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August 20, 2019


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Every country has strict immigration laws to prevent coming of refugees in hordes. Developing countries have limited resources already. What was the nationalism when East India Company purged Delhi by gunshots to suppress 1857 mutiny?? Was it East India Company nationalism or brutal suppression of mutiny??

I don't think anyone claims that Hindu Nationalism itself is "fake news." It's that without any context at all declaring Kashmiris as victims is simply wrong, and as I said myself, hypocritical if not intentionally dishonest on the part of the media.

Reminder- nobody said anything when Kashmiri nationalists slaughtered and kicked out Hindus and have illegally occupied and planned terror attacks from both sides of Kashmir.

And as for danger, I've said myself many times that I'd prefer living in a theocratic dictatorship than the weird society we live in now where drag queens are on video mimicking the use of drugs with small children and nobody says anything. The same NYT calls them heroes I'd assume. That's far more dangerous than an order imposed on people that's at least theoretically moral. How is drag queens and population replacement moral or not dangerous?

The supposed hunting of Assamese sounds odd to be honest. Did NYT provide any evidence that all these supposed Assamese were born in India and being hunted? Or are they just saying that? If it's supposedly Hindu Nationalism, are the Assamese being hunted Muslims and how is it known? Because there are Muslims all over the country not only not being hunted, but prospering. Why would Modi just wantonly attack them, especially considering many are Hindu too, if he was doing this for Hindu nationalism?

There is a huge insurgency happening in the east (more than one actually)that the NYT conveniently left out, or you did. I'm not clicking on their links. Are these people being "hunted" because they're part of a separatist movement and the NYT is misrepresenting the story as they tend to do? It wouldn't be the first, or 1 millionth, time this sort of thing happened where a major news outlet lied.

Does nobody remember the Iraq war? It was pretty tragic. Completely based on fake tragedy propaganda. "INCUBATOR BABIES! DANGER!!!"

I ended up clicking that link. It's lacking substance. Count how many emotional words they use. India will be fine. The separatists can move back to Bangladesh.


As I am from India let me tell you the truth of the country in short. India is a country controlled by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). RSS is an Indian right-wing, militant organisation which controls the executive, legislature and judiciary of the country. RSS is a creation of the upper castes and uses the Hindu religion as its law. Its motto is to make India into a Hindu country ruled by Hindu laws such as the Manusmriti.

Everything that you read in Indian news and media about the country is fake news. This fake news is fake from India’s independence itself. And what India shows about itself to the western world is all fake. False democracy, false human rights, false people, false fuck………

Although there are many political parties in India which exhibit themselves as left-wing, but in reality they are all influenced by the RSS.

Before India’s independence, RSS was known as the Hindu Mahasabha which later got converted into RSS. The Hindu Mahasabha wanted India to be a Hindu country, but its plans were foiled by BR Ambedkar. Ambedkar drafted a constitution with Rule of Law and human rights and also introduced bills giving women more rights and freedoms. He later resigned from Indian parliament when he came to know that the Indian National Congress was supporting the Hindu Mahasabha in rejecting the Hindu Marriage Act. Ambedkar’s draft of the marriage act was similar to the western marriage acts based on justice, equity and good conscience thereby giving women more rights.

But unfortunately Ambedkar’s dream of a free India was spoiled. He said this in the parliament by telling people that he has ‘given nectar to demons’.

Later when Ambedkar died, the power of the Hindu forces increased which destroyed the Indian Constitution and democracy. This increased the Hindu-Muslim communal tensions and led to wars between India and Pakistan. Furthermore anti-hindu forces were created in Pakistan such as the Taliban and Mujahedeen, which targeted the Hindus.

Now moving on to the present, the situation has completely collapsed. The forces which Ambedkar warned about have completely gained control of India. Minorities like Muslims and lower castes are being silently eliminated by the RSS. RSS is doing this by destroying human right laws. Human rights leaders and activists are either killed or have been threatened. Institutions have been destroyed. Now the government, executive, judiciary is all filled with RSS goons. RSS is doing all this silently and under camouflage so that it doesn’t get scrutinised in the world fora. It is creating laws that are destroying Muslims and lower castes.

