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September 11, 2019


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@ shakuni

Looool. My thoughts exactly. They read the ingredients on the packets of biscuits to see if they have any meat remnants but yet are wanna be gangsters after they have has their vegetables and Dhal - to punch osho.

"If I'm reading SP correctly, he seems to be saying he was an 8th sevadar present at Haynes Park who accompanies GSD on his UK tour in a supervisory role and masterminded the rough treatment of Osho.

I'm skeptical, but okay, SP, let's say it's true. From what I've seen, Osho supports GSD and takes criticism here for it all the time. So why was he handled as a threat?"

Hey Anami,

Was he handled as a threat? Na.

If RSSB starts perceiving likes of Osho threat material, it will have to abandon all satsang programs.

I am surprised nobody has got it still.

RSSB chooses it's victims carefully. Usually the gutless types to make an example of. Osho is right. People within RSSB know he is active in here. So what better way to broadcast a message containing the consequences of snuggling a phone into the satsang tent and recording. Osho and Brian have done exactly what RSSB hoped for. Osho sending in the detailed notes. Brian putting up sensational threads on his site. The agents of RSSB in here ensuring the threads become most popular. The exers using this to exponentially spread the message under a mistaken belief that they have new fodder to malign RSSB. Poor chaps still don't get it RSSB doesn't throw stones at every barking dogs.

Its not in riddles I hope.

What's so secret. There is nothing new under the sun at Haynes . You have better ways of finding peace elsewhere.

Question - could osho be a double agent?? He gets wacked and still goes on about this Oneness shite!

Just popped into my head as we are trained to look at everything. Every threat!!!

@Mr Curious
Do we are gurbhais.
Used to be a big deal but now I guess one can punch you in the face.

My impression of Thakar was he seemed like a person I could relate to. Down to earth.
His English was terrible.
He always said “uh um” about ten times in a sentence
I was really devoted back in the day. Used to meditate 2-3 hours a day. I spent quite a bit of time with him. Accompanied him on the India tours also once.
I didn’t care about the scandals.
I went to see him in 1984 in India.
Sawan ashram. First trip to India in my life.
The q&a was rather weird. One disciple said he heard bagpipes in meditation. Thakar said “your soul is going to Sach khand”
I said “it can’t be, he had not even left the body and not even seen the radiant form. “
“That doesn’t matter” said Thakar, “ part of his soul goes to Sach khand”

I decided it was all nonsense.
Then I told him I have many questions and he said “you can sit next to me when we go on the tour tomorrow”
I said “ok”
But then he sat in another car and I was on the coach.
Then I asked him “what about my questions”
He said “you’ve asked enough”

Anyway I had a question about my spiritual progress as I could not progress beyond a certain point.
He said “just carry on” but I wanted specific advice on what to do.
I decided he couldn’t help me and just by chance I met Darshan as one of sawan’s old satsangis lived in sawan ashram and he said “Darshan is the real successor and told me about kirpal ashram. I went there and it was an instant love affair.
He answered all my questions and then more. I knew I had found my master. I would write poetry and recite at the all night bhandaras.
I cared about nothing else.

You're still riddling a little, but now I think you're actually bitter over RSSB and mysticism and are a Supreme Master of Sarcasm about it. "Kaand (scandal) Desh," for example.

Arjuna, the typo "a fear day" made me smile. At the moment I am quite fearful. Australia is burning. We desperately need rain, everything is so dry. I'm okay where I live near the sea but the air is still smoky and I'm stuck inside mostly. It is scary. Talk about climate change! Cheers, bro you cheer me up :)

Osho, I am surprised at the actions of the sevadars and glad you are standing up for yourself and revealing their inappropriate behaviour here. Sant Mat is not what it used to be.

@Osho Robbins

"Clearly GSD was aware that an incident had happened by the following Sunday but most likely it was the version from the sevadars involved."

This clearly shows that GSD is not the 'All Knowing' by your own words

Otherwise he wouldve telepathically Mr Spock style stopped them sevadars from hitting you

I just cant understand why you went back on day 2. Or why you even went there at all considering your efforts in making those awareness videos on YouTube.

Was you trying to reboot sant mat version 1.0? Or do you regret making them videos?

Either way. Yes its wrong for them to hit you. But knowing that you were know in a dangerous wicker man style situation you shouldve tried to defend yourself. You shouldve smacked him one back in the face.

Even the most peaceful ones in the past have said that its a sin not to defend yourself from your oppressors

I can also understand that they may have overwhelmed you by surprise or if you were scared. Completely understand. but I wouldve at least screamed for help.

This behaviour doesn't surprise me.

In the past Ive heard urban legends that there are an elite group of sevadars in Beas Dera that have like a black ops Guantanamo bay style secret jail room where they interrogate and even beat 'misbehaving' pilgrims at dera.

