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August 02, 2019


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It's your blog. So I'll try to respect your wishes, and as I've told you in the past, you can delete my comments if you don't like them. I have no attachment to the things I write online and will probably never be offended. Nobody has anything important to say anyway.

With that being said, I like insults. I like rants. Even 777's unintelligible ones sometimes. The comments here and all the debates are extremely tame for internet standards. I'm used to getting 20 notifications from random site users telling me to kill myself or calling me names far worse than anything I've seen or said at CoC. One of my favorite internet friends regularly calls me a fa**** and scolds me for not thinking through certain ideas enough. She's great.

Civility stifles creativity and obscures paths to truth in my opinion. It's easier to force ones religion, or religious belief in a philosophical concept, onto someone when the target is attitudinally compliant. The liar and fraud has a great advantage in polite company. This is something you only learn around criminals who will call you out when you b.s. them.

This is why I respect so many of the alternative archaeologists who've now been vindicated. They fought through outright slander and attacks on their legitimacy for years before having their ideas accepted by the mainstream. Seeing the letters "dumb" attributed to you on your laptop screen is nothing at all. If you can't handle being called dumb for saying something, you shouldn't talk in public in my opinion.

But yeah, it's your site. It's gotta make sense to you. Not me.

Jesse wrote: "I respect so many of the alternative archaeologists"

Ah, I knew there must be someone you respect!! :) Hancock by any chance? Loved listening to his lectures, some of his early stuff was really great, even if if it turns out to be complete bullsh#t.

"bullsh#t" - speaking of which, I think it's time to start worrying if we have to keep language "suitable for all ages", which presumably means not swearing? Swearing is a sign of intelligent discourse, imo, and I'm surprised Brian has requested the commentators on this site to presumably have to dumb down their comments to satisfy some self-righteous readers with no sense of humour?

Say it ain't so, Brian, say it ain't so.......

PS - I do think some of the personal attacks are unnecessary and over the top, for sure, but that also has it's place - for example, I really, really miss Jesse's attacks on me........it's the only reason I still come here to be honest :(

In older days people would use their hands, shoe or stick to correct somebody else … at school, home everywhere let alone what torturers did.

After 1968 that came to be known as "abuse".

Did this mean that the will, the need or the desire to correct, vanished ?
Than how did they solve the problem of being publicly labeled as abuser?

Well, the now criminalised physical means, were replaced by mental, both intellectual and emotional means.

So if it cannot be seen it is not there, it doesn't exist.
Let those who were tortured by the civilized western services tell there tale.
They could not show a bruise on the body, yet they are "cripled" for life.

If one thinks that the harassment is in the outer means that would mean that those outward civilized people are all kind at heart by definition. Given that there is no perfection … this cannot be true and it is not true either.

Kind people will bring you flowers to show their kindness
but bot everybody that brings you flowers is kind t heart.

things are what they are
but seldom what they look like
let alone
how they are presented.

One can paint a skunk and make it look like an adorable pet, but it will still stink like hell.

It is not all gold that shines.
and … the reverse.

I stopped reading comments here long ago bc it takes so much work to dig through the negativity and insultry to get to the meat of the comment (seitan), or the good comments. I like reading different points of view, especially if they're sarcastic, funny and derogatory. But just derogatory is too tedious unless it is really intelligent and eye-popping. Original thought is great, combined with humor, fascinating. Lame insults ...ehhh just garden variety mind-midgetry of those who cannot command any audience in real life.

I stopped reading comments on this site a long time ago because it is so difficult to sift through the vitriol and insults to find the substantive or positive comments. I enjoy reading many points of view, particularly those that are mocking, witty, and caustic. However, being merely insulting is tiresome unless it is extremely clever and striking. When humor is included, original concept is fantastic and engaging. Lame insults are simply standard mind-midgetry from people who are unable to command an audience in real life. https://monkeyfarm.io/

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