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November 01, 2019


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Nothingness Version 3.4 = Confiscation of properties + criminals doing bhajan/listening to shabd in whitewashed prison cell.

The 14th of November court date is nearly upon us. GSD aka The Billionaire Baba, along with his whole dodgy kandhan, strutting their way into court, sevadaars/chamchae everywhere, Kulvinder Dhillon’s “Kecherian wich mele lagdae” blaring in the background...Oh my word, “Religion” in India in the year 2019?

The thing that I am puzzled about most with regards to this particular issue; How/Why did GSD only remember he didn’t owe any money last month, having been told by the High Court in June to settle directly with them, so that they could reimburse Daichi? Then again in September, The Billionaire Baba, was told he had one month to settle the $500m...again, no mention of not owing the money then, but then in October, he suddenly realises he does owe any money?

Having re-read Malvinder’s EOW submission from February this year, in the emails exchanged between Malvinder and GSD (dated 2nd June 2018), Malvinder emailed The Billionaire Baba to plead for the repayment of loans totalling Rupees 8,646 crore...in subsequent court proceedings, why on earth did The Billionaire Baba not realise he didn’t owe any money?

Does GSD actually now have some sort of signed agreement where the besotted Shivinder has attempted to absolve The Billionaire Baba of his staggering debts?

What on Earth has Malvinder been telling his interrogators for the last 3 weeks? Surely, he’s clearly mapped out the illegal flow of funds to the Dodgy Dhillon family? He has another 12 days, at least, of interrogations so there should be more than enough reason to bring GSD in, should there be sufficient will from the authorities

All in all, a thrilling couple of weeks in store for us all to enjoy


There is no smoke without fire.
At the very least GSD failed to help the very people who made him and his sons and family into millionaires.
Any normal human being would do whatever it takes to help the people who made his family so rich.
Obviously he doesn’t care. Not the way a true master would behave.
No gratitude for the very people who made him so rich.

JS you wrote
“The thing that I am puzzled about most with regards to this particular issue; How/Why did GSD only remember he didn’t owe any money last month, having been told by the High Court in June to settle directly with them, so that they could reimburse Daichi?”

Let me begin by telling you everything you know so far is nowhere close to the truth that transpired. So yes it will be a fun few weeks. Especially fun when you find out that what you thought was true all along was a story made up by The culprits.
Next with regards to your question BBJ did not suddenly remember anything. Till today all of this are false accusations hurled his way and he has not dignified any of it. He has always taught to keep yourself clean and not to react regardless of what the others do. And he has modeled this behavior with the utmost dignity. Now with regards to the courts asking for a response this is the first time the court has asked for a response for payment or dispute from the garneshees which he did within 3 days of the order. They did not ask for a response in June. Malvinder only provided the amounts owed end of July.
BBJs response to the court was direct and timely.

Anon, you need to refresh your memory mate;



The “truth” is that so far, the Delhi High Court has ordered The Billionaire Baba to repay $500m.

If I’m in Delhi on 14/11, I will be hiring Baja walae & Bhangra dancers, and we’ll be outside the court when the Dastardly, Dodgy Dhillon Family slither out from their hiding places. The song of choice will be Kulwinder Dhillon’s classic “Kacherian wich mele lagdae”

I sincerely hope you, and your fellow brainwashed disciples, can meet us there!

ps Malvinder Singh’s EOW submission included all of the contact details for the Dodgy Dhillon family. You can call them directly to discuss the situation. When I called Nayantara, and asked about why they weren’t repaying Malvinder, all she could do was hang up...

I agree with RSSB is finished. Sorry Anon, there is far more to this than meets the eye.

"We've tried to make music together but it's only coming out as noise."' Shivinder Singh says in an emotional letter to Malvinder.


JS with all due respect to you I know it will be fun for you to bring your band and Baja but let me substantiate what I wrote earlier with quoting the court order referred to by the 2 articles you pasted.

The order is dated 9/27/2019

“Respondent No.19, in the affidavit dated 30th July, 2019, disclosed that 56 parties owe the amounts mentioned in para 4 of the affidavit

Note the days end of July??

The parties mentioned in serial No. 1 to 55 in para 3 of the order are directed to deposit the amount due to respondent No.19 with the Registrar General of this Court within 30 days. If any party disputes the claim of respondent No.19 or other judgment debtors, the affidavit be filed to place on record their contention.”