And this Modi is enjoying support of the western powers because present western leaders are also anti-Muslim and anti-minority and they have various economic deals with India such as foreign investments, etc. So even if the RSS or Modi kills the Muslims or the minorities, the UN doesn’t care. However the situation may change if America gets some good leader in 2020, which will not happen because Trump is having the support of CIA.

Also one more thing which I wanted to tell to Brian. Since you are speaking about Modi and Hindus I would suggest you to increase your personal security as the US is filled with upper caste Hindus. You can well understand what I mean.

I see that there is some other person with the name 'Vinny' commenting in this blog. So don't get confused between him and me. My name is Vineet not Vinny.
Anyways I am using a vpn and temporary email to post in this blog due to security reasons.

"Hi, I'm Vineet. Everything you read in the media is wrong. Now let me repeat everything you've read in the media but call it correct."

Telling Brian to increase his security is quite literally lunacy. That statement isn't even grounded in reality whatsoever. RSS does not project force outside of India, and they're more likely to suffer attacks within India than to carry them out.

Ambedkar was a pretty good guy. That's one thing I'll agree with. But he was also a continual agitator it seems, so really his work just averaged out to nothing.

Ambedkar may have been a great man, but he was no Buddhist (not a real one, anyway).

My comment about naxalite insurgents was deleted, but those who want to understand this issue should read up on it instead of believing these terribly biased stories full of emotional language and lies by omission.

You can go the that region and see how foreigners are encroaching especially in the areas around Assam. India has not only the right but the duty to protect its people and borders. Pretending they're all peaceful and born in India is absolutely absurd, especially considering zero evidence was provided.

NYT is worse than fake news. It's outright propaganda.

Osho at first I believed your story but then I googled osho Haynes and the number of stories that come up written by you about your run in with the sevadars I can’t even count. They are obviously not made up as they are written by you. Yikes you sound like the boy who cried wolf.

"NYT is fake news . its outright propoganda".
The list goes on....

And the award for posting rubbish goes to Vineet (and not Vinny) from India who uses a VPN and temporary email address for he shits bricks of fear.


Actually there's an utterly irrelevant group in India/claiming to represent Indians (and we have some notable personalities whose covert agendas stand purged) who periodically shout their lungs out about Hindu nationalism. Keep going Vineet from India - nobody cares what you say.

To Jesse,

First of all I would like to say that that there is nothing emotional here. Everybody is talking on facts. These media outlets are not fools to write such articles. They publish facts not emotions. I don’t support anyone who does violence, whether they are Hindus, Muslims or any naxalities or any other militant group. Anyone who picks up the gun is doing wrong. Also I am not selectively targeting any religion. But I would like to remind you that it is only because of the RSS that these militant groups such as the Mujahedden or Naxalities have come into existence in India. And it was only because of Ambedkar that India got some democracy, though he was not completely perfect.

Secondly, your theory that foreigners are approaching Indian lands does not hold good. You mean to say that the fourth largest armed forces on the earth failed to stop foreigners from approaching the country? Ha ha….

The BJP government is selectively targeting only the Muslims. And those whom you call foreigners were allowed to live in India as refugees who ultimately settled in India. But they were not given any citizenships but only refugee status, most probably because they were Muslims. The procedure to get citizenship in India is very long and corrupted and there are 99% chances that you will not get one if you are a Muslim. But this does not mean that you will do cruelty on them such as sending them to detention camps and throwing them out of the country. There are presently people rotting in detention camps form more than 10 years! The United Nations Conventions on refugees and foreigners have correctly defined their human rights and freedoms. Furthermore the Constitution of India and its human rights also apply on them.

Thirdly you say that India has right to protect its people and borders. But this also doesn’t hold good because you are declaring all the immigrants as terrorists. All this national security issue suddenly arose only after Modi came to power, before that it was all peaceful. Irony! What about the HIndu, Parsi and Christian immigrants?

And what about the Indian citizens who are getting killed by the RSS and Modi? Is this called protection of the citizens? You mean to say that Hitler was protecting its people from the Jews?

The fact that you have no love in your heart towards the poor and the weak shows your mercilessness. The fact that some people sit in AC rooms with luxury life and a good bank balance and status, thereby showing their ignorance towards the poor proves that there is a thing called crime against humanity.

