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August 31, 2019


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Lawless and self righteous men with absolutely no power or status of any significance asking "do you know who I am!!?!?!" sounds a lot less like how things operate in religious circles, and a lot more how things operate in India. Like literally everywhere you go in India crap like this happens.

Some scrubby fat loser at the Indian Coffee House in Kolkata tried pulling this crap on me for not having exact change once. The dude completely flipped his lid as if I'd just brought a pack of dogs into his immaculate mansion who attacked his royal guests. "How dare you! Do you know who I am!" Dude was a high school graduate "manager" of a dirty coffee shop. Not a sevadar, president, king. A literal nobody.

But don't let Spence know about any of this. He's under the impression that everyone is the same and there's one global culture and I don't want to destroy the fantasy he's built in his mind.

So when exactly did you get punched?
It seems you may have left the 'action' bit of the drama out?

Lawless and self righteous men with absolutely no power or status of any significance asking "do you know who I am!!?!?!

I agree totally!

Gee, ya know though... there was echo of it here recently.
Something about "Do you know who my father is!?"

Not quite the same I guess. We always cut kids a little more slack ;)

@Pema Tej
This was Friday satsang.
Sorry to disappoint you, but no punches on Friday.
Just my crimes which I apologised for to both the original sevadar, sevadar #2 and also at the meeting with sevadar #1.

Everything I did “wrong” I openly admitted to and apologised for.
What I didn’t do (threaten a sevadar) I flatly denied.

And I have to congratulate Jesse for his first comment in which he doesn’t call me a liar or worse. Maybe we’re becoming friends.

These are the events of Friday only.
Friday was fairly civil.

And One big upside.

I will go down in history and in the RSSB book of records ( not quite big enough to go into the Guinness one) as the only person banned from both giving satsang and attending it.
The ban is actually worldwide but this was not clarified to me until the next day when I sought clarification on the details of the ban.

Rules r rules.. go against them the suffer the consequences.

@Pema Tej. This is a description of just the events on DAY 1: Friday and of his phone being technically 'stolen' from him and of him being banned from satsang.
This description doesn't describe how he came back the next day to attend Saturday's satsang despite the ban, and was then assaulted.
This is just a description of DAY 1 and what the the ‘crime’ was that initiated two illegal acts by the UK RSSB satsangi sevadars on two different days: i.e. the genuine ‘crimes’ of theft and assault.

Rules are rules , who are u to troll about all these .
If he knew the rule , he should have followed it ,all the bhajans and songs are available at store .

Hi i donated a large sum to be used at eye hospital in Beas. The money was handed to Sam Busa .I later learnt it was used for renovation at Bush Hill.
Robert Hurwitz who claimed to be in charge of all donation told me he decides how d money is to b distributed. I requested it b sent to Beas for d eye hospital.
He said he will consider .that was d last i heard .numerous emails to him were not replied to . I suspect he used d money for his personal expenses

Bad boy Osho Robbins in the thick of it.
I’d say his behaviour of winding up all and sundry at Haynes Park backfired on him.
Lesson learnt.
After being branded, he returned the next day.
Only to bore us to tears of what happened next.
Change the record please.

Please respect the rules where you go.
And also sorry for inconvenience from our side.
Radha Soami ji

Don't mess with us.
We know how to lie and punch.

Warning to others: Don't eat too many scones either. You have been warned.

Big Boss is watching us from the stage.

@ Osho Robbins

If the ban is world wide then what about inside?

Are you also banned from getting the visions of the Guru inside?

Will He come at your death?

Are you still a marked soul? Or are you unmarked soul now?

What about your entry pass to Radhasoami heaven?

I feel really sad for you. You lost so much for so little - recording mere 5 mins of some speaker's satsang? Was it worth it? Why were you not a good sheep and just kept following the herd?

There are options..

Please check for membership at 'original' Radhasoamis at Agra?
Maybe they will not honor the ban?

There are still so many baba's in the market.
Ram Rahim
Asa Ram
Radhey Maa
Narayan Swami

Please be strong.

Dungeness I think you were kidding. I hope so at least.

The weird attitude of self importance usually disappears in a couple generations, which is awesome. Then the grandkids of the egotistical nobodies get to mix the bad qualities of postmodern nihilistic westerners into their own new blend of pathologies.

I find the ethnic and cultural angle of this mess far more interesting and relevant than the religious side, personally. Osho, the somewhat assimilated foreigner, the "nice English lady," and the latest wave of immigrants who are of a significantly lower caliber than all the previous ones. The hijinks are enough to make a really depressing reality show.

Before I go.The ______s who keep writing "rules are rules" should understand that laws supersede rules and theft of property, physical assault and the like are available offenses. Be lucky your sevadar buddies didn't spend some hours or days locked up. You're not even thinking before you write what you're writing.

made a typo last comment.

meant to write that theft and assault are jailable offenses.

Jailable may or may not be a real word. But it makes more sense than available.

@ Happyccino

What are the rules once someone is caught for recording satsang?

Lying and punching someone in the face?

All rules should be followed.., no cherry picking of rules.


And you too never bothered to get Dera's involved in this? I don't mean wrt your suspicion but end use of money.

Usually monies aren't accepted with specific instructions about end use. It's just not practical. Your best bet would have been donating to the Medical relief society or get Dera to agree receiving in 'kind'; maybe a machine the Hospital uses or was in need of.

I have done something similar once in the past - some equipment which Dera was looking for.

Anyways lots of people donate in kind - grains, milk, cars, deploy their vehicles in seva etc etc.

But the Gents you named should have reverted.

One can say he can carry pistol in satsang as he has a valid license for it and it is his personal property and want it back.They don't force you to come to satsang.We go there for our own spiritual needs so we should follow the protocol of that place.Rules are made with certain spirit behind them.Let smartphones are not allowed in a classroom and a student gives the excuse of carrying it to classroom that the lecture was so interesting he wanted to listen it later.It sounds good and then next time he may be using the same smartphone next time to watch some wrong on internet.This is called net of kaal.If one carries a pistol in satsang and says I am not going to use it (but used in this case),when you break the law you has to face consequences.

