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August 24, 2019


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Perfect in its perfection. Love in action!

A person who cannot give even 15 minutes of talk in English language is professed Guru of so called dera in Punjab. This is how you destroy the path when people having little merit try to be Guru, compare it with the acumen of Ishwar Puri who gives long talks in very fluent English language. Plus you don't have spellcheck computer program in front of you when anyone gives a talk like that in front of native speakers of language. How many Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs have achieved this basic level of extempore speech?? Not even 20 in the whole world.

Wow..... So now there is this one with absolute no value who decides on the spiritual capability of someone on the basis of his command over English.

Jesus Christ the ONLY SON of God and there is no proof that he ever existed spoke impeccable English. Probably his command over English was passed down to Shakespeare.

It's a shame that GSD even goes to lands infested with the likes of Vinny.

Limit it to 20 - don't have the intelligence to know that you can use your toes to count as well.

Let me know if you wish to learn beyond 40. Will send some Christians I employ to sweep off garbage.

Portions of previous post should read

Don't you know you can use the fingers and toes of others too to count beyond 20.

And let me know if you wish to learn counting beyond 20..... Will send over Christians I employ.......

How funny.
I am at FrightFest in London. Before the first film started, I went to get a coffee. There was a busker in Leicester Square, Naomi Pacific, and her songs just magicked me.

Enjoy what we can, while we can 🤩

" Will send some Christians I employ to sweep off garbage "
This is precisely the mindset Christians should be wary of, you have imported these swine from third world countries. Their motive is to make money by hook or crook and in the process they will try to destroy the wealth/property and values of western world. When this tipping point happens, there will be bloody violent clashes with the native populations of Christians. Then you will remember Trump and his obsessive aggressive hyper nationalism. Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P Huntington has already given hints of those terrible times. Herbert W Armstrong founder of Worldwide Church of God had predicted of those terrible times.

Each person's experience is sacred.
A moment comes that has never existed before, and will never recur again. Every grain of sand is individual. Every cookie a child bakes has its own shape.
But everyone has a different experience.
They are all worthy. It is a gift that we can be the one in that unique place to witness it from our unique position.
Why is a foel lying in the field perfect and beautiful?
Part of the experience is the one experiencing.
If we can witness a moment of beauty, that is a treasure.
That it is always an internal experience is simply a moment of understanding.

Definitely spirituality has no relation to language command or even intellect.

Definitely there is seen an intersection of abject enormous wealth with spirituality lately thus making some of us say:

Papa Don't Preach.

as they do find pure love and better life even without their being spiritual and with legitimate earnings.

Yet it is a mystery as to how the huge wealth ( may be manipulative) is managing extreme spirituality. May be the Spiritual Deity has been an obedient pawn - acting on a divine Plan.

But who of us may. buy this supposition.

Only those few who have access .to Him inside will while others may ignore conveniently as His personal or private family issue.

Dear A_proud_muslim_in_india,

You wrote: "It's a shame that GSD even goes to lands infested with the likes of Vinny."

I suspect Vinny is actually from the same land as GSD, India, so you just insulted GSD and yourself. Besides, a Satguru loves all humanity unconditionally, because He (or She) only sees the soul, so that's double the insult. Did Vinny throw an insult at GSD? Yes, but a Satguru is beyond ego, so it can't cause harm and probably even tickles.

Live in the moment. This moment has already passed...the mind is aware on many dimensions as we do this and that throughout the moment to moment of our lives. Its all intertwined but as the topic of this blog states lets do it all this moment.
Its gone forever. Yesterday is the illusion and tomorrow one as well but we do not know where it will lead more or less. We cant know all of it only fragments as we plan our tomorrows.
Beauty is pure and flashes by in an instant but that is Gods gift to you ..dont miss it..


Too bad the D-Day is coming. Brace yourself to being a slave of Moslems, Sikhs and Hindus. Too bad your bunch lacks the potency to counter us LOL

The supreme Christianity feels threatened is it?

What's the Vatican busy with? Controlling homosexuality and abuse of minor boys amongst and by it's appointees?

Too bad Vinny, you asked for this by your insulting comments about not just a Spiritual master to few millions but even Moslems, Hindus and Sikhs. And to top it all - you are a repeat offender. And Brian / moderator didn't do a shit about this racist behaviour of yours.

Hopefully use of words will now onwards be judicious.

When you remain attached to beliefs that any thing (Physical, emotional, psychological, or any combination thereof) is an absolute or universal truth in or of itself, you deny yourself the opportunity to embrace the actuality of causality that is on-going change and is neither dependent on the past or the future. Beliefs chain you to conditioned subjective reality and the confusion of the self-referential mind prevents you from seeing things (as defined) as they are.

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