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October 12, 2019


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Nearer the Church farther from God. Gurudom is a big threat to mankind today. It has become organized syndicate with cronies planted to preach nothingness. Version 4.0 of nothingness = Properties can be seized plus jail terms to criminals.

You know what, I think there is a supergod. And hes back fight all these lesser gods who only seem to pop up in India.

If you want to learn more about supergod, please join my cult.

The legal wheels of justice turn slowly but surely.
Malvinder is telling the truth but GSD is going to deny it and it will go to trial.
It’s the only option GSD had otherwise he would have to pay immediately.
Only brain dead supporters of GSD will think he is innocent. No smoke without fire.
He was clearly a co-conspirator with the Singh brothers who could not have pulled this off without him on the other side of the deal.
He might walk away free but he knows the truth. Why did the Singh brothers give his sons 200 million dollars some ten years ago? Clearly some high level fraudulent scheme was being hatched. Nobody just hands over that kind of money for free
And they could not write the deal out since it was illegal so it was unwritten which is why GSD can now deny it all, leaving others to pay the price.
It’s each man for himself. No loyalties here.

A supergod? Is he higher than Anami?
Where do I sign up?

"The legal wheels of justice turn slowly but surely. "

Slowly, yes, but not always so surely in India.

Personally, I don't care what happens in the courts or legal system as much because the man is already guilty in my mind. He calls himself a god and chases money. Whatever happens to him is his own fault.

I have a question. All these mega satsang centers which have been built on expensive real estate through out the world. What happens in these centers? Are they closed like 80% of the time?
Though we no longer live in our village I was approached for money for building a satsang ghar for the Agra branch. Our village already has a satsang ghar for the Beas branch. A relative had donated his land for the building. If there is a living God in Human Form alive and kicking then what is the need for all these satsang ghars?

What happened to the numerous Naam charcha ghars which all the followers of Baba Ram Rahim built? Though many have left Baba Ram Rahim but there are still many who believe that he is the GIHF and PLM (perfect living master). They care rat's ass about all the court cases and verdict against him. Don't know if I should make fun of them or feel sorry for them.

yes they are closed except at sundays. sevadars obviously are there doing "seva" or beating up people randomly.

I just read the report in detail


it's unbelievable.

if it's true and most likely it is - then its far worse than most people think.
in this case, GSD does not just owe money, he is a thief.
to take money from another by siphoning off money is not only illegal, but is clear fraud.

just read paragraphs 13 - 16

maybe Shivinder still trusted the guru but it appears he defrauded his own brother.

and where is the mother? Why doesn't she step forward in support of her two sons and make a statement?

I know people have blind trust of a guru - but there is a limit and this is it.
the two brothers in prison, sunil in prison and everyone still trusts the guru like it is some kind of test?

To all RSSB followers

I challenge you to read the report

if it is true, then your guru is a thief.

forget minor moral issues - this is high scale fraud.

in RSSB they say dont even unknowingly let an apple from the next door neighbour fall in your garden. Give it back as it's not yours.

but then what is happening here?

fraud with intent?
siphoning off money
death threats

this is not even close to spiritual

this is clear criminal

only a fool will turn a blind eye

acquiring all these properties and satsang centres. what for?

this is a business, nothing spiritual
there is no love there
go to any satsang and tell me if you find any love.

ordering people about, following rules, banning people, this is a joke not spiritual life
and anyone thinks this is spiritual advancement?

run for the exit and dont look back
no spiritual truth here

'RSSB is Finished' has a jaundiced inaccurate view based on 2nd hand information and maybe 3rd or 4th hand journalists accounts plus hugely negative agendas among those who's experiences are not directly associated with the source of his antithesis.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) those with such intense negative reactions are left to deal with their own minds shortcomings, as are everyone else, whether pro RSSB or pro GSD or anti each or the other.

Their assumptions and assessments are their own to make, no man (or woman) can step in any others shoes, nor see with anyone else's eyes. Nor hear with anyone else's heart or soul.

Nearer the Church farther from God.

Posted by: Vinny | October 12, 2019 at 11:46 PM

Closest to a fact you ever been.

Btw what when instead of near a church one is in a church?

Most us are buying only the version sold or casted by everyone. For the matter of CASH, one of the so called MAYA, everyone can do anything for getting the CASH in custody.

Its very frustrating to see that no one is looking from the view of learning which is USUALLY only learnt while inside the MASTERS classroom, this learning is ALWAYS thrown in dustbin by everyone of us & immediately after coming out of MASTERS classroom.

Prima facie, if in case if you get injured, do you immediately think of amputation of the place of injury or just care to treat it first??