It was only a matter of time that things like this happened here.

The answers are simple:
Osho is an attention-seeker and trouble-maker
He purposefully set out to break the rules.
He is trying to generate awareness for himself and SM2.0
The volunteer thought I can’t be bothered putting up with this uppity little shit and so gave him one. I suspect he would slap Arjuna senseless also and that such attitude-adjusters would be of great spiritual benefit to both recipients.

Georgy Porgy.

Yes I would have cried for help and screamed- help. I would have ran away scared perhaps to you whilst you were eating scones and drinking tea- whilst holding and rubbing your penis perving the old whip ass aunties.

Osho was dealing with bullies - simple


Do you still believe your expectations from GSD back then were realistic?

@ SP hello

I'm not what to expect anymore

Those aunties are hot. Is it such a bad thing to have a chat to them if they are single?

And anyone who doesn’t like scones is an outright Barbarian - why suck out all the joys of life.

It sounds like you could do with a holy smack from that old dude sevadar, that way you will stop worrying about being all alone and how life/rssb has treated you so badly.

Forget your combat training, enjoy the company of tea, scones and aunties - there are no rules against that as far as I am aware. So says Baba Georgy.

Hi Anami
You wrote
"a Supreme Master of Sarcasm" yes, this a very good description. He even was making fun of me when he visited my son in a vision. Baba Ji has a wicked sense of humor. He could have done the financial thing as his own form of dark humor. He's playing a game of high risk and he's just too good at it. But I suggest finance isn't his skill. On the other hand, maybe it is. But one can't complain too much when he is taking care of your son, your job, your ex-wife, yout widowed sister, filing your own lapses, keeping the road smooth, in obvious and miraculous ways that keep happening.

So while basic ethics compel me to ask why, and so long as those ethics remain, to continue to do so, I also offer to help. If only to return a grain of what he did for my family when I have been unable. And is still doing.

Yes, he is sarcastic and unapologetic. You might say arrogant. But could a part of our reaction to that be a tiny reflection of our own shortcomings?

How can we claim to see anything with complete objectivity?

We wear our own heart on our sleeve most transparently when we accuse.

The treatment Osho underwent was just wrong. It was bad.

Osho is right to document it here in as much detail as he sees fit. He is imperfect, but he is bringing a problem to light for inspection. That's what Truth does, even when the messengers of truth have their own personal limitations.

But what does it mean? Some people are arrogant. Welcome to the club.

To infer more you would have to look to that person's family or the culture or the nation or.. Fill in the dots.

Osho did the right thing filing a police report and sending a Letter to Haynes leadership. Maybe a third letter to Baba Ji. And the reports here.

But once that's done what can you say? People make mistakes.

And being caught on the wrong side of the security guys naturally makes one take a look in the mirror and ask "could I have avoided that?"

The idea that you or I somehow are so much better that we can accuse anyone is dangerous terroritory. Unless the effort is to help improve security at Haynes. Then this report and the police complaints are helpful acts.

Osho has avoided going overboard, without emotion, to a degree, but it seems as though he is still working his way there emotionally.

If any one of us had been through what he went through, it would take some time. It would be emotional. What he experienced would be extremely frightening to me. Maybe that's why I honor the cell phone rule. I would blame myself for triggering the over-reaction from security. There are a lot of people entering these events, and far fewer security. They are not professionals.They are under pressure to deal with situations they have limited training for, hence drawing their attention to oneself, and repeatedly, while they are already busy and stressed, is a risk for things going wrong all around.

Most people don't want to get security or police involved all over the world, even professionals, and so follow the laws and rules because they know security and police are just people and have to make decisions, they operate under extreme stress, and have been given power to act and responsibilities that include life and death decisions. . And their mistakes can have more painful and lasting repurcussions on one's own life.

The whole story sounds made up by someone who appears to be desperate for attention.

@Georgy Porgy
Your attitude is ridiculous.
Thankfully you are in the minority and most satsangis don’t share your opinions.

You must surely be aware that you are not allowed to post comments on here, but you are purposely doing just that so what do you suggest?
A punch in the face?
Shall we alert the lads to come around to your place?
You are the only person on here who thinks that the sevadars were correct in the way they handled the situation.

I think you’re ready for a promotion to head of all sevadars with your enlightened attitude

“ I would blame myself for triggering the over-reaction from security. “ - Spence

You would blame yourself?

I don’t blame myself in the slightest.

I don’t blame them either.

I took s phone in, so what? It’s no big deal. It’s not a crime and nobody was harmed.
If RSSB as an organisation is happy with the way they handled it - then it’s fine.
But I would be surprised if they are happy.
However, all I have dibs is brought it to the awareness of whoever is interested

Your statement is unfounded.
I have witnesses and a police report so it cannot be made up.
RSSB can verify the truth of it easily.

