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July 31, 2019


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"I have some money from my parents and have not taken anything else from anyone."

Sounds legit, though I find it odd for a man to buy millions of shares and be directly involved with corporations to the point of being on the board of directors if he isn't being paid. Serving corporations for free is an abnormal hobby to say the least.

Even if he was trying to play some kind of semantic trick to be technically honest, it wouldn't really work because selling shares means taking money from other people. His job in Spain meant taking money from other people.

Get mad at me all you want for being rude and questioning everyone's truth claims, but I find all this theft in and by the ONE to be sort of ridiculous at this point, and quite frankly I'm sick of it. Can the universe and its human manifestation just stop stealing money? People are trying to eat (vegan B12 fortified milkshakes) here!

Hi, can someone repost the link to the court document that showed GSD as a defendant? I recall seeing it on this site a few months ago, but not sure how I can search for it. Thank you.

Again not an accurate account of what transpired. He said “if you want entertainment then read Brian Hines.”

Whoever wrote this email to you didn’t hear the answer properly. Inaccurate about the parents statement.
So save your comments people as you will not be commenting on an accurate statement of he said.

Sounds like he evaded the question. Obviously you won’t find the answer to whether GSD or his wife fraudulently siphoned off hundreds of millions of dollars on this website. Yes you’ll find plenty of information, but not the answer to the question. If anything there is a lot of info in the public domain (which appears on this website) that makes GSD look like a guilty person. This was probably a rehearsed response that was given to him by his lawyer.

Brian, Gurinder is not a first cousin to Malvinder and Shavinder, their mother Nimmie, ( Charan Singh's daughter) is his first cousin. Gurinder's mother was Charan's sister. That makes Malvinder and Shavinder Gurinder's first cousins once removed. I think it is great that the strong "Leo" man reads for entertainment. One can always criticise constructively and with respect. I think it is a bit of a shame that sometimes some males post with such acrimony towards one another. ( In my opinion).It can actually nullify and diminish the points being made. Clearly all of us who post here have egos, otherwise, why be heard? But overcoming anger and feeling "slighted" or overly sensitive by certain comments directed towards one ( I am guilty of this in my life) certainly is not calm abiding ( in my opinion). I wonder which posts come from Gurinder, if any? Why not?😇😻😻🌞🧚🌟

Congratulations Brian!! You are becoming famous- first the animated video and now your mention in Q&A. This is literally because of Him!

More trouble for SIngh Brothers

Hello brian...i have some questions
1.can u tell me what happened which caused u yo leave rssb?
2 is there any legal document about the judgement of the case which is attested by the court ?
3 how is possible for any person to travel outside the country when such serious allegations are charged again a person as sunil godhwani was stopped at the airport from his getaway?

P.s-i m not a rssb follower

Hehe, it's been most entertaining reading some of the mindless religious defense of Radhasoami & RSSB dogma here! Thank you all!! :)

Hey Tim - How are you Sir? :) So, you're from NZ? I have an aunt and uncle who own a farm over there, or at least used to as they're getting on a bit now!

You raise some great points (as do several others here) that I'm not sure anybody has all the answers to?

This is an incredibly complex issue that each one of us, individually, must decide to the best of our own conscience as to how we choose to live our lives.

Personally, I do not see an explicit & definitive connection between not eating meat & fish, being vegan or being a carnivore etc, and "spirituality". Actually, I think "spirituality" is all there is, whatever one's diet or beliefs, but that's a bit too abstract for this discussion!

One of my favourite & greatest "mystics" of modern times was Nisargadatta (who, btw, nails Radhasoami dogma in one paragraph so sublimely, I do not think a single RS teaching even compares!! ;); he occasionally ate meat. I also consider the Dalai Lama to be a most delightful & beautiful human being (questionable recent comments about women and Muslim immigration aside! :-o) and a teacher within a tradition who's teachings on "compassion" (the buddhisatva vow is utterly sublime and beyond any conception of "love" and " compassion" within RS dogma, for example), but almost 2 decades ago I read a Readers Digest interview with him where he said he occasionally eats meat on doctors orders. He had a very subtle, non-dogmatic, yet compassionate & intelligent stance on the subject.

I think, as with everything in life, context is key. Dogma is if no use in the REAL world. I do not for an instant believe Amazonian tribal people who hunt animals for their food are any less "spiritual", "compassionate" or "in touch with nature" than Radhasoami satsangis for example. In fact, it is based on what I know, almost certain these "hunters" are far more in touch with nature, their own part in nature as human ANIMALS, and respect and reverence for the animals they hunt, kill and eat (Ayahuasca will help :).

Judging others and their choices seems silly to me; I don't know whether I'm right or they are, whatever I do still causes suffering to other sentient beings and possibly makes it worse (soya deforestation? :( ).......and most importantly/subtly of all, why judge an animal for their actions? Would we judge a monkey or a lion? I think far too much is made of human intelligence & volition. That said, without judging, I am certainly saddened to see the vast disconnect between animals, and the cheap, mass produced, packaged in plastic, generically shaped "value meat" that is sold in supermarkets, where the chief concern of the purchasers is "how cheap is this steak". I think more awareness & connection of the process that brought that sentient animal to your plate would be a more healthy thing.....awareness, respect and reverence for the circle of life, rather than cheap and mindless commodification. The vast majority of people I interact with are meat eaters. I never ever discuss the ethics of it with them; it is always most entertaining to see them strike up conversations with their own psyches and project it onto me whilst in reality I remain silent and haven't said a word :) If pushed, the most I say is "hey, go organic at least, pay a little more for that food!?"

This is a subject that was discussed years ago on the RSS forum. I basically said the same as above, and also quoted this (I believe) from Guru Nanak in the Granth Sahib:

"Shalok, First Mehla:
Living beings are formed of air, water and fire. They are subject to pleasure and pain.
In this world, in the nether regions of the underworld, and in the Akaashic ethers of the heavens, some remain ministers in the Court of the Lord.
Some live long lives, while others suffer and die.
Some give and consume, and still their wealth is not exhausted, while others remain poor forever.
In His Will He creates, and in His Will He destroys thousands in an instant.
He has harnessed everyone with His harness; when He forgives, he breaks the harness.
He has no color or features; He is invisible and beyond calculation.
How can He be described? He is known as the Truest of the True.
All the actions which are done and described, O Nanak, are done by the Indescribable Lord Himself.
Whoever hears the description of the indescribable,
is blessed with wealth, intelligence, perfection, spiritual wisdom and eternal peace. ||1||
First Mehla:
One who bears the unbearable, controls the nine holes of the body.
One who worships and adores the Lord with his breath of life, gains stability in his body-wall.
Where has he come from, and where will he go?
Remaining dead while yet alive, he is accepted and approved.
Whoever understands the Hukam of the Lord's Command, realizes the essence of reality.
This is known by Guru's Grace.
O Nanak, know this: egotism leads to bondage.
Only those who have no ego and no self-conceit, are not consigned to reincarnation. ||2||
Read the Praise of the Lord's Name; other intellectual pursuits are false.
Without dealing in Truth, life is worthless.
No one has ever found the Lord's end or limitation.
All the world is enveloped by the darkness of egotistical pride. It does not like the Truth.
Those who depart from this world, forgetting the Naam, shall be roasted in the frying pan.
They pour the oil of duality within, and burn.
They come into the world and wander around aimlessly; they depart when the play is finished.
O Nanak, imbued with Truth, the mortals merge in Truth. ||24||
Shalok, First Mehla:
First, the mortal is conceived in the flesh, and then he dwells in the flesh.
When he comes alive, his mouth takes flesh; his bones, skin and body are flesh.
He comes out of the womb of flesh, and takes a mouthful of flesh at the breast.
His mouth is flesh, his tongue is flesh; his breath is in the flesh.
He grows up and is married, and brings his wife of flesh into his home.
Flesh is produced from flesh; all relatives are made of flesh.
When the mortal meets the True Guru, and realizes the Hukam of the Lord's Command, then he comes to be reformed.
Releasing himself, the mortal does not find release; O Nanak, through empty words, one is ruined. ||1||
First Mehla:
The fools argue about flesh and meat, but they know nothing about meditation and spiritual wisdom.
What is called meat, and what is called green vegetables? What leads to sin?
It was the habit of the gods to kill the rhinoceros, and make a feast of the burnt offering.
Those who renounce meat, and hold their noses when sitting near it, devour men at night.
They practice hypocrisy, and make a show before other people, but they do not understand anything about meditation or spiritual wisdom.
O Nanak, what can be said to the blind people? They cannot answer, or even understand what is said.
They alone are blind, who act blindly. They have no eyes in their hearts.
They are produced from the blood of their mothers and fathers, but they do not eat fish or meat.
But when men and women meet in the night, they come together in the flesh.
In the flesh we are conceived, and in the flesh we are born; we are vessels of flesh.
You know nothing of spiritual wisdom and meditation, even though you call yourself clever, O religious scholar.
O master, you believe that flesh on the outside is bad, but the flesh of those in your own home is good.
All beings and creatures are flesh; the soul has taken up its home in the flesh.
They eat the uneatable; they reject and abandon what they could eat. They have a teacher who is blind.
In the flesh we are conceived, and in the flesh we are born; we are vessels of flesh.
You know nothing of spiritual wisdom and meditation, even though you call yourself clever, O religious scholar.
Meat is allowed in the Puraanas, meat is allowed in the Bible and the Koran. Throughout the four ages, meat has been used.
It is featured in sacred feasts and marriage festivities; meat is used in them.
Women, men, kings and emperors originate from meat.
If you see them going to hell, then do not accept charitable gifts from them.
The giver goes to hell, while the receiver goes to heaven - look at this injustice.
You do not understand your own self, but you preach to other people. O Pandit, you are very wise indeed.
O Pandit, you do not know where meat originated.
Corn, sugar cane and cotton are produced from water. The three worlds came from water.
Water says, ""I am good in many ways."" But water takes many forms.
Forsaking these delicacies, one becomes a true Sannyaasee, a detached hermit. Nanak reflects and speaks. ||2||
What can I say with only one tongue? I cannot find your limits.
Those who contemplate the True Word of the Shabad are absorbed into You, O Lord.
Some wander around in saffron robes, but without the True Guru, no one finds the Lord.
They wander in foreign lands and countries until they grow weary, but You hide Yourself within them.
The Word of the Guru's Shabad is a jewel, through which the Lord shines forth and reveals Himself.
Realizing one's own self, following the Guru's Teachings, the mortal is absorbed into Truth.
Coming and going, the tricksters and magicians put on their magic show.
But those whose minds are pleased by the True Lord, praise the True One, the Ever-stable Lord. ||25||
Shalok, First Mehla:
O Nanak, the tree of actions done in Maya yields ambrosial fruit and poisonous fruit.
The Creator does all deeds; we eat the fruits as He ordains. ||1||"
Sri Guru Granth Sahib page 1289-90

Now, clearly, this is a long verse by Guru Nanak that is in no way related to the dogmatic, "splitting hairs" attitude & approach of RS and RS gurus as evidenced by numerous of their stories and teachings.

This is a religion with Sawan Singh said a single grain of wheat accidentally falling into a neighbouring farm would incur karma. This is a religion where a tale is told of one of Sawan's close entourage or family falling ill, and being proscribed something containing an egg by his doctor on his deathbead, ate it as he was delirious and confused. Apparently, according to Sawan Singh, this act of being force fed an egg on his deathbed caused this close associate of Sawan to have to be reborn again as a human!!!! I once visited another RS guru (Sadhu Ram) and thought I would ask for initiation; the only thing he was apparently concerned with, a matter of supreme importance to him, was the question of whether or not you've eaten anything containing an egg, even accidentally....nothing else seemed to matter! Brian once linked to my write up of that experience here:


There is here a level of absurdity, "splitting hairs" that is certainly not "natural" in this religion. It is mindless dogma, pure and simple.

So, it is humourous for me to see RS dogma zombies coming out with their mindless & incoherent, self-defensive criticisms of some people choosing to go vegan.

The very same - and I mean very same - arguments that I heard ad infinitum 30 years ago when I went lacto-vegeterian; "unnatural", "never before in history", "you'll become weak and even ill", "life becomes boring", "splitting hairs" etc etc.

But, this time, from mindless followers in a cult that has drawn a line - a line splitting hairs so much so, that eating an egg fed to you by a doctor on your deathbed will cause you to be reborn, despite being a confidant of a "Great Master" (one must really question how "Great" he was, when by his own admission he was beaten by an egg (ahh, the tables had turned!) ?) - a line that was drawn up 500 years ago (actually, it wasn't, as you can see from Nanak's verse quoted above! "Lines", "vows", "tenets" etc only exist in religions and cults, not the company of lovers of God!!) in a reality for the animals concerned COMPLETELY different from TODAY'S reality. The problem with religions, and their followers, is they think their medieval dogma is sufficient for all times. So whilst an egg can cause reincarnation for the disciples of even the most powerful Gurus, Gurinder is good to go with the fully leathered out Bentleys which are destined to only ever be touched by his Holy Ass Cheeks.

I'm 42 years old, have been lacto-veg for nearly 30 years, and work out 3 to 5 days a week (high intensity & heavy weights only). Though I weigh only 12st at 6ft.....this isn't 1980 where steroid pumped walking heart attacks was the cultural ideal for deeply insecure men. I know for a fact I would be in the top 5% of "healthy" people in my age group, without doubt (I have played sports with people half my age, let alone my actual age, where some 50% can't even climb stairs without getting out of breath!! I've replaced my whey protein with plant based protein. It, to me, is laughable to suggest that the difference between lacto-veg to vegan is that great or makes that much difference. I admit it; I didn't turn vegan because my favourite food contained cheese, the selfishness of the palate. It's an absolute joke to suggest there is much difference in protein intake by eliminating milk and cheese!! If that's where you're getting your protein from, you must be eating & drinking HUGE amounts, which simply isn't necessary as you should be getting it from plenty of other sources. If you're weight training, you may use whey protein - why not switch to plant protein.....I've found a source that is cheaper than the whey!?

