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September 24, 2019


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Maybe it's time for your pen pal to get out his sharpie and helium balloon and say his goodbyes formally, honorably, respectively, deeply, to the old beliefs, and in front of his wife and family.

So that this isn't an act of anger or rejection, emotion or reaction, but of awakening ; so that we honor our childhood, but celebrate our passage into adulthood.

It's OK to have a little ceremony to say goodbye. It marks a point in history for us and those who witness it. Our lives are sacred, and nothing in our past is worthy of shame. Everything was a stepping stone. How could we know then what we know now? We grew, w learned new things. The point was to see things differently.

But the beauty is, once that, at some point, we let go. We release the balloon back into the creation. And letting go, it flies away, and we never touch it again.

Christianity is nothing. Wait until Islam gets big. Death penalty for apostasy, jizya tax for non believers, blasphemy laws all enforced by governments around the world,and often locally enforced where governments can't or won't.

So I guess good on this guy for leaving a stupid religion, but society will eventually choose another religion of one kind or another, and the western world is not gonna be happy about what fills the void left where relatively benevolent Christians once dominated.

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