Hey, Spence.

I meant that SP might be the Supreme Master of Sarcasm, because his comments are so edgy, but is he kidding or serious? I still can't tell and hoped he would clarify.

We're pretty much on the same page about Osho, and I take your word for it on Baba Ji and inner experiences. For me the dhyan goes to Huzur Maharaj Ji.


Hi Osho
You wrote
"I took s phone in, so what? It’s no big deal. It’s not a crime and nobody was harmed."

It's their club rules. You broke them, you have only yourself to blame for opening that door. But they are responsible for breaking the rules of legal conduct.

Of course they can make excuses also, just like you.

Every action has causes. And responsibilities. And this series of events was triggered by your decision, Osho.

It will take time, once your defensiveness settles down, for you to see that you were just a player in this play, and that the trigger was your decision, whatever prompted it, to decide that you didn't need to follow the rules, that there was no decent reason you could understand, and therefore you could go right ahead and knowingly violate this rule.

But maybe you don't understand why the cell phone rule is in place.

Or why its important.

Your choice, your decision. And your responsibility.

We've gone over this before, Osho. Your ethics and mine are different. But if you won't take responsibility for your part, how can you expect the sevadars to take responsibility for theirs? We all have to do our part.

But you are free to open any door, to go it alone. When you refuse someone's request, naturally you are not working with them anymore.

Hi Arjuna,

"I'm not what to expect anymore"

This is a good thing right. Not from HIM, any Master or person. But bitterness? Have you let it pass?

You don't have to respond if you so wish.


1. There is no rule prohibiting me from posting here. I’m not an rssb initiate, nor do I claim to be advanced in any spiritual sense. Even if I was, there is no rule injucting rssb people from using the internet. What is discouraged is sharing personal spiritual experiences online - which makes sense to me and which I’m not doing.

2. ALL the info posted so far, and I mean EVERY bit, has ONLY been given by YOU and you alone. There are 2 sides to every dispute. Whether a ‘punch’ occurred, let alone what form it took (if any), and what was said and done in context leading up to this incident (if any), is wholly unclear.

3. My personal view is that you are a very untrustworthy source, possibly with psychological issues. Also, your account of events seems to continuously change.

4. You have history of crying wolf, ie previous runs-ins with sevadars, and ‘reporting’ this via this site. How come 99.999% of ppl enjoy a nice peaceful day at Haynes, yet you are the only person who get into trouble (fistfights with spiritual volunteers no less). Either this is not happening or you are extremely unlucky, akin to winning the lottery several times over.

5. You keep saying this a minor incident, yet go on and on and on and on.

6. What kind of a special idiot is not only banned from a spiritual event on the Friday, but then returns the very next day - you are a glutton for punishment.

7. Maybe I am in the minority, maybe not. Doesn’t matter. Many are sick of your rubbish and whining. A few v nice ppl seem to feel sorry for you - I don’t. Maybe I’m not that nice, but I think you are a trouble-maker who intentionally sought to provoke for your own selfish ends whose overinflated ego has been bruised in the process, which is no bad thing in my view. In short, it is you not the sevadar who needs to reflect on his behavior.

8. Most importantly, why are you purposefully disobeying perhaps the only rule that they have expressed clear as daylight?

Hi, Spence.
I was talking about SP, not Baba Ji. Is SP a Supreme Master of Sarcasm? In many of his comments I can't tell if he's being serious or bitingly sarcastic.

The outcome of all this would be:
The one trick pony stops blathering nonsense.
The Baba forgives the Sevadars.

Anami Anami Anami

You didn't have to post and burst the bubble.

As a slave of maths I combined yours and Spence posts and got

SP= Master of Sarcasm = GSD


Now I have to get back to being Sant Paltu and poof all those millions of US$ vanished.


The transitive property! I should've known!

I’m no expert but aren't all the great masters throughout history notoriously bad-tempered? Didn’t the great zen masters crack a rod over their disciplines pip when needed?

I tend to see this pop on the hooter as a blessed spiritual gift from on high. Maybe this old sevadar is highly advanced spiritually and has given Osho exactly what is needed to snap him back to reality. You should be thanking him for such an enlightened thumping instead of whining.

"Question - could osho be a double agent?? He gets wacked and still goes on about this Oneness shite!"

Hi Arjuna,

Again covert ways of RSSB. Probably Osho has been told if he stops his Oneness rantings, specially post the incident, it won't be just a mild punch. Could be the Guantanamo bay style secret jail room in Dera. Worse sharing the jail room with Masterji Jesse.