Hi Osho, seems like a v small petty matter built up to an extent of being punched and banned from attending future satsangs..Contradicting their own teachings of humility, compassion and forgiveness..Seems like regulations are the priority..Today Youtube is so convenient that seekers can enquire to their fill..Its high time for RS to upload their satsangs for the convenience of followers to listen to at any given time..It puzzles me that they do not take the advantage of the online..Lastly, rules are just guidelines and are always bendable..Its love that rules the world and never dictatorship..Loves Addy

Forcefully taken other mobile is wrong. Then again act like I will not return. In religious place if somebody's follow not ruled then it's good by respectfully saying that please don't do it again. Here he is saying I will not return phone. Do whatever can do or wait. Not a caharacter of real sevadar.

@ Osho. You know what makes me laugh people writing about their law. Fuck their law!
They had no right to punch you.

Q: Can someone record you without your permission UK?
A: Recording a conversation in secret is not a criminal offence and is not prohibited. As long as the recording is for personal use you don't need to obtain consent or let the other person know. ... Journalists often record conversations in secret that they then publish without facing any legal problems.Jun 21, 2018

Isn't being banned a plus?

Perhaps one should kick a gift horse in the mouth?

Not being able to go to satsang is a blessing that shouldn't cursed,
especially being saved from listening to such questions as "Am I even free to ask if I have a free will?"
"Or is it my karma to ask this question?"

Seen in a different light, being given a worldwide ban is clearly a sign that god is a merciful one!

Osho has been saved from the endless droning.....

We should all be so lucky.


I think the ban extents to at least the first and second region.

I will have to go back to the next satsang to find out if it extends beyond that to Sach khand also.

If it does then I will have to have a word with Kal, maybe he can give me a good position fairly high up in his region.

If all else fails so will have to create my own regions. Maybe do what Kal did and stand on one leg for a year. No way I can do it for millions of yugas like Kal.

I could set myself up as another baba, but what happens if I break my own rules, which going by my history is quite likely.
Will I have to ban myself?
And if I don’t honour the ban and just carry on, will I have to punch myself in the face? Or will I have to hire my own security team to do that part?
But wait..,.
Would the security team be authorised to punch me if I am the baba?
My god, this is so complicated.

You are not alone!! But the things is strictness is necessary for all the good things. Even the seradaar #1 #2 must have also suffered sometime in their duty for breaking the rule. So don't be penic just remember the main thing don't break rule anywhere you go especially for being highlights.

Dude why did you go to rssb at the first place ? If you don't like them! And the second thing ! If you know phones are not allowed why being the nuisance and bringing Phone and allowing someone to take it from you ? Are you being naughty ? Hahahah stupid osho robbins! 🙄


As a first time reader it seems you are a master of seeking publicity for your attempts to get people to follow ‘your path.’

Causing deliberate trouble by breaking an organisations rules that you were clearly aware of is a crass way of obtaining followers. I have seen your confused rants on youtube. I don’t think your calculated disruptive behaviour will help you in your ultimate aim.

20,000 people manage to follow basic rules at a gathering to better humanity. It’s a shame you couldn’t muster up the maturity to respect simple requests.



Absolutely right... They had no right to punch Osho. Nobody has a right to punch even if provoked.

Now do two wrongs make a right? You say you would punch back.

Also do the rules say Sevadars can punch someone caught with a phone and recording during satsang or if verbally threatened or in self-defense?

What are the rules? Why doesn't somebody approach the Rep at Satsang today and ask a copy.

Why isn't Osho taking the incident to it's logical conclusion?

In this instance wherein lies the issue? At an institution level or some zealous (maybe arrogant) individuals?

I would also make a distinction between laws and rules. I don't think anybody is writing laws in here or at Dera/centres. Rules/guidelines by Dera yes. I don't think centres are allowed to make their own independent of Dera.

Worldwide ban of Osho- our centre has not received any advisory to this effect LOL.


Few years ago, I also went with a friend to RSSB Haynes Park. . I had my handbag with me. Didn't realise, had my tweezer in the handbag. The woman didn't want to let me in because I had a tweezer on me. There security is extremely strange. I was asked to leave the tweezer at their deposit point and collect it on the way back. I was so annoyed and asked what my tweezer would do in the satsang, they kept on repeating only one line robotically- Can not go in the satsang ground with the tweezer.Me and my friend both were fuming with anger. If I knew, I would have deposited along with my phone.
So I asked, if I can leave it with her and collect it later as there was a long cue on the deposit point. She refused and we had to get into the queue to deposit my tweezer.

Inside the satsang ground Sevadars steering at you. They are standing in each row and steering down at people like vultures. Just below the Dias, they have two sevadars sitting and having their eagle eyes on the people and if you are sitting close to them, you get such distraction because they are steering in everyone's eyes. In their eyes the Sevadars are the only humans and all the visitors are criminals.

(My phone was deposited on the coach we came on. A sevadar collects everyone's phone and keep it somewhere on the coach, so we don't have to go to deposit point, just come to the coach and they give it back to you). On the way back, collected my little tweezer and headed back to coach. I asked for my phone back. She said, when coach leaves the premises (haynes park), the phones will be returned. Coach left the haynes park and we are on Motorway, asked for the phone back, the woman kept on going up and coming back empty handed and repeating, soon the phone will be given to you. I needed my phone. My friend fell asleep on the coach and I was angry and not sure what to do. They returned the phones finally, when coach dropped everyone in southall.


Mike England has got it right on the money.
I take it HSA is Jesse or Arjuna cos I suspect the big boss enjoys a scone. He looks like a cool dude.
Will this one be allowed? Free speech what a joke.

Ah yes mike and peter are sensible - they know what is cutting.

I was worried for the human race for a while there.

When you go to someone's house, respect they rules.
If you abuse their rules, you deserve to face concequences.
Why not take responsibility of the wrong doing and blame a much loved path of RSSB with your insults?
He was a guess and welcomed with all care and respect.
A Sevadar who chose to be a sevadar with many years of research!

Will all the Radhasoami bhakts clear some doubts.

What happens to poor Osho now?
Will guru come to his death as pinky promised?
Is he still a marked soul with assured entrance to Radhasoami heaven?
Does the worldwide ban apply to inner regions also?

Or is Osho Kal in Human Form?
If he is then why was he allowed to speak at satsangs earlier?

What are THE rules?

