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August 13, 2019


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Wow! Congratulations! I have never bought anything through Amazon, but just may begin to do so! I do enjoy reading your blogs on Church of the Churchless. Thanks! God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder looks interesting, as do your others.Perhaps you could add them to Shambala and Wisdom Books distribution as well. 🙏😇😇

I like your new "Books I've written" section! Pretty slick!

Just got the Kindle version.
Ditto on liking the "books I've written" section, Brian Ji.

Well done Brian, and congratulations on the release of your book.
As you go through your blog, will you name each book differently?

"I like your new "Books I've written" section! Pretty slick!"

I just noticed that too. Brian needs to monetize harder. This blog is pretty active and I want him to get rich.

OshoRobbins, yes, I plan to name the next book something else. When I select the blog posts, I'm sure a name will come naturally. Then maybe above the same subtitle I'll say; Volume 2 of Churchless Sermons...

It took me about ten seconds to choose "Break Free of Dogma." Pleasingly, I then found that there isn't any other book on Amazon with that name.

Breaking free of dogma certainly is liberating. As someone breaking free of Sant Mat I have felt able to now enjoy a drink on occasion without any guilt, and a recent reacquaintance with cannabis indica. Am now able to explore other meditative approaches and favor a more secularised mindfulness courtesy of Jon Kabat Zinn.
Notice that none of the accountability and conscience are shed, just the guilt, 'breaking of holy vows' and general Catholic style moral judgement that are all left behind. This leaves you with a more flexible and adaptable approach to spirituality that leaves the door open on metaphysics but is actually grounded in day to day empirical 'reality'.
Hope to enjoy reading this new book sometime soon. Good on you Brian, you are providing an important outlet and 'service' for people feeling restricted, guilt ridden and struggling with adherence to dogmas that do not withstand scrutiny!

Congrats on the book Brian! Looking forward to this one as well as the ones to follow.

A child asks who funded the terrorist activities that killed his family. Guru + Joker replies - I do not come at the time of death.

Like the title. Perhaps may not have time to read it whole.

Though Ex you have become indirectly a part of same erstwhile group attracting not so Exers and Believers too to your blogs and books.

These have helped to straighten the minds - get to the bottom of spirituality if it exists even in one of the best schools of Spirituality open to mankind - the RSSB.

Best wishes.

PS: You may not be an Ex for Him, I believe.

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