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September 11, 2019


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I love looking up quotes that give me a reason to keep on keeping on...

“The person with a secular mentality feels himself to be the center of the universe. Yet he is likely to suffer from a sense of meaninglessness and insignificance because he knows he’s but one human among five billion others - all feeling themselves to be the center of things - scratching out an existence on the surface of a medium-sized planet circling a small star among countless stars in a galaxy lost among countless galaxies.

The person with the sacred mentality, on the other hand, does not feel herself to be the center of the universe. She considers the Center to be elsewhere and other. Yet she is unlikely to feel lost or insignificant precisely because she draws her significance and meaning from her relationship, her connection, with that center, that Other.”

― M. Scott Peck

Good words there Jen.
You are on a roll.
Keep ‘em coming 😊

"Are Qi, Prana, Kundalini and Shabd the same thing? Maybe, or maybe not. I don't know.

Sounds you hear in meditation are not "shabd."
The creation of the world is not the product of "shabd."
the holy spirit of the bible is not shabd."

So then shut the fuck up... Just as all wise do on matters they don't know about!!!

But you won't....😂😂

Since it has nothing to do with sevadars beating up normal satsang attendees, I'm replying to you here, Osho.

You said "The true teachings of gurbani are very different from what most people take them to mean. "
"Refreshing new view of the real meaning beyond religion"

So the true meaning of Gurbani is also new?

I'm bored of all these kathas, man. I don't think anyone can say what the True Meaning™ is of any of this stuff, and if they didn't find it in the first 600 years after it was written, it's not gonna happen now.

In the portion of the video you told me to watch he gurbani's not magical words or the right words, then literally the next sentence says "we have to use these words to transform ourselves" or something. Contradicts himself and doesn't even know it. Thinks he's clarifying or distinguishing between subtle ideas, but he's not. If he doesn't think gurbani has some sort of special powers, then there is no reason to think those words will change ones being any more than any other words, and therefore no reason to be a Sikh, and no reason to chant those words. I don't listen to this stuff anymore for this reason. Everyone's got an opinion, but all the opinions are simply justifications to themselves to remain in the religion, which almost always happens to be the religion of their birth.

Also, it's sort of weird that these big giant turban wearing Nihang type guys live in UK. It'd be like me wearing Gucci and alligator skin boots in their pind. Totally out of place. Almost like they're trying to be comedic, but they're not. They truly think that they are following the ultimate supernatural beings instructions by wearing 17th century Indian religious army clothes in modern day England. If that isn't the sign of believing in magical words, then what is?

a wise owl,

Do you have an answer to the question? Is Qi the same as shabd or prana? They're not the same words, but those who believe in them would claim each has some similar effects on the mind and body, but also some very different effects as well as different origins and powers.

So if I sit in meditation and suddenly hear something supposedly internally, what way do I have to verify what caused the sound? Why could it not be the "holy spirit" that I heard, and not "shabd?"

Is it unwise to ask questions?

Hi Jesse
You quoted me and then asked
"'"the light didn't choose me anymore than sunlight chooses someone. It shines on all of us'

" Spence, I'm not asking this to be a dick, I promise.

"But that phrase sounds like part of the RSSB, or many religions and cults, party line. Is it something you believe, or would you say that you personally experience and know via experience that some divine light, not the sunlight obviously, shines on all?

"And if you do personally see it, how specifically do you see or experience a divine light shining on everyone? What does it look like in your experience ?

Jesse, the sky is above all of us. Have I seen every single person? Of course not. The sky is blue despite the clouds. How do I know this is true everywhere? What about the Aurora Borealis, or all those incredible orange, peridot and lavender sunsets?

You see, take it as subjective. Take it as poetry. My experience of Shabd is that it is built in, not under my control. Always waiting for me to turn my attention to her, or nagging me with sublime sweet music to return to her. And the moment I do, I feel movement, like I'm rising up, see Master with my inner eye, a great star, and the outer eyes see the room bathed in light, as the sound grows into the loud ringing of a cathedral bell. Not something to do while driving.

So it may be a condition. But not of my choosing. I didn't birth myself, yet here we are.

She might not be the best but she has what's needed : L&D


In the middle of so much pure shit about
Dresden and
about how Sevadars should behave
please let me advise/remember about the core of our teachings
and what You can really do with your Shabd
or what Your Shabd can do with You


Hi 777, I used to play classical music on the piano when I was young, remember playing Fur Elise, should have kept going.

I love dramatic music like Hanz Zimmer's "Time" from Inception, one of my favourite movies.


Osho, Radha Soami followers were never considered to be Sikh I guess, unless they were already Sikh before becoming Satsangis. The only people who ever said Radha Soamis were Sikhs were other Sikhs who were angry about losing members to deras.

One-ism is also a trap. It's philosophical speculation. Can't be proven, or realized, because it's not real. It's just an idea, and it's certainly not a must-believe part of Gurbani no matter how many times a man on youtube repeats it.

Hi Jen
I love Hans Zimmer's score for Inception.
About ten years ago I used a portion as a background to some of Sam's artwork.

It is one thing to be a small child with significant limitations, but another to know with complete clarity those limitations. His artwork expresses his transformation through that. Very hard for me to watch without shedding some tears....


Hi Spence,

I loved Sam's artwork, left a message... :)

Thank you Jen!

Never look
Hoarse in the mouth

"""". Dalai Lama isn't big on single-pointed attention
Here's some good news for everybody who has difficulty concentrating during meditation. """"""

me :
You mean : Contemplation!