Rana, many years ago when supermarkets were still to be invented, people bought there stuff in small shops. In these shops the "customer was the king". Why? Because of the social control … if the word would spread in the community, that he or a servant had been rude, he could easily lose many customers.

These days now there is hardly social control and shops have become multinationals, there is no longer any need to deal with clients as "kings".

Have a look around … in ANY organization that does not stand in the need of attracting customers, servants easily become rude and tend towards behaviour that can be seen in dictatorships.

See what has happend in the Rom. Cath. Church. Bringing into the public the misuse of power by clergy and the organizations they ruled, was 50 years ago IMPOSSIBLE. People did know about the misuse, all did but they kept mum out of fear for the q. These days now church after church has to close and only old people go to services, that fear has gone.

The religious organizations as we know them from India are in fact religious multinationals and has all the characteristics of such organization.

Let me make it clear … what I write is about the MIS/use of power … there is nothing wrong with organizations, their rules etc … nothing at all

That is clearly your goal - to set yourself up as a Baba - but you got no following.

You got a big yapper and like to hear the sound of it, a lot, which is unfortunate.

No one likes a cry-baby, suck it up, fk off and stay fkd off.
No more satsang for you.
Not only does that suit you but it makes the rest of us fking ecstatic.

one helluva party followed at Haynes mansion following the banning decree - I never seen sevadars party like that, some fine dance moves were cut, huge celebrations !

Let me clarify the rules:
‘No phones’, that’s what it means.
Complex I know.
Blame Kal or Geriatrix.

Does the sewadars of your current Guru punch you?
Lie to you?
steal your phone?
Make you wait for hours?
falsely accuse you to threatening to hit them in their nuts?

Are you sure that the Guru will still bring a welcome party at your death?
Does your Guru mark and then unmark your soul?
How many inner regions does your Guru say there are?
How fancy is his Dera?
How many political leaders visits his dera?
How much national and international real estate does your Guru own?

Come and check out our Baba... you won't get punched in the face.

PS: Don't worry if our Guru is in Jail it's proof that he is the REAL Guru and that's why Kaal has trapped him. He will be out soon.

No guru is coming at my death.
And I had lots of them and Nobidy is coming
Except the ONE but he/she doesn’t come. Or go.
And there is no place.
No time no space
No place to go
No soul to get marked.
No Kal; no Dayal.

to realise the ONE means nothing to seek, as there is no separate YOU.

This was just a little punch. Nothing of great significance. One day soon is coming God’s Punch, known as death

But death only exists in duality.
Bulleh shah says “I will not die, let another die”
Another means the body, not even “my” body.
The body, the soul etc is not “ mine”
Possession is an illusion.
How can you possess when you yourself are going to be gone? Where will you take all your possessions when you lose your body, your soul, everything

@georgy Porgy
You wrote
“That is clearly your goal - to set yourself up as a Baba - but you got no following.”

Have you not heard? Babaji is going to appoint me as the successor. And after one day I am going to abdicate cause it’s s lot of work.

“Then the grandkids of the egotistical nobodies get to mix the bad qualities of postmodern nihilistic westerners into their own new blend of pathologies.”

Jesse another crack-up comment. Humourously put and yet… poignant, even poetic and deeply moving …. :-)

Likely a part of that dodgey set-up that also involves the triangulation and confiscation of mobile phones: The Default Mode Network.

A very pleasant day/evening to all.

Peter & George Porgy
Quite right.
Osho Robbins is an attention seeker supreme.
His comments over the years are the most inane things you will ever read.

The whole phone story sounds phoney, with lots of plot holes.

I’m surprised Brian blogs these Osho fictions. Probs because they are anti RSSB.

Jumped the shark!

Brian has jumped the shark with this Osho nonsense.

Before: you abused the rules by taking your phone and do the recording.

Now: you abuse the community by your unkind words/ blames/ judgments, eventhough you was the one who broke the rules.

Future: you probably abuse others/ Rs who try to remind you, your lesson!
And its go on...

I think, you need to take a look at the behaviour you take everywhere with yourself and make some correction there.
If you look the world with red glasses, you see the world in red color!
Hope it helps

If not happy with rules do not come simply

@Georgy Porgy
You forgot to answer the question I asked you before.

Have YOU ever broke any RSSB rules?


John Lennon of Beatles fame after his long association with his Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said later

“There is no guru. You have to believe in yourself. You’ve got to get down to your own God in your own temple. It’s all down to you, mate.”

You wrote
“Before: you abused the rules by taking your phone and do the recording.

Now: you abuse the community by your unkind words/ blames/ judgments, eventhough you was the one who broke the rules.”

Please show me where I am blaming etc.
I have simply reported what happened.
Exactly the way it happened.

You be the judgry

Osho no amount of apologizing is enough.
Your heinous crime and blasphemy needs to be punished.
Stop this talk about ONE and Sant Mat TWO.ZERO
You are unable to follow our rules.
We want you to burn books of earlier RS Gurus and only buy sanitized and pasteurized recordings of the new Guru from our official store.
You keep reading and posting from our earlier teachings and pointing out the inconsistencies. This is confusing the herd. Do you want a stamped in our Satsangs?
Earlier Ranbaxy and then you... Kaal is so persistent.,, but we are ready with our fists.

"If not happy with rules do not come simply"

If the sevadars and Gurinder aren't happy with the laws of the UK, they can simply go elsewhere and stop giving satsangs there.

They're not providing any useful service to the country.

@Jo &those who say that if you break the rules then suffer the consequences.

You wrote
“Rules r rules.. go against them then suffer the consequences”

Really? You think it’s okay to break the law etc? Do two wrongs make a right.

I made no threats to anyone. All my actions were non violent but firm.

Just like Gandhi acted, I simply stood my ground, I stood up for my rights in a non violent way. No threats, no name calling. I simply asked for my phone back.

If Babaji was there in person, he would be on my side. He would return my phone.

In fact what surprises me more than anything is that sevadars can act in ways that so directly against what BabaJi teaches from stage.
Perhaps they attend a different satsang.

The Babaji that I have spoken to many times in public is not in favour of any violence and considers anyone who attends his satsang to be his personal guest. And the Punjabi mentality is to treat a guest as if they are God.

By the way - you are also breaking the “rules” by commenting on here as are the people who claim to be “sevadar association” or “Haynes Park .....” etc and who write comments that go directly against what their own guru advocates.

