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July 09, 2019


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Below is a video of Prem Rawat being fat and dancing. Back in the day he was considered God by the same sorts of people who defend Gurinder now.

Previously Prem was "Lord of the Universe" and "Guru Maharaj Ji" etc just like all of them. Now he's just a low key public speaker who wears a suit.

Your gurus may or may not get demoted by their respective sangats, but it's only cause they haven't been caught in enough drama yet. All of this stuff is a massive scam, and basically you're a fool.


Nice idea to make this blog useful
and make inapt trump lose in 2020

We could all write the Pope ( in Rome )
to declare each catholic voter for this planet destroyer

Now it said openly himself was like epstein
for the second time ( Billy Bush > 1st time )
Pence each day more loud & clear silent


Seems I’m not allowed to give any ‘straight talk’ back to those who deserve it. Probably still the case, oh well so much for free speech, I couldn’t care less

Georgy Porgy

Always make a copy before posting
Then U can place it here
It's cosy here. :-)


Georgy your banned? 😳I wonder what got you banned

Yep I wasn’t allowed on here either

I think it’s cos I gave some ‘straight talk’ to the disciples which GIBF (god in blogger form) Baba Hinesey didn’t like. So no go.

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
That's how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied

Hey Anon, it's been long. Did you receive any update on the question you asked to Mr. Puri regarding Faqir Chand? Thanks.

What straight talk? Share it here. Looks like your comments are coming through.

No I never heard back from Mr Puri. Don’t be disappointed. You be a good deciple that’s what matters.


This is indeed a hazardous question or fact

With such initiation one gives his total avaiable love
to the Guru, . . whosoever that might be

But if God will take that seriously ..... I think Not
unless the actor has seen Him for real
That's another ballgame
and for seeing that the actor must stop his thoughts, deactivate his mind for say few minutes or an hour


Promises of lifelong companionship in marriage can't almost taken seriously, not the facts Jim but also the thoughts
but eternal binding, total integration, 100% resonancing for ever
it can't be taken seriously without a test at least

In this respect, I can understand our exers
What I do not get is the agitation
I Brians case, . . . he one loved Charan, who Himself said :
"If you find a better Path, please warn me "


So, what Puri says is not very important

CoC is my favorite sangat ever!
Radha Soami and Blogger Bloggy!

Now I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing "Hallelujah"

I don't even know the name
But if I did, well really, what's it to you?
There's a blaze of light in every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

-Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah


Now shut your eyes
So very tight,
And wish and wish
With all your might.
Upon this carpet
You will fly
Through many worlds
Within the sky.
Past thoughts of then
And now and when,
To bring you
Right back home again.
To hear once more
Inside your head,
The sweetest music
From your bed.
The carpet floats
In your mind's eye
And lifts you up
So very high,
To hear an Angel's
Song that's sung,
Om Mani Padme Hum.
By Fairy Gyani 1999 (From Gyani And Friends)

Hilarious, Jessie. This video of the "Godman" Swami Nitwitnanda "disproving" Einstein's E=MC2 is also a must-see.


There's another one where he tells his disciples he's invented a device to translate animals' thoughts. :-/

Can you believe this bozo is considered by many to be God as well? His disciples too lay claim to profound "experiences" that they attribute to him (or should I say, "Him").

The amazing thing is that a lot of hyper educated people fall for this stuff. It's not just villagers. The ranks of many of these godmen movements are filled to the brim with pedigreed and professional people.

So glad to be done with this godman crap. :-)

About Godmen
We are ALL God
in different states of amnesia
So is His Will ( Mauj )

So, in most cases, while being in doubt and not knowing,
best is to consider another individual nearer
to God ( less amnesia )
than our own state

Good Luck


Between ourself and Gogmen are so many steps

Gogmen must be Gggmen



Yes I suspect a rare few humans can achieve this godlike state, not the fakes but the real deals.

I wonder if other beings on other planets in other universes are closer or further away from such states and union with the Shabd?

@Curious & @Georgy

This is a great question, especially when you inject some 'time' into it

Under really myriads of species, even those in the third rssb Heaven (time_space_environment_4_consciousness) with IQ 999
are species without a 7th chakra

So many aliens ( Angels included ) and many of them aim about how to obtain
this 7 chakra matrix to build some flesh on it

Nobody found out up to now another method than re-incarnation
with all the limitations that it demonstrates and we see everywhere

So the answer is YES
Most galaxies have several such specimen c.q. 'in the making,
because it is the MauJ°°

Every atom, quark, neutrino boson will ultimately re-gain the God_Status again.
Simply because there is no other place to go.

