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August 05, 2019


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Well, are we predictable or aren't we?

When I was young the world was large and my future one of infinite possibilities. It seemed anything was possible. And this anticipation and hope was the source of joy.

But now in retrospect my life has predictably been constrained by my personality quirks The odd mix of qualities that make it possible for me to do wonderful things are the exact same qualities that make me forever incompetent at other things.

And now my pleasure is that I know my limits and can enjoy the reliability of those meager strengths.

BTW the author above writes

"This skill helps us to take shortcuts in information-processing, meaning we retain the phenomenal speed at which our brains can make calculations, judge situations and direct our decisions."

But as it turns out our brains are extremely slow and physically, don't actually function quickly enough for us to react in real time. At least, not with any of the common and popular" cognitive processing " computer metaphors many neuroscience fans falsely use... Like above, making calculations at lightening speeds? Nah..


>>We are unhappy and can't shake the mood. We try to change a habit and may struggle for a while before giving up. Or we try to change somebody else's mind, which doesn't end well. We bump up against the constraints that govern our selfhood, other people's and our version of the world.<<

We all try to change ourselves and the world around us and everything and everybody containing in it.
If I suggest however to paint the beek of a crow yellow and sent the beast to a singing class because I can't stand the sound of its cry, people laugh at the absurd suggestion.
After that laugh i ask them why they think that they can an should change themselves!
Do it … and you will be amazed about the expression in their faces.

We are like the crow and everything else in nature, is what it is at birth, and die as such. As suchness we experience and digest life, but we don't change. Mothing changes, no tree, no animal no human, nothing not even clouds.

That ideology of changing, transformation FOR BETTER etc is part of adaptaion of the nature to the culture. There is nothing wrong with it as long as we don't forget the nature. We are all born with a song. In order to sing that song in a given culture, we have to be educated in the art of singing. This involvement in and preoccupation with learning makes many, if mot most people forget that they learned the art in order to sing their song.

We can learn to ride a horse, we cannot change the horse … yes …. not even by altering the genetics, but that is not so simple to explain.

We are all unique variations of the same and only by coming to know the sameness one can realy appreciate the uniqueness of the variation and help it to develop its beauty.

To know the individual "I" we first have to understand what it is to be human.

Your comment regarding determinism. On the wrestling, Charlotte Flair has a tattoo: Determine the course of your life.

You are in good company.

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