So then what consequences should you suffer for breaking the “rules”?

Of course you can say “I never harmed anyone” but clearly your comments are violent.

In the post and in my comments, I am simply pointing out what happened. I don’t seek revenge. I don’t attach any blame. I am not against any person involved, not even sevadar #1 or #2.

I have only stated the facts and exactly what happened. I stand by what I say and would say it in front of Babaji and in front of any committee. It is the truth.

However, I don’t seek any outcome. As Babaji correctly said “none of us are perfect”

That includes the sevadars and it includes me. I have apologised several times, in person, at the time, and also on here. I made the first mistake and I admit it openly. However I made no threats and acted in a civil and polite manner throughout even while I waited several hours for my phone to be returned. Hundreds of sevadars and many thousands of satsangis saw me patiently standing by the information and lost property point.

What is the point of spiritual satsang if we don’t live up to what we hear in satsang?

“Itne din satsang jo kiya kush bi asar na aus ka huya?” - sar bachan

So many days you have attended satsang, has it had no effect at all?

At some point we need to stop and evaluate where we are going

The Sikh gurus were the highest example of non violence right up to guru arjun dev.

When they later picked up the sword it was always on the side of righteousness and to help those were weak.

They never instigated violence. Six against one and unprovoked would be considered an act of violence.

The gurus were peaceful and never the instigators. Radha Soami stands for the same position of peace.

I like this by the nooran sisters


“Purify your heart if you want to meet the YAAR (god)”.

“Osho no amount of apologizing is enough.
Your heinous crime and blasphemy needs to be punished.
Stop this talk about ONE and Sant Mat TWO.ZERO
You are unable to follow our rules.”
- the person pretending to be the
Haynes Park Association

You do realise that by posting your comment on here, you are going directly against what your guru advises?

That means you are breaking the rules.

So what action should be taken against you?

If your guru is against violence, how can you be for it
Yet call yourself his disciple.

A disciple should be a role model of the teachings and inspire others with his exemplary way of living.

I have seen many satsangis like that. Usually the quiet and unassuming ones

Um interesting comment: Have a look around … in ANY organization that does not stand in the need of attracting customers, servants easily become rude and tend towards behaviour that can be seen in dictatorships.

I have been told by several sevadars in USA that Babaji told them at sevadars meeting/parshad that santmat is a dictatorship.
Of course the sevadars take this literally, and serve the dictator in full zest and to excess, out of fear of displeasing him, all the while forgeting their purpose of coming to the path.

Osho the one who is constantly posting using Haynes park sevadar as his signature is just pulling your leg. For all you know It’s not even someone on the path must be an exer making fun of you.
I suggest you put this whole incident behind and just quietly attend to your work. No need making a big bruhaha about it. That’s the best approach.
Good luck brother

Similar incident happened with me while I was in Beas India, the lady sevadar snatched my diary and i never got it back as she disappeared totally. Very unethical behaviour, I completely lost my cool. I can relate to this incident for sure

lol Vijay - they are confusing themselves rather than the rssb herd, it’s fantastic.

Osho - Haynes Sewadar Association is clearly Jesse. As to your question, I only been to one event - I freely admit to knowing v little about it. Nope I didn’t break the rules. Strangely I believe it is disrespectful to break the rules of an event one is invited to. Rather stay away.

You are a trouble-maker, they’d had enough - what more is there. Just stay away end of, everyone is happy. But I don’t think you can - I think you’ll be trying to wangle your way into the next event, and continuing with your self-important objectionable attitude.

I didn’t see any flying fists or agrresrive sewadars - I saw polite fellas and older ladies trying to, and successfully, marshalling thousands of ppl in and out of a tent. I saw happy families drinking tea.

So if most ppl were perfectly happy in a relaxed environment - the question is why were you ‘lights out’ at the hands of the sewadar mma association?

Your schpiel is completely one-sided and there are always 2 sides to a dispute. Why are you hassling these volunteers to begin with - why break their rules?

The truth is you purposefully broke the rules, were banned, came back and got a bop on the hooter for your efforts by volunteers who’d had you in chunks.

@Georgy Porgy
You wrote “ As to your question, I only been to one event - I freely admit to knowing v little about it. Nope I didn’t break the rules. Strangely I believe it is disrespectful to break the rules of an event one is invited to. Rather stay away.”

Did you know that RSSB asks you not to comment online? It is against the guidelines also. So you have broken that guideline or rule.
So what are we going to do about that ?
Obviously you don’t believe in forgiveness, so that’s out of the question. So what action do you suggest?

@Georgy Porgy
“You are a trouble-maker, they’d had enough - what more is there. Just stay away end of, everyone is happy.”

Can you show me an incident where I caused any trouble? Including this one?

Asking for my phone back is not causing trouble. The sevadars not returning it to me when I have offered to leave IS trouble, as well as illegal.

The incident 2-3 years ago, I did not cause any trouble, nor in fact did the sevadars. They asked me to exit the long way out by going back and I went.

Where is the trouble in that?

Before I went, did I threaten anyone, do anything violent etc? No.

One thing I did do, was make one statement which they can take on board or ignore.

The statement was:
“This is not seva. Seva means you help a person.”
Hardly the actions of a violent or a threatening person.
The only reason you even know about it was because I reported it on Churchless.
I am benevolent towards RSSB. I have nothing against it. I was born in it. I used to read the original A4 size spiritual link at age 10 and take them to school.
When I go to the mic, I am never disrespectful, I merely focus on some topic that many people are confused on and Babaji clarifies it for everyone who seeks clarity.
How is that doing anything against RSSB?
If I was a threat, I am sure Babaji would have seen it, in which case all he would have to say is, “please let’s not continue with these questions” and I will never ask a question ever again.
He is perfectly capable of handling the situation.

Even now I have not and have no plans to take any legal action.

RSSB can, if they choose, take some internal steps to avoid such issues in future. Whether they do or not, is their choice. I am happy both ways.

I am not attaching any blame. Simply reporting the incident.

None of these are the signs of a trouble maker.

Next read my comments in churchless and you will see clearly that I am
Pro RSSB. People asked me why I didn’t ask about the financial scandal.
Go read my reply and decide for yourself if I am pro or against.