It’s interesting that your media reports has no mention of disputing or contention huh? Just pay up. Sounds biased to me.

Also this 500m that keeps getting thrown around why you don’t read the court order and see the amount debtor no 19 “claims” BBJ owes him? I think your in for a shock. 😳


Intetesting point here. If a normal satsanghi gets into trouble with the law or other misdemeanor he or she gets shunned by the RSSB community. There is no support.

Here's my point- people of RSSB the 2 brothers are in jail. Read that again if you are struggling to understand what jail means. Google it.

Yet you people flock to RSSB when there is corruption at the very top. Hypocrites of the highest order are you . You ain't marked . Marked for stupidity and double standards.

"Let me begin by telling you everything you know so far is nowhere close to the truth that transpired. " @ anon
Anon, your language above implies that you have inside knowledge of what transpired. Why not just state the facts as you know them? If you're bound by loyalry or a contract, why comment at all? Let's all wait and see.

Malvinder and Shivinder were once considered inseparable
One voice. Always standing together
Look at them today.
All due to putting their faith in a fake baba. Big mistake, expensive lesson.
Don’t trust no fucker when it comes to money.

The idea that GSD owes nobody any money is so ridiculous only brainwashed believers will think it’s possible.
Clearly he owes malvinder and Shivinder a shit load of money and he never denied it when malvinder wrote to him.
If he owed no money he would have said “I owe you nothing” instead he offers to meet him to discuss.

"Intetesting point here. If a normal satsanghi gets into trouble with the law or other misdemeanor he or she gets shunned by the RSSB community. There is no support."

Speaking to Arjuna's point, someone here recently mentioned something about Charan Singh's daughter or granddaughter owning a liquor business. Can anyone corroborate if this is true, and the details?

I recall a satsangi telling me that he knew of someone who was denied initiation because he owned a liquor store.

If a girl is married to a person with liquor business ,what can she do even if she is initiated? And who knows whether she is initiated or not?
IF I say your ears have been stolen by someone,will u check your ears or just start believing ?

Hi Georgy / Anon / Hail?

What if I'm wrong? Than we are all saved. (except Georgy who says he isn't an initiate). I want to be wrong here.

And what if you are wrong? Then a lot of people need a better teacher.

I understand I can be wrong, because my judgment depends upon information, and right now we don't have the whole story. As more comes to light, and seems credible, then my picture changes. So long as I stay aware of the fact that I can be wrong (and for me that is easy as I am both right and wrong several times a day).

But can you acknowledge the same?

If the courts weigh against Gurinder, or verify the loans owed and the delinquency, will you be able to handle the cognitive dissonance honestly? Or will you simply find excuses to dismiss even the facts that will arise, in order to avoid accepting that reality is in fact different than what you would like it to be?

I want Gurinder to be innocent, but not to the point of lying to myself. That can't be spirituality.

And you want Gurinder to be innocent, and find it easier to dismiss the facts.

But neither you nor I have actually seen the loan documents and the bank deposits. Neither has the information to be conclusive.

If we are being honest with ourselves.

Liquor Business.
Majithia Family owns Saraya Distillary ,Registration Number 10325.Gorakh pur,UP.Capacity to distil 49500 KL per anum.. Its also bottles for Mc,Dowells and company and others as well as bottling its own brands.
Baba Charan Singh,s son,s Daughter Ganieve Garewal is married to Bikram Majithia .
Bikram Majithia in Punjab is known for ...............(ask anyone in Punjab).
Majithia Family is connected to Jalianwala bag incident ,General udwayar had dined at Sundar Singh Majithia house before he went out to shoot hundered,s of people and was later arranged by majithia to be given a siropa at Darbar Sahib (Golden temple).Family were also alloted thousand,s of acres of farmland in Uttar Pardesh (UP) that is known for sugar cane.Majithia family put sugar cane to liquor use by setting up a distillery.
East India company (British crown agent) ruled India by consent of 588 princely states .Princely States owned agriculture land and rented out land to farms.Princely states were abolished after 1947and it was made illegal (1953 Zamindar (big landlord) Abolition Act.) for anyone to own more than 10 acres of first grade,25 acres of 2nd grade agriculture land. So Patiala State (now Amrinder singh) had to get rid of farming land. Baba Charan Singh,s family and his Sister,s family(Dhillon) followed here.Dera Beas land grab issue is even bigger than current issue in direct contravention of big landlord Abolition Act.