Make an extract of contemplations of
The Pope
500. Nobel winners
Kings Emperors Presidents

Any shrink would send them all to a mental clinic

Only Darshan of The 5 Words cq Sound
can generate the necessary Love
that dampens and stops them
Nothing else


I trust while 70 companies actually manufacture
likes of
Google 54QUBITS

They will interconnect & confirm the Lovely way of the Crown Chakra
base concept of all universes and matter

and handle accordingly

Come along to hear the Tale about an Indian who uses a Fake Name, OSHO;
Who is known by the Churchless Church Exers, as the Oneness Psycho.

OSHO uses another fake last Name of Robbins,
So that no one will find out he is actually a Question Goblin!

His favorate Hobby is questioning Gurinder Dhillon,
Who has become the Church of Churchless’s Fradulant Villan.

Most Satsangis visit Haynes to see The Light,
While OSHO Robbins goes there to start a fight!

While Desciples are persuing their Master,
OSHO is trying to create a Disaster!

While Seekers are at Haynes trying to listen to the SOUND,
OSHO is trying to escape the Security Guards who are Musclebound!

OSHO doesn’t try to sneek in to Haynes to Meditate,
He always shows up intending to alienate!

While the Old Aunties were munching their scones,
OSHO’s Oppressors were confiscating his phone!

Instead of inviting OSHO for Lunch,
A Security Sevadore threw him a Punch!!

A Smack, right is the face, broke OSHO’s glasses,
And proves that Gurinder’s Guards are a bunch of Asses!

Poor OSHO didn’t even get another chance to question Gurinder about THE ONE,
So all we Churchless Church members missed all the Fun.

But we all know that Gurinder would rater Strut,
And talk about Butts,

Or ask innocent old men if they know about 69s,
Which moral Desciples consider such a question to be asinine.

Its just a matter of Time ,until Professor David Lane ,
Writes more stuff about the Brain,

And continues to expose Guru Gurinder,
As a frauduant Pretender!

During his visit to Beas,
He saw Satsangis clinging to Gurinder like Fleas!

I mean, Come on, Satsangis, does all this make any sense?
If you really want to know the Truth about it all, just ask Spence!!

That is the end of this Story, but don’t wonder too far away from Church,
Just hang around like Vultures, waiting to lurch.

Jim Sutherland

I attended as intended to my chair Pulling seva
The sangati who fell over loudly
Cursed my poor behaviour
The penny whistle sound
As their bum hit the ground
T’was the beautiful tune
Of the Shabd Dhun
Was the highlight for me
But not every body

The behaviour of chair pulling seva
While amusing at its core
Does not leave the Sangatis
Calling out for more

The punching sevadar and his cronies
Up to evermore mischief
Broken bonies
Stolen phonies
Causing some HP guests grief

The Baba full of wisdom sitting on the Dias
Forgiveness to them all as he cannot show bias
The truth he gibbers massive fibbers of
Humility and humbleness
While aught he really means is
Ferocity and bumbleness

The next time you go
Watch out tho’
The property of one was Destructed as instructed
The proper tea and scone
Was much later reflucted
Lunch Munch Crunch Slurp Burp

Hééé. Americans

Always thought the NSA listens via megafiles (Echelon) the entire world, even when I order a Pizza!

Can Mr Schiff ask/enforce for the >3 conversations?
They might be relieved to be forced!

7 as always for non spiritual

Snow in August
Mindless meditation, the panacea for endless irritation, as one strives to overcome single pointed focus. The concentrated awareness scatters into the deepest echoes of the subconscious mind, filtering all non essential memories through the tedium of the medium.
Boringness is the Truth.
In the absence of anything, there is nothing. Nothing except boredom. Accepting this Truth brings a germination of a fresh take on Reality.
Truth is really boring, this much is boringly True.
At the cessation of ones meditation the realisation: “ Thank God for that”
Inconvertible proof that God exists.

“ Thank God for that
Inconvertible proof that God exists."

Great start not to be in HIS opposition. :-)
easy now to use the 5 words to thank Him that U exist
and love Him for that
and HE can't resist love you back ❤️
Keep th backbone straight to endure Him

Further Make all mistakes possible
BUT. . . . U must love HIM/HER/HIM/HER on this path

I said HIM/HER

Because :

Think f.i. of the giantly dearest person ever
on this Earth,
that you love really big time
Next imply that SHE/HE is also "HIM/HER"
Is so wonderful


Good article about how the powerful and famous celebrities are mostly human garbage, but also about the trendiness of "yoga" and "wellness" which we're all victims of to some degree if we're on this blog.

If you read it you likely won't need to ignore the blatant political bias that is presented in the first one or two paragraphs, because you have no self awareness at all. But if you're semi-sentient, do try to ignore that stuff.


Here they speak of wrong doings of teachers, elsewhere they do too:

At that time they can retire from seva and will get a “I am nothing” achievement sticker. Posted by: Osho Robbins | September 29, 2019 at 04:52 AM

Still the lead subject is the punch

Let me insist
If this had been a Sevadars in Rage , they had applied good upper-cuts
and U had waked up there in the evening

The modesty of yr treatment - Yes hyper-multi-quantum-positioning played!
Be proud Osho
To my understanding : the first miracle @Haynes

Oooh Yes @Mr Un
Such statements bring 5 years prison in Austria/Germany
c q 30 000 € in most EU countries
No first amendement here - They find U if U had IP and Macaddresses unchanged
This is no Joke.😢😢😢 Unge

Hi Jesse
The author blames the head of Peleton for visiting Myanmar without saying anything helpful to their political situation.

But the blatant hypocrisy works 180 degrees because the author could be doing so using the power of his platform. He doesn't need to visit Myanmar to write about it and advocate for the victims, but it wouldn't be a bad idea.

