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August 01, 2019


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The high Court of Delhi has a different judgment about that.

Baba Ji, family and associates, all Satsangis, owe hundreds of millions in loans that were fraudulently obtained. And they, including Gurinder by name, have been ordered to repay.

Baba Ji, please pay your delinquent bills. You cannot return to your true home until every single Rupee is paid. How can we help?

Looks like 7 locations were raided in the investigation, including Sunil G, Hemant, Hemant Dhingra, and N K Ghoshal, all Religaire exec's. Looks like they're dropping the hammer on this entire executive team.

Link is below:


No raids on GSD yet?

"Using a web of offshore companies, funds were allegedly diverted from Religare Enterprises Ltd (REL), a company listed in India, into a Jersey firm that was solely owned by Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh"

from this it seems the singh bros diverted the money for themselves too.

Baba Ji, please pay your delinquent bills. You cannot return to your true home until every single Rupee is paid. How can we help?

Dear Spence,

Thou needeth a slight edit.

"Dhillion family, and loving companions, thou knoweth who's been
naughty, who's been nice. Please pay thy delinquent bills. Render
unto Caesar... pay da man, dudes, dudettes. Else justice cometh
and right swift."

Given freely, lovingly from the bountiful Book of Spence,

P.S. See how much more righteous that soundeth...

Hi Dungeness
I like it!

The lady asked, (I’m 90% sure this was verbatim), “what are you going to do about the lost 500 million dollars?”. She asked the question for her husband who could not attend.

Chris, thanks for sharing your recollection. That makes sense, asking about the lost 500 million dollars. The guru hasn't yet acknowledged the role of the Dhillon family in the fraudulent transfers of money from Religare to the Dhillon's, their close associates, and maybe others.

Brian .

What message has the big man got for the droves of us leaving the path. Oh yeah the bulldozer...

At haynes he gave me a look that was very dark and at that time I had lost someone who was the only one who looked out for me on this earth.

If he was a god (even a "puny God" the Hulk - Avengers Assemble) he have said "you will be ok son". But with hindsight he did not know.

All those RSSB who criticise you on here (I did too to a lesser degree) need to grow some balls and look at what's going on. Also they need a glass of wine to calm then the f**k down!

This God has a lot to prove now . AMEN

Brian, I think that when one realizes that whatever we had faith in, whether Jesus, Nanak, GSD, or Charan Singh, the realization that the path, teacher, guru, or guide, is not what we thought it was, develops over a period of time. It could be due to a number of things. The rigidity of the teachings or dogmatic beliefs of the membership, or the personal interactions that pulls the cover off of the enigma that is the leader of that particular path.

When we try to describe that realization, the individuals that have gone through that, can relate. However, those still with faith in their way of life and in the leader of that faith, come across these realizations we make, then they can't make sense of it. They are entrenched in the enigma of the leader and the promises made by him, whoever that is.

I can only speak for myself and my own experiences from RSSB, so I see that others commenting and making personal derogatory comments about me or my parents etc, is where I would have been over a year ago. To hear it vocalized in my own direction makes me aware of how I used to think and operate, and how dogmatic and isolated my thinking was. This has taken me quite a few months to rationalize and come to terms with the fact that I was getting upset at people defending my old faith because I was seeing myself saying the same thing to others, and it quite frankly was off putting and upsetting that I indeed sounded exactly like that.

So I've started getting back to my Mindfulness practices and it's helped a lot, especially the last few days. So it still irks me that individuals say the things they say, but I have to control my own words, and be mindful of the fact that others don't see my way, and they are entitled to believe what they want.

Apart from people in denial of the official court orders and filings, I choose to not poke at beliefs, but look to honesty in my own words and seek things out in a more holistic way, based on the available facts. It's something I need to work towards and can only be beneficial in the end.

Apologies for the long post!

Amar there is no excuse for bad behavior no matter what your belief is. That being said you have to understand that you have in many instances in the past come across in a very negative manner towards something many people hold very close to them—their faith, their path in life and their master. So this causes a defensive mechanism in people. Just like you would react if someone said things about your family or your parents. (Which I see was done and was definitely uncalled for).
So calm down on your comments. You don’t believe in the path anymore—-good for you...nobody has asked you to stay. Just be nice, positive and don’t criticize.

