful and which disprove one's opinion.

It can happen to any of us. Our integrity is not in defending a fixed position, but in our capacity to learn, and to let facts lead us and not the opposite.

But so long as we have mind the struggle us life long and mistakes are understandable, and part of our daily work to openly change.

The hallmark of adulthood is to give up a favorite opinion when facts prove otherwise.

Try to search for the Court evidence that resulted in both Movinder and Shivinder receiving equal penalty in this fraud.

That is the unpleasant data that will balance your opinion.

What are you trying to lecture me about Spence?

I'm quite well aware that both Malvinder and Shivinder are implicated in the Ranbaxy saga, they were both partners as well as brothers in their inheritance of the company.
My point all along has been that it was Malvinder at the helm of the operations in both the manufacturing process as well as the marketing drives.

You read it again and show me where it specifically mentions that Shivinder was directly active in unscrupulous and subversive practices in hiding crucial and specific information or sending fake samples to FDA for testing or investigation.

I skipped over the article reasonably quickly because I wasn't going to study every case of every breech of FDA protocol by Ranbaxy management, however I did not see Shivinders name mentioned in any of the forefront issues with respect to the criminal peddling of below specification drugs.

I did however come across Malvinder's name in quite a few instances. The FDA inspection was pretty much directed primarily at Malvinder's management style and modus of operations of the company. It was Malvinder who was regarded as the driving CEO of Ranbaxy as it clearly states in the article.

Also I'm not very impressed with your audacious type of condescension, as if you think you're something of an authority on the matter.

Your own assumptions and conclusions are mostly off the mark, and so far highly conspicuous in inaccurate conspiracies, and certainly not fully corroborated by facts relating to the current legal process being wound down at Delhi HC.

Especially with regard to your taking a position in Gurinder Singh Dhillons implied participation in the alleged misappropriation of funds, by you and others with specific derogatory and non judicially corroborated allegations.

Ranbaxy pharmaceuticals selling bad medicine was a culture problem in the company even before Malvinder took control in 2004. But he did nothing to arrest it. If anything he actually advanced it into his tenure as CEO. He was hell bent on driving for more and more profit at the expense of expediency in manufacturing control and quality.
It was a good decision to get the hell out of the market in 2008 when they sold to Daiichi, unfortunately all the bad policies of tainted drug producers went to the new owners, who then declared that they were unaware of all the problems they had with FDA prior to their purchase of the company.

Malvinder made his bed and reaping the consequences, unfortunately others are collaterally implicated by association, Delhi HC should be able to unravel the mess and apply punitive measures where they are due.

All the speculation and presuming whose fault is paramount and who's guilty of misappropriating the Daiichi millions by the sleuths at CotC should soon come out of the wash where appropriate legal process are implemented, not by lay opinions or any other intimation with ulterior interests at heart.

Hi Whodonit
Appreciate your comments. But when in the world of conjecture, there can be endless debate.

Tomorrow we will have a little more light.

Posted by: Live Life Kingsize | November 11, 2019 at 08:27 PM

Smart fella!


How does it feel predictions going wrong?

Attempts to 'Delay and dither' - really?

slave, the High Court has given the Dhillon family and others a month to show why they aren't responsible to repay the hundreds of millions of dollars that Malvinder and RHC Holding say is owed by them. Plus, they're required to answer questions by Daiichi. See:


This doesn't seem to be good news for the RSSB guru. He and his family are being held to account by the High Court. While there was no decision by the High Court in November. I still believe the most likely outcome is that the Dhillon family will be required to pay a large amount of money on February 5. But like I said in this post, I could be wrong.

What I care about is the truth of what went on in this financial scandal. If the RSSB guru and his family did nothing wrong, they should be able to prove that during the next month. If not, they'll have to pay up.


Jeez, the post wasn't directed at you. You know how to hedge your positions and are largely successful in not letting your dislike of RSSB completely blind you. I had not missed your concluding comment about you could be wrong.

Unfortunately your co exers in here do not display even this bit of wisdom.

slave, thanks for the clarification. I'm glad that you're so approving of the words "I could be wrong." Hopefully you and other devotees of the RSSB guru are open to the possibility that you could be wrong about his moral character, and that Gurinder Singh Dhillon may have failed to repay many millions of dollars owed to others, and may also have participated in a criminal conspiracy to obtain that money.

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