Liquor Business,
Just to add to above,
Saraya Group of companies Ltd ,major shareholders Bikram Singh Majithia 11.634%,Satyajit Singh Majithia(Father) 49.223%,Gurmehar Singh Majithia 11.634%.
The wedding with Ganieve Garewal was covered by Tribune Iindia as " BIG FAT PUNJABI WEDDING WHERE DIAMONDS AND DARU (Liquor) RULED. 6000 GUESTS ATTENDED.

Did Charan Singh ever say live simply?????.

Brian - your blog is such an incredible repository of information about the whole RSSB-Religare saga. I've been following the story for sometime, and trying to put together a timeline and joining the pieces of the puzzle together. I think I have a fairly good handle on what happened, but here is a critical question that puzzles me. I remember there was someone named Tara - a former RSSB insider who had left great information about RSSB here. Tara, if you are still reading this - could I have your thoughts on this

1. It is a fact that nearly 13% of Religare shares were transferred for a trivial amount to Gurpreet and Gurkirat - subsequently the public valuation of those stocks made them billionaires. Now in my mind there can be these possible alternative explanations for this action:
a. MMS and SMS were so enthralled by their guru that this was a gift of gratitude - possible but highly implausible.
b. MMS and SMS knew that Daiichi might come after them with litigation in future and this was their way of parking some money that Daiichi would not be able to touch. In that case, GSD on behalf of his sons should acknowledge the parked cash and return it.
c. Gurpreet and Gurkirat were receiving the shares in return for capital they had invested or services rendered for Religare.

Now we know very well that Gurpreet and Gurkirat had no family fortunes of their own. If indeed there was an equity infusion into Religare that was tied to Gurpreet and Gurkirat, it could have only come from one source - RSSB trust funds. So then the billion dollar question is - was Religare a means for the GSD family to siphon off cash from RSSB - basically roundtripping the money?

This would also explain why despite everything MMS has never asked for Gurpreet and Gurkirat to return an amount equivalent to the Religare shares handed to them on a platter.

You are completely mistaken. Ganieve Grewal's Dada ji or Nana ji is not Maharaj Charan Singh ji. Please stop spreading this erroneous information.

Baba Gurinder Singh Ji Mahraj is pure and sparkling bright like the purest of extremely silvery white diamonds.

Keep your trust on the Master and attend to your meditation daily.
Don't fall prey to the games of lucifer.

If you keep your trust on Master and keep walking on the Path,
then you doing a great business.

If you doubt the Master and will only accept when courts absolves Him,
it means you had your trust on the courts more than the Master,
that would also mean you would trust your bank balance more than the Master too in tough situations.
The Path will get longer this way, will add up many more births possibly.

One step further into the gutter,
If you would also deny the court order even when it is absolvent,
and have already judged the Master in your mind and keep spreading bs.
Then you are in a seriously bad negotiation mate,
you are just ruining everything for you. God help you!

One Initiated, would a true man of god really be involved in such murky, dodgy financial skullduggery?

Should a holy man not be spending every minute helping the vulnerable in society? Rather than being embroiled in such a sordid financial saga - An example; Meeting the two crooked brothers (who have been in custody now for quite some time) at Haynes Park last year

You say the Billionaire Baba is “pure and sparkling bright like the purest of extremely silvery white diamonds” - Let’s let the courts decide how “pure” this man really is, not the irrational beliefs of sad, pathetic, needy, brainwashed followers

Thanks for your concern about my wellbeing, appreciated. However, to my mind, it’s now clear GSD is NOT fit to be a religious leader of any kind. Like Sai Baba and Ram Rahim, GSD is being exposed as a yet another greedy, materialistic, hypocrite. Preaching goodness and light in public but simultaneously being involved in (several cases of) billion $ fraud behind the scenes.

Only a person with a weak, limp, empty core would need someone of GSD’s obviously flawed character to lead them up the proverbial garden path. Enjoy your trip!

Ms Ganieve Grewal is certainly the granddaughter of S. Charan Singh Grewal. She is the daughter of S. Ranbir Singh Grewal aka Rana, if you remember, one of the two sons of Maharaj Charan Singh.


Infact, Bikramjit Singh Majithia the husband of Ganieve Grewal, prospered significantly as politician and minsiter after marrying to the relative of Dera. He played a key part in installing solar rooftop plant at the main satsang shed of Dera. Please keep in mind that Majithia was Renewable Energy Minister at that time.