If you not intelligent enough to see that, then why bother commenting?

“I suggest you put this whole incident behind you”

Thank you Vijay. Helpful advice.

It’s already behind me. I have no malice against anyone involved.

Just because I reported it to the police or posted it on here does not mean I seek revenge.

I am just reporting what happened. I have given the full details and anyone can verify them. I am not seeking any action or outcome.
This is helpful to RSSB not harmful.

You wrote
“I have been told by several sevadars in USA that Babaji told them at sevadars meeting/parshad that santmat is a dictatorship. ”

He may have said that, but the context is:
Listen to the guru, and not others or your own mind if you want real progress.

“My way or the highway” is a favourite saying of his. Meaning, do it his way, not your way, if you want to succeed.

He is not in favour of sevadars becoming dictators

Lets get it straight, Osho wants abit of attention, he probably wanted to record to put on tube... n he got caught.. he kicked up a fuss and he used violence because he got caught breaking rules.. WHY DO IT! Now he's come on so people will feel sorry for him! GET A GRIP SON! GROW UP. Own up for wrong doings! If u invite guests to your house n they start misbehaving... I. Sure your not going to sit back n let them. Think before u act.


What is the context in which GSD said Santmat is a dictatorship?

Hi Osho Robins,

It is what it is.

It certainly seems to be, that you have instigated or provoked a particular situation or mindset.

As a guest to an event, one tries to follow the house rules to the best of his/her ability.

Like you said, nobody's perfect.

It seems that everybody is at their own level(s) of understanding and development/evolution (sewadar or otherwise).

Like the real Osho aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, there is no need for you to go around acting as a mirror and reflecting people's lack of understanding towards them, in particular the Sewadars at Haynes, or anywhere else, or is there?

There was one Osho in this existence, and that was enough.
The real Osho destroyed people's concepts of spirituality and religiousness left and right, and he did without any sense of preachiness, nor by quoting from this text or that incessantly.

Bhagwan it seems, spoke whatever he felt was necessary in the given moment, towards a particular audience.

Now back to the incident at Haynes, it is likely that only you should know what your intentions and motive were for roughing up the feathers at Haynes, so to speak, by taking out your phone and going against the house rules or common ettiquete of the event.

You have attended Satsanghs in the past, and you are well aware of their sensitivities, "rules", and mindsets.
Based on this fact, it seems to be that you were simply provoking a situation, and to say that you were 'ignorant' in this particular instance, would not really hold true.

Either way, I'm not siding up with anyone on this issue, as the Sewadars are equally liable for further provoking the matter, and making it all into an unnecessary drama.

After being told that you were banned from all Satsanghs by the Sewadars on the first day, you were cheeky enough to return the next day😂
As if what was done to you on the first day was not enough, you wanted more lies and further provocation?
Perhaps, it would have been better advised, if you had returned the following day with the police, to address the issue of your phone having been temporarily "stolen" on the first day (?)
Or, to simply uphold your right of attending a public event, of course, with you being decent enough to follow their requests or "rules".
That said, I'm no lawyer, and so it may very well be within the rights of the organisers or Sewadars to deny you entry based on your past behaviour.
In which case, you could simply turn away.

Anyhow, all said and done, my questions to you are;
1) why are you so interested in Satsanghs and what goes on around there? (Especially if you have realized this Oneness, you so keenly write about)
2) will you start going to Satsanghs with your own set of bodyguards from now onwards? (Perhaps resembling the real Osho aka Bhagwan)

Thank you 🙏🌺🌈
Om Mani Peme Hung

You wrote, quoting John Lennon
“There is no guru. You have to believe in yourself. You’ve got to get down to your own God in your own temple. It’s all down to you, mate.”

I agree, ultimately it’s your own personal journey. However in the early stages, a connection with some outer guru is helpful to some people as long as they don’t get stuck there.
From the film “The Guru”
“The guru you see in me is the guru in you”

Guru means giver of light - in this case the light of understanding who you really are. Beyond the body and mind. Realise your true nature instead of seeking inner experiences, which are simply another trap. Discover the essence that never changes. If it changes, it’s not you.
That which watches and witnesses you when you are awake, asleep and dreaming. It was present in all three states. But not involved. Some call it Turiya - the fourth state.

“Your schpiel is completely one-sided and there are always 2 sides to a dispute.” - Georgy Porgy

Well it’s not a dispute. But yes, they will have their version. But I am more than happy to co-operate if they choose to investigate further.

This account is simply to be helpful to those in charge. I seek no specific outcome. It’s for information only.

We can all learn from this and improve

@ Mishu.

We did get hold of your stupid diary. Stop whining like Osho… gosh.. you are such a cry baby. Thank Radhasoami you did not get smacked in the face like Osho.
Our sewadars with their telescopic eyes found the words K, A, A, L hidden among various pages and words in your diary.
One A was hidden in “apple” and another in “breakfast” but you can’t fool the sewadaars… no sir. It ain’t happening. We have been trained by the very best.
It does not take rocket science to figure out what these letters together mean.
Even after so many satsangs don’t you know that KAAL is not allowed in our holy Satsangs?
KAAL stands on one leg with his hands on his head begging for entrance to sacred grounds of holy satsang. But no sir.. where there is Dayal there is no Kaal.

BTW the diary has been transported to the fifth region of Radhasoami heaven.
It was dematerialized in the newly built transporter room (built with coool Italian marble) at the dera then beamed to the fifth region and rematerialized - I hope so. You can grab it when you go there during your astral journeys.

Osho Said to our brother Geory Porgy
"Have you not heard? Babaji is going to appoint me as the successor. "

Please stop your frantic calls and plan to attend the secret emergency help-me-calm-down meeting.

Think logically... Osho probably does not have enough money to buy the holy seat. He cries buckets for a mere £1000 phone. Think brothers Think. He is no Ranbaxy. He does not even own private jet or have leather covered Bentleys.
...or does he? hmmm......

@ Osho Robbins
You said "Did you know that RSSB asks you not to comment online?"

Is this really true?
If this is what the Guru is saying that why do we have so many satsangis here??
Why are they breaking their own rules?
Disobeying their own Guru?
Do they feel that their Guru is wrong and they know it better?

I had no intention to upload anything to YouTube. There are plenty already in there, and none of them are from me.
Please deal with facts not your unfounded opinions.

