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August 19, 2019


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@ chy

Just read your beautiful responses. A lot to take in. So I will read again tomorrow with a clearer mind.

All the very best

If I were Judge Judy, I'd yell at Osho for testing the boundaries, but I'd yell at the sevadars even harder for assault and battery. I couldn't lift the ban, but judgment for the plaintiff, cost of eyeglasses plus pain and suffering. :::gavel:::

"You don't understand what oneness is about. Its not a theory. Its what the japji is referring to. Its the realization that only the ONE exists, all else is momentary, a passing phase. But the ONE remains forever."

Ah, so it's not a theory, and there you've copied the theory as written in a religious scripture. You're really honest and smart. I'm glad that here at this churchless place we're all learning that completely unfounded religious ideas aren't actually that at all. We're all just too stupid to know how non-religious these religious ideas are.

Tomorrow I'll come back for "Jesus is Lord. It's not a theory. You just don't understand." Maybe next week "La IlahaIlallah Mohamed Rasul" will be proven to be a simple fact that's totally not a theory, and definitely not religious. But I'm too stupid to understand that one about Mohamed. I'm not at that advanced level of superconsciousness yet. But I'll get there. Believe that.

Let me know when you get there Jesse - that advanced level.

Will step 'down' to meet you. LOL.

Just kidding Jesse. Let me know if you ever wish to meet the worst disciple ever. Will send you the address with perfect directions. Know it all very well for it's my address.

Btw what's your objective to get to that advanced level? To understand Osho bro concept of Oneness. If yes God speed to you.

Hopefully you will be able to better explain Osho's concept of Oneness.


@ Osho Robbins

The purpose of my post on Q&A session held on 25th was not to portray your incident in a negative way.

It was to show all how they at Haynes have probably twisted it and Babaj's response.

I know you are telling the truth as it happened. Sorry if my.post was misinterpreted.

No need to apologise. All I was doing was pointing out that it is incorrect, not holding you accountable

This doesn’t seem to be true. I have been with RSSB since my childhood.. I am 30 now.. no sevadar would do this what you said.. they can be harsh and arrogant which is okay since sometimes the seekers don’t follow the rules made by them.. they are humans and get angry if something doesn’t work according to them..

Also you dare to Record the satsang and could manage to take the phone inside.. Dera rules specifically says if you are caught taking the phone inside the premises where sermons are being conducted your phone will be detained for three months..


Are you able to share a copy of the Dera rules.


@osho can you show us a copy of the police report? Some of the things you say dont sound genuine tbh. Only because you wanted to leave and wanted to shake someone's hand after and was patiently waiting for your phone to be returned does not mean you were not violent before all this and that you are not guilty! Also, lying to the police is also a punishable offence dont forget!

"Dera rules specifically says if you are caught taking the phone inside the premises where sermons are being conducted your phone will be detained for three months.."

One more reason to avoid RSSB at all costs. That's one of the most totalitarian and unnecessary policies I've ever heard.

Also Nitesh, he wasn't at the Dera. He was at Haynes Park in England.You can't legally take people's property out of the childish spite of a mystic in the first world.

Nitesh Matta
It really doesn’t matter whether you think it is true or not.
It happened to me and I am having a hard time believing things went that far.

Already the events of the Friday were extreme and I was kept waiting for four hours before my phone was returned to me.

I have been in RSSB all my life. My father was initiated 1962. There was so much love between satsangis in those days. In fact I met one of my fathers old friends there while I was waiting for my phone. It had been a long time since I saw him, so I approached him.

“Do you recognise me?” I asked

(Not “do you know who I am?”)

He looked at me and said

“Can anyone ever forget their own son?”

WOW. I was in tears.

He used to do the tape seva in the 1970’s
In charge of recording satsangs.

How ironic that now I was waiting for the return of my phone for recording and back then recording was a Seva.

You must live in a different world.

In the UK that would be illegal
Perhaps you are in India and perhaps the law allows that, but I would be surprised if it does.

If a rule is illegal, it needs changing because nobody is above the law.

If your phone is kept by RSSB for three months it would seriously disrupt your life and I can’t imagine they would really do that. if they did, it would be unreasonable and I cannot imagine anyone going back to such a satsang.

I believe your information is incorrect


I have no reason to lie about anything.
I have nothing against RSSB.

In fact go check my comments. I have been actively supporting RSSB.

Also I am well known in RSSB circles.

I don’t need to produce any police reports because I have nothing to prove.

If you don’t believe me, you are welcome to not believe. I am not trying to convince you.

I have simply stated exactly what happened exactly as it happened.

I don’t blame you for not believing me - I too would not believe if anyone told me because it appears impossible.

However, it did happen. I am not pressing charges. The people in charge are aware of what happened. I bear no grudge or lay any blame.

In fact I apologise for taking the first step by breaking the rules. I apologised to the sevadar at the time too.

But never imagined things would go this far.

After 700 hyper defensive histrionic comments he says "If you don’t believe me, you are welcome to not believe. I am not trying to convince you."

Yeah. Ok.

@ osho. They are probably laughing at you.

I would have knocked the shit out of them . Say no more. Even Gurus in the past ha e picked up the sword.


This is a perfect case to seek advice on from GSD

Osho should Just state the happenings and seek his view on what and how should a Sevadar and Osho he should have acted? Were the acts and behaviour of Sevadars appropriate? Were his acts and behaviour appropriate? Did the Sevadars follow the rules or went beyond? Is it possible to have a copy of the rules published by Dera - so that even the Sangat is aware of the consequences blah blah.