Most followers rely on Babaji to save their soul. They cannot afford to lose that faith.
Without the guru what will they all do?

Many have relied on it all the life. Without the guru many will be lost.


The prayer of a lost soul to guru

But if the guru is lost, all is lost
Where will all the lost souls go?

Yep Spence you heard it from One Initiated.

Sounds like a few (including you) are destined for big troubles for trying to drag the big guy into the gutter.

Not my will, it’s the universe. Karma. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Hi Anon,


@ one.

Who are you to judge what happens to people. You do t even know your own fate.

Baba sawan turned the most hoodlums into great disciples. So your argument kinda sucks.

If you are that much of a believer. Reveal your real name instead of the narcissistic name you sign of on here.

You just proved to me how judgemental you are . Thank you for confirming. And dont think I believe myself to be enlightened as some geezer wrote a whole post about me.

Be good and dont JUDGE.

GSD -Malwinder-Shivinder-Majithia-Sukha(Amli)Badal, Amrinder all in the same bed .
Parvinder singh died in 1999,boys were young,Parvinder left Ranbaxy (beneficiary mother and 2 boys)to be managed by Devinder Singh Brar until boys were fully Mature/responsible.Mother and GSD managed to oust Brar .GSD advised to sell Ranbaxy to Daichi in 2008. Daichi got fined in USA and trio(GSD-Mal-Shiv) knew daichi would come after Ranbaxy promoters.Building at huge scale at Beas Dera started straight away.People started asking questions at satsang "where is the money coming from" Maharaj is giving it ,GSD would say.GSD was shareholder in Religare Aviation ,licenced route Singapore.It started to lose money in Big way so brothers got loans at 16% interest to fund GSD losses.Real estate at this stage was booming. Majithia and Badals became relations to trio.
There is a saying in Punjab that even Abdali did not loot punjab as much as Majithia-Badal gang..Religare Invest run by Gurpreet had set up branches in Australia and Europe in reality a tool for dodgy money to be taken out of country by dodgy politicians ..Trio then started to invest in real estate that was booming and then it crashed and 16% percent interest on over expansion loans started to bite.Daichi awarded damages in singapore .Brothers appeal and lose .Shivinder moves to Beas as per trio agreement.GSD tries to sell land in himachl pardes but is stopped on Government lawyers advice (section118 of Zamindar Abolition act) that land in excess of ceiling can not be sold by RSSB.So Shivinder can happily be next Dera Head but Malwinder gets nothing only loans liability.
There was a person in Beas who was as much a follower of GSD as Sunil Godhwani and knew and sometimes handled the dodgy money with full knowledge of GSD.He has disappeared or some say he had to disappear .

my fate is in the feet of my Master wherever He takes me to,
and you need to grow up brother.

Indeed I am enjoying my trip already :)
Just a few more years left before the final BYE BYE World :)

Brother, It's not about only my GSD, it's about Satpurush and every representative of Satpurush,
it's never in a benefit of a disciple to abuse Masters.

Babaji could be millionaire, billionaire or zillionaire living in a mansion,
or completely broke and living in a shack, it doesn't matter.
Because all these specifications and considerations are of this perishable physical world,
there in the inner realms, every lord of each energy centre,
bows to Him whenever He walks their lawns.

However, it's so amusing that we all ourselves wants to be rich.
Surprisingly, when you are an initiate, you are already very rich.

If you are thinking worldly money wise,
The more reserved you will behave towards His people, the needy ones,
the more reserved he will be towards you.
If you will start giving more to the mankind, you will start earning more. It's simple.

I would share a QnA which answers some questions to Osho and Jim.
Oct, 2019 Delhi session:

Babaji, why are mobile phones not allowed inside Dera Beas.

What is our objective to come to Dera Beas,
listening to the Satsang?
or chatting with friends on mobile?

Then why the sevadars carry the mobile inside Beas?

To manage the day to day disciplinary activities of Dera.

Why can't they use walky-talky instead?

Because the use of walky-talky is restricted by the rules of government,
you can only use the walky-talky if you have license for it,
we did apply for many but were granted only around 10 licenses.
To manage the complete Dera that is not sufficient number of walky-talkies.

Do you have any other suggestion or question?

Maybe you also want to ask why the gents and ladies
are asked to sit in separate enclosures during the satsangs?

One Initiated,......” No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” ( 2 Corinthians 11:15)

Me: have you put the shining Diamond to the Test?