He instead indulges in pseudo-social etiquette articles about how to sound tech, cannibas and financial savvy, as if he is constantly trying to understand and gain entrance to that superficial crowd of tech, pop and financial icons.

He engages in his own cultural snobbery in attempting to point to the superficiality of these folks. But they are all depicted in a way that strangely points back to the author's own superficiality.

Yes, every modern celebrity has to keep regurgitating their every meal onto Twitter, just like our President, for public consumption. But this author asks us to consume his own regurgitation of theirs.

Maybe the victims in Mayanmar are the people Burmese people getting raped by Bangladeshi Muslims for decades on end. Not the Bangladeshi Muslims getting kicked out for raping a lot of people, Spence. Maybe the news is wrong for the billionth time in a row.

Why can't people just live their lives instead of believing in the gods of the news? That's a better thing to take from that situation and that article which i have no idea why I posted now cause I won't read it again - stay out of other peoples business and stop taking sides in fights that aren't yours. Don't assume that our earthly gods are correct, or even honest.

"But this author asks us to consume his own regurgitation of theirs. " And I guess you and I are "asking" that others consume our opinions since we opined here in the public. It's a twisted world, man. A sick and twisted world.

Jesse, it all comes back to what my Dad taught us kids, "when you go through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole."

"Recognizing the reality of your death is key to living life"

Being almost 100
I totally and absolutely
can not understand such statement
that any future PC wil LOL. !

Not from any religious standpoint . . . NO. !

Just by using my grey cells

While now, all scientists
agree that an intelligence way like the PHI number
was followed concerning this modest
local universe where we are,

OF COURSE the individual consciousness of each unit
is able to see and understand the timeless Source
is HIM

The Emperor is just on His evening walk anomymously under the names
of Lane, Brian, Jim, Jen, Jesse, Michael,
yes why would He be restricted to one guy/gurl/stone/universe

Now, . . anyone with compassion and empathy can easily capture the Way it is
just using IQ and more
by the Sound Current , always there for a willing

Can it be simpler ?

Just don't hurt and you have this same knowledge EXPERIENCE

These molecules are a screen we ar projected on
and many think much to humble (haha) they are That


Not at all

This is a fascinating beautiful thing that happens
and nobody needs the other ballgame of initiation
I m Happy , I will come here again and again see the Truth
of f.i. Osho's Punch. :-)

You all :
Pls don't fall into that trap above because
"You will go where your Heart already is"

Make it Light



There is something within a human being that seeks and longs for something more than this earthly life....

Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Live)


Spiritual Love...

A pure heart, open to the Light,
will be filled with the very essence of Truth


"". If QM [quantum mechanics] is really a fundamental theory of reality, it shouldn't need to invoke conscious brains and measuring devices. Instead these macroscopic objects should emerge naturally from the theory.""

My synthesis (above) and all creation wouldn't exist

❤️ 777

There is absolutely nothing without consciousness, nothing
There are degrees
Just connect

Jesse or Michael said :
My most fearful time is during the night, when I wake up to go to the toilet. I go back to bed and ponder: Shit, I’m gonna die.

What an 'expected' panic by times here on this forum

The trick is:
Don't expect what U believe
Stop believing bull shit

Then both the here
and the hereafter are unbelievable joyous. 💥❤️💥
When the RSSB stuff again infiltrates
it will even be tremendous ( from who I have that word? )

RE-Believe !

even after 15 years of scolding

You will get what is in U


Jesse runs a different narrative style than me.
I posted that AND
RSSB is a fiction.
The only truth RSSB contains is that we are all gonna die.
Which is exactly what Brian has been blogging for several or more years.

Dr Eugene Genetics was mumbling somewhat un-coherently in his samadhi this early morning.
The quandary of the quantum physicists and the Universal Law of Sparrow Entanglement as written by the eminent French Professor, Entang Le Sparrow.
The conscious awareness at the sub sub atomised level, the innermost ego slash self, makes its presence felt through absence.
Generally, lay people are not minded to such fanciful notions, they go about the daily horror show of their humdrum lives wishing they are someone else.
Occasionally, a rare glimpse into this void detects the waves and particles that reveals the sub unconscious mind layer.

I managed to scribble this hastily on the back of the box of tea bags, before the Dr came out of his meditation. I made Him His cuppa and that was that.
Sohang as they say.

Our essence is more iike a spider web than a diamond


We can be BOTH
and much more
We can be what we want to be


@ 777 hello.

May I ask a question. Why is GSD like most indians so determined to buy land??? Ask yourself why would GOD. Lets repeat that GOD buy land ???? Why buy land when you have the universe. Please answer convincingly

Greed has many faces my friend. Arjuna (and yes I am pretty good with a bow and arrow)

Although I have seen Him Radiant° like Charan
I will not at all use that as an argument

Because I see Him inside,. . while He isn't my Master
although They are not different . . .

