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October 19, 2019


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Mr Brian Hines "Delhi High Court rejects offer of singh brothers to settle with Religare".

My understanding of this story yesterday in punjabi Ajit is that Singh Brothers applied for bail and an offer to settle with Religare but this application was objected by Delhi Police on the basis that they were prosecuting a criminal case and payment would not end their criminal case.In additional to this Police pointed to Court that their investigation was not complete.

Posted by: K.Singh | October 24, 2019 at 01:37 AM

Right to bail is seen as an implicit right devolving under Article 21 of Constitution and so generally the norm is bail not jail.

Judicial custody isn't always necessary for carrying on an investigation. Good grounds for rejecting a bail plea has to be listed by the prosecution and that an investigation is being conducted isn't any ground. It needs to be stuff like - the alleged can flee the country, destroy evidence', influence witnesses, past criminal record etc etc.

So the understanding is flawed.

The courts are well aware that paying back the siphoned monies isn't going to absolve the Singh bros of the crime(if prosecution establishes their guilt). And if guilty, they are gonna be fried any which ways - settlement or no settlement.

Daichi has simply reminded all, citing the High court ruling, that nothing which weakens their right to recover 3500 crores can be done by Singh bros and offering to settle i.e. pay back Religare falls into this category. And the court has upheld this plea by Daichi

One initiated
Yup I agree with your points. However I will say that the Guru knows what he is doing. We are to be concerned with the teachings and with the practice and get our answers from within, then there is no question. He is not teaching one thing and doing another as much as it may look like that to everyone here.
The truth will reveal itself.
Hard for people to believe this fact and this is why he is almost screaming it off the rooftops “do your meditation” all the answers are within and time is limited. But we are so concerned asking 10 thousand questions all whilst forgetting the main thing. There is a saying which I always remind myself of “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” 😆
And the main thing is the inner practice the teachings and the purpose of life. Everything else one can throw out the window.

Jim you have completely misunderstood the comment of One. He is saying that even if his master is seen in these places his faith will not shake.
You are throwing it off by comparing to suicide bombers who tell people to kill or create harm or destruction for their cause.
The Master has always said only good. The vows are good the practice is good the way of living he recommends is good. They say not to even harm a fly. There is a day and night difference between the 2 and by even comparing it in the same post you are delusional and completely lost.

Hi Vijay and One
Gurinder et al has been ordered by the high Court to pay their delinquent bills. This hasn't been changed.

However, the criminal case against Shivinder, Malvinder, Sunhil and others is active. That is the case that they engaged in fraud. They are not off the hook for their fraud.

But the responsibility to repay what Gurinder et al owes sits on his shoulders as ordered by the high court.

Shivinder et all can claim that as the high court has ordered Gurinder et all to repay their portion, they are protected as long as that is active.

But they are not protected from the fraud case.

Just as Gurinder et al are not protected by any action against from Shivinder et al for Gurinder et al's debts and payments past due to the high court.

The high Court has portioned out responsibility to repay to Gurinder et al, and moved the responsibility for recovery to the high Court and off Shivinder et al's shoulders.

But Shivinder et all are still responsible for the whole fraud.

If you take stolen money from a their you are responsible to repay it. The thief is responsible for the crime.

You have made effort to dismiss the order of the high court. And this is where your loss of objectivity is clear.

"Gurinder et al has been ordered by the high Court to pay their delinquent bills. This hasn't been changed."

So what's the amount the High court has ORDERED GSD to repay?

Ordered pay whatever you owe huh? Courts aren't stupid to say this.

Hi Vijay
I read the article you posted, and it's important, but not for the reason you state.

"Daiichi Sankyo stated that any settlement proposing payment of money by Singh Brothers to Religare FinVest would be against the Court's order directing Singh Brothers to not dispose of, alienate, encumber either directly or indirectly or otherwise part with the possession of any assets as well their interest in any company or trust.

"Agreeing with Daiichi Sankyo, a Single Judge Bench of JR Midha remarked,

"This would be in the teeth of the order passed by the Court.."


What this is saying is that the high court order to Gurinder et al for payment still stands.

Read it again.

No escape.

Hi Vijay
You wrote
"And the main thing is the inner practice the teachings and the purpose of life. Everything else one can throw out the window."

You and I agree 100% on this. Therefore there is no reason to make much of the fact we view the world differently, from different backgrounds and cultures, so long as we do our own work, whatever form of meditation, mindfulness or worship we find ourselves suited to.

In the West, hard facts gain a very high status, and so we are always interested in what might actually be hard fact.

