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October 03, 2019


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That is straight out of the ChopraBot


Sparrow entanglement

Gd help us all.

Using the scientific language du jour has been a recruiting tactic of (mostly indian) religions for quite a long time.

Remember the supposed subatomic particles called "lifetrons" in Autobiography of a Yogi?

I never read it but if I recall correctly God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder was one of these recruiting books full of scientific terms.

Just throwing this out for the sake of arguing: If someone says that consciousness can't be "computed," how can he say that he understands what consciousness is? The reductionist "if we disconnect this part of the brain" examples don't bowl me over. If cavemen somehow came across a running Toyota Prius in the jungle and cut wires causing it to stop running, can we then say they understand how an internal combustion engine works?

I have to share this: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/27/world/asia/india-women-widows.html
Pretty shocking stuff about family values in India.

"If cavemen somehow came across a running Toyota Prius in the jungle and cut wires causing it to stop running, can we then say they understand how an internal combustion engine works?"

No, but they would know at least one of the integral components required for the Prius to work and could make it non-functioning. Just like they knew if they smashed a man or tiger or fish in the head it stopped moving. That still applies today.

What does a propaganda piece by the discredited NYT about one of the many numerous and severe social ills in India have to do with consciousness other than that the people there aren't very enlightened, and that if you're still pro-immigration in USA you're literally as close to brain dead as human can be and still survive?

The correct term Is Cave People or Cave Dwellers, wether they live in jungles it not.
I agree that quantum theory has no place explaining consciousness, but I’m amazed at how stuff like that even gets published. And what a headache for the proof reader and editor.

Who really needs to expand the most simple of statements, though paraphrased in translation:
I think therefore I am

I justify my submission of that NYT link this way. First, to its veracity: If the NYT runs a story that's in any way critical of people of color, you have to assume that the story is balls-on accurate and that the situation is probably worse than was reported. I will admit that the Times' larger theme was likely how government is better at taking care of people than religions or families.

And also, that Indian religion has been saying it "understands" consciousness for nigh on 4000 years now, and yet this is the state of its enlightened treatment of aged grandmothers in 2019. I don't think anyone is close to actually understanding consciousness because any real understanding of that mystery would involve a genuine understanding of the origins of life itself. On this topic, we are still cavemen banging on the hood of that Toyota that fell from the sky. But it's our white caveman privilege to bang away.

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