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July 09, 2019


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Hi Chy
You wrote
"Aug 4 2019 11:44am... Your article web address on

Vipassana meditation.

Comes up as misinformed error page...I cant open it....
Maybe has been removed.?
Dont worry about it if it turns into a project to get it ....I have known some satsangis who joined that because they were getting meditation results.....?"

The link, as I found out after posting, only works if you copy and paste into a browser. It's a pdf download of a research paper.

Hi Chy
Hey is the link again


What seems to work in Chrome is long press on the above, pop up menu choose open in new window, and then automatically, instead of a web page, a pop up asks if you would like to download the pdf. When I click yes, the article downloads.... It's from the journal of transpersonal psychology.

Ok...thank you Spence

Hi Manjit
Thanks for the link. Very nice, very gentle and humble approach, generic.

Jens says, each person's experience can vary.
He remarks that his internal experience is beyond the physical existence. He avoids going into detail. But he remarks that's natural for him. He says you become aware of the light and sound as it presents itself to you... Effected by your expectations.

Second, he says, is to know an existence beyond time, birth and death. He says it is a very concrete experience, though he also says he knows it sounds fantastical. He says this was an experience of permanence beyond anything here. His body and thoughts were connected not just to 'me'. And this inner being was a wonderful journey, and he was shown these things, brought to these things by a intelligent presence he says he is not aware of in detail. He says your normal boundaries of self, of I am, goes away, and we are not bound by those identities.

Jens says this intelligence on the inside has no labels, but it increased his awareness of what is.

He says he can't compare his light and sound experience, which he says is wonderful and great, with any other system.

He also says he can't say whether his past life regression experience outside of meditation was any more than his imagination, but he has had no such experience about reincarnation in his meditation and therfore has no view of it.

He says this inner being beyond birth, death, time, is his first stage. Then a second stage experience that there is a larger experience of self. And there is a third stage beyond this, Jens labels the ultimate, that is one thing everywhere, boundless, something else completely. There is no where you are not. All the prior experiences are limited. But here there are no edges, one thing everywhere, perfect as it is. He says it's ultimate. Afterwards you realize there is literally no where it is not. He says it's difficult to describe.

He is a meditation teacher. This is where he finds his practical purpose, to align the inner realizations with the outer activity.

Just because, he says, it feels good. Towards the end the interviewer asks him for advice to learn more. Www.Lightwavemeditation. Com, and an app, Insight timer app. Jens has a light and sound meditation group there. He charges nothing for the meditation. There can be individual and group meditation.

He wants to understand what people want from their meditation.

Aug 4 2019 11:44am... Your article web address on
Vipassana meditation.
Comes up as misinformed error page...I cant open it....

This sometimes indicates that Vipassana is not 4U
Called a serendipity ( for guidance )

I m blushing when an evolved soul says that


Interesting to read Bhai Gurdas on this site. I always felt about him the same way I feel about Hafiz or Rumi. That is that while they remained so devout in their religion, I feel they were better representatives than the gurus and prophets they believed in.

In other words, i find the Qur'an and GGSJ to be inferior to the writings of "saints" inspired by the foundational books.


In Rddb. a real sincere seeker
receives from 1. to
25 serendipities per day

It's God s sublime way to communicate

. . wile the proctors ( kal etc ) are 100% un-aware


God cheats the proctors /rulers Like yaweh /Brahm
and Jehovih / ParaBrhm all the time

This is a super path

Your blogs to me on serendipities...
Interesting observation you got out of my request for a website address...but I will observe your observation...
Hadnt thought of that....well at this time when I meditate its when the spirit pulls me may sit 10 minutes maybe over an hour. May do simran because its grooved into me but often I draw a blank of emptiness and time passes......I dont go to groups or join anything anymore...I can and have gotton into various things usually to outgrow them quickly. Never had anyone move me like m. Charan did in my spirit so I am on the fringes here but have moved into different awarenesses. For example I dont attend satsang but grew up in RS so at a young age and for years I DID often 3 times a week.......until a shift came along and I stopped loving the group thing became disillusioned with situations over time ...now I just read and do my own thing enjoy this blog group free thinkers and folks trying to get it all together kuddos to this group!!

M.Charan said again...years ago...he may have quoted the great master I dont remember.

If a satsangi strictly ! follows the vows and sits 21/2 hours a day at a time...never misses not 1 day DO NOT SLIP AT ALL even if the quality is not so good just sit and do RS meditation for 6 months there WILL be huge success and go inside !! And open to the higher worlds.....!!