Anyway, this is all personal choice. I have the means to turn vegan and I feel the sacrifice (of the palate) is slight. If I get any health issues - unlikely I believe - I will readdress the situation.

No need to judge. No need to get all dogmatic about it. No need to religiously defend one way or the other. Life is life. Try your best....

......but if you're an RS satsangi......DON'T EAT THE EGG, YOU'RE FUCKED IF YOU DO

ONE thing that strikes me - clearly & unambiguously - is the unexamined (mindless) double standards being applied by several defenders of RSSB in both the discussion above, and the threads surrounding Gurinder's financial improprieties.

In the comment I posted above, there are verses by Nanak which highlight how important "truth" is on the "spiritual" path, almost to the point it is the only thing of importance!

The thing with "truth" is though, it doesn't have DOUBLE standards, it only has ONE.

Sorry, I just wanted to get in on some of this ONE action that's been going around recently......:)

God in human form? ! 😛😏😃
That bugger is Satan in human form. He is master of deception, fraudulence and hypocrisy.

Radha sowami ji Baba ji I miss you please come back in India।

Happy birthday baba ji

Not sure what they're going to find in a raid on their houses. I would think that the authorities are putting some pressure on the Singh brothers to cough up some info. They've had their names linked to offshore accounts in the millions for tax evasion also, thought of course they deny it.

Seems that the more obscene amounts of money you make, the more crap you get involved in to hide it from the tax man and authorities. Oh well, the story is unfolding as it will come to it's inevitable conclusions, whatever they are. Looks like both brothers have tanked their legacy and the family businesses and wealth.

WOW!! The news about funds being moved offshore is what I had always suspected was happening!!!! The evidence against GSD and his circle of crooks is mounting.

Oh by the way, in the Q&A in Petaluma he was being very supportive of Donald Trump and said things like "you should give him the benefit of the doubt" and "he is doing good for your country" etc. Birds of a feather...

Bakavas kab se sun raha hu.you dont have another news?.people dont have time to read same thing again and again.by the way i am not follower of radhasaomi.

People say stuff according to your mentality and there are millions of devotees who have their own faith.. Yes Babaji is 65 today.. He is God in Human form..So please cut your crap and do something useful in your life...There is a quote in our language..
Kutte bhonkte hain.. Hathi apni Chaal chlta hai..
Use translator man!

Happy birthday baba ji

Johnny Singh, if true, that's really something. Why speak on politics at all? I'm giving away my playbook, but when I'm GIHF, I'll politely decline to answer and remind my disciples we're here to go beyond Mind and Maya. How hard is that?

Hi Kirti, if you don't like reading the same thing over and over, then don't. You should be used to doing the same thing over and over in your simran. Do more of that instead.

Mishu, what do you get out of putting hindi in phonetics on an English speaking blog? Doesn't make you any smarter or believable. You said Baba Ji is GIHF, good for you and I hope that brings you comfort. Not everyone believes that, especially in light of the financial scandals, and court order forcing him, his family members and other satsangi directors of shell companies to pay the money back.

So when he answered the question in Petaluma, he wasn't being entirely forth coming was he? I wonder why that is? Maybe he doesn't want the entire sangat to know that a court order has been issued against not only himself, but his wife, two sons and daughter in law, among others. But that's okay. If it doesn't bother you, then keep on trucking. You have nothing to be concerned about.

If it comes out that he and his family are exonerated and free of any complicity in any of this, I'll be the first to say, wow that was a huge misunderstanding. I'm not holding my breath on that one, but there is a possibility. So we'll see.

Anon, the person who told me what the RSSB guru said is confident they heard his words correctly. I shared your version of what he said with them. Since I know they were at the talk Dhillon gave and they shared their real name, as opposed to you, until solid evidence comes in to the contrary, I consider their account to be reliable.

Happy birthday baba ji

While I have great sympathies for anyone Peter - Principled beyond their competancy level, be they President or Guru, the majority of my sympathies go to the infants who died in boarder custody. Or the indigent children who lost their free Hospital, and the poor, both teachers and students, who lost their free school.

A billion dollars.....

But these loans can be repayed, if we all pull together. And the harm done, prevented from reoccurring, and the services restored.

Baba Ji, please pay your delinquent bills, encourage your initiates and family to do the same, and let us all know how we can help.

Let Truth be the birthday gift you give to the world on your Birthday. And the world will respond with measured kindness. For you walk in our shoes, and we have walked in yours.

You are so cursed but one can only say forgive them on lord for they know not what they do.your puny intellect trying no posing as superior instead of being amazed at the wondrous ways God and the Guru performs His miracles.yes what is happening is a Miracle but your trite minds will not understand. Happy birthday my lovely Babaji. I have nothing I can offer as a gift except the request to help me be a good daughter. Love.Lata

Hey Brian, Not sure why you wrote these comments here but one thing is sure that the master already know that u and some people criticizing him but instead of stop people he said you can read Brians Hines. That's really amaze me.

Brian you can consider whatever you want reliable. You posted my correction to the comment and that’s all the matters. People can make up their own minds on who to believe and who not to.

Yes he openly said in reply to a question if you want entertainment go read Brian Hines. 😂
He doesn’t care about criticism.

Radha swami Ji
Happy Birthday Baba ji 🙏

Hi Manjit my man did nit know you are lifting weights...thas great i love them too...

Johnny Singh not correct. He did not once mention Donald trump. He was speaking of politicians in general where he said if in a democracy the majority has elected someone they everyone should give him the benefit of the doubt. And with regards to “doing good for the country”
He said that every politician makes the tough decisions and some decisions are good for the country. And if you don’t agree then when the term is over then you can vote differently.
Also I agree with anon. The word entertainment was used for this site. I was there too.

Dogs bark, elephant just walk 🤔

Stop just 🛑, he is perfect master and human being . He is God in human form

I just wish I can ban this weblog all together, it is His greatness that he is forwarding people to your website instead of getting intimidated, he is just like Jesus. Open your eyes and see the lord. He is doing great social work by educating people against the worst effects of drugs and has published many books for women rights. You can keep barking but will not affect him, you will only cause misery to yourself by hurting millions of devotees. Gurubani says:
Sant ke nindak ko sarb toh- means you will never find peace .
My Babaji is so pure, kind, loving, caring and radiant that one automatically bows in respect . It is like SUN appears after days of gloominess . Sun is hot but my Babaji is so cool.
So please stop. I request Google to stop and vanish this website.

Vijay, of course he would say it's entertainment. You, or anyone who heard it will immediately dismiss it as that. Great psychology actually.

So he points it out and throws a bias out there not to believe it. So what has he actually admitted? Nothing really, didn't answer the question by withholding the fact that he's been ordered by a court, among others, to pay money back to pay the Singh brothers fine back to the court.

I guess he forgot to mention that.

