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July 12, 2019


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There are better secular reasons to be skeptical of homosexuality than there are religious. But either way it's sort of absurd that you want that the government not only adopt your personal value system, but to not associate or even accept help from those who don't hold your value system. A slippery slope toward Pol Potism where it's not intellectuals getting blasted in the face, but those who don't want to see a pile of kids lying down in a pile on top of a registered sex offender/drag queen in the local library. This was an actual event, and at similar events the government put snipers on the roof to protect the drag queens with piles of children on them.

It's super weird on a supposed anti-Church site to ask others to force disassociate and shun like the jehovas witnesses do. But I guess it's part of the weird liberal cult to be highly religious but without the supernatural part, so I get it. Human nature. We're all lunatics of different varieties.

After reading quickly through the thread and comments on 'GSD ignores sexual abuse of a child' which was disturbing and now looking at the 'Support LBGTQ' thread and just checked out these facts which are very disturbing and depressing...

Sexual Assault and the LGBTQ Community.


Can you explain how the Salem Alliance church interferes with the civil rights of gay people?

Frankly, I'm more concerned with the civil rights of journalists like Andy Ngo, who was violently assaulted on Oregon's streets by masked activists.

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