Think with a sterile mind, though not possible with sterile soul.

dear Whodunnit
you are out of touch with what is real.
the arrests are real, not fiction.

those who are arrested will be interviewed and recorded

then the police will release them or charge them.

after that the Dhillon family will get arrested, regardless of what they say.

then they will also be interviewed and recorded.
and charged or released.

this is just standard procedure. then based on the evidence, legal cases will start
it could go on for years

one thing is certain - fraud was committed - and the dhillons are involved as the money
is with them. the money trail leads to the Dhillons.

and that gives you the real motive.

Shivinder obviously helped the guru but now he might change his mind

and for all RSSB followers

if you know that the gaddi was for sale - does that not tell you that ou are being
conned? a real gaddi is never for sale

RSSB Is Finished

Again with someone else's account of what supposedly transpired.

'Gaddi was for sale' says who? Malvinder or Shivinder or who's claiming what?

'Money trail leads to Dhillons'?
By Malvinder's or Godwani's or Shivinder's or Livemint or Bloomberg or who's account?

Sounds like you're convinced of the outcome prior to any hearing or any trial taking place.

Pretty presumptuous to predetermine any outcome at this stage of proceedings from any prejudicial point of view.

Otherwise you got a whole lot of inside information that not even the legal councils for plaintiffs or prosecution have let out the bag as yet.

RSSB as it was originally conceived may very well be finished from a layman's (outsiders) perspective because RSSB is simply the shell by which the individual entity functions from within an institutionalized organization. Like every other religious entity or human run organization.

But this was never the purpose or the conceptualized means to a spiritual end.

If the shell has lost its functionality for its internal directive then it has no value as an institutional avenue for its intended purpose.

Then perhaps the end might very well be beneficial to those who are aware of the real interest of the RSSB custodians, who have full control of the operation of the outer organization as to where to direct its functionality, or pull the plug if necessary.

The delusional RSSB followers on here can dismiss, mock & ridicule the facts of these cases as much as they like but the truth is it is only a matter of time before GSD is implicated in the fraud at Religare and fails to lodge the funds with the Delhi Hugh Court by 26th October.

As I have previously stated here, I’m absolutely impartial...I’m married to a RS believer & most of my family follow this belief however, it is time to accept the obvious that GSD is not what RSSB followers (desperately want to) believe.

GSD is just a normal human being, with normal human being weaknesses and desires such as greed and self-preservation.

IMHO, to save the RSSB further embarrassment and humiliation, GSD should resign immediately.

I have tried to explain the situation to my RSSB relatives and most of them have mocked me and attempted to belittle these investigations. I pity them and their blind loyalty to this con man.

@whodunit "If the shell has lost its functionality for its internal directive then it has no value as an institutional avenue for its intended purpose."
I appreciate your statement
Hazoor has said this many times in his satsangs "as that spiritual groups grow and become religious organizations, spirituality leaves them only empty shells of policies and rules remain."
IMO, regardless of the outcome of current legal issues, RSSB has become too big for it's intended purpose.

dear whodunit

maliv has already presented plenty of evidence. read it and decide.

go read it. actual money trail with the ledgers is presented. clearly you have not read it.


its a comprehensive document and even though the courts will decide final outcome
this is clearly compelling evidence that needs to be read before you think it's all unknown

pretty strong evidence is presented and clearly cannot be ingnored

Please not be so optimistic of an outcome, an early outcome and that too a fair outcome as the mega circuitous fin mess happened within India where high and mighty could essily be let off by courts themselves without penalising the investigative goons, in complete connivance and chances of an outcome are Zero if tthe involved has liasion with the ruling class.Even whistleblowers if any may be killed than protected. Only a few among us who fear Same God( whose credentials in world . are discussed). work with straight spine and fearless.

It is shit allwhere in India and it pains when I find it touched our mansion where we were holed as safe and protected from it - in RSSB.

Of the 2500 cases filed by Enforcement Directorate mostly in fin crimes since 2005 only 8 have reached state till now - an abysmal conviction rate of 0.3 percent, concludes an Indian Express report of today.

These are private family matters between Malvinder Mohan Singh, Shivinder Mohan Singh, Babaji Gurinder Singh Dhillon and wife, sons Gurkirat Singh Dhillon, Gurpreet Singh Dhillon and wife, and associates Sunil Godwani, Sanjay Godwani, Rajveer Singh Gulia, and Pramod Ahuja.

They should be treated as private family matters and dealt with in privacy, not published as speculate fodder for public gossip mongering on publicly displayed forums and used as content for driving specific personal gripes and agendas.