Why he needed cancer treatment
Because He didn't ask Charan to stop that!
Me: I would have done that!
I used Simran most of the time - didn't exclude business - omg - :-)

When sitting before Gurinder, even He in Jeans
I have that phenomenon to flash , run, jump, spring
to my Crown Chakra
Like He is a Neodynium° Magnet
and me a punaise

Al this will not help you because it's me
and the brothers here will say : autosuggestion at best hypnose
Wow - I like it
If it did help U you wouldn't t ask me and have read my comments

I don't know if I hv the rights to break the silence rules
but I did here many times and God
in Gurinders form is smiling
Charan is laughing, Sawan is amused
Jagat is pondering, Jaimal : One cannot imaging,
Set Shiv Dayal and Tulsi , : so much of another ballgame
and so many more of Them

This is The RSSB Path
It's extasis, a whole other strange orgasm High Up

About the land : I have suggested at least 3 times here
The Earth will radically change , climate change is exponential to the 3rd power , next the ^ 4th
Nobody has the slightest idea how typhones and so
will rage the waters up with strokes as a hammer
to >50 meters
I trust Gurinder is creating relative safe places but I am not 100% sure
I repeat
I hope HE will manage asap to invest the billion
into a trillion
and will make errors underway
but not like saoudis with drugs brothels and yachts

He is not all knowing - He knows what these above Masters
give Him to know at precise moments
Like in the military
I might know more than HE does

The puncher of Osho, . .
HE has the package of Nam
He is astonished by all what happens to Him

Me and You Arjuna get also what is needed for us
read the Gheeta!

Convince me of a better super Path
and I wil collude ( from collusion )
But after having seen the One-ness
that might be difficult

I love U too Arjuna


Also everything , incl God in Pratiki is DYNAMIC

and people forget that all the time like relativity

wait 4the Qubits
They have a lot to tell & confirm
mail me on [email protected]
yr email address and I send you more stuff

Be more egoistic. :-)

May I ask a question. Why is GSD like most indians so determined to buy land???


Anything wrong with buying land? Buy gold instead or maybe buy into Apple Inc or Microsoft? Maybe your choice could be Berkshire.

"Why he needed cancer treatment
Because He didn't ask Charan to stop that!"

Why the cancer is the baffling bit. Any answer @777?

° Prakiti

Sorry for having placed this where it belonged, . . belongs .... will belong
enforcing you to use the guillotine

You are incorrect with non-existing

There are many incarnations possible to make that happen
that is where consciousness is at the lowest

Not a punishment - I is where your heart is now


don't delete my posts !

Posted by: ❌ | October 07, 2019 at 02:46 AM

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🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
YOU are God too, amusing HIMself
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Why do you eat?
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Do you have an answer to the question? Is Qi the same as shabd or prana? They're not the same words, but those who believe in them would claim each has some similar effects on the mind and body, but also some very different effects as well as different origins and powers.

So if I sit in meditation and suddenly hear something supposedly internally, what way do I have to verify what caused the sound? Why could it not be the "holy spirit" that I heard, and not "shabd?"

Is it unwise to ask questions?

Posted by: Jesse | September 25, 2019 at 07:53 AM


They may be the same or one of the numerous sub-set manifestation of the One. So what matters is what you set out seeking and then receive the directions from an appropriate teacher/master.

It's not unwise to ask questions provided you are a seeker and/or actually have some of the inner experiences which you need clarification on. Btw I am told that the only letters that GSD replies to personally are those which concern inner experiences narrated by followers.

But in your case there are diktat like utterances and which make it clear that you aren't seeking. Some examples

- Sounds you hear in meditation are not "shabd."
- The creation of the world is not the product of "shabd."
- the holy spirit of the bible is not shabd.

Not a sign of a seeker.

So either back these up with verifiable evidence or if you don't know first shut up on these matters and then go seek answers

Am sure you would have heard the nursery rhyme which goes as

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

@ 777. I love you too.

A bird lived in a tree
It ate mice
It said twit twooo
How is that wise


So if I sit in meditation and suddenly hear something supposedly internally, what way do I have to verify what caused the sound?

Simran will destroy it if it's false and embellish it when it is Truth

When it is The Master He will be embellished

It all depends on which Chakra was energised
Most of the time the so called "astral travelling" is not at all
Astral but within the magnetic /etheric sphere of the earth
That stuff is enormously FULL of entities
a little sniff of simian and they can't stand the Light

But it can happen that it is a Cry for help!
Simran will know that and help U to liberate a little that entity
No books can be written about the enormity of this Path
of 5 words 💖 We can really become ONE with The Creator


As Shri Ram kills Ravana
As Maa Durga kills Mahish-asura

And we in India celebrate the victory of good over evil this day

May these good over evil stories
Inspire you towards your own victories over our 5 external evils - Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar

Wishing all my brothers and sisters here a Very Happy Dussehra 2019.

"But it can happen that it is a Cry for help!
Simran will know that and help U to liberate a little that entity"


Since when is this permitted?

A bird lived in a tree
It ate mice
It said twit twooo
How is that wise
Posted by: Mike England | October 07, 2019 at 01:57 PM

Just ensure you speak less (even in here) and hear more. With time you will have the answer to even what you ask now.

I pray the bird in you evolves to a wise old owl one day.



Since when is this permitted?
Posted by: SP | October 07, 2019 at 10:38 PM

It's NOT . . . on our own. 🙏


2 ways
-HE orders . . . (seems to be a request)
-The disciple asks . . . HE will warn the disciple about new karmas

I'm not a good example of a Gurmukhi , not at all
and thanks 4warning not to arrange my next life to complicated
Both ways are SO marvellous


2 ways
-HE orders . . . (seems to be a request)
-The disciple asks . . . HE will warn the disciple about new karmas

I'm not a good example of a Gurmukhi , not at all
and thanks 4warning not to arrange my next life to complicated
Both ways are SO marvellous


Posted by: 🙏 | October 08, 2019 at 03:11 AM

Oh yes HE orders (or requests as you say). I know this. Not just at Astral levels but also at the physical level.

An aging retired auto mechanic went to his local favorite haunt, a scrap yard, to see what he could find. He had long since stopped repairing cars but still had an interest in technology, and loved to poke around wrecks to get a glimpse of their inner workings.

His friend, Leroy, who ran the junk yard, and who lived in a small and worn home within walking distance greeted his old friend as he totttered through the chain linked gates.

