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October 10, 2019


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So it begins...

Whom do you consider to be Higher Ups in this fiscal scamdal.
The brothers and Godhwani had their hands on the money.
In my view, they are the ring leaders.

Maybe they wanted to curry favour with the Baba.

I have a feeling that this monies were passed on to GSD for his investments...and he was being played on where the funds were coming from. Their has to be more to this.

This is so hilarious.

Unlike RSSB cult members, I have almost no ego and don't get attached to opinions I've expressed or gurus I mistakenly followed. You could say I'm the ultimate example of purity and spiritual elevation.

So when I see the justifications getting more convoluted, and the excuses looking more desperate, I think to myself "lol dude wtf is wrong with you? Get another guru." I mean c'mon. People are getting arrested now. Nothing is left to discuss.

This Radha Swami thing is obviously off the rails, and it ain't getting back on track any time soon.

Brian is still attached and involved with Sant Mat even though he is a proud atheist.

People complaining about the guru and RSSB are still attached and entangled with Gurinder and the Path.

It is mildly interesting reading every now and then to see how insignificant it really is compared to the chaos and suffering happening in the world.

I tried my hand at stock trading for a number of years and lost consistently. I think the Singhs, the Godhwanis, the Dhillons and the whole team just made bad business and investing decisions and kept doubling down to get back where they were. It didn't work, and now they're trapped. In my experience it's much easier to lose money than make money.

Also consider "the curse of the lottery." A billion dollars falls into your lap, and it's easy to think, "I have the magic! God will guide my every move! I can do no wrong!"

If this financial scandal had happened in US and UK, the properties of people involved had been confiscated along with jail term. It is in third world that these people relish even after committing crime under the garb of nothingness.

Satsangis are complaining about negativity. They say negativity isn't spiritual, it's the enemy of spirituality. I agree. In fact, I think all of us here agree with that. None of us likes negativity, but situations do arise and they deserve comment, even if that comment touches upon the guru Gurinder Singh.

In this case, the situation is about money. Some may say that matters of money are an un-spiritual topic. But whether that's true or not, it seems clear that Gurinder Singh has something to do with the misappropriation of money. A lot of money. $842 million is a lot of money, and there's no denying this misappropriation happened under Gurinder's watch, if not his supervision. It was Gurinder's close associates that made these illegal money transfers, and Gurinder's relatives that received the money. Some portion of these misbegotten millions even found their way into Gurinder Singh's own accounts.

Then there's the matter of Gurinder getting a personal loan of a million dollars from a business associate and refusing to pay it back. If you believe such things are unspiritual, that's your opinion. But if they are indeed unspiritual, you must admit that the guru Gurinder Singh acted to make these negative things happen. In other words, if there is negativity here, Gurinder Singh caused it, created it, and it wouldn't exist if he did something to stop it. Gurinder has had years to stop the illegal flow of money to his relatives' accounts, but he did nothing. And now there is hell to pay. So if you want us to stop making negative comments, tell your Guru to stop doing negative things. It was your guru who created this collossal financial scandal, not us. Don't blame us for creating negativity, look to your guru.

"I tried my hand at stock trading for a number of years and lost consistently."

Are we brothers from different mothers?

Most people actually lose the majority of their money in the markets, and they do it fast. I lost slowly, and only about 18% of my total savings over a few years.

It should be a requirement that all people trade financial instruments at some point in their lives with a real system and real substantial risk. It teaches one more about their own psychology than any of this meditation crap could ever dream of.

We're learning in real time that even a "master" can't handle the psychological effect that fluctuations in monetary value imposes on the brain.

If he cant handle a couple of million dollars, how are a million satsangis garunteed salvation?

Malvinder has now been arrested...
This is in connection to both the religare complaint that they diverted funds to unsecured shell companies (including to Gurinder et al) and the earlier court order for daiichi payment.

"Also, in April, the Supreme Court threatened to jail the two former promoters of Ranbaxy, for not complying with an order to pay dues to Japanese firm Daiichi Sankyo.

"We will go into the issue... why you violated our orders. We will send you to jail," the apex court had said.The court was hearing a petition filed by Daiichi Sankyo, which is seeking to recover Rs 3,500 crore awarded to it in an arbitration case by a Singapore tribunal from the brothers.