Furthermore they have little or perhaps zero relevance to the operation and management of Dera Baba Jaimal Singh or RSSB as an international institution formed for and promoted as a model for primarily spiritual and / or humanitarian and charitable welfare.

The degree of nefarious and degrading propaganda promulgated as 'seeking spiritual independence' leaves a distinctly negative perspective as to the intent and purpose of RSSB and the focus it was, and still is, intended for its adherents personal and internal spiritual development.

Its conviction of 8 out of 2500 cases filed by ED simce 2005 in my last comment wherein 'conviction' got omitted in between.

Whodunit, obviously you haven't been paying attention to the facts in the Singh brothers/Dhillon family financial fraud scandal. This isn't a private affair. It is very public.

The massive amounts of money that have been reported to flow into the pockets of the RSSB guru and his family were siphoned in large part from public companies once controlled by the Singh brothers and Sunil Godhwani.

That's why Religare, one of those companies, is seeking to recover hundreds of millions of dollars from the Dhillon family and others. It's also why Daichi, a public company, is involved, because the Singh brothers owe Daichi about $500 million and that can't be paid because of the unpaid money that reportedly ended up in the hands of the RSSB guru, his family, and close associates.

Hope this helps you better understand what's going on. I suggest you click on the "Radha Soami Satsang Beas" category in the right sidebar and read the posts there that pertain to the financial wrongdoing in which the Dhillon family is involved. Facts are wonderful things.

Whodunit, you have gone from completely dismissing all investigations involving GSD to now claiming that the issues are “private family matters”.

Clearly, like so many other loyal followers, you have not digested the facts of these cases...or are simply unable to.

These are no longer “private family matters” when funds have been criminally and fraudulently taken out of companies with external investors and, if the relatives you have “borrowed” from owe Daiichi $hundreds of millions, then, as the Delhi High Court has ruled, you have to payback those family loans back, within the next 12 days.

With regards to “the Dera of Baba Jaimal” - isn’t this the same Dera if such virtue that created the absolute monster that became Ram Rahim Singh?

What was once created for “primarily spiritual and / or humanitarian and charitable welfare” has been thoroughly misused and abused by the utterly unscrupulous RRS & GSD

Please, for your own sanity, look at the facts as they are presented without trying to desperately make them fit into ones own mindset.

ps Bloomberg is the absolute premier financial news agency in the world. It’s not a tabloid gossip-mongering celebrity-obsessed newspaper. It is Bloomberg’s article that first alerted SEBI to the fraudulent activities of the brothers. If anyone feels there is any incorrect facts presented by Bloomberg, why haven’t they sued for libel? Before we shoot the messenger, let’s carefully assess the messengers credibility and avoid further embarrassment

"With regards to “the Dera of Baba Jaimal” - isn’t this the same Dera if such virtue that created the absolute monster that became Ram Rahim Singh?"

No. Ram Rahim Singh had his own Dera in Haryana totally unrelated to any Radha Soami sect. I think his Dera was called Sacha Sauda or something like that.

He's in jail now for multiple rapes and financial crimes, but his followers still take orders from him and he's heavily involved in politics.

Oh my mistake. Ram Rahim was a disciple of a Mastana Balochistani who was a follower of Sawan Singh. So RS isn't connected to Ram Rahim at all today, but the sects had a loosely shared history like a million others around the world who broke off from RS factions.

Sorry, JS. Somehow I never knew of that connection. I think the MSG movies were just so good that I failed to look further into the dera's history.

Ah, I see now. Malvinder's claim is that Shivinder, the Godhwanis, the Dhillons and named others conspired to acquire the six companies (Best Healthcare, Modland, Fern, etc.) through RHC Holding as cover to raid assets but report it as business losses. Funds were siphoned out as "loans" principally to the Dhillons, but the debt would be absorbed into the books of RHC to the detriment of shareholders (including Malvinder). That's what makes it fraud.

Malvinder claims Shivinder misrepresented the companies to him as profitable. In truth they were on shaky ground to begin with, then made into tremendous liabilities with the outflow of "loan" money. Instead of growing RHC, they drained it, leaving RHC Holding holding the bag. In evidence, the companies were acquired and "loans" made without proper financial and legal due diligence.

Malvinder casts himself as the only honest one in the drama, but I'm skeptical because of his spectacular dishonesty at the helm of Ranbaxy. I have to wonder whether he was complicit in the siphoning of funds and just spinning things in the complaint to get himself off the hook. All of them conspiring against him? Really??