You even say I used violence. Was you there? Nobody even accused me of using violence and my track record shows it too.
A sevadar falsely said that I threatened to kick him, and that it a fabrication.

You see how far away from the truth you get by making assumptions that are simply not true?

That is one reason I don’t support the allegations against GSD.
Sure, something happened, just like on Friday and Saturday with me, something happened, but not what done people have concluded.

The only people who really know are the people involved.

Others simply have unfounded opinions which are worth nothing.

I know the truth and I have stated it. Beyond that, what you choose to believe is your business. I have a clear conscience and that is all that matters to me.

Gosh even the Dera Sewadaar Association no different fro their Haynes counterpart in their ignorance.

Even after so many satsangs don’t you know that KAAL is not allowed in our holy Satsangs?


Even after so many satsangs don’t you know that KAAL is not allowed in our holy Satsangs?
KAAL stands on one leg with his hands on his head begging for entrance to sacred grounds of holy satsang. But no sir.. where there is Dayal there is no Kaal.

I am Kaal: PARTIALLY INCORRECT. On two counts (1) he begs for entrance to sacred grounds and (2) where there is Dayal there is no Kaal.

I will say that RSSB is a dictatorship and it is run like a prison. The chief warden ( GSD) appoints sevadars / or staff who treats people like animals and anybody who does follow their commands is either humiliated or thrown out of the Satsang. I have seen it Beas too.

Sewadar #1: Let’s ask Babaji to make a rule that exers should not comment online.

Sewadar #2: Hmm. Wait… do you think it work?

Sewadar #1: Of course. Do any participants of Bigg Boss reality show ever comment online after the show?

Sewadar #3: I am worried about Osho. He is a spoilt brat. We should have let him continue speaking at the satsangs. Who listens there any way?

Sewadar #4: OH NO. His talks about the ONE makes my head spin and I have to reach out to those scones and hot chaaa.

Sewadar #3 to #4: Scones? Or old dames? How many times did I tell you to stay away from those old dames.

Haynes Sewadar: Coming back to comments. Even satsangis have stopped listening to Guru now. Guru has told numerous time not to comment online buy they still go to Brian’s website.
What is the Oregon Sewadar Association doing about Brian?

Oregon Sewadar: Before blaming us what have YOU done about Osho? He is still running loose. He is still thinking, talking, commenting, uploading vides. Shame on you.

Haynes Sewadar: Well we tried… smacked him nicely on his face, broke his glasses, took hold of his phone. bur he called the cops.. He did not even know who Sewadar# 2 was and he claims to know the ONE.

Beas Sewadar: We have new problem in our hands. Osho is instigating Mishu who has now started commenting and complaining.

Sewadar #1: Heyyy WTF. Someone brought in their phone and is recording our satsang… get him quick before he does a Osho….

Other Sewadars: Darn too late. He escaped.. Don’t worry.. He will never get admitted to Radhasoami heaven.

Does it really hurt to accept inconvenience if someone is emotionally attached to a thing or place or else and in this case a spiritual congregation.

Some face inconvenience to follow rules happily as they are either only partially attached or not at all...

The result is damn an incident not in good taste.

Was it the first 'a' or the second in 'breAkfAst'

Yes, I suspect your sloppy arguments are what landed you in trouble in the first place. No wonder the sevadar clocked you one.

The Haynes park satsang rules make it absolutely clear - don’t bring a phone or recording device into the tent. As far as I know this is pretty much the only rule they ask you to follow and yet you have willfully sought to break it and still trying to make excuses for doing so.

Rssb suggest that you do not discuss your personal experience online, presumably if you are an initiate. I am not an initiate, nor have had a personal spiritual experience - which I fully agree is personal and should not be talked about. I cant stand those religious nutters who proselytize their faith or expound on SM 2.0 philosophies at every Gdam opportunity - as if anyone else cares.

I’m pretty sure the big chief GSD has got no problem with my comments. He looks like a cool dude. I thought he was practical not religious. In fact, the Saturday satsang he didn’t raise a single religious concept - the satsangis did tho.

If however he happens to be more than just a practical wise older uncle, and he does have special powers, which I’m not sure I believe - but if he does (your dad might know best), then I’d be a Gdam sight more worried for your dodgy behavior than mine. You know full well what you did.

You must now reap what you have sewn - aint a wee pop on the snoz exactly what you deserve? Stop causing trouble at satsang. Take your medicine and don’t return. The stewards are still partying and busting moves in celebration...

Osho you said

This is helpful to RSSB not harmful.

No it isnt.

You owe it to the Patron and the Managing Committee/Secretary that they are made aware of 'your side' through a formal communication to them. Unlikely that anyone who matters within RSSB visits this site and even if they do, they can easily deny it and feign ignorance of the incident at Haynes.

You can always state what your intentions are and end it with - you are more than happy to co-operate if they choose to investigate further.

Interesting would be their reaction.

@pema Tej
Thank you for the detailed comment.

There is no need for me to go around acting as a mirror. That is true.

I had no plan to instigate anything. It happened exactly as I wrote. The phone fell and after that I felt like a passive observer to everything that took place.

It’s like it was just all happening. I am
Just telling you what it felt like.

I am no Osho, just me. I am no guru either. I am not out to create anything.

The ban was based on a lie. Also I didn’t think the person had the authority to ban me. Why was a lie necessary?

On the next day he claimed he was the owner of Haynes Park. Which is clearly not the case.

On the Saturday I was simply intending to attend satsang, not to provoke.

When sevadar #2 asked me to step to the side, I told him that I was simply there to attend satsang and then go home.

I guess it was naive of me to go unaccompanied but I really did not imagine anything untoward would happen.

I certainly never went to cause trouble.
If I wanted to do that, I would have gone accompanied by a group of people and none of this would have happened.

I did not file a police report on Friday. I did not intend to cause any problems for anyone. So I was certainly not going to go there with the police.

It was a minor incident.

Even day 2 was a minor incident. I don’t attach any blame to anyone.

I am not interested in satsangs, but I enjoy a friendly discussion with BabaJi. I feel he is authentic and goes out of his way to explain the truth to those who are interested.
In my mind he stand out as the most outspoken of the gurus.
I have a close affinity to RSSB as I was bought up in it. I rarely go to local satsangs.
I will not be going again to any satsang unless that same sevadar lifts the ban personally.