Hi Anami
Thanks for the correction. Yes, I was in a reverie about Baba Ji. The Swindler Saint.
Can't say about SP. He says he doesn't meditate but believes in the path? But each of us has our own interpretation so that is as good as anyone else.

Hi Osho
You wrote
"I took s phone in, so what? It’s no big deal. It’s not a crime and nobody was harmed.
If RSSB as an organisation is happy with the way they handled it - then it’s fine.
But I would be surprised if they are happy."

I believe it was wrong to bring in the cell phone. It was disrespectful. It was wrong of you to return the next day having been asked not to (without at least some effort at discussion and reconsideration with representatives of the organization).

And it was wrong of them to lie to you about your phone, and to a accost you and punch you.. The last two are illegal.

Yes these things, in their degree, were wrong. Your small wrong on your part cascaded to a bigger wrong on their part.

It's wrong and shouldn't be repeated.

@ SP

Yes I have let it pass.

Whatev. The body is the temple. We can be our own sevadars.

An Autumn lark at Haynes Park Created a bang during satsang
O phone spotted
By a volunteer
Off they trotted
To raucous cheer

The volunteer to seva his career
Kicked in the nuts He lied
But but buts O cried

My phone My iPhone
Then I phoney

Next day A wild foray
A biff on the boff
From the laddish

A police report
No retort
Lesson taught
New glasses bought
Arjan ought
No one aught
We all thought
They’ll get caught
How fraught
After the rave
The baba forgave
To save
Their souls even
On their way to He’ven

His case O brought
To Police, Haynes and churchless
If Baba aught
He acted quite merciless
But what was taught?
What gain from violence and subversiveness?
When local rules and laws are all for naught
The actions truly "right" are those forthright and harmless.

@Georgy Porgy wrote
“There is no rule prohibiting me from posting here. I’m not an rssb initiate, nor do I claim to be advanced in any spiritual sense. Even if I was, there is no rule injucting rssb people from using the internet. What is discouraged is sharing personal spiritual experiences online - which makes sense to me and which I’m not doing.”

RSSB initiates are told not to visit online sties related to RSSB or comment there. So your statement that “there is no rule injuncting RSSB people........” is incorrect. But then how would you know since you are not an initiate.
And why would you bother with agreeing with the rule about sharing spiritual experiences if you are not an initiate.
Quite simply you are a bullshitter, because if you are NOT an initiate then you can share spiritual experiences all you like, why bother what RSSB or Christians or Muslims or anyone says about it? Unless of course you are a RSSB follower. Anyway you have no spiritual experiences anyway, so it’s a mute point.

Your point no2:
It’s both silly and inaccurate.
What do you expect?
“Hello everyone, I am sevadar no 2, and do you know who I am? I deny all allegations. I am a good satsangi. I didn’t punch him, but I did get angry and I am more dangerous than the sevadar no 1 so be careful don’t cross me....”
You seem to think this is a trial. It’s not. It’s my account of what happened.
You are nobody of any significance here so I don’t care if you believe it or not.
Your comments clearly show you are out of touch with reality so your comments reflect this.
One example: someone DID comment on this: they saw the phone being taken but said I lied about being punched. They said they were there. You said nobody else confirms anything, so clearly you are wrong.
Of course the reason they saw no punch was it happened the following day, not Friday which they are referring to. Plus it happened in a private location not in the middle of the public walkway.

You even make ridiculous statements like “your account of events seem to continually change” without giving any examples.
My account has never changed. You may have mis-read something and interpreted it differently, but that’s a reflection on you.

You wrote “I am no expert but ........”
Well if you are no expert, your opinion is not worth much, so everything you write can be ignored as it is based on ignorance and unfounded opinions.

Georgy Porgy writes:
“My personal view is that you are a very untrustworthy source, possibly with psychological issues.”

Well guess what?
My personal view is that you are an incarnation of Buddha, no less. I can have any unfounded opinion I choose. Doesn’t make it true. Anyone can have any opinion.
You are entitled to your own opinions (which mean nothing as they are based on your own necessarily distorted viewpoint) but you are not entitled to your own facts.

Georgy Porgy writes:
“ Maybe I am in the minority, maybe not.”
The “maybe not” is just in your head. You are clearly in a minority of about 1 or 2. So nobody is interested in your distorted viewpoint.
When you have some actual personal experience of this, like your own personal run-in then talk. Until then it’s all your unfounded opinions which are irrelevant.
I have a lot more credibility than you.
My real identity is known, I have videos showing my face. Whereas you are a made up name, even that, you couldnt think of anything more intelligent than
Georgy Porgy

Many here can not differentiate between
1. Breaking a rule
2. Breaking a law

And also consequences

I go to a library and a sign says “quiet please”
But I start talking quietly to someone.
That is called breaking a rule.
It will have minor consequences
Yes a rule has been broken, but no crime committed. It’s not that serious.
Examples of the consequence:
Being told “please be quiet”
Or being asked to leave if still not quiet.
Worse case: police called to get you to leave. That’s the worse that can happen.
Now if instead, the head librarian calls the bouncers and they grab me and push me towards the exit.
That is now assault and illegal.
Furthermore if they punch me and break my glasses, that is now serious assault and criminal damage.
If they shoot me, that would be premeditated murder.