Vijay, while he didn't actually say the words "Donald Trump" he was obviously talking about the leader of this country if you paid attention to the full answer. Frankly GSD had no reason to get into a political discussion during Q&A. The questioner simply read out a fun poem that he wrote and GSD could have just enjoyed it but he kept interrupting the questioner and made a big deal out of a couple of verses from the poem that related to political history. Seems like he was itching to say something supportive about Donald Trump. Both men share a commonality that they've done bad things and are getting away with them. While GSD makes his devotees meditate 2.5 hours a day, GSD is probably watching Donald Trump on TV for 2.5 hours a day.

Amar he did answer the question with much information including a story to point out to what is coming.

Good day brother.

Amazed at these comments, for our Master, who enlightens so many souls... But then, where would one not find critics ??
Please do continue to give us your discourses and help us make it upto you.
Happy Birthday, Master😘🎁🎉

Oh, a storyVijay? Please share. I’d like to hear a story regarding this from him.

Please share.

Hi Lata

You wrote
"You are so cursed"
That doesn't sound like a true devotee of a real Master.

And where is the curse? Acknowledging the facts of one of India 's biggest financial frauds in history?

All masterminded by Baba Ji' s relatives, with participation from his own wife and sons?

All run by Satsangis sworn to obedience to him?

And he, ordered by name to pay back his portion by the high Court of Delhi, in hundreds of millions?

This might not be a good reflection on Baba Ji. But it is a clear and direct indictment of RSSB culture of secrecy and the fraud that, like a cancer, has developed in that very secrecy Baba Ji promotes by his own silence.

"the majority of my sympathies go to the infants who died in boarder custody"

Yes. Being murdered by the horrendously stupid acts of greedy, horrible parents who hire mafia men to sneak their kids in trunks through the desert is a horrible thing. They never should have been brought to the border by the mafia knowing there aren't infinite resources available to save the kid they just tortured.

I also sympathize with the border agents themselves for having to deal with citizens like you who propagandize and wreak havoc on civilization. You're a scourge.

Hi Jesse
I have no idea why we don't welcome all refugees.

And, please don't take this the wrong way, but most of the mass shootings in America, and Europe, aren't from our swarthier neighbors,but angry white guys who are each citizens of their respective countries... Funny your posts seem a little angrier than usual of late.... Did you ever work in a Post Office?

My real home is in Alaska!!

LOL this site and all its content is nothing but entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy birthday babaji


Happy birthday 🎂🎉

This blog is surely full of entertainment 🤣
And mr hines correct that sentence 'if u want some entertainment , read brian hines '
Seems like hines hv started walking on path of lies 😉 just to ensure mote followers

Mr Brian
Actually u did not understand what babaji said about u. Think agagin and again. Do u think he reads all the websites? As a spiritual person he knows everything. I believe he was trying to tell u something else which u did not understand. Meditate , then only u wl understand. If u understand ur boat of life will automatically start sailing. All the best.

"I have no idea why we don't welcome all refugees."

Inevitable mass scale civil war the likes of which the world has never seen is a pretty good reason.

You're an idiot Spence. And just as you needed me to explain how your guru was a criminal, maybe one day I'll explain to you why there is no such thing as a multicultural empire that lasts.

"most of the mass shootings in America, and Europe, aren't from our swarthier neighbors,but angry white guys who are each citizens of their respective countries"

Fact check- You have absolutely no idea at all what you're talking about and are reciting headlines, as usual, instead of looking into the data (which the FBI recently changed the way it's reported. You wouldn't know because you know nothing).

And if you want to make racial jabs, remember, it's your tribe murdering Palestinians in their middle eastern replica of South Africa. Don't throw stones in glass houses, Mr. IDF supporter. They just bulldozed about 12 Arab houses a week or so ago because your people wanted to expand their border again. On film slamming old women on the ground and pointing guns at kids. Did you volunteer for them?

Happy birthday My dear Baba ji....

So Mr nose poker Amar!! Do u have manners or not? Or ur parents have given u some Sanskar or u r like ur parents, I don't know! Just shame on u! On someones birthday u r still poking ur dirty nose in this blog... U really don't have any work to-do? Seriously?

How much money Singh brothers have given to u to ruin his image. Go and wash ur face and see urself in mirror.

When u were a child, u were taught by ur Guru (teacher) in the school and now ur able to write this, will u say the same thing to ur teachers as well? If yes so u r a big bloody ass hole guy.

Did anybody enjoy themselves at the satsang and just relax have some good thoughts either politically or spiritually or just be happy to see so many people gathered together to feel better hold kindred souls hands to have the same wishes for personal growth and enlightenment or was it all just a negative nit picking 2 days?
My wish is that everyone found some joyousness in the gathering.
Thats what we all truly want is to feel good in our lives and give some happiness to others as well including GSD ..can folks give him a chance to smile instead of just wanting him to make them happy why not give him a smile in return.

sorry won’t share here. Those who were present got the answer.
Hope you understand.

it was a great 2 days. Enjoyed it immensely.

Wow kunal! Relax buddy. Why are you so worked up? I haven't written anything about you. My nose is exactly where it's supposed to be. Thanks for the reality check! Why are you obsessed with my nose? It's perfectly shaped and symmetrical. Weird.

Are you upset about the news coming out today? This is not my blog. This is Brian Hines' blog. If you have an opinion, please enlighten us. I have an opinion and so i commented. You don't like to see anything written about GSD, then don't read it. Your choice.

Why are you swearing and attacking me? There are others here posting the same or worse than I am.

Be kind my friend. Relax and have a nice cup of cha. It will cool you down.

See, I responded to you without swearing. Try it next time.

I don't know whose version is correct re Gurinder's comments at Petaluma. But given that both versions have Gurinder saying he never took a rupee, I find it more plausible that he qualified his advice to read Hines with "for entertainment" than not.

I confess to indulging in the 6th thief, schadenfreude, when hearing that multiple Bay area Birkenstocked satsangis are so distraught with the president that they sought counsel from Gurinder. Irony?

Hi Vijay. You didn't respond to my request to post Baba Ji's story. I'd like to hear it also.

Pleas post it here so we can all enjoy.

Thanks man.

Now it's in the zee news...Malvinder and Shivinder are the culprits and police have done the raid on their place because of the money laundering case. Any questions or any answers by the Critics? Or any opinion? Specially Mr Nose Poker Amar.

Amar any opinion from u? Kindly suggest what will u do now. Please don't tell us that Babaji has given bribery to Zee news to publish this news. 😠

U didnt read my post correctly...i said Malvinder and Shivinder they r culpricts and it is now in the news but nobody took Babaji's name..they took the name of their companies like Religare, shell, Ranbaxy and etc etc... But this time u need to check ur eyes and ur brain because u don't know what is the meaning of Poking the nose..i'll tell you what is the meaning..it means that u don't have to do anything but ur taking interest in someone else's matter.. OK.. and also check ur eyes because I mentioned that nobody took Babaji's name in this matter, only and only and only Singh brothers are involved...ok so check both... Trust me I don't have any interest in ur dirty and smelly nose..i also know where it is and where is mine.
I m not swearing and killing..its u doing it for yourself.
Next time if u write something so please be very careful..i have watching ur words and ur thinking from a long time.. ☝️☝️

Hi Jesse
My sentiment that all refugees should be welcomed extends to all nations.
Our growing global economy, like the internet, can be a platform for good. We don't need boarders where leaders are true enlightened leaders.