K.Singh - the timeline of MMS, SMS, Godhwani and GSD companies doesn't support your narrative. Religare was started and went public a long time before Ranbaxy was sold. It wasn't started with Ranbaxy money - the money came from somewhere - but where? Did MMS and SMS have family money apart from their Ranbaxy shares? These shares had still not been sold when they supposedly invested a huge amount of money in Religare. So this was essentially paper wealth and couldn't have been used to fund Religare.

Has anyone ever accounted for the source of that initial investment - why were huge chunks of that company handed over to Gurpreet, Gurkirat, Shabnam and Godhwani? The more I think about this, the more convinced I get that Religare was basically started and initially funded with RSSB Trust funds but somehow instead of the trust - the GSD family were inserted as shareholders and beneficiaries.

Hi GS yes I have read and am aware of that media news.

TMSC-Dera,s are used by politicians as vote banks and for Cleaning dirty money in return for Government assetts at nominal value.Politicians would hand over cash to a Dera in India and Dera,s would pay them abroad from their overseas Dera accounts . Dera,s would often charge a fee for this.GSD relatives politicians have amassed a fortune overseas.This is nothing new,been going on since Indira Gandhi .When Ganieve Garewal got married to Bikram Majithia many of old satsangi,s had predicted that Majithia would ruin the Dera.Sir Sundar Singh Majithia,s record is very bad.He was knighted following 1919 masacare of Jalianwala Bag and awarded huge chunks of land for his services to East India trading company.
The man who used to clean politicians dirty money through Dera has disappeared.

@ One. Grew up long before you. Most my family when I was but a child .

Joined the forces to get done discipline and not believing in masters etc. He has said he ain't helping you or coming at death. Goodluck with that one brother x

@ One.

Respect is still there even though my path bow is darker.

It's surprising that those here who claim to love the Master are so hard on those who are trying to be objective.

But it is a great example of how people, in the name of God, can dismiss great harm to innocent people.

For example, this idea that it is wrong trying to acknowledge factual information.

Some here advocate blind faith. But recent history has demonstrated how millions have been duped by false leaders of every kind, including false Gurus.

It isn't the perfection of the Guru they are actually supporting, but the perfection of their own blind faith and poor judgment. It is their own ego they are actually defending. When anyone claims they know a truth and can therefore ignore all facts, even the ones to come, surely their can be no greater example of inflated ego than that.

And in that ego they vilify other people who don't agree. This is the real problem of blind faith, the condemnation to hell of those who disagree. You can see it in the comments above.

Here is the perfect picture of the cesspool of humanity. The fanatical blind believers, the very foundation of terrorism. This is fanaticism at its core. Parading itself as pure faith and loyalty but inevitably falling into the mire of condemning others simply for acknowledging facts and / or holding a different view.

The Guru may have his issues. But the dangers of the fanatics are fully proven by their own comments here. And that is far more of a problem than simply the theft of material gain.

Spence you wrote
“What if I'm wrong? Than we are all saved. (except Georgy who says he isn't an initiate). I want to be wrong here.”

Sorry to burst your bubble Spence but being “saved” (I don’t even know what that means but will go along with you) does not depend on you being right or wrong. I am on a inner spiritual path which teaches me how to live my best life while in this world and gain that connection with the reality that permeates this realm. Whether or not my master (the one who imparted this knowledge to me) did business with anyone, bought property, lost or made money does not change anything on my inner journey.
When we speak of these facts we are talking about it as a matter of what occurred and what did not. When I comment on this blog it’s to correct the misconceptions put out by others including yourself, as many times they are stated as facts. But please don’t get it wrong as it has NOTHING to do with the beautiful journey I or any true seeker of spirituality is on.

Hello. I did not click on to your links because I do not need to. If those articles state that Ms. Ganieve Grewal is the grand daughter of Maharaj Charan Singh ji they are publishing WRONG information. They should publish a retraction. So much for reliability for accuracy in the Indian Press. She is definitely not the daughter of Rana Ranbir Singh and Sadhana Grewal

Hi Anon
You wrote
"Whether or not my master (the one who imparted this knowledge to me) did business with anyone, bought property, lost or made money does not change anything on my inner journey."

I appreciate your effort to separate these things and compartmentalize one's life into spiritual and worldly as if we can separate ourselves into separate parts.

But the goal of spirituality as I was taught in Sant Mat, is to return to the One, and to live an integrated and whole life as one single whole person.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we don't get far, if anywhere, on our own. So we are dependent upon our Teacher.