Now some of the retarded commenters on here (Georgy Porgy and SP with delusions of being Sant Paltu) make the absurd comment
“Ah but you first broke the rule of silence.”

In the subsequent murder trial, is the judge going to say “yes, I can see it now. Makes perfect sense. The guy has done this on three previous occasions and the rule was very clear. There was even a small sign “repeat offenders will be shot”
So yes, he got what he deserved for breaking the silence rule, you are free to go, sir. Keep up the good work”

That’s the view of those who say Osho Robbins got what he deserved.

No wonder they are in a minority, they are clearly both out of touch with reality

If this really happened, nobody would support the murderer or the assaulter excerpt for
GP. (Porgy)
M. E. (Mike England)

In short
Breaking a rule is a minor issue.
And can only be dealt with in a minor way.
Breaking the law is a serious offence

Here’s an example in an actual court of law. If you watch at 4:50
The security man is trying to remove the man from the court, but the man says
“If you touch me, I will sue you for assault”
He asks the clerk “can he do that?”
And the answer is, “yes he can”

Legally they have to call the police not man-handle the person

@ osho. Fair play you killed Gorgy Porgy with your response (wonder if he is over weight with a name like that). Lol.

Osho Robbins
You dear sweet
Sweet little thing

I am so out of touch with reality
As you correctly conclude
But my sweet the totality
Is you are being rude

Your anodyne analogy
Should be an apology
Your ego did not notice this
I am taking the piss
Out of you my one trick pony
With a touch of slick i’rony

Hi Osho,.....you wrote to Gorgy Porgy, Puddin Pie, Kissed the Girls, and made them cry,........”I .......... have a lot more credibility than you.
My real identity is known, I have videos showing my face. “

ME,. i.e. Faceless Jim Sutherland, that could hide in public like a blade of grass in the Park, or a grain of sand on the beach.

But YOU, showing up at at Satsang at Haynes would be like The Amazing Randy trying to sneak in to a Tony Robbins Fire Walking event planning to debunk Tony with out being recognized, thinking that He, and Tony , and Tony’s Security Guards are ONE, and they are All for ONE and ONE for ALL.

You remind me of what we as Kids in School used to do to Trouble Makers like you. We used to stick a sheet of white paper on the back of Trouble Makers shirt, marked in big letters,....KICK ME HARD PLEASE. Then, all the boys would accept the Trouble Maker’s invitation, and give him a big kick in his butt when he walked by.

The more confused and complaining the Trouble Maker did, as he kept getting kicked in the butt, was the more every one laughed, joked, and made fun of him, until he found ONE Friend that felt sorry enough for him to tell him he was Tagged, and removed the KICK ME Sign off his back, and handed it to him. Once he discovered he was Marked, as a Trouble Maker, he wised up, and quit making trouble, and decided he no longer wanted to be kicked, so just blended in.

Even in a crowd of 20,000 Satsangis attending a Satsang, if a Drone was flying over head, taking Video of possible problems, YOU would be quickly seen , identified by the Sign attached to the top of your head, marked ONE.

So, Osho,...WHO will be the first Friend that removes the Tag off your back that asks every body to “ KICK ME PLEASE “,..?

Are those who are laughing at you in this Church really feeling sorry for you,...or,...are acting like they are really feeling sorry for you, are laughing their asses off while hiding behind their anonymous Gorgy Porgy Pseudo Avatars?

Let me be the first friend to expose the Sign pinned on your back, that says,...KICK ME HARD, PLEASE,. Here, I have removed it from your back, and handed it to you. Now, you may choose to keep it off and blend in, or put it back and stay marked as the ONE Trouble Maker.

Jim Sutherland

"In many of his comments I can't tell if he's being serious or bitingly sarcastic."

Hi Anami,

Think of me as that mythical Lernaean Hydra - not multi headed but multi faced.

I can be different to different people. A trait picked up from my Master.

My posts, they can be serious, sarcastic or a mix. But never casual or flippant.

I clarify because of your honesty in admitting you struggle what to make of my posts unlike one particular idiot in here who thinks he not only understands the content but believes he understands me enough to form a judgement about my cerebral prowess, on who I am and what I stand for or don't . It doesn't matter. Infact it's good for he provides free entertainment. Just like the spider enjoys the struggling insect trapped in the web woven for it.