He doesn't want to press charges, fine. Atleast this he can do.

For anyone who doubts, what reason would I have to lie?

Day 1 is impossible to fabricate because there were many witnesses throughout.

My cousin is also a clear witness to the lies the sevadar fabricated because I told him exactly what happened as we walked to his car.

He witnessed the meeting with the sevadar.

Day 2 I have no witnesses because they took me to a quiet place away from the crowds.

However my sister and brother in law saw me being held against my permission by the side of the walkway. They also saw me walking back towards my car to leave Haynes.

Quite a number of people saw six people holding me and taking me forcibly to the hall on the left.

One sevadar saw it from a few feet away because I said to him "look, this is called seva"

The sevadar in the front of the hall they took me too also saw it.

And enquiry into this will show it is true.

The sevadar at the front gate saw me coming out of the van, and was told not to let me back in. That's another witness.

Then the police report to the three police officers on traffic duty who also took a picture of my broken glasses.
I had met them the previous day too.

Then the full report at Bedford police station.

Why would I go to that length to report it if it was not true?

I was already on the way exiting Haynes Park. So if this incident had not happened, I would already have been driving home.

Arjuna - That wouldn't be too smart, my friend. Sevadars are protected by a force field of grace and energy. Your fist would become instantly enfeebled by love on impact, and you would never be able to make a fist again in anger. Your wrists would stay limp with devotion like Osho's.

@ SP. Totally agree with what you wrote.

Thought. Some people can die with a punch to the head. Luckily Osho took it without any lasting damage.

Say if he had died or gone into a coma (The Rea God forbid).

This would have been a more serious investigation or a murder investigation people need to think. Mind you some of the numbnuts would have said the Baba took Osho to heaven lol.

It's all a bloody joke . Wish I had never heard of RSSB. A bigger con than Madoff!!!

@ GSD Lover! Shame masters grace didn't extend to protecting osho. I would have knocked all 6 out with love off course.

Ps don't ever tell me what to do. I will decide what is smart. Not you.

Oaho is not lying, people are talking about what happened at Haynes, I know the person who punched him, he's quite well known. I didn't believe Osho at first, I never thought anything like this could actually happen.

@Arnie Maybe it's misdirection to get people focused on this rather than GSD's exploits.

People at Haynes talk about this, but not all the non-GIHF quotes, Sheena's book, selling the mastership to a relative etc.etc.

May be I am wrong, but to me the whole idea behind spirituality and santmat is to broaden our perspective (the 30,000 feet view if you will) and become totally aware of the world/universe surrounding us. We had left the rigid rituals of our previous religions for the sake of spiritual ascent. It seems RSSB policies are becoming just as rigid.

As seekers of the ultimate truth, we have to live the path! WE should not force others to follow our shallow rules which are man made. Same God resides in Osho and the sevadar. If a sevadar punches Osho in the face, he is punching his God in the face. The entire management team pats him on the back for teaching Osho a lesson, and making him an example for the sangat. Yet everyone expects to reach sach khand.

Brothers and sisters we have to remember that our deeds (karni) bring us closer to the divine and make us holier.

During initiation we are given a yardstick by which to live: "will our actions bring us closer to God or take us away from God?" We should step away from an assignments that involve hurting another person.
GM: hurting the feelings of someone else is the worst of all sins. Even God doesn't forgive us for it.

I wish all satsangis (sangat and sevadars alike) would ask themselves this question, and live according to the universal laws of humanity (love, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, forgiveness, tolerance, industry, etc. ) Even BBji tells everyone to become better human beings first. These principles are to become the foundation of spirituality.

Ultimately only we are responsible for our souls. On day of judgement, our adherence to our religious beliefs/policies or the excuse of "We were just doing what we are told to do by someone higher up" won't help us. Only our spiritual attainment will help our souls.

Wish you all happy meditation.


So then let all these witnesses speak up for their co-satsangi. Write to Dera/GSD on lines I have been repeatedly stating.

That's the least he (with or without witnesses and luckily there are many who saw the happenings) should be doing

Send in a letter to Dera now. GSD is gonna be at Dera next 2weeks.

No point simply whining in here.

@arnie you said

I know the person who punched him, he's quite well known.

So does this well known personality have a name?

@Osho, do all Satsangis a favour -

1) write to Dera ,- let me know if you need help with the names of the Secretary, Head of Security and the individual responsible for overseas centres.
2) post a copy of both the letter written and Dera's response in here.

Appaling that you were punched. What has this become....scien(ceOfTheSoul)tology?

Part 2 - the next day
Has just been posted by Brian.

Just to make it clear. I know the names of those involved, however I purposely kept their names out of the report as My intention was not to escalate this, but just to state what happened.

Naturally, the police report contains actual names, but I will not be taking any legal action against anyone. Neither will the police as I am not pressing charges.

My purpose in writing here was so the truth is told and from what I have been told RSSB officially reads this blog

So they will know. I am not seeking any specific outcome

Osho my friend, a few commenters here have repeatedly asked that you write in to Dera Beas secretary and to Babaji as well. Please do so asap !

Although you say RSSB officials read this blog they may choose to ignore this matter unlike your official written letters to which Babaji or the secretary will have to respond.

Lately so much of negativity about Rssb...

At times i wish i was born during the era of Great Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji !

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