Sooooooo??? Only each person knows if they have done that can do it will lie and say it doesnt work or whatever....try it see if it works...but again with no expectations. I think a discipline focus is where hes coming from not so much a get from point A to point B...
Aaaand there are so many realities and awarenesses we get anyway just with being on some path of growth...

No in 44 years I have never done all the things he said ...straight for 6 months no slips at all..

.simple he says but not easy...
This path is simple but not easy.....

Now then serendipity...I need to pay more attention to that.!!! It does occur for me and sometimes I find that Im blocked from something and something better happens that I would have missed had I done the other thing..

I still want to get into Spences article on Vipassana...I am a very curious person and inquisitive on many things. I dont dive deeply into everything.

This article was recommended to me by an algo. Confessions of a failed self help guru.

Might be a good read for some here who've had a similar traumatic experience with thinking they know what they don't, and being rejected for it.


Hi Chy, re Vipassana, just looked up and found a TED talk about "Vipassana Meditation and Body Sensation"...


I do agree with having strong awareness and paying attention to one's own body and mind. I'm also extremely sensitive which some people call ESP and no flipping way could I sit in a room with a group of strangers and meditate 10 hours per day for 10 days!

"No in 44 years I have never done all the things he said ...straight for 6 months no slips at all.."

Then the meditation's promises have failed you because you were told that your "skill" at sitting there imagining a man in a turban over time would improve more and more. After 44 years of dedication, the failings should have been overcome by virtue of the number of sincere attempts.

It's also said by some that Gurinder didn't even do meditation much yet he became the supposed buddha via bloodline, so you really just didn't have the right super jat genes.. I have a feeling that Charan wasn't much of a meditator either. He never had that presence about him. He seemed more like a coward to be honest. Like a clerical worker with no heart whatsoever. Look at those picture books of him just lazing about drinking tea as the masses toiled in pain building low quality structures for his fundraising. The guy was an ass.

And why is nobody questioning meditation itself? Who decided that sitting there is THE way? Many spiritual traditions that RS has no problem quote mining from certainly didn't take that stance. Sikhs don't believe it necessarily. Hindus don't. Prabhupad (PBUH) was of the opinion that meditation was for other "yugs" and that only chanting the holy names could get you "there."

Become Sufis or something. Go dance in circles chanting Allahu Akbar and forget this cheap religion of Agra. You've wasted 44 years already. Would you eat cardboard for that many years still thinking it would become chicken strips and steak?

This is not true. . . . . . .
In other words, i find the Qur'an and GGSJ to be inferior to the writings of "saints" inspired by the foundational books.
Posted by: Jesse | August 15, 2019 at 01:50 PM


777, I just said I prefer some authors over other authors.

Your response was "this is not true."

Can you tell me why you believe I don't prefer Hafiz over the supposed revelations written in the Quran? Because I'm almost certain I prefer Hafiz.

Your blog synopsis of my 44 years initiated...
Well the 44 years combined in meditations with all the things other styles ive done...but still allowing RS to exist in my life does not mean Ive wasted it all...perhaps theres a savings account somewhere....god after all this there should be. Thanks to you my account is secured.
Now then it needs to be according to m. Charan 6 months straight that you never !miss !that meditation..not even for 1 day thats the key to this.....I dont believe anyone has done that straight through for 6 months at all.
Your idea of building it up over time hahaha ( your mind works a bit like mine at times) cumulative sittings...all the sincere efforts should by now have me in sach khand...well thats another valid approach that may be the answer.
Theres always an answer for everything in RS...so it takes years longer but you can make it that way as well...
So its been 44 years of initiation and im still here in pinda so dear Jesse I need more time but its coming...or perhaps my karmas are blocking me from knowing how far ive achieved but when I die Ill get my reward.
Now tongue in cheek here yet in all sincerity as well...
As far as what meditations the gurus did...that would be interesting to be able to observe first hand...
But..... of course the (answer ) for that if it needed to be covered would be at the stage of mastership there is no need for meditation because masters are at one and in full awareness all the time no need for meditation. Meditation is designed for seekers of light and truth.
So there you have it .perhaps they dont meditate.
Its not easy to figure all this out....

Osho - GSD - ‘Please, let’s be clear. I cannot erase your karmas, I cannot do anything for you’ - Best wishes
Posted by: Tim Rimmer | August 14, 2019 at 01:19 PM

His Master can . . . if not Charan s Master? if not Jaimal >>> Tulsi etc
us: Just find the LOVE, to start with Compassion

Compassion is the Motor of Creation . . . always . . . even of cruel evolution
it applies to every quark in the universes . . .


so simple,
above discussions
above sects, religions
just look around, if yr help is needed . . . send a cent
avoid doing harm, . . always

Hi jen
thank you for the Vipassana you tube..il dig into it today...sweet woman..