Hi Spence,

You say "But each of us has our own interpretation so that is as good as anyone else."

I like your accepting attitude. It's good. I don't meditate. Will come by and tell you why one day.

Now $pence thinks I don't follow the rule. He is right and guess what my Master punches me regularly for this. Each time I throw the law books at HIM saying this is illegal and He says I AM THE LAW. And the cycle goes on. When will I get the message? 🤔😂

Luckily he doesn't tell me - burn the books. Would have cost me a fortune having to repeatedly buy the books. Maybe also because it's serious stuff happening unlike some mumbo jumbo like "My God is here but books say Satpurush is in some fifth region"

Osho you wrote:
>>In short
Breaking a rule is a minor issue.
And can only be dealt with in a minor way.
Breaking the law is a serious offence<<

If an artists hands over one of his creations to a an official of an museum, the very moment he is no longer allowed to touch it. Because in a museum, touching of objects is seen as a crime. If he would do it, even he would be expelled from the museum.


Every games is played by given rules and all have to live by these rules if ine enters the enclosure where that particular game is played.

As soon as you leave your own house and enter the public domain … mind the word public … you are involved in this or that game, traffic, walking, driving, school, court et etc. and you are supposed to act upon these rules as it should and otherwise you have to bear the negative consequences.

And … as soon as somebody enters your house, you are bound to play other public domain games. All social roles come with rules … uncle, father, son, friend, student etc.

What your opinion is about these games and the roles and rules that go with it, doesn't matter, to anybody.

Be an anarchist is also a role

When local rules and laws
For all the boorish bores
Cackelling the caws
Of furthering their cause
Are all for naught
What have they bought
Are actions truly right
With all the GSD might
Gave our O a fright
Surrounding him tight
No option for flight
Are those forthright and harmless
Or violently charmless

@ Jim.

Trust you are well.

I'd love to meet this :Georgy porgy I am fat and like eating scones whilst perving at aunties in 69 postions"

The solider in me wants to kick his ass to kingdom come. He has shown me disrespect.

Rant over. Good to read you here.

Over and out


Yes yes let it all out - I’m “a bullshitter”, it’s about time you showed your true colours, instead of this ridiculously transparent attempt at prentending you are above it all.

I have not disobeyed any RSSB rules, you have.

You are making false claims and I suspect this is why the sevadar dripkicked your mouthy ass. Good on him. You were told to stay away after breaking the rules and you didn’t. You then came looking for trouble and you found it. You were the recipient of a holy ass-whipping, be gracious i say.

As for me being wrong on your lack of evidence - I’m not. Everything is your own account - there is no one to backup your story. It sounds like the desperate ramblings of a self-important pip-squeak and gobshite. I mean what is this nonsense about you dreaming that the guru wanted you to attend the next day.

You are deluded and a trouble-maker, they told you to leave and stay away and you didn’t. You went looking for trouble to show who you are and you found it.

Tens of thousands of ppl enjoyed tea and scones in a gentile beautiful peaceful happy environment - and YOU are the only yob who ends up getting banned on the Friday and into a fistfight on the Saturday. How come every one else can behave, but you can’t?

"Because in a museum, touching of objects is seen as a crime. If he would do it, even he would be expelled from the museum."

You don't know what you're talking about. I used to work in museum security. Touching art is not a crime. Intentionally destroying property is. And so is attacking people.

It's not like we could just grab people and kick them in the face if they touched a painting. Maybe if they were attacking patrons of the museum themselves or irreversibly harming a piece of art, sure, we could restrain them and call them police. But not just for touching a painting. There were copyright considerations there as well, and recording wasn't allowed. But again, people recorded things with phones all the time. Zero cases of us kidnapping them, placing them in a dark car, threatening their family and physically assaulting them

And you're missing the point. Law supersedes rules. You can't break laws, and commit possible felonies, just because someone broke a petty rule. Osho broke a petty rule. He could have had people put in jail for punching him.

Start thinking at least slightly before you opine. Your comment has been made by 100 others already. It was thoughtless and wrong when they said it, and it is when you repeat it.

@ Georgy Porgy
Jesse has just proven you mr opinions are unfounded - And he should know because he worked there so has first hand knowledge.

“You don't know what you're talking about. I used to work in museum security. Touching art is not a crime. Intentionally destroying property is. And so is attacking people.” -Jesse to Georgy

“You were told to stay away after breaking the rules and you didn’t. You then came looking for trouble and you found it.”. - G. Porgy

You obviously cannot read. Clearly you have not read the day 1 account.
I wasn’t banned for the phone incident. Instead a lie was fabricated and that fabricated lie was the reason.
Another sevadar was forced to lie to fabricate evidence to support his lie.