Therefore Gurinder repeats often "There is only ONE" ( The One )

YOU Curious & Georgy are THAT ONE each following the MauJ

So "in other universes" . . . good reasoning
I explained in other comments, . . God is specialized in this , ha ha,
I think HE can't remember when HE started all this
S/HE sees the result and is addicted to that
Myriads of Saints ( LOVE Packets ) inbound per nanosecond

This Earth is a fabulous place
where the terrible ( self inflicted ) karmas from one can generate love in another
who can learn Love and what it does
Even helping an old guy crossing the street is part of this scheme

Only ONE Law in all these universes: "Don't harm
Don't steal . . . because you have to give it back
There is no punishment - there is only 'giving back'

A smile (Charan's favourite example ), an apple, a car, a house, a country
even a planet a universe

It is a super terrific scheme where death doesn't exist and Love prevails

So many Aliens seek to participate


you asked are there
YES, Millions on this planet . . . can't read or write
which is such a handicap

Half a century ago. my wife signed the initiation forms
and the representative gave it personally to Charan in Beas
who said: "No, . . she's eating eggs . . wait until she stops that"

Then He ( Lional ) said : "No MaharaJi, . . She doesn't - I know her well"
MaharaJI : " Just tell her!"


In Holland then she said she didn't check always, in fact never
and this refusal was a big boost to her confidence
She was initiated 3 months after myself


Mrs Wood ( UK representative told us:

There was a famous singer in the UK initiated and
she. bought eggs at a very big supermarket
thinking: No cock inside,. . ever

First egg she broke at home, . . there was an embryo in it
a miracle like the one of the virgin Mary?

These Masters are awesome
What they do is karma_less
The bang is the 'redo' outside of 'time' as we know it . . of the last supernova
applying a slightly tiny difference
for just one disciple


Speaking of Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj ji), I have a friend who's been his devotee for 40 + years. I was surprised to learn that Rawat still has a huge following in India and elsewhere. He's also fabulously wealthy.
It's sort of hard to listen to my friend speak glowingly of Rawat without offering some kind of criticism. But his devotion is obviously so deep and sincere, I refrain from saying anything. And what would it accomplish? Probably nothing except to drive a rift between us.

""". But his devotion is obviously so deep and sincere, I refrain from saying anything. And what would it accomplish? Probably nothing except to drive a rift between us. """

This is why authentic Masters never critisize or let do that by their disciples.

It brings us back to that part of the teachings ( Johnson even ) where is explained that we have 7 chakras and they can all be energized by a professional of the level concerned.

And the 14 year old boy , I remember, was perhaps still is a professional
on a certain level
He is an offspring of the Agra department I believe and
like Sawan did sometimes initiations UNTIL the second region ( think Ishwar )
these initiations are not for nothing and they work .

Parallel, think off dancing derwishers, think of voodoo, think of christion pentecote practises where energizing take place and often the leaders don't know what they are applying, think of Allester Crowley
think of malafide hypnotizers . . . .
they all use partly or even effectively ( acc to karmas) methods
for letting swell the rotations and accumulations of these chakras
which are compared to the flesh our real body
but of course not really

All of our seven bodies which can function in one of the seven
time_space_environmental_"heavens" are perishable , . . so not real
the word perishable very relative because
it seems there are no words for these "circumstances"
and SoamiJI Seth Shiv Dayal stated that the RS 4th and 5th region stay forever

Still pls remember that all regions are constructs of hyper high "minds"

There is only ONE. that is Gurinder's ONE and that is You and me and indestructible, without pain, without hate, without fear ( Granth)

My own interpretation is that
that depends on the 'MauJ ' 's of the Jeeva's that reign over_there

Like Brian long ago described here on this blog the idea
of not existing was terrifying for him
especially the 4th & 5th region still harvest historic personal presentations
(remember: all is and always was fake ( except Love ),)

It seems complicated but it isn't - Everybody will follow were his love already is

SO, when such very high and exalted beings have some prerogatives UP overthere, . .
it's not surprising your friend has ingrained remembrances
perhaps still experiences on certain chakras
which is already a nice stage
More to come but don't tell him

Apart from the Shabd anothere grade_meter is
WHERE hi is
in meditation when thoughts stop. . Tisra Til is the minimum
but so many are on the Heart ( Ramana - Christion Saints )


So brian,
with the unified "They"
you have almost one hand full of co-criticasters jeevas now
Should we congrat?