As Maharaji taught, you can't get far within with worldly attachments plaguing the mind. Can't be done. I've never had much success without the arduous work of letting go and avoiding new addictions. It's a life's work. Lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride are our enemies on this path.

So if your teacher is free of all that, then focusing on Him or Her helps you to become free of those things.

But if they have recently indulged in these, that affects our progress. And if they are not honest about this, that is a further barrier to our own internal progress so long as we follow their instructions.

There is a lot of self - delusion when it comes to self - assessment of personal progress. We must all be wary of it. But it can be overcome. We can learn to see things more objectively, and more honestly. It starts with acknowledging unpleasant truths about ourselves openly. And that's a good habit to get into because on this path of honesty and truth we will be making mistakes all the way through. But any one of those, kept secret, lied about to ourselves or others, becomes a fresh barrier.

And quite a few false Gurus are around as evidence of the degree to which we can lie to ourselves about the harm others are doing. It's natural. People want an easy path to a better life and there are always false gurus willing to offer that.

There is a lot of evidence from several independent sources which claim Baba Ji et al took and has now defaulted on thousands of crore rupees in unsecured loans to feed a risky and speculative real estate spree that went belly up. And now Baba Ji has publicly claimed all this to be untrue. I hope it is.

The High Court of Delhi has ordered Gurinder to pay a portion of this now. And in response to his claim of innocence, he has been ordered to bring his evidence to the upcoming court date on November 14th.

The economic offences wing of the delhi police has Shivender et al under arrest and in jail while they try to find where exactly all the stolen funds went, because they are owed to others, notably Daiichi and Religare Finvest.

On November 14th there a is a court date and will all learn just what evidence has been acquired, and hopefully who really ended up with all that stolen money, nearly a billion US dollars.

Hello. I did not click on to your links because I do not need to. If those articles state that Ms. Ganieve Grewal is the grand daughter of Maharaj Charan Singh ji they are publishing WRONG information. They should publish a retraction. So much for reliability for accuracy in the Indian Press. She is definitely not the daughter of Rana Ranbir Singh and Sadhana Grewal

Posted by: Ruby | November 03, 2019 at 01:12 PM

In the world that matters nobody cares who Ganieve Grewal is or who a Majitha is or how many acres is owned by a X or Y or Z.

But this doesn't stop attempts by some to gain prominence by contributing to a narrative even if it's being propagated in an irrelevant corner of the digital world.

The slandered doesn't give a damn. So why are you troubled ? Just chill.


Why do you only yap that GSD says he ain't helping you or coming at death.

Go hear his Satsangs in Hindi or Punjabi (trust you understand these). You won't miss he saying

Bhajan Simran karo. Thuada parmarath banega aur swarath bhi banega. PARMATMA tumhari laaj jaroor rakhega.

Did Great Master, Jagat or Charan ever say anything like this? specially about the swarath bit? From whatever I have tracked about RSSB atleast Charan never did.

GSD saying he ain't helping you or coming at death - does it then really matter? Need luck or GSD if Parmatma isn't going to fail one who attends to Bhajan Simran?

But you may hold on to whatever you want and do whatever you want brother.



James 1:22-25
22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the word, this man shall be blessed in his deed.


Actually you should chill as well. Am sure Babaji hasn't asked you to counter any of the narratives being propagated. And you probably know what he has to say about the contents herein.

The Grand Design will unravel and even all the Mian Mirs of today will not be able to stop it.

not once but many times due to curiosity,
and happily failed for testing,
because the tests always passed,
it only increases the velocity!

Arjuna, that was not for physical or even mental,
I read and know your story,
guess you are strongest amongst all here,
you will climb up one day with glory!

I meant from spiritual perspective,
it's easy to abuse the Masters,
hard to abuse yourself for not attending to meditation,
but He will always pull you from disasters!

There are 100 reasons for not doing it,
and there are 100 reasons for doing it,

up to you which ones you pick and proceed!

Only that can come who is not yet present,
He is always there at our third eye, but we are absent.
He doesn't need to come, as He is already there,
that's why He won't come, as He is already there!

We can go there while living with ease when we train,
or we will be forced at death with the pain.

up to you which ones you pick and proceed!

@ One and Wise.

My ego is huge but my heart still believes in God. Thanks for the inspiring posts both of you wrote this monday morning . In a strange way I needed to read them.