As for Israel, my parents left Judaism when I was five years old precisely because they knew, even in 1962, what was happening. If you've read my comments you know that I was raised by parents who taught their kids that the holy mountain of Zion is a place we can discover within ourselves, in spirit, not real estate, not of this material world. That was their experience, and mine. The whole Bible was really a tome of mystic teachings.

Were those experiences a blessing or a curse? They difinitely separated us from others. And then the challenge became incorporating that into a functional, helpful lifestyle.

And then I was Baptist in Christianity at 5, and then then new age stuff... It was the 60s after all.

No real estate, no object, be it a holy book or a human - made system of belief, is worth a single human tear, and never worth any contention at all.

But we can and should all help each other.

If people who attended Baba Ji's Satsangs found peace that helps them understand the universal connection among all human beings, then it served a purpose for progress.

But if some just felt superior, as if they had something special that others outside the Satsang don't have, something worth fighting over, something worth arguing over, then all of Baba Ji's work is lost on them.

As for Dhillon family debts, connected to the Satsangi frauds, they should pay their debts, and be open about asking for help. We all need to help each other. But hiding things, delaying payment only hurts more people.

Hi Jesse
An economic metaphor may help explain my view that boarders are unnecessary.

Most shopping malls have security, and some stores have additional security measures.

But everyone is free to enter any store they like.

The world can become just like that. It is.

Now think today of the empty malls across the nation and world; the empty large Satsang centers, and other large spaces mostly unused.

Let every such place, and every church, become a sanctuary, and helping maintain food, clothing, utilities, yes security, medical care, and even cleaning the bathrooms, even the toilets, Seva, service that the citizens of every nation can partake in for the good of their connection to this creation, for the good of those in need, for the good of their humanity and personal progress, for the good of their soul.

Thank you Vijay.

That pause to answer my thoughts sent me good vibes...I was not able to attend due to crowd issues for me...but have been around 45 years and several India trips so its ok time for new dimensions anyway.

As far as politics goes for those who believe in karma and destiny and/or are rising above worldly troubles to grow their inner being however theyve chosen...the answer is simple

Focus on yourself your behaviour your daily attitudes and self work and you will see the( good side ) of your country its leaders and its people. You will be busy with improving yourself and thats the only place we can be to imorove our particular nation.
Peace comes from within never from outside and that radiates from( you ) as a gift to others.
We can be too busy trying to get the external world to give us something ....we need to radiate something to others and quit complaining about the government which is a reflection of ourselves. Settle the spirit within and look at the bright side. Be the light not the darkness which is very simple its not your soul it is the unsatisfied
(agitated mind ) and thus agitated external experience on the planet.

Hehehe, I'm enjoying reading some of these recent comments to a worrying degree!! :) I need to get in on some of this action!!

HEY GUGU - Happy Belated Birthday Oh Master of Mysterious & Unfathomable Ways!!! Please shower some of your Online Grace on me, you can be the OG of OG!!! I mean, I know you're omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and all, but seeing as you have 2 million+ followers and there is <0.00001% chance of ever having a relaxed informal chat with you, or you responding to my letters personally, ever contacting your radiant form or even ever getting a chance to even speak to you in the intimidating public satsang with thousands of other attendees, because you're too busy flirting some young woman who's having a 30 minute discussion with you about feeding meat to a pet dog or some such, I thought I would try and get your attention here!!! Has it worked?! Am I vouchsafed eternal personal bliss and ecstasy?! Thanks for your consideration mate!

Johnny wrote: "Vijay, while he didn't actually say the words "Donald Trump" he was obviously talking about the leader of this country if you paid attention to the full answer. Frankly GSD had no reason to get into a political discussion during Q&A. The questioner simply read out a fun poem that he wrote and GSD could have just enjoyed it but he kept interrupting the questioner and made a big deal out of a couple of verses from the poem that related to political history. Seems like he was itching to say something supportive about Donald Trump. Both men share a commonality that they've done bad things and are getting away with them. While GSD makes his devotees meditate 2.5 hours a day, GSD is probably watching Donald Trump on TV for 2.5 hours a day."

Haha, excellent! Only the other day I wrote how incompatible RS teachings are with whatever Trump stands for! Perhaps he really is freaking reading the comment?! :-o :)

There is a long-time poster on the infamous RSS forum who claims (and I believe, having read his posts for almost 2 decades!) to be in regular contact with shabd and Charan's radiant form. He has also claimed in the past to have seen Charan's radiant form smoking a cigar! (and why not - I presume lung health is no longer a concern for him? :).

I imagine, right now, Charan and Gurinder are in some luxury office complex, hidden away on some remote dweep in Sahansdal Kanwal somewhere, smoking cigars with their feet up on the desk......

Charan: So, how are you getting along with the task I have set you?

Gugu: It's not easy, you were right, they really don't pay any attention do they?! I tell them there are no inner regions, there is no "4 lives" promise, that all paths, including kundalini based ones, lead to the same destination, that these are all concepts etc, but they go right back to their believing in stories!! Yes, you were right, the fold is too large, too unmanageable, too religious. It is time to wrap up any pretence this is a viable, living, vibrant & viable path to genuine & honest "spiritual investigation", it is a path out of time and out of place, the very kind of organised, structured religious path that our very own teachings criticise!

Charan: Word from Alakh Purush is, you're doing a great job! There is almost a zero intake of genuine seekers into the mystery of consciousness and creation applying for initiation! All that is left is the children and other family members of older initiates. We'll let kal take over from here. It'll be fine in His Hands, He does a fine job, too! Now that fall-out of the acid-soaked 60s has diminished, there are no more young western seekers applying either, unless related to another western initiate of course!

Gugu; Thanks Boss! Yeah, I really pushed the boat out on this one! When the blatant dismissal of concepts wasn't working, I started flirting in satsang, I thought now this will make them question the stories! Yeah, some didn't like that. There was this one occassion I mentioned the 69 position to some people......

Charan: Haha

Gugu: Yeah, it was hilarious! You should have seen the looks on their faces!!

Charan: I'm surprised someone didn't question you there & then!

Gugu: No cahonas, they know who's the Big Man on the block. No-one comes into my satsang tent and tells me what sexual positions I can or cannot discuss!!

Charan: True dat. So, is that when people started to question the set-up?

Gugu: Well, not really. A few here and there saw the light, but mainly they just did the self-rationalising shuffle. So, I thought I'd really turn the heat up a bit. Over the years, I was accumulating hundreds of millions of dollars, in plain sight & with extremely questionable ethics, hoping the drip-drip affect of the absurdity of this situation, of a "Satguru" as defined by RS teachings ever doing such a thing, would cause people to question it all. But it just wasn't working. So I thought to myself, right, I gotta do something extreme here......I gotta go out with a blaze, lose all the money and be clearly implicated in greedy and fraudulent behaviour no genuine "Satguru" as defined by RS would ever engage in! Nobody could be left in any doubt!