At least I didn't cause relatives of mine to lose billions of dollars,

Much more U lost

Yes there must be a giant bang
so big that the 2 billion in the meantime needs to grow up to half a trillion

Something like a 30 meter searising suddenly
and not ias science now sais in 2050

I m just guessing guys
I know of another bang but it is not this one



Siberia - Alaska’s Methane on fire actually
Where can people hide?
Maybe Brian can put his attention where it can be good

@Please everybody ask everybody to write a letter to Pope Francis, Rome to declare all next voters for the planet destroyer totally
because this 666 backed gollem goes entirely against Jesus teachings


Explanation on Methane here :



Via Harbey
I came on that page of 2007

The words have a certain vibration but GIANT only
if they were given by a Saint
Of not, then any prayer would do

About what is stated here under
That is a very good description
of the ( say ) preparations of our mind
to become thought_less

Nice to know , it's slightly different dependent of karmas
sanskaras and so around N° 11.
some have meetings with jeevas from their paste

Also Master is there to have an eye on the disciple

Anyway : nice to read and a whole bible we could write about
the Sounds and the unbelievable 5 words
an HOW WE BECOMR ONE with them
really tangible trade personality = we become that Sound
next see that The Master is also THAT
( whatever worldly business-"mistakes' HE might make like Tulsi blowed the then wallstreet, and Seth blewed some banks ))

About N°15
This can be interpreted as a cristal clear Diamond
which later Opens itself
and is the light / flame of that region
When it opens, who is there? : THE MASTER

ok : this is what I read:

1. Darkness only darkness
2. yellow/orange/white strings like thing having some spikes. Like wires with bushes
3. Again darkness for sometime
4. A dot with light appeared from the inner corner of right eye
5. A dot with light appeared from the inner corner of left eye
6. Dots joined together to form a ring like thing
7. Ring is formed of light (yellow+white)
8. Ring is dark from outside and inside... like a big hollow
9. Ring's inner hollow becoming thinner ...thinner ...thinner...
10. Suddenly feeling like in a flight moving very very rapidly forward and forward
11. Some formation of figures ...mixture of lights
12. Feeling like going through a Valley and mountains
13. Then huge number of bigger dots of lights like as size of peanut or more bigger appeared
14. After that total darkness. This darkness was different from initial darkness. Such a stillness in that darkness.
15. Then a tiny star like dot appeared in the middle, pure white in color. Shining very very brightly.

I traveled and experienced the divine light and sound only upto this level. Only Master knows the rest.

Whatever is written and said by Masters all is TRUE...TRUE...TRUE...!!!


Posted by: Dheeraj Vaid | May 01, 2018 at 03:50 AM


Remember Jaimal Singh was denied initiation by a high yogi°° he visited
who said :
I can't take U as a disciple,. . U must seek a Master which can give You 5 Holy Words

These things are still happening!

When I applied for the Self Relation Fellowship back in Holland,
the Rendez-Vous with Yogananda's representative,
who gave us my fiancé & myself an outstanding explanation about his honey bees
next offered tea and cookies
then sending us to Madame Keus from RSSB
resulting later in our initiation

That high IQ man later denied having ever met us
(see my former comments)

Now we know is was All-powerful Charan Singh MaharaJI
who offered the cookies
like the Yogi°° at Jaimal's visit also was All-powerful Swami Ji Seth Shiv Dayal

Don't go astray guys by their temporal worldly behaviour
They really have immense Hyper Power
500QUBIT Devices will confirm!

But even the Athist will appear from time to time


777 - just read your post re the methane and fires in the permafrost zones etc. Interestingly I consider you one of the more ‘out there’ commentators on this blog yet here you are reminding folks in a very practical way of the deep shit we are all heading for. A number of climate scientists are now moving into how do ‘we best prepare’ mode - people do not seem to realise that while we continue to practice business as usual several geophysical/hydrological/ecological factors could line up and the timeframe for major climate change is not in 50 years but quite possibly within 10. That’s my current take on it.
There was a magazine called ‘Resurgence’ I used to subscribe to and in the 90’s I remember an article calling for the need for us all to go on a ‘war footing’ to halt/slow down what could now be just around the corner.
The religious types will think ‘it’s all the Lord’s will, the Master has us vouchsafed' etc, i.e. their concepts around being a saved soul etc will give comfort and an excuse NOT to do something about it, - yet here is 777 pointing it out.
From my relatively affluent Western perspective and keeping it to the physical, do people munching on their organic tofu burgers, imported basmati rice, out of season organic blueberries and coconut water realise where all this food etc comes from?
How long do folk living in their latest air conditioned 15 storey CBD apartment block think their food and water supply is going to last?
It’s time to start seriously preparing, as someone said it’s less about hope and more about courage. We need to work hard to strengthen and deepen our community networks so that we have each other’s back - physically, mentally, emotionally. We also need to rapidly learn how to grow nutrient rich low impact/footprint food and how to store and use water more effectively. Maybe that’s what all these seemingly under-utilised large agricultural lands around RSSB satsang halls are ultimately for, or perhaps not.
Such things as meditation will no doubt provide solace, but when you open your eyes again - there’s suffering mother earth looking right back, reminding us to get it together.