Wow! What interesting attitudes some of the RSSB-defenders have here? GyPy in particular.

So many people arguing that if you are a guest in someone's house you should respect their rules. Erm... What about if its not your house either, you are also a guest, and the person is requesting to be allowed to leave immediately, but you won't let them because you are illegally keeping their expensive property??

So many people arguing: "If not happy with the rules, simply do not come".

I liked this comment in reply, which I think gets to the heart of the issue:
"If the sevadars and Gurinder aren't happy with the laws of the UK, simply go elsewhere and stop giving satsangs there."

Osho - this is the best thing I have heard in my life!

Osho will not be going again to any satsang unless that same sevadar lifts the ban personally. --- Yippeeeee

I hope that sevadar never lifts the ban on you.

No Osho in RSSB means no problems in RSSB!

But i am sure Brian and his followers will find another dog for their work! They have used and exploited you a lot and they are always mentally ill people to create problems in RSSB e.g Sonya!

God Bless you Osho, hope you find some peace now!


You say both day were minor incidents. And Jesus Christ the amount you have written and whined.

I shudder to think what posters herein be subject to if ever a major incident occurred.

Lol minor incident - gd almighty the amount we heard about this minor incident.

Great case closed. No more satsang for Osho. The sevardars are partying hard, someone’s just broken out the scones, celebrate good times wahoo...

Sewadar #1: Was he Osho? I even see Osho in my dreams. Even in my astral visions I see Osho now instead of Babaji. My life is ruined ruined ruined.

Sewadar #4: All I see is scones, hot chaaa and all those old dames smiling to me…. Wicked…

Sewadar #2: Osho did not even know ME? For Radhasoami’s sake it is ME. Everyone should know ME. All this sewa and people still don’t know MIGHTY ME.

Australia Sewadar #1: Is it true that Osho is banned? For Life? All over the world? How come we did not get the memo? Just because we are down under no one cares for us?
Uh oh. No one notices our sewa. It’s all about Haynes park.. is it? You know Baba Ram Rahim Sewadar Association has approached me. You know…. There are lot many babas out there.

Australia Sewadar #2: Shh.. Keep quite. Babaji just bought a huge parcel of land to build a mega satsang center. We will be rich and famous soon. Fukk these Haynes Park sewadars and their Osho drama.

Sewadar #3: What happens if Osho becomes the next Guru???

Sewadar #2: >

Sewadar #1: This might be a blessing in disguise for me. I already see Osho in my astral visions. I will be way up in the higher regions than you suckers.. serves you right. He is alright chap. I feel sorry for lying that he is going to hit me in the nuts.

Sewadar #2: WILL YOU SHUT THE FuKK UP. I am not going to lift the ban. You can date kaal for all I care. I have the power.

Dear Osho Robbins,

I feel sad that the Sewadars acted inappropriately towards you.

On a personal note though;
a) why the name Osho? (assuming Robbins is your last name?)
b) You mentioned that you are not interested in Satsanghs, then why bother with recording at all?
c) why give so much importance to a Sewadar who banned you? You are giving him more power to decide for you, whether to attend a Satsangh or not in the future, by saying that you will not attend a Satsangh unless he personally lifts the ban.

Perhaps, you could write to a Sewadar in Charge who has more authority than the Sewadar who banned you?
If what you claim is true, and that the Sewadar who banned you claims to own Haynes Park, than this needs to be reported to a 'higher up' authority of the RSSB ladder.

Thank you 🙏

@sewadar satsang leaked


You can easily keep me entertained if you carry on like that. I won’t need the ban lifted.

When I get appointed to be the next guru
My first task will be that I will appoint sevadar #1 and #2 to be speakers

And once every month to do a comedy show just like on here but live.

@pema Tej
Why feel sad?

It was an adventure.
The week before, Babaji said
Everything happens in hukam
There is no good or bad.

Put on those glasses
And see what happens to the two day adventure.

It was all a divine play. A cosmic joke.

I don’t take jokes seriously
I don’t even take myself too seriously

It is strange that a phone can cause so much havoc in a spiritual haven.

Maybe I should apply to be a sevadar.
Can’t say if I will last longer than 24 hours though.

Robbins is not my surname. Both are made up. Amalgamation
Of Osho & Tony Robbins

The sevadar who banned me is very important. He owns Haynes Park and no ban can be lifted until he changes his mind. And only God knows what will make him change his mind.

So first I have to find God to ask him.

So will be easier to remain banned until he changes his mind.
I don’t think there can be a higher sevadar than one who had full authority to ban anyone.

Sewadar #2: Radhasoami.. Does everyone knows who I am? No??? Well there are print outs with details about my name, status, wealth and inner visions on the table. Please take one. There will be quiz next week…

Australian Sewadar: Here we go. It’s all about Haynes Park and their Sewadars.

Beas Sewadar: Hello… I am from Beas THE Dera. It ranks above Haynes Park. Hello.. Hello.. is any one listening?

Sewadar #2: Please take more print outs for your family and friends? Please leave some I need to mail them to Osho.

Beas Sewadar: Hello… Hello.. Hello.. is any one listening? I am from THE BEAS DERA.. This looks like a coup.. Need to inform Babaji.

Sewadar #2: Some one is leaking our satsangs. Guys take this seriously. This is robbery… plain and simple. Our Store is already reporting drop in sales. Make sure that all doors and windows are locked and secure. Make sure that the person standing to your right is not Osho.

Beas Sewadar: Radhasoami.. Radhasoami.. Radhasoami.. I need some attention.. We still have Mishu’s diary. I am getting worried after the drama at Haynes Park. We should have never snatched the diary from Mishu. What if she also starts complaining or calls the cops? Will I loose my sewa? Baba Ram Rahim Sewadar Association has not approached me. Does any one have their phone number? I will need some references too… from any one except Sewadar # 1.

Sewadar #1.

Sewadar #4. I have some suggestions for the next satsang at Haynes park. We need volunteers to sponsor more scones this time. Also some adrak (ginger) in chaa will not kill any one.
Also we should have the scones and chaa stalls bang in the middle of old ladies section and I volunteer to guard the old ladies section.

Sewadar #3. No you won’t.