There was a time when someone called Hitler lived on this earth. But no one knows where he is now or where are his whereabouts. But he surely had left his racial theory of discrimination on the earth which in turn gave rise to inhumane people justifying their inhumane acts. And there were many more of his friends who came both before and after him on this earth. Furthermore all the political parties whether right, left or centre or the communists are all the same. They failed to understand what real love is.

So I don’t mind you because you have no love in your heart.

You will feel the misery of the poor when the same acts of brutality are done on you. When you will be slaughtered by a mob, when you will be expelled from the very country you are living in from ages, when you will be sent to detention camps because you are a Muslim, when you will be mentally tortured and taunted because you belong to a lower caste, when you will be denied the basic human rights, when you will be treated as third class animals, when you will be declared an illegal immigrant just because you are not a Hindu, Christian, Parsi, when you will be shot dead for speaking against the government, when you will be sent to jail for being an activist, when you will be given judicial murder, when you will be restricted to speak freely without fear…….

You don’t know the ground reality of India. Someone living thousands of kilometres away will not know what the actual reality here is. So commenting in air will not hide the truth. I told the operator of this blog to increase his security because of certain demanding reasons which fools won’t understand.

Justifying crimes against humanity won’t do any good to you. How much charity do you give to the poor and the needy?

Since this is some kind of spiritual blog let me quote-

Listen, my friend. He who loves understands.
― Kabir

To A_proud_muslim_in_India,

You will not enter Paradise until you have faith and you will not have faith until you love each other. Shall I show you something that, if you did, you would love each other? Spread peace between yourselves.

-Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 54

"First of all I would like to say that that there is nothing emotional here. Everybody is talking on facts. "

You didn't read the NYT article then.

"I would like to remind you that it is only because of the RSS that these militant groups such as the Mujahedden or Naxalities have come into existence in India."

Immediately stopped reading at that point. It's impossible to imagine a more dishonest sentence being uttered.

Is that Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 54?
What's all that stuff in the commentary about fighting and killing Jews???
What kind of love and peace is that???

To Jesse,

I don’t mind you because you have no love in your heart.

To anami,

Different people have given different interpretations of Islamic texts. On one hand there are orthodox and on the other hand there are liberals. I personally like the Sufism interpretation.

So wrong interpretation of religious texts is ought to occur.

To anami,

Also, where did I justify killing of Jews in my comment? Do you understand English?

So now I need to take lessons on love from a Hindu - who shits bricks due to some delusions he has about people and their acts from his own religion.

Exactly the reason why nobody gives a fuck about Hindus even in Hindustan (isn't this the name of our country aka Bharat). Crab mentality... Can never stand United.

The world would be a better place without boarders of any kind.

Everyone is a citizen of this world, but no square inch belongs to anyone.

At best we rent, and at best we are stewards. We should be generous and kind in our stewardship. No one should have more or less rights than anyone else simply because of their caste, creed, orientation, or location.

Hi Vineet.
Sorry you are in such pain right now..
I spent a lot of time doing Sufi teachings with a sufi master over some years...RS has a breeze of that flowing through it. So close to that area of India I suppose. Very gentle inward provoking path of the sufi...no violence..just getting into the spirit. I still use it a lot.
This sufi teacher no names now but anyway he was a muslim but left the dogma part of it and all ceremonies and rituals and had followers from all religions...
Anyway he is not a saviour as RS teaches but you sure get the sufi way of thought and life.
If you do that the outer political things will hurt you less there is always suffering on this planet and we can do what we can for others but not be attached to outcomes. Very little of that is in our control. Your inner being and its light helps those around you. Those who are sensitive to it and wish to grow. Thats the only way we can donate our good wishes to all in our path..



So after reading some posts of the author, I am surprised and yet happy that Americans can know that much about India. And the author seems a genuine and kind man.

One thing I can tell that the author is neutral and also his writings. It is not easy to write with that perfection. The author shows maturity as expected and is also unbiased.
Also came to know that Americans follow Indian sects and religions. The author knows more about Indian sects and practices than any normal Indian itself. Ha ha.....


Just lofty thoughts. Can you convince your PM /President to do away the visa requirements for Indians please.

Thanks in advance

Eternally grateful


"The world would be a better place without boarders of any kind.
Everyone is a citizen of this world, but no square inch belongs to anyone. "

Something that gets proven wrong every single day, everywhere on earth.