"Hey Tom."


"What you up to?"

"Nuthin. Anything interesting?"

"Yah, actually. I want you to look at something I can't figure out. "

They walked past four aisles of wrecks stacked 20 feet high and down the fifth about half way. On the ground in the middle of the aisle were 20 lengths of what looked like tubes of a light alloy with uneven lengths and ends perfectly sealed, but at odd angles.

The two men staired at the pile of tubes in silence for several seconds

"What is it?" asked Tom

"You tell me. Your the expert."

"Shit, I don't have a clue. Too nice for interior frame, chassis, or engine housing."

Tom picked up a piece, "So light. Aircraft parts?"

"Do you know any one who could tell?" Leroy asked.

"Can I take these home for a few days and think about it?" asked Tom

"Wear yourself out, old man" Leroy replied.

Over the next week Tom searched the internet, held the pieces, tried to see if they fit together somehow, and thought. He called some old aircraft repair friends from long ago. Everyone had a guess of one kind or another, but nothing panned out.

He resigned himself to the thought that they belonged to a much larger and much more complex machine or some huge structure, and that what he had was entirely incomplete. He just had a few loose parts. There was no "whole" he could make with these 20 pieces. They belonged to something else.

But he couldn't let go of the idea that these twenty pieces actually were something. One night he woke with an idea. He arranged the pieces on the floor. He arranged them as outlines to other shapes. He tried dozens of complex shapes. Then he began to notice that several pieces were of similar length. When he held the uneven edges on the ends of two tubes together and turned them just so, they locked in place, as if by very strong magnetism. And once they locked into place, their surfaces were so well manufactured that no seem was visible on the joint no matter how close you looked. And once they locked, they could not be twisted apart. They looked like one solid angle. He tried it with other pieces but no joy. Tom figured it had to be an exact fit for the correct pieces to trigger the mechanism.

Tom felt his spine tingle. He was onto something new, and strange, from an intelligence he was just beginning to get to know.

It was midnight when the first two ribs locked into place.
"This is gonna need coffee".Tom put on a pot and continued.

Four hours later he had what looked like seven different simple geometric shapes arrayed on his small living room floor.

They looked familiar. Tom went to the internet and found pictures of tangrams... Shapes built by different arrangements of the same seven pieces.

He was excited, but tired, and fell asleep on the couch. In his dream multi - colored tangram pieces arranged themselves into birds, towers, cows, sailboats, cats, letters and numbers.

From a stack of twenty mishapen looking tubes, seven perfect geometric shapes, and from these?

The next day, after breakfast, Tom began to play with his tangram pieces, arranging them into different shapes on the floor, following the guidelines on the internet.

Then, an idea came into his mind. He tried to rearrange the shapes to match. He couldn't figure it out, and went out to lunch.

He got distracted and forgot about his earlier excitement. He pulled the shapes up in one corner near the curtains and they gathered dust there for a year. He simply forgot. And when he was vacuuming he moved the stack of pieces out and back as if it was just a simple and meaningless puzzle.

But one day, when he had caught a bad cold and was unable to go out, he lay on the couch staring around the room, and his eyes fell upon the huge puzzle pieces.

He took the pieces and in minutes it came to him. As he set each piece next to the other, they locked into place as if they were one piece. He knew he was on to something.

When all seven formed the shape of a door, they shimmered, and a portal of light opened where there had been just shapes on the floor.

From 20 pieces of scrap.

That was the last day of Tom's normal life, and his first day of an impossible adventure.

Nice one Spence.
Is this a story your son wrote, either whole or with you?

Not something to do while driving.

It's not a drug
IT can easily do the driving 4U


Hi Michael
Thank you for asking. No this is my thought, while sitting on the plane last evening.

Sam is more of a Witcher /The Fixer fan, and his own Manga art is along those lines... We went to New York Comic Con last weekend and had a great time.

The words of Simran are the pieces of scrap. They appear as nothing of note. But the angle of their approach, the way they are held and consciously digested in that internal poetry (only to transform into life and digest us!) was my thought. How to reflect what happens? Hence the story. It is a matter of focus and unfolding, transforming, unlocking a natural treasure from nothing more than gentle and persistent focus. That was my thought.

I have NOT ONCE heard anything offensive or out of line. I only see/hear and feel the love currents of Hazur flowing from BBJ. Maybe access a little more why you are so bent of bad mouthing him and look at yourself for a change.
Please don’t be offended with my comment.
Posted by: Vijay

Thank You Vijay
That's a complete other description instead of
one man of one day cannot stand sexy words if it were

If I had been present It would surely had been for me a grand manmukh on
4 of the 5 aspects
and certainly on 69 and butt Jim
But you found that out already

But I can by His Grace without any efforts from myself
also be present above the 7th chakra where only Love exists and no

Also towards our Masters Compassion will be appreciated by The Holy Ghost
and innumerable lower Ghosts
Stop the the thoughts Jim, that's why you were born
NOT for observing God's SatGurus and their karmas


please you people

google above at the right side : PHIL UK grandfather
see that there is no grain of karma involved
from kal's standpoint
Myself btw , I am personal witness about other millions from Europe then freely
given to Gurinder for any Goal where HE thought it would be fine
and the almost free medications (Generics) for the poor
are high high above the top of the list

Mr Mohan had not the money needed

Don't think that the earth magnetic/etheric sphere of dreams and
so called astral travelling
has a bit to do with the Astral Region
You make Brahma/Yahweh nasty saying that

Ah. It was an allegory.
Sorry I missed it.
Anyways, it is a good story, much better than the anodyne allegories and analogies I’ve heard over the decades at Satsang.