But meditation and the gifts of Spirit are also fact for the individual, though subjective experience to anyone else. But what is your personal truth naturally you are bound to loyalty.

It's just in the west, loyalty to truth includes objective facts.

Not to say we have that, but it appears that such is the case, though we have conflicting verbal claims, and in time we will know for sure, either way.

Hi Spence for someone who knows so little about this you sure write a lot. Let me break it down for you. Singh brothers are the debtors to Daichi. Here’s the case
Daichi- Malvinder and shivinder you owe us 3500cr
shivinder- give me some time I will try to put my share up
Malvinder- I can only pay if I can collect from those that owe me
Court- please provide a list
Malvinder-provides a list of 55 entities that owe him and provides to court in May. Then in July provides the amounts they owe him.these become the garneshees
Court( in October)-orders the garneshees either pay what Malvinder claims you owe or file an affidavit to dispute
3 days later the Dhillon family disputes and says they don’t owe the debtors anything and the court tells them to show the paperwork to prove it.
This is where it stands now. The debtors are still the Singh brothers and the garneshees in question are the Dhillons. The debt has NOT moved from the Singh brothers to the Dhillons as you have claimed multiple times with absolute certainty.

Hi Vijay
I appreciate the summary, but you have missed three important facts.
1. The order to Gurinder et al was the second such order. They were delinquent on the first.
2. Gurinder et al was ordered to be at court on the trial date along with others. This had nothing to do with his plea of innocence.
3. Grinder et all was not ordered to repay Shivinder et all. They were ordered to pay the high court directly instead. Shivinder et al are no longer involved in the reclamation of those money's. But Gurinder et al still owes that money, and not to Shivinder et all anymore, but directly to the high court.

Until Gurinder et al proves otherwise, the high court is holding he and his cohorts directly responsible for their portion of delinquent funds, and no longer Shivinder et al (who are still responsible for the fraud).

One more point, Vijay
The court and crimes division are still building their case, gathering information. What will be presented when Gurinder et al attends the trial? Will there be evidence of fraud for Shivinder et al? Will the audits be used? And will the loans be thoroughly investigated by then?

Let's say that in Shivinder et al's various companies there is paper over a few years demonstrating unsecured loans were in fact made to companies that Gurinder et al ran and through these, unsecured loans directly to Gurinder et al? Just like the earlier audits showed? And what if the rotating checks implicating those companies in fraud and theft is also used as evidence?

Then the problem is no longer repayment. Then it is the fraud conducted by those companies which listed members of Gurinder's own family as principles.

You see, a payment plan might have kept this out of criminal trial.

Gurinder et al's legal team must now prove that all these documents, even the letters of incorporation listing his wife as principle officer, were all forged. And up until now, after all these years while the fraud and theft continued, he chose not to address it.

It won't wash.

The only case that can be made is if the crimes division finds out internally that this was all Shivinder et al's fraud and forgery and withdraws the order for Gurinder et al to pay. Or through some internal corruption withdraws the order for payment.

But as of today, the order still stands. Apparently no information exhonorating Gurinder hads come to light yet.

You see courts don't ask for direct payment unless they have corroborating evidence that will hold up in court.

In the one case they removed one of those on the list, that individual proved they had already paid their debt. They did not claim the loan was forged, as Gurinder may need to do.

And unless Gurinder et al offers to repay before the trial, or offers similar evidence he has already paid, then Gurinder and his cohorts run the risk of getting dragged into a criminal prosecution for fraud and theft.

We will see.

I can wait. How about you?

If the court, say in one month, still finds Gurinder et al liable for repayment, or that he is not, will you accept that judgment whatever it is?

If there is evidence to support the judgment either way, I will.

This whole battle going on around RSSB reminds me of the one that happened in ECKANKAR . Darwin Gross ran off with several million dollars and the present leader (can't remember his name right now) had to wrestle it back through the courts. It was only one body blow that group sustained though,as David Lane landed a mighty in his book The rise of a religion. That book recaptured the brain cells in me that had been hijacked by Eckankar back in the 70's. Thanks again David! BTW David is a awesome body surfer! Really it all comes down to the old duck phrase which I have hijacked for this, If it looks like B.S. and smells like B.S. it is in fact B.S.. Wake up RSSB people!

It is obvious what GSD is doing.

He only cares about money. Why did he not help malav and Shivinder when they needed the money. He could have saved them from losing billions.

After all they made his sons billionaires but when they needed help he didn’t care. Is that the sign of a master?
He is only concerned about his own family

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