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August 15, 2019


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Way back in like 2005 at my local sangat, many bragged about Gurinder's private jet and other wealth that he'd accumulated, and simply said "his brother got rich and decided to buy him these things for his satsang traveling." Which even at the time I found weird because little indie rock bands do bigger tours than that guy and somehow they manage without their own private jets.

Now it's obvious he wasn't touring for satsang, but for business related purposes, and would stop and throw some scraps of attention at all the dogs willing to listen to him blather about things he knows nothing about for 45 minutes here and there.

But you gotta wonder what his plan was this whole time. Blowing that much money on really bad investments takes unbounded greed blended with an impulsivity that most of you can't comprehend. The reason you don't have money like that is because you're not driven by that tumorous and all encompassing desire that's needed to move up. You wouldn't take shady investment risks so big that could hurt so many people just because you thought you might get richer.

His behavior more closely resembles a sociopath gambler than it does a healthy person, not to mention the ideals of a RS guru, which we know is b.s. anyway. And if you doubt my assessment, then ask yourself why not one single satsangi you know has ever shaken his hand, but he most definitely has time for meetings with billionaires. His choice in friends tells a better story about him than the news reports.

You all, except for certain self righteous cult proselytizers, are more advanced "spiritually" than this guru could ever dream of being. You might find yourself living out a Norm Macdonald joke, and end up looking down from heaven, playing a harp and watching Gurinder burn.

Thank you Jesse, great posting and so true!

You all, except for certain self righteous cult proselytizers, are more advanced "spiritually" than this guru could ever dream of being.

I tend to agree about proselytizers but I think ranking spirituality is...
well, elusive. Is it living a simple, moral, exemplary life doing good
and causing as little harm as possible? Do great philanthropists,
reformers, religious leaders, statesmen make the cut?

History often punctures the perceptions we have of the lionized, even
those revered as "saints". It's seen in their lapses, inconsistencies, in their
surprising failures, or confused utterances, in all the revealing, often
shocking details that emerge of their private lives. Sometimes there are
complete turnarounds in behavior or even sudden seismic shifts in their

In my opinion, a more reliable metric of spirituality is the level of awareness,
a mindfulness of what goes on within the self, what shapes thoughts, evokes
emotion, and drives actions. The spiritual may be totally ordinary or famous
or even infamous. Doesn't matter.

They may be helplessly viewing their own destiny playing out before their eyes.
Are they trying to self-correct their flaws? Of course. But they know they are in
essence more than their thoughts, impulses, their whole destiny. They know what
is going on within. They know the truth, That knowledge and a continuing self-
examination give rise to a deeper, and more enduring spirituality.

Oftentimes I refer in myself to the true thought.

What does anyone know in this ever changing illusory world.?

As ideas redevelop and get new exciting starts other ones crash and are destroyed only to do the same seesaw thing again. Around and around same business different day...I find a need to just forget it all and take a nap...sleep is intoxicating!.

Can't Sunil Gothwani still not travel?
What about him right now?
It's all still very vague actually..
There must be a lot to discover ..

Move along nothing to see here....But here is what rocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQjAIlFZWWc

I think u need to find some more evidence against Babaji. U need to understand the screen shot because it is clearly mentioned that Only Singh brothers have been issued the notice not Babaji so understand the notice first and then criticise.

U guys don't know what to do but u need to come in all the matters..was anyone there when this deal was closing? So how can u comment without seeing from ur eyes... Understand first..

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