Whatever will happen

will be HIS MAUJ


I thought surely I'd succeed trading short. That didn't work either and was courting disaster! There was a guy who lost $106,000 overnight caught short in KBIO. Never short! Never, never, never!

I had that x0 times worse by HIS GRACE
Now know that gambling is not HIS Way
It prevents to see His Light


If he cant handle a couple of million dollars, how are a million satsangis garunteed salvation?

Posted by: Neon | October 10, 2019 at 10:34 PM

Hello Neon


The game with even billion dollars is played per Kals' rules and even the physical manifestation isn't excluded too. No routine interference by the ONE.


The game of salvation is played by that ONE's rules. Maybe by the ONE's whims or probably by HIM alone through his manifestations (honestly I am not wise enough to understand the ONE's ways here). And here all Kal can do is whine at his loss.

Maybe @777 can throw some light on how the ONE chooses his marked souls.

I hope you are on board the train to salvation.

(1) GSD is vehemently dispelling long held notion of guaranteed salvation - no meditation -----> no salvation.

(2) trying really hard to not sound or be seen attacking. That's the exclusive right of ex-ers in here. LoL

Posted by: a wise owl | October 11, 2019 at 05:01 AM

@ wise Owl . Hello.

GSD has said there is no Kal. So sorry there are no rules being adhered to.

We create our own fate. No fate but what we make.

One can always look back and say, "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

GSD has said there is no Kal.
until U make one. 💖💖💖

One can always look back
or forwards - with some love >. He does not - One can see them even at the other side of earth up tu alpha Centauri
he gives some sound and that's it >>. Be immortal. 💖💖💖

For those who are interested, I've been inspired by the ever pure and mentally healthy Spence Tepper, and am starting fundraising campaigns for Tom Petters and Bernie Madoff, both fine men who served humanity and were unfairly judged and sentenced to prison sentences for nothing but being great men who helped poor people by taking their money and making more money with it.

I'll be setting up a bitcoin wallet so you can make donations anonymously if you'd like.

I'm a really good person, and I just want to help innocent billionaires who offered their all for the benefit of the world, because I'm such a good person who is so good, and my heart is so pure and full of goodness.

I am in France but 2 hours ago I got an email from my good satsangi Friend In Delhi, High Level IT networking security specialist who helps me often

Dear Brother Ji,
Radha Soami Ji.

By HIS grace, I visited HIM today and got His amazing darshan.

I went with mother and father. H wanted to go but had to stay,
A also stayed back at home but cried so much as she wanted to go with me - OMG - very difficult to see kids crying.

But, what a day it was today.
I felt of attending His satsang after years of gap.
Something happened today which gave me much more happiness even more than the news of hearing that my. xxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxx ( something private )

In Delhi and Beas, HE gives darshan on moving car because sangat has grown SO HUGE.
I was sitting very close to the path of the car,
HE usually gives Drishit with an angle of about 30° in the moving car
and it's very hard to feel the eye contact with HIM - almost never happens.
But, today when HIS car moved past the row I was sitting in, He slightly turned and He zoomed into my eyes for a fraction of second,
and it put a big big smile on my face and I wished HIM RADHASOAMI

The QnA session was great as usual:

HE ridiculed the over indulgence and sharing of daily activities on Facebook and Instagram,
put so much emphasis on continuing to attend to the daily meditation for a good 2-3 hours.

what a day it was - I am still feeling His gaze.

will try to visit tomorrow as well - Sunday my favourite day when I get to hear HIM for around 1.5 hours.


Imagine a life where gazing into the eyes of the harried and impatient clerk at the store has the same effect as Master's Darshan.

But we say "oh no, they aren't realized!"

It was never about them. Within them is everything.
It's about each of us.
The Master is Dumbo's feather.
Worthy of praise, living a clean life, being a positive example, representing the divine. Until the facts arise of their human failings.

But the perfection of the creation and of life is within each of us. We can find that inspiration within ourselves. We are all connected and always were connected.

Take the lessons, and love them, and then live them.


So when are you planning to go to Beas?

@ wise Owl . Hello.

GSD has said there is no Kal. So sorry there are no rules being adhered to.

We create our own fate. No fate but what we make.

Posted by: Arjuna | October 11, 2019 at 12:41 PM

Hello Arjuna,

For a proclaimed non believer you seem to know a lot about what GSD says, not says or utters in his interactions. Maybe even more than we believers who have listened and listen multiple times year on year.

I could quote GSD on Kal and so Karma as well verbatim. But what's the use? You aren't 'seeking'.

Then you say "We create our own fate. No fate but what we make."

I could use this to events in your life. Again I won't.

Take the lessons, and love them, and then live them.

Posted by: Spence Tepper | October 12, 2019 at 09:18 AM

We have already taken the lessons, UNDERSTOOD THEM WELL, love and live them.

Result: our profound love and respect for GSD and not your BrianJi (lol)

@ wise owl

Truth be told I'm not sure what I seek or not seek. We all get lost sometimes and when there is no light or guidance one becomes totally unemotional to anything. I stopped going to satsang in 2005. I know a lot about what he says as people tell me. And sometimes he pops into my thoughts...

You sound interesting though. Have a good day

@ wise owl

I would like to hear what GSD says about Kal?

If you read the words "GOD" written in every cell, you apprehend a lesson.

If you read the reflection in a pond, you will see the word "DOG"

And that will be your God.

Try to find it in yourself, not reflected in the world.

Not to insult dogs. And if you had to worship some external representation of God, dogs are loyal and obedient, as God is, always serving us their life without lapse. Dogs do not have the capacity for duplicity. They are purer by design.

