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October 08, 2019


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Um, good point and greatly appreciated.
I was mostly referring to administration/over jealous sevadars who are eager to please the master by physical seva. I didn't mean to imply that satsangis don't meditate.
Thank you for the correction.

I also want to apologize to anyone who may feel hurt by any of my comments here. Like others, I am trying to make sense of what has been happening to santmat under current leadership and am asking some honest questions. That is all.
Lastly, IMO big brothers are always looking but not always for our best interests. We should question authority when things don't make sense and hold the administration to the mission of the organization or values of the society.

"I wonder if all the higher ups in dera actually meditate. In my circle, I can tell if someone is meditating or not based on their nature and behaviors. Meditators tend to be......

Hazoor used to say "we have to be useful to other."

not engage in useless seva of doing the same meaningless thing over and over and over again because a higher up tells us "this is how babaji wants it."

Posted by: Di | October 12, 2019 at 02:18 PM

Not necessarily. I have had close associations with real heavy weights (meditators) with personalities poles apart - from the benevolent to master deceptors(about themselves) to the extremely Curt (bordering on appearing rude/unsocial, to the Gucci clad ruthless business men.

GSD says be good human beings. So a lot more than serving the needy.

NO SEVA is firstly useless. Second you insult the emotions of the person doing the Seva. Actually from a Guru's perspective that man who stands in the scorching sun supposedly to direct the swanky cars in Dera, especially in parts where a car comes by say every 3 minutes is zillion times more useful than someone like you or me who fritter away our time posting in here. Haven't you heard GSD say No Seva is big or small!! I don't recollect Charan ever using these words in public. Yes there is that anecdote about Charan's response to some with misplaced intellect when told they would happily donate machines which could do the land filling (faster and far more efficiently) instead of the mitti ki seva that the sangat lovingly did.

Any relevance seen to the context of our exchange?

Have a good day.

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