Guilt or not guilt to me is not the main issue. Main issue is what is a spiritual teacher doing being associated with business at that level? Getting into deals to make excessive amounts of money way beyond what would be needed to live in luxury for the rest of a lifetime and allow extended family to do the same. Why is there this association? That is the key question for many. Doesn't mean having to be an ascetic and deny/denigrate material wealth. Just why this unhealthy association with such extortionate sums of cash being passed around in extremely dodgy ways. Why the association with people doing this, even if you yourself are not actively involved. Surely a teacher worth of the role would find something more worthwhile to do?

Hi One Initiated

Very nice! Loved the clever poem.

Nothing should disturb our meditation, whether our work is planting flowers or cleaning out the sewers.

Whether cooking a meal,
Or dragging the children to their shower (shout out to Brian Ji)

There is beauty in all.

@oneinitated . You quoted/paraphrased from Q&A:

"Do you have any other suggestion or question?

Maybe you also want to ask why the gents and ladies
are asked to sit in separate enclosures during the satsangs?"

Don't you see the arrogance here? He really doesn't like to be questioned does he? Always with the flippancy and trying to turn things around back onto the questioner.

That won't work on me if we ever cross paths again.

Nick GB, you're asking the question that nobody has the guts to answer except the firm non-believers. Both the believers and those on the fence have very reliably dodged that question for years.

Why is this guy so rich, and so actively chasing money, seemingly above all else?


CHANDIGARH, Punjab—An audio of female preacher of Radha Soami cult named Babita Radha Soami has gone viral over social media in which she could be listened comparing the Radha Soami cult chief Gurinder Dhillon...

Read full story @ https://www.sikh24.com/2019/11/04/rad...

If I’m in Delhi on 14/11, I will be hiring Baja walae & Bhangra dancers, and we’ll be outside the court when the Dastardly, Dodgy Dhillon Family slither out from their hiding places. The song of choice will be Kulwinder Dhillon’s classic “Kacherian wich mele lagdae”

I sincerely hope you, and your fellow brainwashed disciples, can meet us there!

Posted by: JS | November 02, 2019 at 12:09 PM

Don't forget to send in your travel plans!!!

I hope you have advance booked some Baja wale and dancers. Wedding season. These fellas are in great demand. Hard to get. If not available, no worries. We can always bajao your band.

If you want media coverage, I suggest rope in Karenjit Kaur.

Looking forward to meeting you in Delhi.

Nick GB, you're asking the question that nobody has the guts to answer except the firm non-believers. Both the believers and those on the fence have very reliably dodged that question for years.

Why is this guy so rich, and so actively chasing money, seemingly above all else?

Posted by: Jesse | November 04, 2019 at 03:02 PM

Looks like nobody from amongst the believers read your posts else surely somebody would have responded to your question.


GSD has a while ago achieved spiritual and intellectual supremacy whilst the best of very very best minds still struggle to achieve even computational supremacy.

So then he decided to venture into the titbits like financial supremacy - of course only to eventually 'will away' all the supposed billions garnered to needy but true Satsangis. You know the ones who attend to their meditation but are financially fragile. A first in Santmat this is gonna be.

PS: the laws of the material world ( anti-matter worlds are so much more mysterious and better but still no match to the spiritual worlds) don't allow to 'will away' spiritual wealth. Else the Emperor GSD (as is the belief of followers) would have distributed truck loads to every single believer with no dent to his spiritual supremacy.

The lady giving the talk is comparing him to guru Nanak. However guru Nanak was not going to court over the same type of matters. Guru Nanak was not a fraudster, didn’t get involved in land grabbing, didn’t conspire to rip off companies, didn’t hire thugs as personal body guards, didn’t take loans and refuse to return.

Baba Jaimal Singh didn’t even care to make a proper building for himself, but stayed in a mud hut to meditate. A far cry from the RSSB of today.

I could be wrong but it looks like the beginning of the end. The storm is about to hit and this is the calm before the storm. Enjoy it for another 8 days.

I know they say to earn money but as far as I know they don’t say commit fraud or rip off companies or be ungrateful to your own family

Need another translation please:


Biography || Baba Gurinder Singh Dhillon || Radha Soami Satsang Beas || Family ||

To RSSB is finished
Santmat started with the very begining of creation since God kept the path of Wiord within the soul while seprating it.So Santmat can never finish.RSSB is name guven to an institute preaching Santmat.
But you are already finished since you do not have courage to disclose your name even.You have finished your identity and are a coward fellow.