But we are not dogs, so we worship other humans. I like the quaker approach where friends take turns reflecting that higher truth.

Enjoy the spirit of life you find in yourself. Then you can see it rightly, and not backwards, in this looking glass world where truth and shadow are easily confused, and the actual source of life hard to discern.

People who need to worship another human being do terrible things in defense of their Guru.

Imagine Malvinder, Shivinder and Sunhil, following Gurinder's disastrous financial advice, spending their lives juggling income statements, paying off shell companies to write false checks all to cover the money Gurinder and his family never intended to repay. And this, because Gurinder said they would all go from rich to richer. India would rise and the world would fall at her feet. The windfall is just around the corner! Hang in there. The fraud is only temporary. All will soon be paid off and more.. The world will see the greatness of our Guru!

Imagine that every day when something deeper inside whispered "this is wrong," ..and they each to themselves said "That is Kal speaking! My Guru is perfect! My Guru says this is right! We are on a path to greatness!"

Tragic. To lose the ability to know right from wrong. To destroy the ability in one's own capacity to know right from wrong. And then with each mounting failure, to feed the ego with more pride and justification, to claim this is just a test of one's loyalty to their Guru, God in human form. Flawless. And the greater the harm being done to others, the greater the test!

And then when the light is shined upon the whole scandel, the guru, standing upon their kingdom of real estate and other worldly gains purchased with the stolen funds claims '"I know nothing'... I owe nothing."

And the Sangat cheers them!

This is Dog day afternoon.

But this is also Brian Ji's day.
For he warned us all that magical thinking is not without harm.
It's not innocent. It can be disastrous and harmful.

Spence you really should stop assuming things for your own good. These 3 have not done anything for their Guru they have served power and money. So much so that they have falsely accused their Guru of many things on top of stealing from him, his family and friends. As I always say the truth will come out.

Spenc said
"Until the facts arise of their human failings."
Hi stone thrower
So bad photoshopping - I have never seen - and what a stupid party

@Brian I thought your IQ a little higher than allowing such fabricated fake bull shit

in 2025 to have my 90th birthday there , InShallah
- will even be better than my previous 4 vacations there

@Boss < Love & respect occurs only in meditation

"Imagine a life where gazing into the eyes of the harried and impatient clerk at the store has the same effect as Master's Darshan.

But we say "oh no, they aren't realized!""

Assuming realization or sainthood exists, how would one know who is or isn't realized? Maybe the store clerk is realized, reading your mind and laughing on the inside because you are the disciple of a fraud and he knows it without letting you know.

It always amazes me to think about my RSSB days when I thought that because I'd chosen a book on a shelf somewhere, it gave me magical powers to know who was enlightened. And that I also knew that the person in that same book who was called enlightened was the one.

I don't believe in enlightenment in any of its names or forms anymore, but if it did exist and I wanted to find one who had it, I certainly wouldn't limit my search to costumed men whose pictures are published in books and who've amassed large amounts of followers.

Osho or Manjit might be kind enough to remind us of the name of the Indian saint who said he had 20 or 30 gurus that included trees, deer and random passer-by. He saw signs of God in everything, everywhere.

Hi Jesse
Let's not judge the store clerk. Let's see the force of life in in them.

Hi Anon
You wrote
"These 3 have not done anything for their Guru they have served power and money. So much so that they have falsely accused their Guru of many things on top of stealing from him, his family and friends. As I always say the truth will come out."

They are flawed, but they were accepted by their Guru. Just like each of us. Just like the guru when he was first initiated long, long ago.

In that moment 100% responsibility for their development transferred to the Guru.

What they have done, the Guru has done.

What they have failed to do....

The Guru has failed to do....

Where they have helped others...

The Guru helped the others.

There is no escape, Anon.

This is Gurinder's choice. No one else.

No one else exists.

And there is no escape for Gurinder.

He is the only actor here.

@Arjuna made me smile with
"" I agree but not sure why he wants to build a permanent satsang structure at Haynes. Perhaps a monument.''

Haynes is almost 1OO meter above sea level
and agri fields at 70/ 80

The second serious year Tsunamies will delete London and some more
It's there that I will be born
next going USA because of more water
and more:
That money came originally from the UK


don(t worry. >>. Be immortal. 💖💖💖

Let the courts (kal) decide. 😀77😉
( If I was The GIHF , ...... I would knock kal unconscious, . . .
cancel agreements
OMG: What an extreme bad idea )

Radha Soami Ji.


@Jim wrote
Jim answers: No, not me. The only worthy Candidate to become the Chosen

Héé Jim . . . THAT answer shows that You
at the end of your life don't know what kind of Energy
Darshan is

but I guess you wrote to fast or joked
and you know it:
Like the earth was trembling when Jesus died
Or when a SatGuru re-creates the Big Bang with a tiny difference ,
just for one disciple

Or God gives a certain knowledge up to the second
Wouldn't U not first ask God. OMG. :-)


Both Charan and BabaJI inside are amused Tulsi is rolling His Moustache

He calls himself a god and chases money.

Posted by: Jesse | October 13, 2019 at 08:32 AM

I think it would be better if he calls himself Lton Johhn and chases jassi holding a glass of lassi trying not to be messy to indulge in something juicy

Posted by: Lton ❤️ jessy without being messy | October 13, 2019 at 10:51 AM

but then what is happening here?

fraud with intent?
siphoning off money
death threats

this is not even close to spiritual

this is clear criminal

only a fool will turn a blind eye

run for the exit and dont look back
no spiritual truth here

Posted by: RSSB is FINISHED | October 13, 2019 at 09:50 AM

Thanks for flashing the warning here.