There is some kind of inner energy, call it what you may, which keeps us alive and some call it the Shabd.

There is also the mind which can be controlling and destructive to our own self and its called Kal.

At the same time there is an Awareness which we can use, observing our thoughts and actions. The trick or the saving grace is using this awareness to watch and be aware of our own personal energy, thoughts and actions and then while in the observer mode we can see and understand without judging.

Just watching the different patterns of thinking and watching my reactions can be quite calming and also uplifting and I prefer this practice to sitting meditation.

Maybe life can be a meditation. Now, I'm off for my morning walk which is the best meditation ever.
Cheers :)

Osho wrote
""" I am the supreme Being or Sat Purush, and I have come in his human body to take you back’
then I would report that.”

But can you name and quote any of the previous four Beas Gurus saying anything like that? """

They ALL. said that about their predecessor/Master, . . ALL MYSTICS


I believe Bullah Shah was an exception
HE shouted it from the roofs: I'm HIM
Delicious is that!
and Jesus : "Before Abraham . . . . I AM""

Compassion is the force that drives this creation.
The compassion to open all the centers to refugees.
Do you really think God does not have even that much compassion?

God sets a mark no human being can achieve in their actions.

At best we can be humble, honest about our shortcomings, anxious to harm as little as possible. We worship God but do not pretend to know how to do it right.

"Life is a foreign language. We all mispronounce it. "
Christopher Morely

Yes, that much I expect from a real teacher of compassion.

I have no interest in less.

Hi Chy
You wrote
"..I dont believe anyone has done that straight through for 6 months at all."

It's quite a revelation to read this. It seems to be a common experience. How do you know, Chy? Can we really judge others so harshly?

There are true Saints who sit at the back of the auditorium, and they are happy to share what they have. It's a matter of friendships formed with someone around the common love for God, not any human being. Love of the Master is a means to an end.

And so many false Gurus also.

People think blind obedience is Sant Mat when the Saints decried superstition and predjudice. Now in today's world money is the new religion, and we have a culture that admires wealth more than compassion. A culture in RSSB that thinks spiritual wealth and worldly wealth are one and the same, when they are actually polar opposites.

And that's why the advanced we overlook, they just seem like nobody to us.

The little Indian fat lady, we think is quaint. No one would think twice about her, let alone realize she is blazing brighter than ten thousand suns, God in the flesh, and ever deferring to her Master.

The sun comes up and people bump into each other begging to know where the sun is!

Hi Spence.
I know what you mean about the folks sitting in the back and blazing like suns and yes I agree about that and the money tied to spiritual wealths idea of todays world..in the world AND the sangats..
Well many times Ive sat in the back....the front as well and tried hard for that "good seat"..waited for hours for it back in the days where you could "work" your desired seating....it has its pleasure but as time went on the back !! was very nice simple and accommodating. Maturity steps in not necessarily advancement just balance....and no im not an advanced soul..its truly hard to judge where anyone( is ) and all the games people play in todays world.
Anyway the master Charan discussed the 6 month theory of the path I described. That was not my invention...
Good thoughts Spence thanks for sharing.

Hadn't thought of that....well at this time when I meditate its when the spirit pulls me may sit 10 minutes maybe over an hour. May do simran because its grooved into me but often I draw a blank of emptiness and time passes.....

Simran Grooved ..... wow

What you not mentioned here is Love
and it's the main thing

Seek it and it comes often from gratitude
see if you have things to thank for
that You exist
take an old RS book where again he talks to you Sir
before sitting : one paragraph ( They all said that ). When the hair roots start itching. . . . Go there
Forget breath. forget vipasanna

Death will become extasy


"Compassion is the force that drives this creation.
The compassion to open all the centers to refugees.
Do you really think God does not have even that much compassion? "

LOL are you an extremely heavy drinker and/or drug user? I don't even know if this is about real refugees (who don't need "centers" but they need your personal home to feel safe in mr compassion) but you've talked about wanting to import people to start a war in USA before so I guess it is.

"after we carpet bomb your people into dust and destroy your life, we're showing our supreme compassion by forcing you out of your lands and into the USA where you'll be used as political pawns by our mostly foreign occupied government. BECAUSE COMPASSION. A compassion so great that it'll utterly destroy you. DO NOT FORGET TO TELL ME HOW GOOD OF A PERSON I AM"

Creating refugees is evil enough, asking them to leave their home is double evil, using them as your brown shield for your essentially global communist agenda is getting near perfect evil, never once expressing concern for all the damage they do to locals takes it one step beyond perfect, but then being an absolute psychopath and calling this long list of unnecessary evils a godlike compassion is something only... some really amazing people could have the nerve to say.

