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August 10, 2019


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There is a joker, who says English, Maths, Physics and Gurudom; they are all one/nothingness. From nothingness/zero is coming infinite atomic energy. That joker might now say Calculus and Gurudom are one.

The most beautiful equation or formula in the world: Euler's Equation!
"Euler's identity is beautiful because it combines five of the most important constants ( numbers ) in mathematics into a single equation. These are: 1 – the basis of all other numbers and the multiplicative identity. 0 – the concept of nothingness and the additive
identity.Jun 20, 2017"


If it takes light from Alpha Centaurus 4.5 years to reach Earth then does it take Earth's light the same time to reach
AC? I guess not, as the position of the sun is different for a viewing reflective perspective and also the energy of
both masses would be different. So what they radiate would be different.
Now, they both sit in the same time – or do they? But from my perspective they both exist now. But at the same time
they exist in different times, as one is deemed (probably) older than the other. Who really knows? A lot is based on
theory and known physics. What about unknown physics?
*Take two human beings in a room for example, separated by space and time. They occupy different space in the
same broader space (room) and are functioning during the same present time, which immediately becomes the past,
while still having a future, which is different for both entities supposedly living in the same time.
a. There must only be a present given the above. –0+ (ppf or past/present/future) = trinity =
b. One entity’s energy light must take a certain amount of time to reach the other entity’s sensor field, and vice
versa. Does this energy source travel at the same speed for each? I would say no, as each energy source would
be different, as different entities and the sensory abilities of each entity to pick up/translate/assimilate would be
different for each.
c. They would not be the same age. One would have manifested before the other in its life span. (I am talking
about this physical region of humans).
d. Because one is older than the other, (assuming this is so, even if they are the same age, they would have come
in at a different space) then all of its past is its present, and that which has not come into being, is also its
Logically, if there is infinite space and time and it is the energy that puts it all into motion, then is it that without
energy there is only eternal emptiness?
No motion without energy
No time without motion
No space without time.
They all need one another to exist; to manifest or is energy the supreme manifestation? Because it activates all
states of being. Is energy the logos? Where did it originate from? What is the vital force? Does it stand alone
without time and space? Does it need time and space or do time and space need it?
Is this the same argument as the sum having knowledge of the parts that make it up or can the sum or total stand-
alone? Zero needs nothing to be recognised or does it become zero or emptiness only because it is not negative –1
to n- or positive +1n+?? Does it matter? What is matter? All the above or none of the above????

By Fairy Gyani

25 June 2014
I would suggest that it is gravity that puts the energy of the bosons into effect; the “Higgs Boson” must be the
infinite dark matter “emptiness”. We will never know what quantum gravity is as at present it is just too far beyond
our research. Then, in the distant future, once discovered, (or should I say realised) there will be something else that
even puts that into effect in a progression of matter/anti-matter interdependence for existence or non-existence.
Therefore all matter and non-matter must be interdependent or dependent for arising or non-arising. Meanwhile we
mere and meek humans continue our destructive paths of killing one another in the name of a non-existent God and
man-made religions with unbelievably (in this day and age) silly beliefs. Philosophical religions (Buddhism) for one
advocate and explain quantum physics. What a clever quantum physicist Buddha was!

A Fairy's Theories on Thought Speed and Mass or Lack Of and on What is a Neutrino
13 December 2015

c= speed of light constant
m= mass
0=No mass (thought)
t=no time all dimensions (no limitations)

The Buddhist theory of "Emptiness" and dependent origination

0=c(n-)+m(n-)=v(n+)=v(e) or 0

Therefore, I conclude that if a neutrino has zero rest matter, then its true independent state must be in emptiness, and its opposite must be in immeasurable speed. However, the paradox is that once it gains momentum, does it pass through its "emptiness" to create gravity in order to gain mass and create cause and effect states that are dependent on light and vibration to manifest all matter of matter?

I am just an average person of meagre intelligence, but I am so very interested in SETI@home and the activities at CERN and the LHC.

I never studied physics but I am so very interested in quantum and theoretical physics - not that I understand fully.

Is the above too far off the mark?

"Discovering the Higgs boson has allowed us to understand how particles acquire mass. Now with more data and with LHC collisions at higher energies, we hope to understand even more puzzling phenomena like, what is dark matter? And why is gravity so much weaker than the other forces? These are exciting times in particle physics." ( I must have found this quote from the Cern website).

By Fairy Gyani

P.S. Clearly I am no mathematician!

The creation, to a mystic, is entirely mathematical...

1. Divide by zero, you get infinity. Zero is the denominator of the creation. When we become zero, we become all.

2. Time doesn't exist. It is an infinite summation of an infinite number of discrete static points. Newton identified digital aspect right from the start. And time and all detection of time arises from taking static snapshots. We can't actually measure movement, only the elapsed infinity of static points between two static measures. Time is all illusion.

Speaking of illusion...

"Did we evolve to see reality is it exists?"

Calculus is many things but ‘cool’ it is not.

Spence strikes me as a calculus Jedi.

Time is all illusion

Other mystics say "time is just an ordinate of space"... that
"elapsed infinity of static points". Yet, time gave birth to
space and zero, the magician. laughs "You belong to me."

