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October 21, 2019


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RSSB is the school where I got enrolled to view myself and others exactly primarily. However it promised more than that and sum total of seen and unseen world - the Almighty. Gradually it dawned upon me that the one sitting on the dais has the potential to be the God and Human at the same time.

Now with that sense I relate each of us to be potent God and not an iota less irrespective of gender and therefore revere each as One and love and respect each including all of you.

I feel each of us are trapped and feeling trapped may be the turning point towards knowing oneself. Disregarding human errors and tempted pitfalls needs correction. assistance and hence empathy for such poor of real vision or self-illiterate than persecution as he or she is one fellow same as me. Although I don't need to search Him anymore yet I feel the temptation to view Him and me behind veils of body - in real and thetefore need to meditate to leave this covering.

I have gone past the crutches of holding on to a GIHF but include that as One in the whole. Therefore I see Him in each One including you and me. Hence I have got Sardar jee cloned infinite times and let one of it deal with the world as He wishes.

Its only a matter of time that all will evaporate into thin air and don't know what will be beyond and hence needs empathy very much for each other including for the Master - at least one of the felow travellers among us (God seekers or exers of same path) who seems most helpless now , may be for His inadvertent deeds or mistaken-deeds all by coillective family slips.

He being like us and us, in essence behind veils who reacts minimal and thats what He preaches time and again. So we would perhaps never know what had been the circumstances. Yet it may be His turn finally to absorb the shock of the mega scam and thats what I anticipate imminently.

"Anymore for me God does not end with physical Guru nor does it begin with Him anymore as He is static and allwehere - living among us as consciousness in each creature and us." I owe this to Him. He made me realise this. When I entered the path He was basically as One sitting on the dais or elsewhere but now He has multiplied infinitely.


The way these people are running after money acting like clowns and cartoons in nothingness version of Sant-Mat be fooling innocent gullible people is beginning of their end.

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