It's hard for me to think of this anymore only as incompetence in business and investing. It might've started that way but looks like it ended in crime. The question is on whose part. Who knew what when? Will the "loans" be repaid?

I look forward to the other sides of the story!

The assumed and inferred 'criminally and fraudulently transferred funds' as matters reported and suggested here are under investigation and are in respect of Daiichi Sankyo's claim against Religare or RHC (M + S Singh) and remain pertinent as subjudice to the family matters between M + S Singh and their business associates and partners.

These do not have any bearing or relevancy to either RSSB or its patrons unless proven by court of law that said public funds have been categorically transferred into RSSB or directly to its patrons accounts.

The matter remains private between plaintiff Malvinder Singh and his business and family associates until proven within full jurisprudence and judicial judgment that any monetary transactions were fraudulently transferred for purpose outside of immediate family business transactions.

The issue is between M. Singh and his creditors and debtors. Primarily to settle the Daiichi arbitration claim from which the Ranbaxy funds of $2.4 billion was whittled away. He is inferring (as are the members of the CoTC jury) that all the money's owing to Daiichi are in the assets and property of Dhillons and not with him. The arbitration was granted due to poor management and manufacturing process at Ranbaxy prior to the sale to Daiichi which was fundamentally run and managed by Malvinder Singh himself.

No as far as I am aware Ram Rahim Singh has no association nor anything to do with Dera Baba Jaimal Singh which is headquarters of RSSB.

Sooooo... As I understand it, huge amounts of money (1,006 crores) were fraudulently/ illegally siphoned off to shell companies registered in the names of Gurinder's wife and sons. Presumably in their names so that it couldn't come back on GSD personally.

That — as I understand it — is what that diagram with light-green arrows and others are showing.


The companies involved who sued for fraudulent activity have used the courts to get the money back from the CEO's Malvinder and Shivinder and their chief financial advisor Sunil Godwhani.
Malvinder and Shivinder haven't paid back the fraudulently siphoned money despite being ordered to by the courts some time ago. They say they haven't got it and therefore can't repay it. That is why they have now been arrested.
Malvinder is publically saying that the money is with Gurinder "the head of RSSB”. I.e. he doesn't even call him a guru anymore. He probably stopped regarding him as that around the time Malvinder made the official police report blaming Gurinder for the collapse and accusing GSD of betraying his postion as a guru towards a disciple for personal monetary gain.

Gurinder — as the brothers' cousin and Satguru —had been invited by them onto the payroll and onto the board as a 'sleeping director' back in ??? (when was it? 2003-ish?). From then on he gave them hands-on direction and advice that they took as divine guidance. When it all went tits-up, Gurinder wanted them to sign an affadavit clearing him of any responsibility. Shivinder signed it and Malvinder refused. That's when the brothers fell out and the media reported their physical altercation.


Since September the courts have been coming after Gurinder's wife and sons for the money. They had 30 days to repay it. There had already been a court order in effect for a few months forbidding them from liquidising any assets and moving money out of reach.

My understanding is that Gurinder badly invested the money in property that has decreased in value. So he has been stuck in a negative equity situation. I.e. he lost the vast bulk of the money through bad investment.


That fits with him giving Sheena Oberoi terrible economic advice causing her to lose ALL her assets, as she alleged in her book that I read on a friend's ipad at Dera.
So he can't pay the money back either.

Two days ago Gurinder and the implicated members of his close Dhillon family told the court that RHC Holding has made false claims that they owe money to the company.


Did I get anything wrong?

Does this mean his family members named with the shell companies may soon be arrested also?


Yes yes … that is a comfortable place from where to look upon the affair.

However that is not the sole and only place from where when can see the affair.
There are several worldly and spiritual standpoints from were to see.

May I refer again to the article in which the behavior of a Buddhist Lineage holder is discussed :
Please bypass the Buddhist context and read how the writer discuses the matter from within the teachings and from without

Each position has its own responsibilities, activities and responses.

Whodunit you say these are private matters
this is rubbish

if you follow the guru and believe he is a real master then it is not a private
matter if he behaves below the moral code of a master.

that concerns all the followers

you cannot say it is a private matter

so if malav is killed, is that also a private matter?
only one person made a death threat and if he orders someone to carry it out
will you still say the guru is okay and its a private matter

too much is already known

it doesn't even matter now about any court ruling

he has broken moral codes and chosen money over morals

his own nephews who he claimed to be a father figure and guru for are the
ones paying the price and he is letting them go to jail.

if the guru is so attached to money how can he teach about truth?
all he cares about is money and his family.

this is not spiritual truth

guru gobind sacrificed his own sons and this guru is attached to sons

Ram Rahim is from Mastana who was disciple of Sawan
so clearly offshoot from the sawan singh lineage
same as kirpal and all his successors
so yes - direct link to dera jaimal

funds were transferred fraudulently and made as unsecured loans
when there was no intent to pay the money back

this is stealing from shareholders.

malav cannot be part of it as the lost out financially

the two singh brothers are also criminals.

its when criminals fall out that everyone gets found out

if they had not fallen out and the singh brothers had not lost their billions then
none of this would have come to light and GSD would never have got caught
out. This was a calculated risk.

