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July 08, 2019


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Ah if Amys only served the Chinese Noodles Dinner my fav. then I would join RSSB. I prefer Jurgen Ziewe and Michael Raduga on utube Leave your Body in 3 days now. So simple so EASY.This after spending 20ish years in a RSSB spinoff ECKANKAR. I don't need no stinking Gurus.

Please share the YouTube links for Ziewe and Raduga.

Trial by Media. How to believe all this? Especially the "death threats"?

Its the venom that bothers me. So, people have been fooled into following someone they thought was a PLM. Hope they can realise that its their own fault because they were fooled. Now they have woken up and thats a good thing. No need for the blame game and revenge.

Amar, why don't you visit Dera or your local Sangat and if possible when Gurinder visits, stand up to GSD and ask him about this financial debacle or do you simply want to trust the newspaper articles?

I don't know about Burritogate. Amy's Foods donates a huge chunk of extremely valuable real estate to RSSB, only because it was a doorway to a sweetheart deal to make huge profits by providing burritos when Gurinder makes an appearance? I think Amar might be pulling legs.

This video gives the shortcut to Daswan Dwar.

Even better -- leave your body in 3 days!

Like these videos? Send me a burrito.

J, I don't care if you believe me or not. I know what the guidelines say, and I know that Andy, the founder of Amy's Foods purchased that land. It's part of public record. You do the math.
Maybe he did it for the tax right off as a donation to a registered charitee. It's open to discussion.

But don't discount it because you can't get your head wrapped around it. It's very romantic to believe people do things out of the generosity if their own hearts. When you see reciprocation in the form of mandating purchases from the same company that donated the land, engage the brain and think why is that?

Trust me, you can have all the soggy burritos you want. They're yours.

Jen, what do you honestly think he'll say? Here's a scenario:
I'll ask him " Sir, what were you thinking! How could you do this to the sangat! Why are you involved in this money stuff?"

His response might be, "look, I did what I did, if you choose to believe what you hear, that's your choice and believe what you want."

Or, he might breakdown and say, "I'm so sorry, I got caught up in this and it was too late to back out. I made a lot if mistakes and I leave it to the sangat to forgive me and carry on anew."

I kind of like the second version. I doubt that would happen.

Jen, since you like to comment on this regularly, why don't you show up and ask him why he doesn't clear this up by speaking out. See what answer he gives You. Seems like you have a vested interest in this. Go to the nearest Center and pose the question yourself.... maybe you're afraid of the answer you'll get.

I'm not really afraid of the answer, just acutely aware of the potential response.

I enjoy those $1.25 burritos just as much as I enjoy the 6 rupee ($.08cents) chole bhature and dosas at the snack bar. 😋

Amar, I have no idea what he would say and am certainly not afraid of the answer, whatever it is. Thats the whole point of asking him about this monetary problem. Why try to guess what he will say?

I can't afford to go to the Dera so I'm hoping someone will speak to Gurinder himself and we could actually know firsthand what is happening and not secondhand knowledge from Media outlets who are not trustworthy. You say you are "acutely aware of the potential response" which means you are second guessing.

"Seems like you have a vested interest in this". Not at all, I simply like the truth and that can only come from GSD, the person who is being verbally attacked, even though he probably has no idea of all this happening online. But then, maybe he does.

I hope there is someone who has the guts to stand up and politely ask these questions. It would be very interesting to hear the answers. Anyway, we will probably just have to wait for the end result.

"Hope they can realise that its their own fault because they were fooled. Now they have woken up and thats a good thing. No need for the blame game and revenge."

Why is revenge frowned upon? It seems to me that those who have been teaching this have a vested interest in being surrounded by a docile population. It's especially suspicious that it's the one and only Christian moral precept we're supposed to value in a society that hates Christianity.

Revenge is nature's own checks and balances system. There are so many evils that are gaining on us all because of out fear of extracting righteous revenge. People who do really wicked things feel no fear at all because they know that those who they've hurt will turn the other cheek like cowards.

Foodie, you're right! Those chole bhaturey are off the hook. Fresh and so good! Mouth is watering right now...

You want burrito recipes say you? Ok , Make your own salsa numero uno. Then buy 1 can kidney beans,1 can black beans no lard refried, 1 soy chorizo, and1 black bean patty by Morningstar(has egg sorry.). Now spoon out 4 tbls of kidney,refried black beans ,chorizo,salsa and patty in pan. Stir until patty disintegrates in pain and serve it up. I don't do a wrap with that usually . I put half in a bowl top with pepper jack pattty on top ,heat it in micro for 30 secs and finish off with crushed Juanita Jalepeno chips on top. That is a burrito babbee!
Btw Jurgens book MultiDimensional Man well worth the read as well as his Celestial Song Anglel of the Earth on utube. All done without a Guru. Cheers and Jeers! Jim

Hi Zen Jen

You wrote
"Hope they can realise that its their own fault because they were fooled."

No one 's fault. Each person's responsibility. We can put blame aside.

Even the ones who masterminded all these hundreds of millions in fraud.

Mistaken loyalties. Mistaken interests.