But please, keep repeating it. Announce to the world "I'm such a good person! I agree with the media!" as you fail to consider even the basic and amazingly destructive first step consequences of what you prescribe or what the agenda is of those who see these conflicts first hand, yet continue telling you that more conflict somehow will become global peace later.

No borders means all the people who (naturally) hate each other now have nothing separating them. Saying you want all people to freely travel is saying "I want people to fight and die." There is absolutely no question about this. Human populations end up in conflict when they migrate. I used to see various tribes of Somalis fight with rocks in the parking lot where I worked. 20 years later, they still don't go to the same malls and they form gangs along old tribal lines.

Are you even thinking at all? This entire issue of Kasrhmir is what? It's saying "Hindus should move to Kashmir, their ancestral homeland." And what is the immediate response? Everyone is saying that it would be an act of at best antagonization against the peaceful (lol) Muslims of the area, more likely a guaranteed conflict, and at worst an outright war between two nuclear powers which average citizens on both sides would probably support while being killed by the millions if it happened. Because they've hated each other since before any hard borders were drawn. This entire topic is absolute proof of your wrongness.

The result of 2 very similar populations meeting is fighting. You're seeing it right now in real time. It's not peace and dancing around a fire listening to reggae. It's war.

Without borders, you multiply the conflicts by the millions. Look all over the world even where there aren't national borders dividing various peoples. They still fight. All the time. Look at what's developing in Europe, even Sweden. Same as what's happening everywhere else where incompatible peoples and cultures were forced to live together. Hardcore nationalists are on the rise. Same in Syria, same in India, Pakistan, USA, Australia, Egypt with their killing of Christians. Same story everywhere.

Denying human nature in favor of a free fantasy land of peace is basically a request for mass murder by people who are either too stupid or too dishonest to think about what it is they're wishing for. Unless you want more death and pain, you don't actually want a border free world. You just want to fantasize.

Its a blunt truth no one in Hindus, Moslems and Sikhs ready to accept. Christians are ruling the world with brutal force, they are selling weapons and making money out of it. They are advancing in computer science , space travel and technology at fast pace. Tomorrow they can make machines which create food without agriculture. These three communities will keep fighting on imported weapons and may become full slaves of Christians. Already they are half slaves if you see how they beg/plead for visas/green cards of western nations.

SP and Jesse
Think big!
That's where it begins.
Visualize World Peace!
Or, if that's beyond you...
Whirrled Peas!

The sentiment of brotherhood and sisterhood is most important. Then ideals find their way into more practical challenges.

There are positive changes happening all the time, and negative. You choose where to spend your attention, which is the only wealth you have...

But practically speaking, those who understand the truth that we are all from the same creation, we are only here for a moment, and that our survival depends upon kindness and collaboration, will naturally seek to build good bridges.

And good bridges also build untied fronts, and united fronts can expose the misbehavior of the few, and that can lead to peaceful solutions.

"There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?
George Bernard Shaw

I was upset about the commentary with the religious text. You take a different interpretation? Okay.


Both Jesse and my IQ probably matches yours at the minimum. Just that we are enlightened that this world will never be Utopia especially in Kalyug.

So no point hallucinating.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was responsible for the formation of the Naxalites in India. Not only the Naxalites but also other militant groups.

Let me explain how.

The tribal who belong to the Scheduled Tribes and the Scheduled Castes got oppressed by the upper caste Hindus in India, which continues. The Government of India which is dominated by upper caste Hindus exploited them by snatching their lands. The forest lands and other natural lands which belonged to the tribal were snatched from them. This was done by amending the Indian Constitution in such a manner that that it would allow the government to take control of all the non-registered lands of the tribal in the name of national development. When the tribal refused to leave their lands since it was their property and they were living on it from ages, the government resorted to killing of the tribal by the armed forces. The government was helped by the RSS militants in the eviction of the lower castes from their lands.

This practice of killing the lower castes and forcefully removing them from their personal property then slowly spread to all over India. And there was one major group doing this. The RSS. Women were raped, men killed, children orphaned, dead bodies silently destroyed so that no one finds out what is happening.

The tribal then approached the government and the judiciary for help. But since the judiciary and all the institutions are controlled by the RSS, they failed to get any help.