The Singh brothers also had no chance of getting caught as the possibility of losing their billions was practically zero. but even the unlikely can happen

and it did

when a guru is part of fraud then its everyones business not just family

you are clutching at straws
nobody said that all the money owed to daiichi is with the dhillons
however this is much more serious now than just the money owing

this is now fraud which is criminal

not paying the money would be contempt of court and not too serious

this is corporate fraud and very serious

not sure what you mean that it onl concerns RSSB if transfered to RSSB

that is nonsense because if fraud is commited is it okay as long as not related to RSSB

where do you get this logic from?

1) ps Bloomberg is the absolute premier financial news agency in the world.

2) It is Bloomberg’s article that first alerted SEBI to the fraudulent activities of the brothers

Posted by: JS | October 13, 2019 at 09:44 PM

1) It must indeed be the ABSOLUTE premier news agency in the world. Afterall everything American is nothing but absolute premier. LoL

2) Kindly share Absolute premier evidence oh I mean the time line which establishes that it was indeed it's article which set SEBI in motion.

Happy Hunting

Dera Sacha Sauda is an Indian religious group that was established on 29 April 1948 by Mastana Balochistani, an ascetic follower of Baba Sawan Singh (the second Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB)), as a centre for religious learning. After Baba Sawan Singh, the movement split into four groups, one of them led by Mastana Balochistani. After the death of Mastana Balochistani, his movement was split into three groups, with Satnam Singh leading the Sirsa group, who selected Gurmeet Ram Rahim to be his successor.

Whodunit, I’m sure you knew this but wanted to distance the con man that is RRS from your own dodgy head, GSD.

Hi Bought out media of India Inc

Especially for you, please see the below;

"Securities and Exchange Board of India (hereinafter referred to as ‘SEBI’), noticed an article
dated February 09, 2018 on www.bloomberg.com which inter-alia reported that the promoters of Fortis Healthcare Limited (“Fortis” or “the company” or “FHL”) had taken at least Rs.5 billion out of the company."



Why is it so hard to see that Malvinder is lying?? He is going down and is pinning the blame on everyone else but himself. Really you believe this guys story?? All the lie the death threat, selling the Gaddi, pending loan to the Dhillons ALL MADE UP

Here’s what the people around the 2 brothers think.

Quoted from the story below
“In the fight between former Ranbaxy promoters Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh (pictured), the family seems to be firmly behind the younger sibling, Shivinder. The bonhomie among Shivinder and the other members of the family was evident as they sat outside the chief metropolitan magistrate’s court awaiting the order copy, and spoke to each other for a good half an hour before Shivinder was taken away by policemen. During the same waiting period, Malvinder sat alone for the most part, only to be joined by his advocates and a couple of other people intermittently. It might be too early to draw a conclusion, but it seems the family has made its position clear as to whom it would stand by in this bitter fight“


It is possible that Malvinder invented a variety of documents over several years to implicate Shivender, Gurinder et al, even Sunhil.

But Modland Wears, Best and Fern all engaged in fraud, according to the SEBI, and these were companies where Shivinder was the principle director at the time of the frauds. During those years these companies siphoned hundreds and possibly thousands of crore to Gurinder in fraudulent unsecured loans and wrote fraudulent back dated checks to cover the thefts.


It's one thing to suggest Malvinder forged documents in organizations he was a principle. But to suggest he forged documents in Shivender's companies, who siphoned money directly to Gurinder et al, is a stretch.

I do see a pattern here. As more information implicates Gurinder at al, the misguided and emotional justifications, attacks and explanations become more and more fantastic, even magical.

If Gurinder is guilty, naturally he will not be Malvinder's friend today.

But if Malvinder is right, (and the independent audits do support his claims, even the article RSSB posted on their own website), then Gurinder et al took thousands of crore as loans he has not repaid.

And he owes Malvinder both money and an apology.

Baba Ji, please pay your delinquent loans. Make amends with Malvinder. Let us know how we can help.

We are all members of the Lord 's family. We should act like it.