The new rule is that killing everyone everywhere is a great act of compassion resembling God as long as you let the few survivors come and get used for political points after the slaughter. From now on we can call this endless global war The Spencian Way.

"The sun comes up and people bump into each other begging to know where the sun is"
By Spence the philosopher...

Like the blind leading the blind theory...

To 777 and whoever.
Yes that meditation you have 10 minutes or an hour when the spirit pulls is wonderful.
Very good to hear you are doing that...
Me..I am not going into breath meditation...just quiet but I like to learn different theories on how the mind works during meditation...darkness gets a tad boring to say the least...imagination is much more interesting my neptunian friend..

Especially to rogue sevadars like you've alleged. Like Arjuna said. First one goes down, another one steps up, but the other 2 or 3 will back off.

But Osho is around 70 guys


""". I don't buy this. Osho phones the police because they withold his phone. """"

Without a phone, . . you phoned. ..... ???

How can we believe
your other statemenets

Did U ever ask a question during Q&A. ???
and Brian , did U check that ?


777, he was already outside of the satsang. Maybe he borrowed someone's phone? Possible isn't it?

"Maybe he borrowed someone's phone? Possible isn't it?"

Or he just waited to call until he got his phone back. The whole order of events is unclear cause he wrote a bit erratically in a series of posts.

I'm more interested in this story than I am the financial stuff for now. Who needs television or soap operas when we have violent sevadar scandals.

Hi Jesse
You wrote
"after we carpet bomb your people into dust and destroy your life, we're showing our supreme compassion by forcing you out of your lands and into the USA where you'll be used as political pawns by our mostly foreign occupied government."

Wait a minute. You can carpet bomb but you can't shelter?

Something wrong there..

Jesse, yes, have to wait for Osho to spell out how the events unfolded. As for the other stuff, it's working it's way through the courts and as time goes on, at least for me, the less and less I'm interested in all this.

As you wrote, like a soap opera. Bigger and better things to experience in the world than worrying about what someone sitting on a stage is saying, let alone anything else surrounding it.

"Wait a minute. You can carpet bomb but you can't shelter? "

No, you shouldn't carpet bomb people, but if you do that, you shouldn't also add insult to injury by displacing entire populations, which is also considered genocide by the UN.

By definition, you support genocide. Ouch. Don't do that.

Osho wrote
The police were already onsite the first day when my phone stolen. The police classify it as theft.
The second day, I did file it with the police immediately after it happened.

Isn't it against the law to discuss an ongoing
juridical procedure? - Disn't your lawyers tell you?


When I first came here
You and Mike Williams were the major agitators
apart from David Lane and Brian himself

and now you write :

""" Babaji said to me the Sunday before
“Everything happens in hukam”
Nothing happens outside of the will.
So I fully accepted it as it was happening. """

Congratulations Osho
It's quite a difference!




Somebody knows what X is?



Nobody with a rational mind can possibly justify that action.
This is premeditated, unprovoked assault.
Posted by: OshoRobbins | August 21, 2019 at 11:35 AM

You are a provocateur kind of terrorist who last year also
made havoc there ( or was it 2 years)

I trust next time the strip U naked in search of your 4 extra recording devices
MI6. might be of help to U to wire U

You are the Amritsar Sikhs versus Sawan incarnated
and although young , . . already a nasty old man!

So far from the independent free chapter


@LOL & Arjuna



Serendipities are much stronger - LOL. <3

@Sweet Arjuna

I wonder : When actual forces find a meditating soldier in the field
like Jaimal Singh MaharaJI without permission did ( LOL )

Will troops still have Darshan


It's not easy 4me but I ask excuse 4too much nagging
Before All we are spiritual brothers with the same Father Charan and I cannot say
that my ego wouldn't burst under your circumstances during years
See U in Satch Khand ( a non_time_space_Love _continuum )


777 wrote: "Somebody knows what X is?"

😀😀😀 Loved it totally !!

Wow, 777, Arjuna,

For those who didn't get the complete context, it's about the Soldier Saint: Jaimal Singh Ji,
when opponents came to capture Him, they saw He was attending to meditation in the middle of battleground,
they all got flabbergasted and sat aside Him awaiting for Him coming back to the senses and talk to them.

HE was a soldier saint (soami Ji dedicated a verse to Him as well mentioning "Sant Sipahi")
Arjuna you are a soldier disciple.

