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September 25, 2019


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One pointed concentration and Mindful attention at both efforts at focus and concentration. But the latter teaches you to look, to accept, to understand.

Even one pointed focus must give way, internally, to mindful observation and awareness.

One - pointed repetition is merely a means to help get there by eliminating distracting thoughts. Repetition of any kind can become a powerful tool to flush out distracting thoughts and allow for simple awareness.

Also, if other thoughts interrupt mindful observation, some repetition can help you return to that open space where you can easily attend to what is here, both externally, what stimuli is strong enough on its own to draw attention, and internally, where the stimuli are more subtle and therefore attention is more vulnerable to distraction.

Both methods are artifical means to uncover a source that naturally draws attention all on its own.

Also, if other thoughts interrupt mindful observation, some repetition can help you return to that open space...

Images draw the attention outside too. Some mystics practice visualizing
the face of their Guru to steady the attention. That however may be
objectionable for some faiths :) If you're devoted to ice cream, sooner
or later. you'll likely be thinking of that anyway.

Ultimately you follow your passion. Until of course you are blessed
enough to replace one addiction with another.

Whatever dose you give, the more I crave.
--unknown spiritual adept

Unlocking the inner realms is not a childs play or a part time fantasy. It needs not only the change of mind and attitude but also His permission / acknowledgement to our efforts beyond an initial success.

To some degrees many of the spiritual paths, ways can rotate but not 360 degrees upto His door- permanent cure of this astray-ed self.

There we need look someone who is akin to His holiness Jesus, NanaK, Kabir, and like now and therefore most of us may have preferred RSSB because of its strong abd perfect lineage beginning from my love - Tulsi Sahab jee and Soami jee. I always bow before them always and remember them as they were the light of this wotld some day and now obviously for my Master.

His misadventures in businesses and His family seem inappropriate but then I am no one to conclude the family saga and isolate Him to nail Him on the cross for deceiving also helpless us and others whi sought His help thinking Him a saviour of our consciousness pre-n- post life.

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