Ishwar Puri has been saying tor years, that The Great Master, Sawan Singh told him long ago, that Spirituality would shift from the East, to the West. And Ishwar has been doing his part to make that shift a reality, by building a little replica Dera in Bruce, Wisconsin, USA hoping that he will still be alive to see the Masses abandon the Dera at Beas, to do Seva at the Unfinished little Replica Dera in Bruce, Wisconsin.
But what if Ishwar misunderstood, Sawan’s Prophecy that there would be a shift of Spirituality from the East to the West? What if he meant that the Dera would not PHYSICALLY shift from the East to the West, but what he really meant was that the West would provide a Spiritually Awakened Seeker from the West, to become the Master of RSSB in the East, i.e. Spiritual shift from East to West, i.e. Western Professor David Lane, replacing Eastern Guru who has gone Rogue , by his greed of money, land, foreign expansion, changing of Sant Mat Philosophy from Sant mat 1.0 to Sant Mat 2.0 and 3.0. , etc.
What do the Pundits think?

Jim Sutherland

Everyone is lying Vijay. Why is it so hard for you to not worship men?

Jim, Puri is decades, if not a century, late to the spirituality in the West gimmick Indians have been selling.

Vivekananda said the Brits would be the next great spiritual culture. Ramana Maharishi made vedic city iowa which he claims is invincible, whatever that means. His monks have risen up in protest a few times already and even attacked police. Great spiritual people with cool costumes.

The West has esoteric and spiritual traditions already. Protestantism tried killing them but they're still around. Nobody needs foreigners to worship. It's already all here. Ishwar Puri should go home and be a nobody with his own family.

Hi Jim
My take is that where there is life there is spirit.

People don't need detailed rule books to connect with their own conscience.

The true realized souls never act in a formal position of authority. Formal certified teachers are like trying to cage the stars, or tie down and trademark every child's smile. These are not entirely fake as they reflect real truths. But they aren't the highest teachers. You won't find those with a website or a colony. Their followers are just their personal friends.

So what you are talking about is replacing one artificial form with another. Again, there is some benefit to many forms of meditation and worship.

But when a human being assumes a formal role, the spirituality is hopelessly corrupted.

Find the teachings within yourself. Build the atmosphere for thankfulness and inner exploration, open - mindedness. Forget about organizations and positions.

From that perspective the west, the east, the north, the south are all filled with spirit and people everywhere who get it.

Here’s what happened:
M: I’m bored
S: Me too
SG: Harumph
55 entities later
S: I’m nicked
M: Me to
SG: Harumph

GSD: I’m bored
One Baba with a Bang later
GSD: Jackpot

"The true realized souls never act in a formal position of authority. "

Do you know this? Do you even know if realization exists?

Hi Jesse
You asked
"Do you know this? Do you even know if realization exists?"

All my best teachers were not in any formal role at the time. Brian Ji is one nice example.

Realization. Hm. That's like the word "God". It's a concept to most people. And not the same concept. For some it just means their next higher level of understanding.I like that because it's universal.

If you learn from life every day, there is realization. Daily. Then life has its own life, and the presence of God is all around you. Shabd is ringing around you and in you like an orchestra.

If you don't learn much then realization might just be a foreign concept.

What's your concept of realization? And how did you come by that understanding?

Oops I think we're slipping off topic.. Jesse let's move this to the open thread.

Its the deeply founded spiritual seeds by the esteemed Saints of RSSB propelled even now with.same spirit by present . One but in mysterious ways of huge personal family wealth (may be ill gotten) admixed with pure spirituality that is defending the worst to have happened otherwise to this sect or cult( for some).

"The true realized souls never act in a formal position of authority. "

--Do you know this? Do you even know if realization exists?

Pardon the interjection but how would you or I (or anyone)
know for sure even if they gave you an answer? Would you,
could you, believe Ishwar, GSD, Brian Ji? Would it be on blind
faith or just a plain old kneejerk verdict?

Without experiencing their state of realization (or delusion)
you'd be just another zealot on a soapbox. One spouting
conspiracy theories about GSD and mafia-like consigliere,
rumors of Ishwar starting a RSSB sect, Brian Ji's books being
written on a vape high, etc.

You really have to seek truth and validation inside yourself.

In September 2015 ranbaxy owner had willfully devoted himself to serve the spiritual house. With this wilful devotion of ranbaxy how does ordinary civilian or ordinary person like all of us here understand what all things are put yp by ranbaxy for devotion. This list could contain anything or everything, who knows the contents of this list. This act of devotion was put up formally by ranbaxy in the media as well.