Charan: BOOM! I knew I chose the right man for the job.

Gugu: Wait, you haven't heard it all yet! The other day I read this comment by a very wise, intelligent, handsome and no doubt irresistible to both sexes genius on Brian's blog...

Charan: Oh yeah, I heard he's doing an excellent job too!....

Gugu: Tremendous! Anyway, this delightful fellow from a region I haven't yet visited called manjit said look how incompatible RS teachings are with Trump, and I thought that was an excellent point! Surely, and I mean surely, nobody could think anything about the essence of RS teachings, the "Sants" of yore etc was compatible with the contemptuous, hateful and ignorant ideology of Trump? I even managed to slip it into a response to someone reciting some poem I wasn't listening to, the disconnect was hilarious!! I think only that wise fella Johnny will pick up on it.....

Charan: Well, it must have worked. Apparently Anami, Alakh and Agam Purush had a meeting earlier today, and they have confirmed it.......there will be ZERO genuine seekers into the mystery of life, consciousness, existence and creation ever to consider RSSB a viable & living spiritual path, well done my boy!!

Soamiji: Hey, you two numskulls! Put down those cigars, come and have a puff of this hookah......it's banging!!

Whatever people say or believe, I love my Master.Love you My Guru.

You need not go into financial matters of Guru. You need Guru to know the truth about yourself so knowing the details of his wealth is useless for you. Just have faith and practice your meditation, everything else is useless for you. If you don't get satisfactory results just leave the Guru and live as per your desires. No one is forcing you to come to Guru.

Thanks Vijay. Hope you got some guidance from his story. Next time, as a suggestion, don't say he gave a story to elaborate on a question, and then refuse to say what he said. Why even mention it then? I was genuinely interested in what he would have said.

No prob. Hope you enjoyed your time.

Chy right on with your comment. That is what also what I took away from the comment bBJ made about politics. Thank you. Those who get it get it and those who are only interested in criticizing never will.

If one believes in RS teachings as well as similar karmic ideas of many other faiths.
No human can exist in the physical without some karmic account to bind that person here in the body....
So masters included have a share of material karma in order to exist here.
Either they have some karma or they take some in order to exist here...

The difference is they that is masters have an as needed awareness of the other dimensions...
Now then lets just suppose
GSD has this family financial karma to go through so that particular family can clear old accounts from lifetimes past....heavy karma here lots of $$$s.

Lets say that in business the goal is to achieve the most money for the days work and by fair and honest means.
Assuming( all ) parties involved internationally are totally honest and upfront without expecting only the Dhillon family to carry the load alone.

Then assuming nothing goes wrong in the deals all investments are perfect and free of questioning...where losses begin as in all of our lives there is no guarantee only best business decisions and do ones best and things went wron here and now everyone is scrambling to fix the situation...to no avail and the situation deteriorates from there.

Now then in a perfect world everyone will be asked to reset the balance sheet and again another scramble to do this....but lets assume it gets done and all the players not just the Dhillons but ALL who are of equal participant in the big financial gamble that this became ...are happy with their outcomes and see some financial balance being given and its ok no one is complaining about the balance sheet but the( outsiders ) who have no placement in the equation. They are not involved here at all... hopefully the group involved will be reasonably pleased with the final outcome here as the best that can be done due to enormous losses along the way ...confusion and lifes rocky roads...
Looks like this deal is being rectified in an imperfect world as best as can be and the players will move on to other pastures and this is a chapter in the karmic akashic records for these parties involved.
No reason to judge its all a game and.
YOU HAVE YOUR stuff to sort through and I have mine.
Get the most you can from learning balance and keep your spirit moving forward folks.

Amar I mentioned about the story as a response to your comment that the question wasn’t directly answered. My point is that it was directly answered and beyond that it’s up to the people who were there to make up their Minds. It’s never a good idea to give second hand accounts of such things as it’s best understood if one is in the audience.
For me everything he said just solidifies what I knew all along.

I have a flock of people around me who are RSSB followers.....who when asked about preachings ..... would only talk about meditations,not eating meat etc, or miracles " Babaji" does.....But never would they say i learnt this good deed from the sect .. and I follow and Practice the same.......

I have seen people giving fake age proofs to get initiations..... I have heard sevadharis telling to friends "come at the dera so many beautiful babes come there....." if this is what they learning there.... then surely they arent being taught properly......

I agree with Rajan Thadani for ".... Just have faith and practice your meditation, everything else is useless for you. If you don't get satisfactory results just leave the Guru and live as per your desires. No one is forcing you to come to Guru. ...."

But GIHF , And all the miracles and stories circulating are nothing more advts fooling the gullible

This is for Mishu ......

In who else do u see GIHF, apart from Babaji....??

"You need not go into financial matters of Guru. You need Guru to know the truth about yourself so knowing the details of his wealth is useless for you. Just have faith and practice your meditation, everything else is useless for you. If you don't get satisfactory results just leave the Guru and live as per your desires. No one is forcing you to come to Guru"

Agree with Rajan Thadani for above post.....

But Rajan ....Dont u think being honest and truthful is what a Guru has to be on very first encounter of allegation

But these Gurus dont...... because they all think they all are GIHF......They cannot err ....
" To err is human" and these Guru's are God not human

Vijay, no worries, as long as you're happy with his response, all the power to you.

My point , and has been in the past, is that don't blindly ignore the facts, no matter the source. Give it due diligence, and if it doesn't register as worthwhile, then you've lost nothing, but also gained and strengthened your faith.

To just ignore and continue on in blind faith, not that I'm implying that you're doing it, and to discount everything you hear that goes contrary to your own belief system, and pretend it doesn't exist, is not doing one any favors.

Baba Ji says he doesn't want blind faith. He wants people to use logic and understand everything and then make a decision., as much as they are able to. Whether that is reading the books, or reading a high court order that names someone who is held up as a guru.

People have been taken advantage of because they didn't bother to do their due diligence. It's happened in the West many times and continues to happen in India.

Buyer beware as the saying goes. But when, after looking at everything and it still feels good to you, carry on in the knowledge that you've done your homework and all is good, with your faith and belief strengthened.

Kunal, my friend, it wasn't just Malav and Shivi who got named, 3 others, got named as well, including Sunil Godhwani, Baba Ji's right hand man.

The Indian justice system is doing it's job and slowly making their way through the records and paper trail of the money that got siphoned. They have gotten this far, now they will go after the shell companies that the money was siphoned into and out of.

These shell companies have directors which include Baba Ji's sons, wife and himself among the 5 others that got raided yesterday.

Have patience, the police investigators are doing their work and will find the trail. I've said it previously, if they don't find GSD responsible, I will be the first to acknowledge that the facts that indicated he was responsible, were not correct.

Not sure why you think my words mean anything to anyone anyways. They are my take on the facts. You can dispute that.

Question for you is if the authorities do put blame on Baba Ji and his family, will you acknowledge it also?