The ban was also fabricated, as nobody else stopped me.
As I was walking to satsang, sevadar #2 physically grabbed me and pulled me aside. Then another one held my other arm so I could not leave.
That is assault and illegal.
I on the other hand was simply walking to satsang.
They tried to enforce a fake ban and they know they were acting wrongly.
If they were correct, then why let me go when questioned by my brother in law?
If they were correct, they would refuse to back down.
If I wanted trouble it would have been very very easy. I won’t disclose the details here, but it would have been easy. However that was not my intention. My intention was to go peacefully to satsang. The sevadars instigated this trouble and broke the law over nothing more than a challenge to their fake ban. You tell one lie and you have to tell ten to cover it up.
But now the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows it.
Naturally just based on statistics there will be 1% of idiots who support premeditated and unprovoked violence.
And by the way, I have no belief that it is “wrong” to engage in debate and criticise someone who makes ridiculous statements. However all you have stated is unfounded beliefs with no logic or evidence, clearly a result of spending too much time perving at aunties while scoffing 100 scones a minute.

"He could have had people put in jail for punching him."


So why the hell hasn't he done this already? Would you know?

He has been assaulted as claimed. What the fuck has he done about it except whine like a sissy in here? Over a month now but no signs of or sharing info of

- any active perusal of the supposed police report filed.

- lodging a complaint with Dera authorities. Somebody even named a go-to individual

- taking any legal recourse

And you say he could have people in jail.

The Sevadars should have been arrested (rightly or wrongly is not for me to judge) or called in by now. This bit that he could have people in jail but heck I won't get them jailed because after all they are co-satsangis and in the oneness I rant about there is nothing right or wrong is pure BS. And so is the stated intention of wanting to simply report exactly what happened. This fella is no Jesus Christ of the 21st Century. And why the choice being CoC is pretty obvious as well.

It should only be about this fella. Why bother if Sevadars are right or wrong. If he thinks he has been wronged by the Sevadars AS PER EXTANT LAWS, bloody well use the very SAME LAW to get justice. Don't simply keep whining in here.

No pity for whiners. If he wants attention, I don't mind pissing some on him during a likely visit to the UK next month.

All he does is look for crutches.... The latest being you just because he smells some support in your last post (so a reply to Um right becomes Jesse to Georgy) forgetting that it's the same Jesse that he was attacking just a few days back for his posts on this very same issue.

In Hindi/Punjabi there is a saying - Bin Pehandi ka Lota. Pretty appropriate in this instance too.

I shouldn't be saying this but honestly I would be embarrassed to have him as family or for that matter even a friend.

As an aside, how long before we get a new thread about death threats to Osho by RSSB. Any guesses?

"So why the hell hasn't he done this already? Would you know?"

No I wouldn't know, except for that he said he doesn't want to. I also don't know what it's called in UK, but we say "press charges" in USA. People get beaten nearly to death, often times by spouses in domestic abuse cases, and the abused choose not to "press charges" and nothing happens to the abuser.

"And you say he could have people in jail. "

I think it's possible, yeah. Not just for the punching, but the part about putting him in a car an preventing him from getting out could be a kidnapping case. Unless it's ok to kidnap people in the new UK.

You're painfully sad and upset in a feminine way that he's not contacting police and making a report. Fine.

I think he should press charges both out of both my spite toward RSSB, and also as an opportunity to uphold the law in a decaying and increasingly lawless country that is being colonized, but he doesn't want to. It's his choice. Laws lose. Cult wins.

His not calling the police still doesn't make face punching seva legal, though.

"forgetting that it's the same Jesse that he was attacking just a few days back for his posts on this very same issue"

Just cause you say something bad to someone once doesn't mean that you need to only say bad things to them forever, or that one disagreement means infinity disagreements.

Sure, maybe he's stirring up drama and attention seeking. Maybe this all never happened. We weren't there. But assuming it did happen, there's nothing forcing him to work with the authorities.

RSSB is a cult. Get out.

@ jesse. Spot on !

Not sure if Osho could . But those pushing him and then punching him (were not GSD as some have imagined) but thugs.

And they needed a good kicking in. Knock outs.
They are a bunch if pussies picking on 1 man. Cowards, bet you in the street if they came across someone like me - they would run. Fking vegetarian Faggots !
If GSD can be hardline (For a loving God) so can we!

Good idea
We’ll see if the one trick pony has more toys to go throw out his pram.
I’m bored shitless with his inane blathering, then trying to correct every single point posited.
And has the temerity to say “I don’t care what you think/ believe”

I’ll tune in again in a week and check if Osho is a no show.