Now after 3yrs if ranbaxy thinks he had done mistake of devoting , then why ranbaxy is pulling innocents along . Its like because of muscle power your own mistakes are reproduced in media as faults.
Sounds very frustrating and pathetic. Sorry state of affairs of the muscled people.





The money trail leading to Babaji and kin is so clear and the criminal investigation is pointing in that direction as per the article published today, link below. Now it’s a matter of time before Babaji and his kin are going to be brought in for further questioning...


"You really have to seek truth and validation inside yourself. "

This stupid belief in realization of inner realities is how these billion dollars were stolen in the first place. That's why I brought it up.

Remove that belief and none of these incompetent guys ever even thinks of allowing their uncle to walk away with all kinds of money while providing no value other than autosuggested images of his turban in their small attempts at meditation.

"You really have to seek truth and validation inside yourself. "

--This stupid belief in realization of inner realities is how these billion dollars were stolen in the first place. That's why I brought it up

Ah, your question was rhetorical sarcasm. If Shivander had the
benefit of Brian Ji's bulldozing, he'd have been more skeptical.
Makes sense.

But, I think that's the the point for inner realities too. You can't act
on blind faith. There has to be experiential proof to back up belief.
However, if you reject the possibility of all inner realities because
you have no experience of them, that's also a knee-jerk kind of
blind belief.

So the overriding sentiment hasn't shifted among the CotC faithful or has it?

Gurinder Singh Dhillon still mastermind godfather in chief for the missing Religare billions, according to Malvinder's testimony, and RSSB is the diabolical brand of cultish Indian mysticism that breeds toxic gurus like Ram Rahim according to the soothsayers 'RSSB is Finished' and his co-conspirator 'JS'.

Just getting my bearing on the current status quo since last interaction.

Whodunit, how dare you? If throwing baseless, desperate and wild accusations at me, makes you feel better about worshiping/following a con man, so be it.

As I have previously stated, I am completely impartial and I base my perspective absolutely on the facts as I see them. I have no feelings towards GSD, good or bad. Furthermore, my wife is a RS follower as are the majority of my family.

However, despite the anguish and despair GSD’s proven involvement with the Singh Bros dodgy dealing is causing them, I can’t simply bury my head in the sand and pretend it’s all baloney. Facts are facts, and, the Delhi High Court has demanded GSD repay $500m, which he clearly can’t as he’s (probably) lost the money in get-rich-quick schemes. I know him & his cronies have filed an 11th hour challenge but if this had any merit, surely it would’ve been submitted at the start & not the end of the process.

If anyone needs to check the reality of the situation, please see the below;






“Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

Facts are facts. News articles are news articles.
World of difference.

What is sold as ‘fact’ is nothing more than subjective interpretation distorted by personal bias. Mostly the person isn’t even self-aware of his/her bias.

Innocent until proven guilty - ain’t that the maxim?
And sometimes the courts get it wrong.
Man-made justice systems have fkd up regularly throughout history.

About the only absolute fact in existence is that your body will die. Other then that we know nothing.

We are well aware of the multiple references to reports via journals and publications, whether they be from Malvinder's legal complaints, or via reports by Bloomberg, or Business India, or the SEBI reports, as have been referred to on this site incessantly since they began breaking around 2-3 years ago, and through the high focus on anything and everything RSSB related on this website.

Now at last everyone can see the truth.
Malvinder was right.

RSSB guru is going to be arrested soon and all his political connections cannot help
The truth comes out in the end.
what now do all the supporters say?
that he was stitched up?
nowhere to run

the guru is a fraud and now everyone can see it.

hands up if you still think it is a test

if you want to do seva - do something like this

not free work at local RSSB centre.
please - that is not service. service means to help someone truly

RSSB is FINISHED you know that charity video is completely fake right?

That's one of the most shameless videos I've ever seen. It's also years out of style to do those sorts of videos.

Another thing, Malvinder directed falsification of data at Ranbaxy, so whatever he submitted in evidence begs scrutiny. Just saying.

Recently at a Q&A session someone asked Babaji about career 'greed' , ambitions and money.

His response -

Career “greed” and ambitions are good.
Money is important in this world.
But...how that money is earned - that makes the difference!

My personal opinion is that he's not involved in this scandal. All these allegations will eventually be proven as untrue...

Whodunit wrote: "So the overriding sentiment hasn't shifted among the CotC faithful or has it?
Gurinder Singh Dhillon still mastermind godfather in chief for the missing Religare billions"

No, not at all.