Sewadar #1. What about me? I don’t want to lose my sewa… pleeease.

All I have reported happened exactly as reported. That is not subject to debate unless anyone was there who can speak from first hand experience.

The question is what can we learn from this?

One specific point I want to focus on is this:

Is it okay to lie in order to keep your seva if your superior tells you to?

Now we are not talking about your guru telling you to lie. That’s a whole different matter.

We are talking about another human being who is as lost as you are or maybe even more.

As Babaji said “The sevadars are not perfect”
So when another sevadar higher up the rank tells you to lie or cheat or act in ways you feel are inappropriate, what should you do?

I know what I would do. I would hand in my badge and say goodbye.

By the way let me clarify my “satsang ban”
It was not really a ban. The person in charge wrote to me and a meeting was arranged in Haynes Park in regard to my speaking style.

Prior to this, I gave a talk in Derby. The audience was 99% Indians. So I spoke 25% in Punjabi. I know because the person in charge had my talk recorded and analysed it.
Sent me a detailed critique of it. The main objection was that I spoke 25% in punjabi.
Why did I do that, when I was giving the English talk?
I’ll tell you why.
Because if someone has come to satsang I care more about their time than rules.
After the talk so many satsangis said they enjoyed the talk because I translated from the gurbani and they could understand it. They felt their time was not wasted.

Anyway at the Haynes park meeting, I was told “we need parrots” to simply repeat the four pillars of Sant mat.

I would veer off into other areas and they didn’t like it. I usually got carried away and followed wherever the flow took me. You can see this clearly in this talk from Birmingham

So I made it easy for them. I told them I was emigrating to USA soon anyway. Perfect excuse for them.
I handed it to them on a plate.
Because I only did satsangs if I enjoy them. Otherwise what’s the point.
It’s not a job , certainly not mine.
And they were making too many rules like minimum number of satsangs per year. I only wanted to do 3 or 4 a year.
Not every weekend.

So If I am not free to talk from my heart, to me that is a fake satsang, and that’s why I walked away from it.

If it doesn’t come from my heart, it will never reach the heart of the audience.

That is how seva should be also. Not robotic.
Should be done from love. Not rules.

Ten strong people pushing a horse into a barn and failing. One small child says I can do it myself. They laughed. He got some hay and fed the horse. And slowly walked into the barn. Job done.

Love or force? Which is more effective?

You decide

I will say that RSSB is a dictatorship and it is run like a prison. The chief warden ( GSD) appoints sevadars / or staff who treats people like animals and anybody who does not follow their commands is either humiliated or thrown out of the Satsang. I have seen it Beas too.

A correction to my previous comment.

Posted by:Rajinder Sharma | September 02, 2019 at 07:43 AM

By the way Osho...rules r rules...if u make attention to murder or murder someone..still u need to go to jail...Though u were not recording Babaji's voice but u still recorded something, which is an offense..u had to pay for it..

I m waiting how much can anyone write on this..if they understand rules

Rajinder Sharma ji, thank you for your comments and I hope you never go RSSB again because of you hatred. Good luck and God Bless you.

Osho, why did you nit comment on my comment? Please acknowledge my excitement which has doubled with Rajinder out as well!

Osho says

Love or force? Which is more effective?

Actually neither of the two. It's a simple case of smart thinking. Jeez that kid is a smart cookie. You should spend some time with the kid; might learn judicious behaviour and thinking.

Dear Osho,

Don't you know when to stop????

Most aren't interested in your Gyan on whats to learn from the incident or how seva should be done.

You don't even have the guts to write to Dera (which is the appropriate thing to do) and all you put in here is this sham of whatever happened was as per HIS Hukum. If this be the case then shut up and accept it quietly!!!!!

Live in HIS Bhaana(will) singing Tera Bhaana meetha lage (HIS will is always sweet).

Don't crib and top it up with your worthless Gyan.

... And of course good friends serve the same function.

@excited soul

I am glad that such simple things like a ban makes you so happy.

If I had known this before, I would have got banned long ago.

Rajinder sharma...give me the answer of this question, when did u throw out from Beas? When did u see that? Where is the place u saw people were humiliated? Did u record something? If u have any proof so show it! Do not say anything which u don't know. if u were the follower and not following now so it's ur frustration speaking, not u.
People like you are like those people that u want everything but when u don't get anything so u ruin everything.
Understand Sharma..so think before u say or write anything.
If u have guts so give me the answers of above questions. Don't give chance to those who is writing in this blog just to earn only money.

Kunal, show some respect. Don't talk to a Brahmin like that.

Oh Kunal.

"By the way Osho...rules r rules...if u make attention to murder or murder someone..still u need to go to jail."

You may have no respect for Brahmins, but you are so correct.

What Osho did was not illegal. But, what the sevadars did was illegal. They should be in jail, just as you say. Thank you for being honest about this fact and let's pray to Baba so that his sevadars face punishment under the laws of the land where they committed the assault and theft.

Thanks Osho. Now please stop crying and no more mischief by attending Rssb satsang ok? Be a good boy and stay at home no more messing with sevadars. God bless you bro.

No I don't know the context. Just what sevadars said after their parshad meeting.

Interesting comment about being banned as a speaker for speaking from the heart.
You may recall in mid 80s hazoor spoke on behalf of sangat and lower level sevadars from the heart while taking the responsibility for creating plush offices for the dera management.
At the time, management never acknowledged any responsibility but recalled all the tapes of that satsang from around the world.
An anonymous person said that dera management told hazoor to only deal with spiritual matters and keep out of dera management issues.
After hazoor's demise, the general sangat felt BBji would be the "fixer". I suppose he has tried with a dictatorial style. Maybe the management told BBji the same thing. Unfortunately, the style has trickled down to management and sevadars. It may work for them.
However, the real dera/RSSB magic of 60s thru the early 90s has disappeared since the expansion of the organization into international centers.

Sad indeed!

Someone earlier had posted a message about the world having burned, had not there been sants/saints in the world.

Again, I don't know what to think.
As I look around our oceans are rising and full of pollution. Earth is sinking and laden with toxins, Amazon is burning. Countless species are disappearing at exponential rate. Yet there is no shortage of sants today.
As the saying goes, "turnover any brick in India, you can find a sant."

Maybe a review of job description or continuing education is needed???

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