“So why the hell hasn't he done this already? Would you know?”. -SP ( a delusional retard who claims to be Sant Paltu reincarnated no less)

SP, if you could actually read, you would have your answer, as I have already given the answer to that question.
But clearly you have nothing better to do than speculate about things that don’t concern you

“Just cause you say something bad to someone once doesn't mean that you need to only say bad things to them forever, or that one disagreement means infinity disagreements.”. - Jesse

Exactly. Well said Jesse.

Doesn’t mean Jesse agrees with everything I do or say and neither do I agree with everything he does or says.

However, unlike you, we both address the issue we are debating, not the person.
Whereas you make it personal and then there is nothing to debate. I can make it personal too - but it becomes pointless.

The idea of this blog is to put forward an opinion and give the reasons

"we both address the issue we are debating, not the person. "

If we're being blunt and honest here, I actually just insult people a lot. I do engage in the topic to a point, but once I'm bored, think that an insult is more meaningful than an argument, or I just don't care enough to be respectful, I'm quite happy to call people names.

In this case of high level strikers (sacred Joe Rogan terminology) working as sevadars, I've yet to see a good point made in favor of RSSB. It's really not even arguable that RSSB could be in the right in my opinion. Their security obviously has little to no training, and they're operating in more of a mafia-like way than a volunteer church security way. So because of this fact, and the fact that I've called Osho enough names, it would be the RS defenders who deserve the insults at this point.

Surprisingly, the one argument I could see being made in favor of harsh security at RSSB venues would be the Sikh terrorist angle, which sadly is still a dormant threat in England because, you know, idiocy and all that. But nobody is making that point, because they're not even thinking. And if that were the case, there would be highly trained security, and a known eccentric who asks pertinent questions and has good rapport with the guru wouldn't be a suspect in their eyes just cause he has an Iphone X that he paid $1400 and does nothing with it but take crappy pictures and send texts.

You're dealing with a clown show of an org at RSSB. Even if Gurinder turns out to be god, Beas culture still SUCKS.

“I’m bored shitless With Blah blah blah....,..”. - Mike England

Well go and do something useful with your life instead of basing your life on what others write on here.

You need to go to the life shop and buy one (a life). Until then, keep on writing nonsense. But don’t expect a reply


So by now we all know what the Sevadars are. To briefly summarise a bunch of coward, fucking vegetarian faggots and thugs. Many thanks. Very useful.

Now do us another favour please. How about sharing for Atleast my benefit a critical self evaluation.

Hopefully this post reaches you unlike some other recent ones.

@ SP hello.

I apologise that was wrong of for me to say that. That was pure emotional coming out.

You are kind to to me in your posts.

I will think about what you have asked.

Have a good day.

Law this, law that, law overrides rules and what not and including by exercising legal rights even a sissy could have people in jail

Somebody also throw some Gyan about the extant laws in US and UK on defamation, libel and matters that are sub judice. Any lawyers around here.

Am sure GSD must be aware of the laws and his rights.

The postings in here with apparent impunity; the extant laws are they Impotent/ineffective or is it somebody's magnanimity not invoking them

No ad nauseum whining/discussions about the what's posted either here or else where.

What's clear is somebody truly gives a fuck about anyone and everything in here.

Another reason for some why RSSB is a Cult!

Osho Robbins:
After you were banned from Haynes Park you had a dream to go back there so you did... I just hope you don't have a dream to say put LSD in the water supply.

In USA we have free speech still, SP. Though some antisemites like Dungeness would like to take that away so that we can be thrown in gulags again for disagreeing with her tv provided views on history and subsequently guarantee war in USA and Europe. Strategic thinking and peace loving gal she is.

My point is that libel doesn't really apply to anything being discussed here and I don't know why you brought it up.

You're getting emotional. Gurinder Singh can't sue me because I left his cult and freely ask and speculate about his finances.

I thought you were afraid of eternal fire man. If it's just defamation lawsuits that prevent you from leaving RSSB then stop worrying. You're free to go.

Dear SP
What a joker!
Sue for defamation of character?
Who will Gurinder sue?
SP or saint Paltu?
A made up name ?
Surely you cannot be that stupid

"I just hope you don't have a dream to say put LSD in the water supply."

Why? LSD is awesome.

If we were all at least once or twice exposed to somewhat powerful psychedelic experiences there would likely be a lot of positive changes in the world.

If it was safe for the CIA to feed people against their will in an attempt to remove their self-will, then it's safe for everyone. Trust the government, bro. It's the moral and spiritual thing to do.

@my guru

Of course I am a joker. Even stupid. Much worse. But I am what I am because of you.

And thank you for not revealing your true identity. For it's only the chosen few who deserve you.

Love you my guru!!!!

Agree with Jesse. LSD is awesome.

It should be given at the gates of Haynes Park so bell ends like georgy porgy have better things to imagine than perving and eating scones with a bit of chai.

Sorry couldn't resist

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