This forced the Scheduled castes and the Scheduled Tribes to from their own militia. This militia came to be known as the Naxalites. However the Naxalites comprise of only a small proportion of lower castes when compared to the RSS. The RSS comprises of around 90% of the Hindus in India. 10 percent of the RSS is armed militia and the remaining 80 percent is unarmed support.

And the reason for the formation of Muslim militant groups was also RSS.

To establish its superiority, the RSS demolished the Babri Masjid in 1992. After the demolition the RSS started attacking the Muslim populated areas of the country. The target were women, children and innocents. This led to communal riots between Hindus and Muslims.

Further to counter the RSS a small fraction of the Indian Muslims took support and help from foreign militant groups such as the Taliban and Mujahedeen. This led to the formation of indigenous Muslim militant groups. This resulted in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

To conclude, the social fabric of India was and is being destroyed by only one, the RSS.

Nevertheless the first terrorist attack of independent India was carried out by RSS by killing Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.


What if next the RSS comes after you..... This despite you using a VPN and a temporary email id. What if the VPN you supposedly use is compromised already? Mota Bhai has unique ways. I hope I don't need to tell you atleast who Mota Bhai is ya...

Your safety is of paramount importance to all of us in here. My sincere advice to you therefore is stop posting (for your own safety).

And btw, did someone in here ask you for an explanation??? Just curious so asking

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too

Clever man was John.

Hey Georgy,

Indeed a clever man he was.... Key word is imagine.

So keep imagining. Unfortunately reality is light years away.

Sri Yukteswar's description of the higher planes exposes the absurdity of fighting and killing over greasy scraps in the physical world...

Spence, an integral feature of Somali culture is marriage between tribes for the specific purpose of reducing the possibility of war.

Go look at the state of Somalia and then think harder about what you want.

I would love to live in a world where eating chocolate ice cream 18 hours daily was accompanied by no adverse heath effects. But it's simply not the way things work. Just as eating causes obesity, so does conflict arise from large populations coming in contact with each other. It's one of the most predictable historical constants.

SP my IQ is really low. I can't do addition. Trust me, you don't want to compare yourself to me intellectually. It'll cause shame.

Do you know who my father is though?


I can't thank you enough for confirming that my initial comparison (of IQ's) is fair. Was praying fervently that it would be the case..... Jeez what a relief.

Your father .... Well we measly beings await with bated breath the revelation. Phir unke darshan Karne ke liye ticket book karenge

When very wealthy parents from around the world send their kids to ivy league schools, it is to form relationships across cultures that will last a lifetime and keep business interests among a very small circle. The actual quality of education there is not substantially different. This is a very expensive form of school busing, and it works beautifully to keep the upper economic circles under legacy control in a multi-cultural world. More than half the students at ivy league schools are there through Alumni relationships and influence, often financial, that has nothing whatsoever to do with academics and everything to do with economics. This is how a C average George Bush gets into Yale.

When you look at the backgrounds of Corporate presidents they are often from these schools, as was the person who promoted them, and that weights heavily in the decision for hiring and promotion.

When two cultures ' children are educated together, the relationships change cultures.

On other hand, when two cultures never interact, there is where misunderstandings can grow into violence.

And then you get adults who carry very childish and harmful prejudices into very sensitive deciding - making situations...


Isolated groups become nationalistic. And bad leaders use blame of one group over another to gain political power.

We are all the same, Jesse.
The source of pride people take in their intelligence, accomplishments and in their family reputation, are largely false.

Rather, these should make us humble and generous to others not so fortunate.

