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October 12, 2019


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Completely unprovoked insults from “Jesse” on Church of the Churchless:

“"Todd Chambers"
Just wondering, is that your call center name? Some people tried getting me to marry a Tibetan chick once whose name was Pema, but her call center name was Jennifer Maples. Todd Chambers comes off as a similarly invented name.”


“If Todd had any decency at all he'd apologize to me. For the crime of being born with a call center name and demanding apologies for no reason from and to people that don't concern him.”


Lol Todd man. You gotta move on. Crying about internet comments from months ago is one of the saddest things I've seen in my life.

I mean that literally. There are websites full of war footage and gore that are easier to handle than a man repeatedly mentioning someone mildly poking fun at his name months after the fact.

Your name sounds like a call center name. I'm sorry that you're really, very extremely sensitive about that, but you gotta grow up dude.

Someone called me messy Jessy yesterday. If I had your issues with sensitivity I'd have committed suicide already. Thankfully with Baba Ji's grace I'm able to power through the painful incident that otherwise could have ended it all for me.

May the Lord have mercy on the one who called me messy Jessy. I hope there's a place in heaven for such heartless monsters.

LOL!!!! "And do you know who my father is, Todd? Best show some respect."

Please do not go for assumed insulting .
For that matter to anyone , or else one day you my regret your doing so . For overstepping without information . At Rssb no true deciple will ever point his finger at anyone nor will he like it because his belief is ROCK SOLID in his master . That is what it is ‘Thok baja ke ‘ and ‘tankaa ke ‘ you have to check where one is about to tread or is tredding . This applies to criticisers as well . Take care what you say or do .

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