It's really pretty simple. Just substitute x=cos\alp,\alp∈[0:;π]

And then \; |x+\sqrt{1-x^2}|=\sqrt{2}(2x^2-1)\Leftright |cos\alp +sin\alp |=\sqrt{2}(2cos^2\alp -1)Then∣x+ 1−x 2∣= 2 (2x 2 −1)\Leftright∣cos\alp+sin\alp∣= 2 (2cos 2\alp−1)
\displaystyle |\N {\sqrt{2}}cos(\alp-\frac{\pi}{4})|=\N {\sqrt{2}}cos(2\alp )\Right \alp\in[0\: ;\: \frac{\pi}{4}]\cup [\frac{3\pi}{4}\: ;\: \pi]∣N 2 cos(\alp− 4 π )∣=N 2 cos(2\alp)\Right\alp∈[0; 4 π ]∪[ 43π ;π]
1) \displaystyle \alp \in [0\: ;\: \frac{\pi}{4}]\alp∈[0; 4π = Sach Khand

You're welcome

math is great i assume. but nothing about mathematics solves a single existential question which is all people seem to care about.

thinking and calculating are preferred distractions for modern man, but we'd likely be better off innumerate, illiterate and immersed in enthogenic trances.

Fantastic and interesting and entertaining (as by my Master) piece, at least defining the extant of available tools as Maths as also Science about the world as 'live fiction' the Observers ( us) observe with obvious emotions and not as machines (the task could be simple if that be so and that's what The Saints expects us to be in real time if not have the capacity or flavour to lift veils , go inside to 'observe with inner eyes' the subtle reality not obvious to feeble mind power.

In fact we have been going past discrete frames with our pursuit to better , comfortable frames in the making prospectively for us all through the analysis and simulations by maths and science as carriers.

Beyond a range of thinking and extrapolative analysis the mind may become helpless even in best of the 'minds' as the desired parameters to observe may not be observable in real-time making minds to hang repetitively if subjected to more thinking and analysis using intricate mathematics and physics, thus, limiting the scope of the intents to unravel the Reality of a phenomenon to a considerable accuracy.

We begin as infinite (obvious egos) when born and grow observing and analysing infinite World around us and become 'zero', meaningless at death with all the observations and symmetries and postulates of Life and Universe and God useless for ourselves.

Then Maths defines anything at the best between say, limits of Zero and Infinity in terms of quantity ( and not as opposite or in minus terms) but what if Life and Universe even exist at lesser than zero and more than infinity state of existence and precisely definable there.

I think we are just helpless creatures subjected to intense mental pressures (those who think about it) of Life and beyond(Life) at the same time finding ourselves in each next frames of existence, may be in our beyond deaths. Rewarding ourselves an escape from these frames has been the target set for ourselves by the Mystics of yore and the Present

Of late we are in a catch-22 situation as we find it hard to submit ourselves to largely exceptionally money driven Mahatmas or Perfect Masters of present who assert and certify perfect answers to a Perfect World or Universe - not answerable perfectly in Maths and Science.

I calculated that equation and guess what

And then \; |x+\sqrt{1-x^2}|=\sqrt{2}(2x^2-1)\Leftright |cos\alp +sin\alp |=\sqrt{2}(2cos^2\alp -1)Then∣x+ 1−x 2∣= 2 (2x 2 −1)\Leftright∣cos\alp+sin\alp∣= 2 (2cos 2\alp−1)
\displaystyle |\N {\sqrt{2}}cos(\alp-\frac{\pi}{4})|=\N {\sqrt{2}}cos(2\alp )\Right \alp\in[0\: ;\: \frac{\pi}{4}]\cup [\frac{3\pi}{4}\: ;\: \pi]∣N 2 cos(\alp− 4 π )∣=N 2 cos(2\alp)\Right\alp∈[0; 4 π ]∪[ 43π ;π]
1) \displaystyle \alp \in [0\: ;\: \frac{\pi}{4}]\alp∈[0; 4π = Sach Khand

It’s wrong
It equates to
Sach Khand +3

And now I am wondering if the +3
Is Anami, Agam, Alakh

When you go within, there is a stage where florescent geometric shapes emerge from the dark like living fractals, forming and expanding into a moving florescent mesh that appears alive, almost like the skin of an animal.

Where mathematics confirms spirituality is in the capacity for abstract concepts to form into hard laws by which the entire creation runs. Do you really think logic is the source of creative insight? That rational thought without creative insight has the capacity to piece it together? Hardly.

We experience in parts and conjecture the rest. And all error resides within the conjecture.

But for the scientist whose mind is disciplined with absolute focus on their work, insights arise that often prove 100% accurate. All proven mathematics and scientific principles are evidence of this mysterious process. The proof can take lifetimes to develop, after the insight. And then the rest of us learn to trust that insight. We are all aware of how errors are found and eradicated, but generally unaware of how the creative genius of insight works.

And until we can duplicate that in a machine, until a computer generates reliably its own insights that prove to be true, insight after insight, genius remains a mystery, a sacred trust to humanity from this even more mysterious creation.

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