Hi Spence
And maybe Jesse.
You know this whole planet is in terrible turmoil. IMO the galaxy we are in is shifting. Many universal changes are happening on all levels and that many we are not aware of. Try to stay out of harms way and do some form of meditation.
So all the political turmoil and wars that are causing countries entire populations to move around the world in droves. Cultures being upheaveled and throngs of people thrown into brand new cultures. ...
This is very hard on most unaware people. Even on aware people...it doesnt have to be but fear is at the core...enjoy more international cuisine makes it all more fun.
Its not easy to accept other cultures quickly. People need time to accept and adjust and love and trust. We are all brothers but .....the human psyche just like animals needs time to adjust to the NEW energy.
We are being instantly homogenized!! Too quickly.
The astral experience of time is years here on earth vs. 10 minutes up there...so this fast intercultural homogenization is a snap on the other side.
In time all this intercultural talk will be nonexistent as all will becone one planetary effort. New situations will take up ones time and energy...to save the PLANET.
perhaps some satsangis and others will wind up their karma in this life and move on to new experiences. The planet is not headed in a physical climate wise ....direction that I want to reincarnate into. Scarry.
We just need to love one another help when one can and do the GREATEST SEVA
MEDITATION....that is it...satsangi believer or not. Meditation is a scientifically proven fact that it helps everyone.
The speedup of this homogenization is hard and political. I understand how politics shuffles people around for votes and people control...but folks THE HIGHER PURPOSE is the shift in consciousness it will bring. That is controlling the politics and religion and the release of guru dependency for many millions...There will be wars and strife yes and arguments as political and religious empires CRUMBLE..its changin' group get your popcorn bag out and go refill it. Strifes will increase !! but over this homogenization issue...not forever.
Spence you hit it on the school system BULLSEYE..

Spence, that was so dishonest and irrelevant I don't even know what to say. For someone who randomly utters the name of Hitler to conjure emotions about an Indian babas money, you sure don't seem to actually care when literally millions of lives are on the line, but rather you almost seem to want masses to die.

Ivy league schools? "We are all the same." That's your case against the human history of incessant war that happens in the most predictable fashion when large populations meet? You have zero examples other than extremely controlled environments where the rich gather? Maybe Somalia should just open a school called Harvard right? They'll end their 100s of years of non stop tribal war. They must not have gotten the message that they're all the same.

You're shameless man. Hilarious. Please never respond to anything I ever write here if it's gonna be of such a low and thoughtless calibre. "We're all the same." Lol


I should clarify further. I'm not at all familiar with Quran or Hadith, and when you wrote, "You will not enter Paradise until you have faith and you will not have faith until you love each other. Shall I show you something that, if you did, you would love each other? Spread peace between yourselves," I didn't know they were the Hadith. I thought they were your own words!

So I copied and pasted "Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 54" into Google to see what it was, and a completely different passage came up. I posted the link to it earlier, and I'll repeat it here...

It says, "Chapter: The Hour Will Not Begin Until A Man Passes By Another Man's Grave And Wishes That He Was In The Place Of The Deceased, Because Of Calamity." Along with it is this commentary: "Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews."

That's where I saw fighting and killing Jews. Kill them all basically. Even the stones and trees want them dead.

I was shocked, not at what you wrote or referenced after all, but at the other related text that I came across by accident.

Anami, have you ever read the old testament, sections of the talmud dealing with the goyim, or listened to orthodox rabbis talk about non jews ?

Religion is ugly and genocidal. Especially non dharmic and non Christian religions but they have their moments too depending on how you interpret the words- Jesus comes with a sword, the book of revelations, or the mahabharat being a global war started on gods commands.

It shouldn't shock you at all to see Islam had negative feelings about competing tribes and religions, in this case jews, who tried destroying them.

There is no evidence. Islamic terrorists are active in Kashmir. Genocides have taken place here. I support Modi for kicking these terrorists.


You wrote
"You have zero examples other than extremely controlled environments where the rich gather?"

Jesse, have you no experience with acculturation?






Our strength is from diversity working together on common objectives.

The evidence can be found in every school and workplace in every country.

The best minds don't think alike. That's why b diverse perspectives are crucial to success. And this is how great societies are made from smaller, insular ones.

So, Jesse, I'm sorry the tiny circle of people who think like you is shrinking even smaller.

More people see that their perspective is enriched and made fuller by learning about how others think and live. And in the exchange both are enriched.

But that's OK. Your thinking is an important balance to respect traditions, so long as they do not impose themselves on anyone. Those impositions, those double standards are falling away.

The evidence is overwhelming.

"So, Jesse, I'm sorry the tiny circle of people who think like you is shrinking even smaller. "

"Our strength is from diversity working together on common objectives. " LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL diversity is only a strength if you think everyone dying is a sign of power. Look up the origins of that phrase while you're online telling lies. It may surprise you to know that it's not accidental that you're repeating propaganda slogans.