You say Brian is still attached to Rssb..
It is more a digesting thing and curiousity maybe.
Attached ..how do you know for someone else??
Is my vieuw.

"Some portion of these misbegotten millions even found their way into Gurinder Singh's own accounts."

Dear J

I am from the KBC India.

Your statement leaves no doubt in me what so ever that you have authentic information on GSD's accounts. Maybe even his family member and close associates too in suspect.

This is exactly the information we are struggling to get. Even the bank name would be a clincher.

As a law abiding citizen of your country i implore your conscience to comply with this request from a law enforcement agency.

You could be our star witness who knows.

Your cooperation is sought here.

Let me know how could i touch base with you.

Thanking you in advance


Yeah, that was quite the rabbit hole. I lost a few thousand each year for about five years plus all the chat membership costs--Jason Bond, stock_analyzer, Superman, Tim Sykes, Sneeb and others. Any familarity? Somehow I was always in too late or out too soon. Long worked so badly, I thought surely I'd succeed trading short. That didn't work either and was courting disaster! There was a guy who lost $106,000 overnight caught short in KBIO. Never short! Never, never, never!

What a mess. Quicksand. It could happen to anyone. "Don't hate the player, hate the game" comes to mind.

I'm half jewish on my father's side. Aren't you too, or is that Spence? I was raised an atheist though (a strong atheist in Osho's terms, a strict materialist). When I got into RS, I thought, okay, I guess I have to believe in God now, but I'm back to atheism. For me it helps in concentration somehow. Less clutter, less baggage, I suppose.

Brothers by different mothers! And brothers by the same mother, Mother Kali!


Donald Trump's a billionaire, but how long could he sit in meditation? Next to him even CoC is a galaxy of Buddhas.

You asked J
"Your statement leaves no doubt in me what so ever that you have authentic information on GSD's accounts. Maybe even his family member and close associates too in suspect.

" This is exactly the information we are struggling to get. Even the bank name would be a clincher."

The information is already available in public documents, as well as the audits conducted by the serious crimes divisible of the Delhi Police as well as the Securities and Exchange Board of India... Listing corporations and individuals...


The earlier June 10 order and business today's own audit


Livemint audit and independent government sources...


You may also read that Gurinder's holdings have already been impounded on the RSSB website article here


Additional unpaid loans were procured for Gurinder fraudulently from Fortis healthcare, crippling that company.

The SEBI concluded this was fraud.


And this is why the Singh brothers and these shell companies, including RHC holdings, together have been ordered under penalty to repay the loans.

They were given ninety days to do so and that period has passed.

Now the Crimes division is building a much larger case. One of the outcomes has been the arrests of Malvinder and Shivinder, but these are initial. The high court has already transferred responsibility for payment to the loan recipients, and has thereby begun the steps necessary to recover those funds. Delinquency to the high court in India can become the basis of criminal prosecution for all of the loan recipients.

And this is where things stand today.

So who received these monies as 'loans' gained through deceit and fraud, who also never repaid ?

Gurinder's family and associated RSSB leaders.


Now, let's do a little addition, shall we?

From the above...
207 crore to Dhillon family (sons Gurkirat and Gurpreet)
287 crore to both Godhwani and the Dhillon family (Godhwani, Dhillon's chosen leader to help the Singhs, and his own family),
223 crore to the Dhillon family
152 crore to the Dhillon family
Total.... Hold on let me get out my HP 12C calculator.....

869 crore... Before interest...

In short, KBC, Gurinder and family members have now been ordered by the high court twice to pay hundreds of millions in delinquent loans.

Gurinder Singh claims he doesn’t owe any money.


Gurinder Singh claims he doesn’t owe any money.


Posted by: Guru | October 11, 2019 at 10:03 AM

Thank you for posting and bringing GSD's stand to the notice of individuals in here.


Read carefully what was asked for and to who. If you too have that specific information come forward with it. If not, well .......

Thank you

Holy fucking shit
How funny if the Baba and relatives owe nothing.
George Porgy will be giving it L A R G E


Dear KBC India
Please take a closer look at the articles, and please contact the Serious Crimes Division of the Delhi Police as they already have the loan documents which were the basis for the garnishee orders made directly to Gurinder and family by the High Court of Delhi.

You have what you need to see the truth. But what is also needed is the fortitude and will to see the truth.

