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July 27, 2019


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He's almost certain to win 2020 because as insane a man as he is, he looks utterly normal and balanced in comparison to his competition. No angels needed to secure such an easy victory.

And speaking of that weird angel persons twitter banning, I truly hope @Jack and his counterparts at google either get imprisoned for meddling in elections and illegal censorship. The only thing standing in the way is the stupidity of libertarians in the Republican party whose ideology has no purpose other than to guarantee loss and destruction to everyone who isn't already a billionaire.

Also, all those memes are really bad and the majority of the accounts who post them are probably bots. I knew a dude who ran some kind of scripts that created like 3k twitter bots that he used to spread memes. When I was doing this little business venture with my friend in Europe we utilized one that immediately gave you 5k follows, all of which posted regularly. All were non humans. Twitter is a fake environment.

I'm not sure of the point of this post. Twitter apparently deleted someone's account because they tweet in a radical Christian vernacular. A pornstar engaged in financial extortion. These are good things?

J, the main items of interest I took from the post were that people believe in guardian angels who surround their favorite political leaders, and that those same guardian angels don't seem to have sufficient power to allow the president's staunchest supporters to even use Twitter. Not very powerful angels.

Jewish people and Muslims both have this idea of political jinn. Maybe it started with King David. He seemed like a pretty horrible human. American Christianity later adopted this Torah idea of presidential angels and made a bobble head version that says "MAGA, Trump, guns, America" when you press it's wings.

I think this post refers to the fact that, in the name of God, people promote satan/ evil.

And in the name of self - interest people twist the name of God to serve their interests.

But it is so in any philosophy. Logic is a fine prostitute who lives on the food of basic assumptions, and who will assume any position perfectly for a fee.

In lieu of money, she will accept her meals from one's own dearly held assumptions. Her elder and stronger brother is Propaganda. And Truth, her vulnerable infant. She has had many children, and all have died in childbirth. The doctor told her she can't have children, but she, ever hopeful, refuses to believe it.

We like to think that education makes us better human beings, and perhaps that does refer to those human beings who can acknowledge inconvenient facts.

We like to think we live in an enlightened era.

To some extent that may be true. But every faction in society seeks to defend itself, so you can see how they are willing to claim the idea of God, even the commandments, or the name of Objective Truth, which they claim distinguish and define their moral superiority, which are fairly black and white, and make excuses for doing the exact opposite of each one.

How long ago did we start manipulating the popular vote?
And with electronic voting, it's in the hands of the best funded hackers, now only symbolic and hardly objective.

This is in the service of Russia, and their corrupt oligarchy, serviced by the corrupt Oligarchy in America that helped build the one in Russia. . But it might as well be in the service of anyone with enough power.

The love of money drives all this. The love of power. So now money and power define for some people what is right and good.

Whomever weilds money and power becomes the role model, not only for the religious right adults, but their children. And the Atheists who are so driven.

An example of this total and complete corruption, so lost it doesn't have a clue can see in the very satisfied expression of the Covington student proudly wearing his red Maga hat.

Perhaps we should call them the right wing religious, because there are those equally religious who hold opposing views. It is their sub - culture and its defense which drives their manipulation and filtration of sacred texts. But they can be filtered in a number of ways.

Education in the service of open-mindedness, objective and dispassionate observation, does enlighten.

But how to create that atmosphere of dispassionate and objective, judge-less observation within ourselves? How to experience that, and then protect it, develop it? So that we understand, enough to feel compassion for each other without quite so much bias?

That is the career of meditation, prayer, contemplation, self - examination, and personal growth. So many methods developed over so many millenia to accomplish this.

And the method, of one form or another, can be found in different religions and philosophies, yet the foundation is the same.

However, the practice is adhered to only be a few. And yet in each school of thought arise those whose thinking has benefited by their practice.

"Whomever weilds money and power becomes the role model"

You already proved that by repeating all the talking points of the media conglomerates who are the real American gods.

Covington kid? Russia? I thought you were joking at first, but you really believed 2 of the most retarded manufactured stories of this entire generation.

This is why we can't have good things.

I'm trying to think of someone who I can honestly say I "detest". Nope, all humans are imperfect and many are quite evil, such as the murderers, the rapists, the corrupt wealthy etc. We really have to look at ourselves and try to understand why we are so critical of others because what we see in another is a reflection of ourself. I like to think that the reason we are here on this planet is to wake up and realise our true self... oh well, its a never ending journey...

I agree with Spence who says "Education in the service of open-mindedness, objective and dispassionate observation, does enlighten."

Spence also says: "An example of this total and complete corruption, so lost it doesn't have a clue can see in the very satisfied expression of the Covington student proudly wearing his red Maga hat."

There it is... it seems like we can't escape judgements...

I think Donald needs a whole new set of "better angels"... what a
golden opportunity to say "You're Fired".



I love the books of Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan..
Wisdom and Love..
Especially Love is main thing in life..
I do'nt want to discuss him,because he is too precious to me.
But maybe someone can enjoy.
One can look it up if one wants.

And now you know....the tweet by Lana Puckett is absolute truth!!! The fact that TWITTER suspended her account attest to the evil and corruption within all media. If you can't see the good that Trump has done for this country by now you are SHEEPLED on a stupidity level. God doesn't choose the qualified, he qualifies the chosen. Many are called, few are chosen. You have to say yes to GOD to be chosen! BE BRAVE, BE STRONG, BE LIKE LANA... and say YES!!!
The Silent Majority Speak November 3rd. You will watch Lana being launched out!!! You will know her name!!!

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