If anything, the amount of people who think is growing. Non thinkers, and those who deny evidence in favor of a fantasy, such as yourself are in decline. It's not about thinking "like me." It's simply thinking or not. You're making the choice not to.

As Mayanmar, India, USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Syria, etc etc etc etc kick out foreigners with their military and spent trillions to fight against possible uprisings between foreigners and locals because outbreaks of violence are inevitable, I'm gonna have to disagree with you that some huffpo article about cooking food sufficiently disproves it. I watch war footage. People are actually dying. What happened in the Levant was real. It can't be covered by feelgood stories in the news. Same goes for Ukraine, Russia and literally every place on earth. What is war other than 2 populations meeting? That's literally the catalyst for nearly every war.

Even in Brian's backyard liberal wonderland just 2 weeks ago I watched a video of a black man screaming about killing white people. he was saying it to white people who all kept telling him that "We're all the same!" You would have been equally unsuccessful in changing his mind.

Spence, you're in denial and/or dishonest. I'm going with dishonest because that's what the pattern shows after reading your comments here. I shouldn't have to be so pedantic that I have to explain to you that some 5 people eating together is completely irrelevant to the mechanisms that lead to war. Get a grip.

Deepak Kamath, please take Spence Teppers advice, and go to Kashmir with a sign that says "you don't exist because my religion says we're all the same." According to him all their ideas of community and any healthy sense of self should dissolve right then, and terrorism will end forever.

imagine that being your slogan for world piece "You and your culture don't exist. You're not special, and you have no right to defend yourself or compete against imperialism of any kind. You just have a big ego. Submit."

Then imagine taking that insane proposition 10 steps further and saying "this is normal and it's what big smart thinkers believe, because Huffpo and some random group of people cooking somewhere."


Welcome to the twilight zone.

Hi Jesse
You wrote
"Deepak Kamath, please take Spence Teppers advice, and go to Kashmir with a sign that says "you don't exist because my religion says we're all the same."

I'm sorry Jesse, but for all your prodigious intelligence you misunderstood.

I wrote
"More people see that their perspective is enriched and made fuller by learning about how others think and live. And in the exchange both are enriched."

So my sign would read
"All beliefs welcome here!.. Love is love... No human being is illegal... Black lives Matter... Hindu lives matter... Muslim lives matter... Women's rights are human rights... Water is life... Kindness is everything."... (add your belief here...)

Oh, one more for my sign
"... Science is real..."

Good points. I shouldn't be shocked.

"So my sign would read" and then either you or your kids would be murdered out of existence. Look at the Rotherham rape coverup if you want to know more about how virtue signalling is usually perceived as weakness and taken advantage of by people far less incapacitated by mystic calls to destroy ego.

In other news, I've conclusively proven that the laws of the jungle, predator and prey, hunter and hunted, are absolutely false and that all animals both domesticated and wild are equal and the same in literally every metric. To be honest, I can't even see the difference between a bear and a seal anymore. That's how far my research went.

This most recent scientific discovery has yet to make it's rounds in academic circles, but it will soon enough. And then garden of Eden returns. I'm pretty psyched.

Below is a link to a video that lays out all my findings and the sources of data I used. It's pretty methodical and rigorous. I'll be using this discovery to stop all wars forever.


Vineet seems to be a Communist. I am a RSS guy. We are actually victims of Islamic terrorism. I wonder how people defend Muslims even after so much terrorist attacks. Why doesn't anybody go through Koran and find violent passages against kaafirs (Hindus). FYI.... paid media always defends terrorists for arabic petro dollars.


So what's your agenda as a RSS member?

And your utterances in here - please clarify if personal view or official RSS line


Nice link Jesse.

Reminds me of the bond we share. LOL


@ SP..

I am also initiated by Gurinder SIngh Dhillon around 20 years ago.

I am a RSS swayamsewak (ground worker) since childhood.

I am also ex-satsangi... since I came to the conclusion that Sach Khand does not exist apart from our mind. So I am personally all about non-duality or advaita Vedanta. Even the RSS believes in advaita vedanta.

As for my being in this churchless blog, I just wanted to correct the errors here.

Regarding RSS, it is just an organisation to organise hindus. You can also check the wiki page on RSS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rashtriya_Swayamsevak_Sangh

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