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September 08, 2019


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September 11th. That's eerie!

You should actually follow through this time. You do this tough dad thing all the time and never actually change anything. If you don't want the relatively small number, who happen to be almost the only people who engage in your blog which plays a big role in creating traffic, to have our ongoing conversations, then just stop publishing the comments. It's actually easier to stop our nonsense rambling than it is to allow it. Just don't click the publish button.

You've been warning for years. Literally years. Just do it and stop talking about it.

But this is how human conversations, especially on blogs, work anyway. You post about something. People start talking about it, then they start talking about other stuff. I'm on another blog about Pakistan's involvement in Indian cinema and the whole thing changed into Katrina Kaif's fake Indian ancestry. On the same blog, there's a post about another Keralite blogger that has turned into a big caste war and more insults than one can imagine.

Welcome to the internet. It's a great place.

I love your crackdowns (as long as they're not on me). 😉

Jesse, and sometimes someone posts something about Kashmir, and someone else, unprovoked and out of the blue, starts ridiculing their name, and then never apologizes.

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