But everyone should be responsible.

The Guru must pay his bills. And therefore so must each of us.

It's a full time job.

But a lover, cheated, will go through many stages. And each who took initiation is his lover.

There is the sad plight of the wife who is abused and because she cannot face the enormity of the abuse, insists her husband is fine, that in some ways the abuse is her fault.

But no one on earth is as lonely as she.

And it isn't right.

So if a neighbor confronts her husband and says 'this is wrong. You will make amends and you will do it now! You will fulfill your sworn vows to your wife, please, and restore peace to this place you have so disrupted!'

Then that is a good neighbor. And the wife, ever loyal to her husband, can, silently, be grateful. She may leave him, or take control. It's her choice. And they are all hers to take fully justified.

But so long as she believes it is her own fault, no one on earth is lonelier.

And it is a lie. The Thief is responsible for returning what they took, or at least making public contrition for the harm he caused her, and spend his life in the task of making things right for her.

Even he isn't to blame. Bad parents.

But each of us must take responsibility.

He could learn from her a thing or two about selflessness.

Yes, the true Masters are silent in the far back of the field, even where the loud speakers are garbled. And not so loud. But no loss. Nothing important for them to hear.

Hi Spence, from the Zen of Jen, here's a few Buddha quotes I really like. I'm trying to practice not being triggered by the negativity of others and I'm feeling good.

I don't agree with the name and blame game but its other people's choice and it takes all sorts in this world.

I prefer kindness and forgiveness, which is going to drive you and Jesse crazy lol ...

"As rain falls equally on the just and the unjust, do not burden your heart with judgments but rain your kindness equally on all."

"When words are both true and kind they can change the world."

"Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception."

"Always be mindful of the kindness and not the faults of others."

"Never by hatred is hatred appeased, but it is appeased by kindness. This is an eternal truth."

Gautama Buddha

Yes Jen that is true..but one has not to put the eyes in your sack
One has to see what is amiss..and handle because of it.
So one can mention it,absolutely.
After that!! One can start with ''forgiving'' or being nice..
But after one sees what is really happening and people do that together.
It is not a ''blamegame''Jen,it is very sad!!
So if one do not want to see faults it is ''stupid''
So first see things clearly.and mention it.
After that one can see how to react.
By the way it is not hating or blaming!! It is sadness and seeing for how things really are.

Hi Jen
Thank you for the course correction.
It is easier to think of the path forward, and not the one behind.

Hi s*

Life is too short to be angry or upset all the time. Blaming others is giving away one's own personal power. All is suffering. We can't change the world, we can only change ourselves.

We can be alert and aware of whats happening in the world and at the same time simply become the observer and not get entangled (angry or upset) if we want to grow spiritually. Its an ongoing process of self discipline. Also, be kind to yourself. All the best :)

Hi Spence,

Nice reply, thanks :)

“You can be happy if you are willing to let go of your past and leave yourself unencumbered so you can fly freely.” 

― Chris Prentiss,
Zen and the Art of Happiness

Hi Jen,
Again it is not blaming more digesting..
And the'' see how to handle..for oneself.''
I just go to my local center at times..and I like to be there now and then.
So you see everyone is different.
I go for myself and friends who are all seekers in fact..
And I love them for soo many years..
My love is not gone,not at all..
Even for all involved..
But I see for what it is..and that loosens things..
After divorce with my husband we became very good friends after some time past..
That was good healthy for me and my children.
It is healthy for me to see my dear friends,they know that I loosened..
They do not know why exactely..I do not speak about courts and problems
that is not my task..
I was already loosened up before all this..
But love stays..always..
Maybe stupid me!!
Maybe not stupid me!!
Jen does the Zen Jen thing..that is very good also,very good!!!
So I see it..

Hi s*

You say "But love stays..always..
Maybe stupid me!!
Maybe not stupid me!!"

You are very lucky. I mostly look up quotes to keep myself going when I feel depressed and then I realise I'm probably just fooling myself and whats the point of it all anyway. Its good to have nice friends. I've had strange karma this lifetime, lived in three countries and nine different towns, so don't have longstanding friendships or attachments besides my sons. In the past there was that feeling of belonging and being quite 'special' when I was an initiate in RSSB but now thats gone as well. I suppose beliefs do help in many ways. Life can be harsh.


I hope there is someone who has the guts to stand up and politely ask these questions. It would be very interesting to hear the answers. Anyway, we will probably just have to wait for the end result.

I might ask him since he's coming to the UK next month for 3 national satsangs. I know what to say and wouldn't have any trouble speaking in front of a lot of people, my family wouldn't be too happy though.

Hi G,

Thanks, that will be great if you can ask him when he’s in the UK. Please let us know what he says. Much appreciated. Tell your family, its information that someone living in Australia is asking about :)

Dear Jen,
Is there a Sufi center near with you?
Sufi's are very good and nice people,you don't have to do anything.
But maybe it is nothing for you ,I don't know.
It is all about
I also like Rumi quotes a lot..
When inward tenderness
finds the secret hurt,
pain itself will crack the rock
and Ah! Let the soul emerge

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