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October 05, 2019


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Things simply appear and disappear in consciousness. There is no place from which we sit and observe what is transpiring within our awareness. The idea that there is, such as a mythical "eye center" or "third eye," is just another appearance in the spider web of consciousness.

I believe mystics such as Ishwar Puri agree. There is
"no secret place", "eye center", or "third eye" in the
sense of a location we must find. In our normal state
of wakefulness that's where we already are. The
problem is that we're so hyper distractible we don't
remain there.

All a mystic's mindfulness is designed to just stay
permanently in that blissful state and not drift away
from it... lost in scattered thought and random imagery.
Most of the time, we're not even aware we're lost.

"Most of the time, we're not even aware we're lost."

Are you sure you didn't utter all what you did whilst in a lost state?


Are you sure you didn't utter all what you did whilst in a lost state?

If you utter... it's a sure sign you are utterly lost.

The human brain is far faster than any computer...
"It took 40 minutes with the combined muscle of 82,944 processors in K computer to get just 1 second of biological brain processing time. While running, the simulation ate up about 1PB of system memory as each synapse was modeled individually."


And yet the functioning speed of a single synapse is far slower than your cell phone.

The fastest signals in the body, within the spinal cord, travel at less than 300 miles per hour, while a cell phone signal travels near the speed of light.

The explanation is that the brain processes in parallel... A net.

But nothing in the brain functions fast enough up regulate all those processes in real time.

The actual biochemical and electrical speed of the brain is too slow to explain real-time perception and thought.

It remains a mystery with many theories but no conclusive evidence.

How can consciousness be a biochemical network of parallel processes that function fast faster than any single individual part?

It can't.

Or could the human brain simply be the biochemical net that holds the real central coordinating organ of thought? A net that receives its orders from a far faster organ that has yet to be detected? Fast enough to order a billion synapses to fire in a coordinated way, and actually slowed down, limited by the biochemical limitations of the biochemical net that holds it?

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