"when opponents came to capture Him, they saw He was attending to meditation in the middle of battleground,
they all got flabbergasted and sat aside Him awaiting for Him coming back to the senses and talk to them."

Added to my long list documenting things that never happened.

Another chosen one

First he had more public than Obama
Then he wanted the Nobel Price
Next he added it-self to Mount Rushmore
on Greenland. :-)
Now it is Chosen One
the Messiah

What a difference
but so nice to see where ego goes


@ 777 hello

I get what you are writing but trust soolders today are a different breed.

I am a civilian now.

#posted by A FAN

Osho you say "Maharaj charan Singh said its best to stay away from satsang if it deteriorates to this level.

I may well take his advice"

Had you really taken his advice back then there wouldn't have been any incidents between you and sevadars ever! """

Pls compare with Sawan's remark:
Two friends decided to go Satsang
Underway A decided to better go to the brothel but B continued

A, in the Brothel during sex constantly thought about how he missed Darshan
B, sitting first row right before Huzur thought How pleasantly A might be sucked.

Then going home in the same car they both died in an accident

Which one would ascend to Sach Khand ( Huzur asked the audience )
N° B without any doubt

I like the story / parabel because it is so clear and refers to Oshos workings


But ofcourse the winner is my sister C. who was bewitched by the Darshan when God Himself gazed to her during a split-second
and She is still in the process of recovering of that lightning strike
that happened
after she had had 777 un-succesful meditations
Now they are easily Thoughtless by Giant Love

Correction , =correct
Which one would ascend to Sach Khand ( Huzur asked the audience )
N° A without any doubt


I have no injury. Only a pair of broken glasses. My nose hurt for a day but was okay the next day. Nobody else was hurt. It’s a minor incident. I don’t bear any grudge against any of the six sevadars.
Posted by: OshoRobbins | August 24, 2019 at 05:2


Being initiated by Charan ( I guess) this was
only 1/50. of Osho's deserved bad karma

Win-Win Situation 4U and what rests could have been meditated 'off'
BTW: This is only true 4those who believe it!


Pls could U give us a complete precise overview of the happening
also from the previous day

Because after so much narrative I still ask myself
Did U record on Friday but nothing on your device

On saturday you tried again but were placed on a non-acoustic area
next the sevadars saw you were recording / adjustic the mike or so
next took yr device
next U left in the middle of Gurinders talk

All this is unclear and the narrative is only to your advantage

Pls be honest


Let's solve the equation x²=2 for x...


x = the square root of 2

Ha ha , . . You can't

Babaji when asked states that nobody is ever enlightened because he would no longer be alive.
Posted by: OshoRobbins | August 24, 2019 at 08:07 AM

Out of contexts bullshitt

It would by definition prevent the Almighty to be incarnated in a perfect way

The same error is being the only error in Guru Granth
"By the Grace of The All Pervading Purusha . . . . non Incarnated"

That should be INCARNATED


God is NOT enlightened, His IQ is Zero
Angels & Powers have 9^9^9
God knows only LOVE


If you are in Purusha's STATE,

wouldn't it be fun to appear as a human
in All Your Glory


@Curious. refered to this lying newspaperIndia with:

""" The criminal complaint alleges that the 43-year-old Shivinder “initiated” as well as “permitted this siphoning and malfeasance of funds entrusted to him with the ulterior motive of gaining ultimate control of the seat of the spiritual head of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas,” promised to him by Dhillon. The spiritual sect, founded almost 130 years ago and based on a commune in north India, boasts four million followers worldwide.

Malvinder, 46, claims the acquisitions of six debt-ridden companies by his brother were misrepresented as beneficial to the family’s holding company when in fact they had no value. Efforts to write off the guru’s debts to these companies are further eroding the value of the holding company, RHC Holding Pvt., according to the complaint. """

First, as I said earlier
If one tries to sell God for monies, he devaluates the "Godship" to Zero and less
with such an offer
The price then should be Zero rupees and less

Please read what Phil from the UK wrote and confirmed
His Grandfather gave Gurinder 10 Million $ without any condition

and he ( me too) thinks that that money went apart from Nepal (after a quake)
mainly was lend to the fantastic idea of Mohan,
to make money and help millions/later billions with cheap drugs

We are guessing that the verbal agreement was to pay it back with half the profits

Malvinder, the one who ressembles Charan accepted this

There is no penny of karma here, Only a Giant Good Karma
for helping a billion people against big pharma usurpers

Guru Granth/
"Countless the Usurpurers and those that steal"

Those who repeat that the Gaddi would be for sale are morons, idiotes, ignoramous & fools !!!


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