# spence. Hello brother.

I can hear the chant "lock them up, lock them up" lol.

Absolute wasters - what has that clan done for the poor in India. Dp good serve the poor and needy. That is true seva not bullshit listen ing about the one. Better to be behind bars so they can contemplate or even mediate.

But please brothers mel and shiv- do t drop the soap lol

Also where is this money coming from ? There is website - Haynespark.co.uk where they are seeking ideas and the local input on where they should build a large hole. Check out the lady in the skirt in the gallery lol. So photo fixed and not representative of the whole actual crowd.

@ s*

You ask: "You say Brian is still attached to Rssb.. Attached ..how do you know for someone else??"

Everyone reading and posting here is still attached to RSSB, including myself. The attachment can be either positive or negative. If we weren't attached we would not bother to even read this blog.

Where attention goes energy flows. If our energy and thoughts are negative it can have an effect on self. Where we put our thoughts and attention the energy can become real and monopolise the mind. So, we have love and hate, love Gurinder or dislike him, its still attachment.

@ arjuna,
Strange ….. these pictures remind me of the birth and growth of all kind of religious organisations of the past, that all started out as friendly movements in the seventies .. one can think of Rajneesh, Maharishi Mahesh etc. and others that should not be named here.

The bigger they became the slicker the buildings, outfits, smiles on the faces of followers and … stern looking guards in suits….. everything had to be more en more P E R F E C T

Arjuna, is that Haynes Park site official?

I ask because it refers to Science of the Soul firstly as a charity, which Gurinder himself has repeatedly denied, but then it lists its supposed charitable activities as maintaining their own property.

RSSB is utter trash. Can't wait til it goes under.

@ Jesse

Its appears to be an offshoot site - specifically made to appear democratic in seeking suggestions from people (ref building a permanent structure for satsang. The tent which I have seen is too old now).

I know most of the people in the video being interviewed. So yes it's real

@ Um..

I agree but not sure why he wants to build a permanent satsang structure at Haynes. Perhaps a monument.

I dont go to Haynes anymore stopped about 10 years ago. But I did waste a lot of Saturdays there doing seva when I could have been doing real seva at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

Arjuna … why call it a "waste" in retrospect?!
I suggest you did enjoy it those days and I wonder if you are doing community work these days.

@ Arjuna

>>I agree but not sure why he wants to build a permanent satsang structure at Haynes. Perhaps a monument.<<

As i am not "he" i can not answer that question.
If one would ask me, I would ponder for a moment and answer … Well, Indians are proud to give money in seva, there are many very rich Indians in England, so over the years an huge amount of money must have been given in Seva. Money on the shelf is of no use and a shame to the giver … so … why not use it to invest it in a building that can be used by them.

Then i would consider the circumstances we live in, circumstances that can hardly be seen as in favor of spirituality. Having a place in these days were likeminded people can congregate would be something to keep whatever is left of spirituality alive in the hearts of those who go there. I suppose that initiates that had no place to go these days easily would feel alone and lose interest in travail they started with to find some truth inside.

So ask those people who go there for years and what makes them go there and you have an reasonable answer … not "his" answer

Even if I not go there myself, it is not that difficult to find answers to the many puzzeling things of these days.

It's pretty clear why they want a new building.

they have previously not been allowed to make a new building, although they did build one that they claimed was an agricultural building.

So they want to put in planning and will be glad if it gets granted because it will save having to put up and dismantle the tent every year.

but I suspect with the bigger problems the guru has, this will be put on hold as it's just another problem when he has too many already.

Clearly the guru is clever and might get away with the fraud and the money issues he is involved in.

anyone with a brain can see he is involved in dodgy money dealings.

he could quite easily get away with it by denying everything.

obviously he received money but he can claim it was a legitimate business transaction.

they wont have any written agreement in place and if Godhwani agrees to take the rap for his part and claim he was the guilty party, the guru will not get charged.

the bigger question is what is the guru doing getting so involved in large financial deals when he teaches simple living.

clearly not living by example.

Arjuna … why call it a "waste" in retrospect?!
I suggest you did enjoy it those days and I wonder if you are doing community work these days.

Posted by: um | October 12, 2019 at 06:32 AM

Because at a point in time expectations crept in and prayers were not answered.

"We create our own fate. No fate but what we make."

Did this belief creep in this before or after?

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