Gugu Dhillon is the Pooran Sant Satguru Huzur Baba Maharaj Ji of the entire multiverse. Omnipotent, Omnipresent, infallible Perfect Living Master. Not a leaf moves or stirs without his hukam making it so. Anywhere in the entire multiverse, of which this earth is a mere speck. Not a single thought of yours, mine, and even insane people like Trump, is unknown to Gugu Maharaj. Indeed, He planted those thoughts there before we even thought of them.......

But, of course, he had absolutely no idea of the hundreds of millions of dollars that were being funnelled into his, his wifes, and childrens names. He had absolutely no inkling, at any point of time, about any of that.

I think it could only be CotC faithful that could believe such an absurd idea. Surely somebody else is behind sending him all that money. Obvs.

Nuff said.

Malvinder has also played the blame game before. The year was 2008...

"As Ranbaxy’s stock fell and questions loomed about the company’s integrity, the deal with Daiichi Sankyo hung in the balance. Two months earlier, Malvinder Singh had gone on the attack. On a conference call with reporters in July, he depicted the company as the victim of corporate saboteurs. 'A multinational and a leading Indian company are working in concert to bring our share price down,' he said, without specifying the names."

Jesse, you are wrong. Ramana Maharishi had nothing to do with any Vedic City in Iowa. You must be thinking of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Watch and witness manjit

Your glee is premature, as are most of the CotC faithful baying for guru blood.

You'll yet be surprised how far the mauj extends.

Aurungzeb did away with more than one param sant sat guru, beheaded at least 2, perhaps more.

Ask any Christian whether the mauj didn't include a crucifixion or whether Mansur's death wasn't within the mauj when tortured to death by zealous Muslims for announcing that he was embodiment of truth.

"After his arrest in Sūs and a lengthy period of confinement (c. 911–922) in Baghdad, al-Ḥallāj was eventually crucified and brutally tortured to death. A large crowd witnessed his execution. He is remembered to have endured gruesome torture calmly and courageously and to have uttered words of forgiveness for his accusers. In a sense, the Islāmic community (ummah) had put itself on trial, for al-Ḥallāj left behind revered writings and supporters who courageously affirmed his teachings and his experience. In subsequent Islāmic history, therefore, the life and thought of al-Ḥallāj has been a subject seldom ignored."

"Malvinder has also played the blame game before. The year was 2008..."

You gotta read more Indian news or hang around Indians. This is just what they do when they get busted. It's a cultural norm and doesn't really say much about Malvinder other than that he's part of that culture.

Yes, Todd. You're right.

Ramana was that South Indian who wore what looked like a diaper. So many people call themselves Maharishis nowadays that I get the names mixed up. It's amazing that in the supposed much better yugas it was a big deal that there were 7 rishis. Now there must be 10,000 wearing glittery kurtas and telling the tale of the creation of the universe to a dance music soundtrack every day. Glorious age we live in.

I think the Vedic City of invincible tract housing man was the boss of transcendental meditation whose disciples think that "hopping" and "miraculously levitating" are synonymous terms.

Ramana was that South Indian who wore what looked like a diaper. So many people call themselves Maharishis nowadays that I get the names mixed up. It's amazing that in the supposed much better yugas it was a big deal that there were 7 rishis. Now there must be 10,000 wearing glittery kurtas and telling the tale of the creation of the universe to a dance music soundtrack every day. Glorious age we live in.

Posted by: Jesse | October 16, 2019 at 12:58 PM

Bro Jesse,

Why are you so upset with the tens of thousands of Maharishis who at a snap of the finger make fools of the Yanks. Do you hate their millions? The Maharishi Inc would happily give you couple hundred thousand bucks to help alleviate that worm like existence you otherwise lead. After all we have cleaned off many many millions off the brainless yanks.

Send your email id. We'll be in touch directly.

Blessed are the India Maharishis including the Naga sadhus.

Indeed it's a glorious age we live in. It's never been better for us maharishis.

Dear RSSB followers. Here on Brian's forum of supposedly "doubters", the comments of hardcore believers are not only published and read, but also replied to time and again...in a largely respectful manner. Will the believers offer this luxury to the doubters on their official or even unofficial forum? Never. Social ostracism and ridicule is the usual response that I have seen meted out to doubters. Unfortunately, even on this forum, I often see the believers behaving in a hostile and desrespectful manner and getting personal/emotional.Thats not a very spiritual way to react. Even Babaji says dont react. So you shd follow him right? No one is forcing you to read. If you do read...accept that there are doubters who refuse to follow blindly and they deserve equal respect in santmat. Time we all grew up and learnt that its ok to have differing views on spirituality and its ok to discuss them without getting offended.

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