@ 777. I knew your answer. Thank you.

Who can imagine 200 feet high floods ?

“Five Forms of Flooding” is a framework that I use to show how diverse flooding factors can all combine for surprising impact. They are:
1) coastal storms as the most iconic form. Stronger storms have been predicted as the oceans warm, now occuring routinely, as with Hagibis. It is the heat energy in the sea that fundamentally drives cyclones.
2) Record rainfall is occurring all over the world, just as predicted with warmer oceans, evaporating more. More moisture in the air must come down as heaviers rain — or snow.
3) Increased runoff, as rainfall volume accumulates as it moves down valleys, rivers, and even to lower streets.
4) Extreme tides, often called King Tides°, are completely unrelated to weather, following a 19-year cycle, but make other coastal flooding worse. The
5th flood factor is sea level rise – though just getting started, the accelerating pace of rising seas due to melting land ice, will raise all coastal flooding this century to levels unseen in all human civilization.

° Holland 1954

Thanks for flashing the warning here.

Posted by: a wise owl | October 14, 2019 at 09:09 AM


But then RSSB_is_FINISHED is absolutely right. No better way to describe what's here.

Spence Tepper the man wearing 2 (or is it 3) hats, one for the inner G and one for the outer G, and one for his latest G, Brian ji.

RSSB is Finished switching hats like a revolving roulette wheel.
One day it's SM1, then SM2, then SM3, and 4 and 4.1, 4.2a, then b, then c, then Guru is great beyond the control of delusional thinking and Maya, and subsequently a complete 180 degree switch around, Guru is a fraud, a charlatan, a con man and a thief, and without any doubts the M. Singh testimony proves it so, thus sayeth 'RSSB is Finished'.

@Not so quick

I predicted the waters in 2008 and
the last CA earthquake precisely with the
Richter figure here on this blog
2 hours before it happened
Need more?

I predict now that RSSB will be huge then - entire main religions
will desire to follow the then SatGurus
with immense powers and Love and They will show it
In some former comments I explained more
BBJ. is just preparing the way and shouldn't be under-estimated. :-)



7 meter 4 Greenland

20 meter for the artics

70 meter for the ant-artics

He's preparing the way by embezzling a billion dollars? And remember we're not supposed to know about any of this -- what else has been going on behind our backs?

what else has been going on behind our backs?

Zillios to the power of (^) Zillion of Regions

When U read me you will see that
all that money isn't Mini's Sons at all
They should declare that
Mini can declare that

There is a claim , decennia before that od Daiichi
who sold to Sun for the double

An 100% innocent person is like a mirror
If you shoot at HIM. it bounces back like boomerang
( and That is no punishment )

also and specifically according to kal's books

Not Mini 77777, Nimmi

Yes its a fact.

Daiichi got cute, they took Religare to arbitration over non declared information prior to the sale of Ranbaxy to them, where their due diligence investigation must have left much to be desired. And yet somehow managed to sell the somewhat defunct Ranbaxy pharmaceuticals back under Indian management to Sun Pharmaceutical company for higher price.

Now Ranbaxy is back on track under Sun management going from strength to strength, which lends credence to the argument that Malvinder was fundamental to the fallout at Ranbaxy prior to the Daiichi arbitration award. It was largely his doing that brought about the bad karma that ensued, and it's the thing dragging the rest of them to court over spilled milk years of poor Ranbaxy management under his watch.

PJ just ignore 7. He's unhealthy and delusional.

He never predicted any earthquakes and just as he didn't predict this massive scandal that I guarantee has lost more followers than gained.

I'll make a prediction and we'll find out who is correct.

My prediction is Gurinder is jailed, forced to give up the "gaddi" and the new low class members of RSSB riot in Punjab and Delhi. Some other family member will take over the org and it'll be no different than any of the million other deras. Die hard tards like 7 will think the new son or cousin is a miracle. Blah blah RSSB halves in size.

The end.


This saga is epic! How many amazing twists and turns in the story we could see before everyone can live happily ever after!

Hi Whodunit
Relax, Dude. It's all going to plan, right?

@Jesse Completely agree, and that's the outcome I'm looking for to wake everyone up as if there isn't enough to do that already.

Things seem to be heading that way, albeit at the speed of one of 777's melting glaciers.

I wrote ">".

Take care

Posted by: 7 | July 06, 2019 at 06:16 AM

Exactly wasn’t it “>”? You called it

Posted by: Vijay | July 06, 2019 at 06:36 AM

In some former comments I explained more
BBJ. is just preparing the way and shouldn't be under-estimated. :-)


Posted by: 🌈 7 🌈 7 🌈 7 🌈 | October 15, 2019 at 12:18 PM

It'll be fun watching the losers with their ass on fire!!!

I predict now that RSSB will be huge then - entire main religions
will desire to follow the then SatGurus
with immense powers and Love and They will show it

Posted by: 🌈 7 🌈 7 🌈 7 🌈 | October 15, 2019 at 12:18 PM

I've seen the future and it will be
I've seen the future and it works

- Prince

777 wrote "I predicted the waters in 2008 and
the last CA earthquake precisely with the
Richter figure here on this blog"

Hi 777, I've always liked to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I think you reveal your hand here. And you're holding nothing.

You "predicted" nothing "precisely" (you used the words "bigger than" or ">"), and, actually, all you did was make a claim after an earthquake had already hit California. Many experts were predicting a larger aftershock, none of whom claiming to be Gugu's Nostradamus:


Some gullible RS initiate misunderstood time zones and thought you predicted the original earthquake, not realising you were just speculating after the event, much like the scientists in the video above.

Please don't try and mislead people.

Thank you.

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