Again with the nose comments! It's getting a bit boring hearing that. Maybe pick a different body part next time.

Hope you had some time for a cup of cha or lassie. Really helps bring the temperature down.


Well we were all wondering what he would say when confronted. He has been silent on this for a long time, and then flippant.

No real teacher of Truth keeps secrets about a billion dollar family fraud, where much of the money, confirmed
the high Court of Delhi, went into his pockets, his wife's pockets and his sons pockets.

But today he adds insult to injury claiming 'I didn't take a single Rupee.'

We were wondering what he would say and now we know: he lied.

In a way this is all very interesting as far as the MIND is cincerned...
The mind will give all kinds of discouragement in the area of meditation to stop a person and discourage the meditation aspect of a person seeking higher consciousness.
I say ignore all these GSD issues and do your style of meditation if or if it is not RS...dont let the mind aspect of all this be a deterrant to stop yourself from growing within.
For example lets say by conjecture...
Your guru tells you to give him or her x amount of dollars for some investment.
Now you are obedient and you will provide the money resting assured that this is the very best and right decision for your profits to be secured someway. After all your guru is directing the investment...

Ok later the investment goes south and youve lost everything.
Now you are cursing the guru for cheating you. He should have known trouble lies ahead.

Perhaps this was the karma you were to lose and now you are free of the burden of all this wealth and your soul has plenty of time now for spiritual pursuits.
You lost the world but gained your soul.
Profits do not always come from teachers the way we assume....
The mind is very clever and one must perservere in some direction uninfluenced by the RS soapopera around GSD financial experience...this is a small thing compared to evolution of your soul..

Belated HBD Babaji.
Nobody on earth knows better than Him. We have very limited inteiiect to be judgemental. Go within if you have doubts.

Why would anyone ask for advice about living a good life, a truthful, honest and honorable life from someone who doesn't live according to those principles?

When we see that several members of RSSB engaged in fraud, over a period of years, and have made efforts to hide, to blame one another, but not to acknowledge their responsibility, it brings into question the morality RSSB teaches, and in particular the advice of its current leader.

I hope no one in Petaluma asked questions about right and wrong, because it is clear they are asking the wrong person and will receive the wrong advice.

A good and right captain accepts full responsibility, personally and legally, for the behavior and misbehavior of his crew. That is his own vow as captain.

But this is not a real captain.

I've just gotten confirmation from two other people who attended the Petaluma talk of the RSSB guru that he did indeed say, "if you want to know more read Brian Hines."

So ignore the false rumor spread by one person in a comment on this post that he said, "if you want entertainment read Brian Hines."

Yes, my blog posts are entertaining, but the person who left that comment either heard wrong or purposely spread false information.

Brian I was in Petaluma too And i was listening intently. He did say entertainment when referring to reading your blog.

Frank, thanks. Interesting. This shows the unreliability of personal experience. So far we have three people who are very confident that the guru said "If you want to know more read Brian Hines." And we have two people, you and someone else, who are confident he said "If you want entertainment read Brian Hines."

Since the guru's talks aren't recorded, I guess we'll never know for sure which is correct. Probably the first version, in my opinion, but I have no problem with the guru viewing my blog as entertaining. That's one of my goals for it, to entertain people as well as inform them.

Well either way you choose to have heard what GSD said about this blog ,bottom line:

Its been read by GSD ...

If anyone would choose to share for my curiosity any information on
Ishwar Puri the one unofficially per the will given to M. Charan Singh .Ishwar was apparently appointed to lead the western sangats in Radha Soami after the great master.
I would like to know if his credibility has stood to good standards if anyone has heard anything from an educated standpoint ..not about how he was appointed and his education credentials more on how he has grown his sangat or if it has these negative types of issues as well that we are hearing on GSD...and the current dera situation..

Hi Baba Ji
If you are reading this, then please explain what the fuck is going on with a billion dollars of lost money? And why on earth would you and your family take fraudulent loans you know you cannot repay? What came over you?

I mean this in a helpful way. Finance isn't you bag, man!

In this Church of the Churchless we are all brothers and sisters, a motley crew, but no one better than the other.

So you can be honest here, Baba Ji.

It looks like you accidentally stepped on your own dick. It happens.

We are all ready to help.

Just unburden yourself. You can see nobody here cares what other people think. Just say what's on your mind. Don't be offended.

"We are all ready to help."

Assuming enough people even wanted to offer help, what form would it be in? How does a group of random supporters and critics come together to bail out a billionaire godman who none of us really knows? Other than Brian and maybe 2 commenters, has anyone met the guy?

I wouldn't try to help him personally, even if I could. He's got an entire tribe of Jatts he can make various alliances with if he's willing to adjust his religion. He has a book of contacts reaching into the upper echelons of Indian politics and high society.

He'll be fine if he wants to be.

You have a spirited soul and very innocent demeanor...
Actually the saints would love your inquisitive nature and wish to enjoin you in their company.
I hope you hear from babaji...seriously..

Spence, Gurinder does not need any help, especially from someone like you who says things like "what the fuck is going on" "It looks like you accidentally stepped on your own dick."

He may not be a PLM but he's not stupid and I don't think he would want to have anything to do with you. I think you're all talk and you don't really care about helping him. I think you are the one who needs help. You're acting very strange and I think you have lost the plot.

Hi Baba Ji
If you are reading this, then please explain what the fuck is going on with a billion dollars of lost money? And why on earth would you and your family take fraudulent loans you know you cannot repay? What came over you?

Hey Dawg,

It's all happenin' as it should. Ya take the hits, learn your lessons,
and move on. Read that article on the site. Yes, it's brief but it
tells ya all the news that's fit to print. BTW, did ya like my answer
to that dude about the Baba getting bored and wanting a little

Seriously, if ya want the inside scoop, ask me at the Prashad Bar,
tonight. I'll fill ya in... put some flesh and bones on the story. I've
got a couple of new jokes too.

I mean this in a helpful way. Finance isn't you bag, man!

Don't ya know it! That's why I trusted near and dear to show me
the ropes with all that shit. Sunny too. They showed me alright...all
these glowing reports and said "Don't worry, don't worry. It's under

Damn, man, they've put us in some deep do-do. Here's a little
freebie fer ya, bro. Trust no one on the outside. Woe be unto
the little innocent hineys that do.

In this Church of the Churchless we are all brothers and sisters, a motley crew, but no one better than the other.

Amen, bro, Put a nickel on the drum. Save another outward bum.

So you can be honest here, Baba Ji.
It looks like you accidentally stepped on your own dick. It happens.

You too!? I was being so dang careful too. Well, sometimes, so much
shit's going down, it feels like ya just woke up from a bad Astral Trip
or sumptin'.

We are all ready to help.

Bless you, thank God for all of ya. That means a lot! Let all this be a
lesson though. Don't believe everything ya hear or read. Trust no one.
Not even the beloved Guru until you verify it inside. Look to your only

Just unburden yourself. You can see nobody here cares what other people think. Just say what's
on your mind. Don't be offended.

Yep, that's what a Friend is for. See ya inside!