Nice perspective Amar. Thank you for sharing.

Petaluma environment was very nice. Particularly, BBji's presence and sangat's love. Ignorance (real or pretentious) is bliss, I suppose.
I had an enjoyable time. It was nice to catch up with a few old friends. Personally, I had wished that BBji would have given a complete satsang on the teachings and life as Hazoor used to do. Words of a king are more powerful than same words spoken by an ordinary person.
New times I guess.

I found Q&A sessions long and wasteful. If I wanted entertainment, I would rather entertain myself by catching up with more of my friends. 1 Q&A session would have been adequate.

Further, some of the answers given didn't gel with me. In particular, questions about teen suicides, depression, care of elderly, and palliative care. There was a dogmatic rigidity in the answers, that overshadowed any empathy that he may have tried to convey. He could have easily referred the questioners to local professionals instead of creating extra guilt, doubt, confusion in the audience. And likely, irked the professionals in the audience who may maybe trying to help people with similar issues.
He called his predecessors emperors, and himself a sevadar. On one hand it is seen humility. On the other hand wouldn't a truly humble person defer any advise outside of his/her scope to someone else?
My hope was that BBji's visit would have a greater spiritual value than it did for me.
Most sevadars, as usual, were impolite and rude, empty of both humanity and spirituality.
Although, in my opinion, sevadar attitudes reflects on poor local leadership/management. However, BBji needs to take some responsibility for this because management always hides behind dera policies which have been approved by BBji.

I was glad that BBji answered the question about the lost 500 millions dollars.

Personally, I was satisfied that he finally addressed it in front of 8000-9000 people. It was a huge step forward to start moving ahead. And I cannot fathom BBji, with all of RSSB legacy with him, would lie to a large audience.

Then I read about the raids on Singh brothers' and other satsangis' homes, and I reflected on the answer given by BBji.

My conclusion is that instead of saying something like "My life is open. I don't owe anyone anything. No one has given me any money. What I have is from my parents. This is all I will SAY on the subject."
At the end he should have said "this is all I KNOW of the subject."
To me, his statement meant he may know more that he is willing to share at this time.

Perhaps, not everything is "open", and there maybe more to come.

Anyway, stated above are my own personal experiences and feelings. I am only sharing them because they may validated someone else's feelings, not to offend anyone.
Thank you for understanding.

Vijay, I just posted that I know that I did that. Going forward, I will do my best not to do that.

We are all human and we all learn and evolve. We make mistakes. I'm sure you've made mistakes in the past and will continue to make them. Hopefully we learn from them and move on. If you make a mistake and learned from it, move on.

Cheers buddy!

Well said Amar
We all are at different stages in our journey
Many are still sleeping -deep in love with their illusions and fairy tales

Hi Daljit, it's a slippery slope trying to explain what you are saying above... Trust me, I know first hand, from both sides. Better to discuss the facts as they present themselves and leave everyone to discuss and form their own decisions based on them.

If someone says they've read the info and they still choose to believe and have faith in whatever it is, then so be it. At least they've taken the time to read the info.

Amar fair enough...I got it. Great comment thanks for sharing.

From reading all the articles posted on this website, it looks like the Godhwani brothers, the Dhillons, and others, including one or both of the Singh brothers, basically took the money from public companies such as Religare and Fortis, which seem to have gotten funds from the mega deal of the Ranbaxy sale to Daiichi for billions of dollars some years ago. They laundered the funds through a complex series of transactions to various legal entities owned by them, including offshore to Mauritius, which seems to have been their plan all along. I am glad to see the authorities in India going after them rather than taking bribes, but I hope that they follow through and put all of them in jail for their crimes (assuming they are indeed guilty).

In addition to the grand theft and laundering, there are articles out there about death threats from RSSB, one against one of the Singh brothers (who says he has a recording) and another against a filmmaker who had loaned money to Gurinder for his medical bills a few years ago. The evidence of criminal wrongdoing among these people seems to be quite strong! RADHA SOAMI HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST SCAMS IN INDIAN HISTORY!!!

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