And how many people did Ranbaxy kill with it's lousy, fake drugs? The profits were blood money, folks. Blood money. It's beyond disgusting.
If you need a little more convincing here's a bit more:
Interview with the whistleblower:

How many people are victims of RSSB and Majithia-Badal Alliance.

Lots of people and most of these from poor farming backgrounds owning between 2-8 acres of land.
These fell victim to land grabbing policy of RSSB fuelled by Majithia-Badal power alliance which adopted very shady practices to force people of 22 villages to sell their land cheaply.It is an offence to tamper with river flow in anyway but Beas river was diverted completely resulting in flooding of many villages and small farmers lands gone under diverted waters.

Baba and his family trying to avoid court appearance on 14th Nov



In short RSSB Chief and all members of his family (including Chief Gurinder Singh Dhillons daughter in laws) have ALL come up with DIFFERENT excuses of why they can't attend court on the 14th November in Dehli!

So that's 6 members of the Dhillon family with 6 different excuses so they avoid appearing in court on 14th Nov.

Gurinder himself says he has a Satsang on that day but this date is missing on the RSSB website, plus his lawyer argues he is a cancer sufferer, has diabetes and is a senior citizen!

In such a high profile case where nearly half a billions dollars is owed and alleged been siphoned off, where innocent parties have lost and are owed money, this is looking rather suspect!

I think the followers (approx. 2 million + world wide in 80 countries) are owed an explanation esp. if you are claiming to be the 'perfect master' and God in human form. (according to the RSSB philosophy).

I hope this is not the biggest religious/ spiritual scandal in the 21st century.

I would like to get the point of view from Satsangis in particular - as from experience they don't want to discuss anything to do with the perfect master Gurinder....but when he is being summoned to court in a big fraud case...people Satsangi or not want answers!

Is this huge secret sect headed by the Dhillon family dynasty, in fact a fraudulent organisation? (based on deception of the POOR and UNEDUCATED particularly in India and taking advantage of people VULNERABILITIES and TRUST)

I think your fears that RSSB is now a fraudulent organisation are correct Z. Singh and thanks to Guru for his invaluable, all revealing link.
They will have to be prevented from leaving the country and arrested like Malvinder was.
I don't understand why Shabnam Dhillon cannot leave for the UK after the hearing if the cited scheduled gastric surgery at a UK hospital is not until November 20. Am sure Gurinder could have his private jet accommodate her. I travel alone all the time and am nearly 70, I don't need my daughter to accompany me. It's all nonsense.
And Gurinder, if he is so sick and old, how come he can still jet around the world and give all these satsangs? When I saw him last year before I stopped attending his satsangs, he walked very fast and seemed full of energy and vigour. He has often told the sangat he is hale and hearty now. If he was as sick, old and incapacitated as he claims, he would have to resign from such a high powered office as head chief of RSSB. No way could he cope. I thought Saints are above the body anyway? It's all a pack of lies.
If Ranbaxy was such a rotten can of worms built on an edifice of lies, deliberate fraud and deceit, imagine what lies under the surface. Ranbaxy was just the warning indicator of things to come. The land grabbing is just another example of the ruthless corruption and ambition at work behind the scenes.
I pray justice prevails and the entire mountain of rotten lies and ruthless greed is exposed.
Thanks to everyone for their corroborating evidence.


November 14th will come and go without Baba ji presenting the data he promised. If course he could have his advocate present it in his absence.

But the pattern of silence suggests that there is no data in his defense.

So the Nov. 14th court date may only present the court's case against the garnishees. It will be interesting to see what evidence they present to corroborate and support the loan documents.

I'm very saddened actually. I really was hoping this would be resolved in Baba Ji's favor. Maybe it still will. Please disprove the evidence. Or acknowledge it honestly.

But he is not taking a robust role, and seems to be surrounded by excuses.

I was hoping his team had an aggressive defense of his innocence.

But it seems that case either doesn't exist or hasn't been put together yet.

God damn it, Baba Ji! This is completely unnecessary. Just go and be transparent! We're with you either way. No one expects you to be perfect. Just be yourself, the good and the flawed.

Be a model of transparent honesty. Let's throw out the arcane secrets, holier-than-thou tradition with one single appearance! The best, most honest Satsang for the whole world. An admission. Which is the true submission.

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