Hi Chy!
If we can't 'forgive' Baba Ji, then we haven't forgiven ourselves, and that becomes our obstacle.

Is not really about Baba Ji at all. It has to do with how much responsibility we are willing to take to do the difficult work of acknowledging ugly things (which resonate within us, reflect within us), accept their reality, forgive, and work together to make progress.

That's our own progress. Baba Ji is in that regard merely a context for our own integrity.

Hi Jen
Maybe that’s the lie The Baba told.
The days of wholesome entertainment on this blog appear to be long gone.
Once upon a time there were many excellent comments posted. Nowadays perhaps just one or two.
I always enjoy reading yours, as you are open minded and still searching.

I’ve chosen my path and will stick to it.

Chy and Jen there is no need for Spence to hear from The Master because I have noticed that he will not believe any reply he will get. At this point he only wants to hear what he wants to hear. And perhaps what he wants to hear is not the answer to his question.

Hi Frank
I'm a Satsangi, just like you.
But I'm trying to use information to draw a conclusion.

How about that?

You wrote
"At this point he only wants to hear what he wants to hear."

Frank, that is your conjecture. Perhaps that better defines those who refuse to acknowledge facts.

If Baba Ji can shed light on the facts, that's always of interest. My request is sincere. And just as I have been led to an unfortunate but factual conclusion, so I will let additional facts lead the way.

As I don't know you I can't pass judgment on you, except to encourage you to argue facts and avoid personal and unfounded criticism.

Have you read the facts? Which of them have you verified for yourself?

Hi Jen
You wrote
"He may not be a PLM but he's not stupid and I don't think he would want to have anything to do with you."

Jen, it's not a good idea to presume How Baba Ji thinks or what he wants... Unless you have ESP...

You wrote

"I think you're all talk and you don't really care about helping him."

He has my full attention. But it seems I have yours.

You wrote
"I think you are the one who needs help. You're acting very strange and I think you have lost the plot."

I have absolutely lost the plot, Jen.
You should too.

Hi Spence .......and some of this to whoever...

Thats why I seriously want babaji to talk to you not like a lecture no no thats not what I mean. I mean like a brother friend ...not because you are screwed up or any other negative reason but because in a way im evaluating some things myself and so when you said to Frank that you are doing that evaluating thing ,I can see that.
Now wheather you will hear from babaji...meaning if he writes a general blog if it will answer things for you or not or yes or no on things for all of the readers or if he just reads now and then and goes away who knows.

I guess for me now is to just let go of trying to get my mind to figure it all out not get hurt along the way of this weird juncture so many from this path are in now...its sad but reality is moving around in our psyches and then it may all be some rubbish as well...anyway hopefully all this will get resolved and be a happy place for us all...
I hadnt thought of forgiving or not forgiving babaji...never really felt attached to that idea...but if so its his karma all this not ours except in how it plays out for our vision on the path over time...
My initiated master is Charan Singh ...so of course all masters reflect forward and backward they say and are connected....

Hi Spence, you ask "Unless you have ESP" yep, I have very strong ESP! The truth will out lol

Maybe its good to lose the plot? Sorry Spence, I must have been in a bad mood. Going to try to have more compassion...

On the
Make it easy side.....
If you or I drop dead in 5 minutes....theres the answer. We will know where we are and in relation to Sant Mat....
We may not know all the things we wish to know but the changes will be grand and immediate. Watch what we wish for.
So on another note.

Rekax have an iced tea or coffee and let it be...it can end this minute....
Lets get upbeat and not worry about the outcomes of our destiny and soul so much.....we are gods children however god functions in us (another mystery)...and it all works out in the end my friend..

Hi Chy
It's really quite expected that we want something, a sign from heaven, or some unshakable witness, or proof provided by a convincing advocate, or Baba Ji's admission of guilt.

When faced with a change, a shattering change, we are the sad little mouse looking everywhere asking, "Who moved my cheese??"

But as an adult we are confronted with the necessity to make decisions for ourselves, using what limited information we can gather.

For those who actively worship their Guru in meditation, there is no half - way. We don't stop meditating waiting for an answer that isn't likely to come.

We must decide what to worship. Because that is our precious time, our precious attention, our precious life.

It's always easier to continue and try to convince ourselves it is weakness to consider seriously what is going on, to the extent we might be doing the wrong thing and need to change.

That is a very hard reality to face.

It is the reality Brian Ji is dragging us day by day through.

If our meditation cannot wait, then of course neither can our personal decision.

And choosing not to decide, claiming it isn't our responsibility to decide is then a matter of personal integrity and personal duty. Because not standing up to the decision is in fact making a decision.

And that is why this whole affair is crucial, critical, and potentially shattering for every one of us who take our vows seriously.

100% on track Spence....
Dont know what to say.....

So many thoughts to look at and somehow meditation does help me...
Just resting the mind and allowing it to be set free from dogma and day by day see what happens.
Everything you just wrote in my opinion is whats going on for everybody who is sincerely on this blog not just joking around stirring the pot...
Well lets all all of us satsangis just go one day at a time...do what you feel helps your inner being the most and cry scream laugh whatever it takes to let your spirit feel free and ok and know that your soul has a place in the universe that no one can define or judge its awareness or base it against what any path its dogmas define your/ all of us souls' credibility progress or awarenesses....
We are pure spirit in a body for now...
Well together or apart we are growing from this growing inside and growing up...
RS nurtures the dependant child in us and somewhere along the line a maturity must happen...This appears to be a big part of it...

"And that is why this whole affair is crucial, critical, and potentially shattering for every one of us who take our vows seriously."

Not that shattering for everyone. Just grow up. Take back your power. Stop judging and criticising. Forgiveness is the key. Find your own inner peace. Live according to your own vows of what is right and what is wrong. Watch your thoughts and actions. Death could be just around the corner so be present and aware of every moment of your life. Be strong and positive.

It would be a blast if we all could have a meal together someday and share where we are at in that moment face to face.
Im sorta new in the blog but not in RS my now deceased mother was an initiate when I was around 10 or so...then myself 1975 and on m. Charan sings death day my deceased father was in CA to be initiated and was initiated...interesting RS life ive had. Many many lovely experiences .

..now its like this....whole new state of mind...back to this blog that I fell into by hapchance and here and there Brians other pages and enjoying the parts that are a bit deep in thought the most I do not attend satsang for various reasons for years now but did visit babaji on 2 of his first tours. ...outgrew satsang by far not due to any mishaps from M. Charan. He was lovely and I still listen to his satsangs and see a pure soul. As well have very fond memories over the years and now its all a different ballgame so where I go from here the blog is showing me other ways of thinking..
Always loving to hear others experiences and jourrney along the way.

Vicky Bains said,

Hey Brian, Not sure why you wrote these comments here but one thing is sure that the master already know that u and some people criticizing him but instead of stop people he said you can read Brians Hines. That's really amaze me.

It should amaze you. Let's see one in here who can remain gracious, without reciprocating in the same language - hate with hate and criticism with criticism. Or for that matter any one of the hundreds of guru in India.

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