My opinion on the state of play and a bit of a rant, but needed to get it out. If you’re able to - get growing.

Hi Tim
You saved my "out there" space
I need a little help it seems at 82

Yes, I like and try to see the whole simple package.
The Human species is in danger - big karma clouds are forming
Today I read about 5G at 60GHz is eating O2 & H2O molecules
via electron disturbance
Might be a trojan horse - let's see which countries forbid it ( if it is true)

But I like to refer to Osho's question as well in this respect
He is right that no meditation can do the job to The One -Correct?
If he is right, that would be terrible because then we are trapped

Very short now I again must say that meditation +making films( inner dialogue)
is no meditation at all but contemplation
But there is a solution to stop the thinking and each kid can tell us, . . it is Love

And Gurinder and All previous Saints are right that this 5 words+guruBakhti
stuff can stop the thinking
Like a kid with his first love cannot behave otherwise

That is what must follow after the experiences above N° 1 up to N°15 . . .
It's all different for each of us but the combination 5words/Sound/Guru
it really does produce LOve
Now, . . when you "endure". that Love suddenly , . . you have the solution
of everything
Even for all guys/dolls around you
because when the disciple has become ONE, HE the Disciple has then all powers to bring them Home to Paradise too - even long before death ( that not will happen )

The scepsis here on this blog is not only dangerously the opposite
but these people also steal this 'help'_possibility from their
loved ones, their spouses, their kids

Thanks Tim, . . . Brian had closed this Chapter 22 and there You came to my help
I guess he was afraid Laurel will read this chapter and ask 4 initiation
My life is full of Miracles


and Serendipities

What is the meaning ,real meaning of life?
I mean it...!!
Why is everything exactely how it is..??

Just to Be?
Posted by: s* | July 22, 2019 at 11:53 PM

Love & Pleasure

a perfect system


Hi 777
Thanks for your response - certainly it seems like humans are teetering … and we are taking down numerous other species as we go. Mind you it all depends on your perspective. At times I find it difficult to be ‘concernedly detached’. As well as a seeker of truth I have been a bit of a fighter for the environment most of my life. One of my heroes was Arne Naess (founder of Deep Ecology). I’m also with Joanna Macy when she talks of the subconscious grief we all have and are going through at this time. Grief for the loss of all our ‘relations’ and places we have evolved with/on over thousands of years. She does not advocate that we should give up however.
Sometimes I find your comments fairly indecipherable, other times I’m sure there are pearls of wisdom in there. You are certainly consistent in your pointing out the importance of shabd and love/bhakti in all this. No doubt a reminder to all of us. Stopping thought is integral, yet in my view realising there is no thinker is a key element in the equation. I’ve been reading some stuff on Kashmir Shaivism and how they talk of realisation as being ‘human and the universe’ at the same time. I guess the bigger the picture one can get, lessens the perceived problems associated with a tiny blue blip in the immensity of it all.
I’m glad Brian still allows you to post - at least in the naughty corner.
Best wishes

These open threads indeed are the source of diversified and quite valuable reads.

Thanks Tim and 777,
for such beautiful and inspirational comments.

So many clear points U said:

"Stopping thought is integral, yet in my view realising there is no thinker is a key element in the equation"

Of course BBJ doesn't say this because it seems so difficult then. But it is NOT!
At The destinated moment of LOve it happens.
Attention : Love starts with helping an old crossing the street but it 'ends' as an all-consuming fire; Greater than BigBang, All Big BangsOvertime

OverTime it happens as a sinus-wave. Never constant. Even when you were high
in that Sinus , there is the low too.
The point is to lift the whole horizontal of excitements°° / little bi-polair_like,
slowly ( or fast ) higher

This makes Gurinder"s word s " the Baba needed some "excitement" clear

The semantics of excitement is also in chemical reactions the combi of >2 elements resulting in a bang
Of course, Saints need such explosions once in a while to wake us up.
See what happens

I was asked to comment here for exers and newbies alike
Some textes can only be understood by initiates, . . from the beginning I said
a part of what I say is BETWEEN the words
some readers agreed, . . most said 'no sense'

All banging brings us to the purpose of creation.
I was equally active on the climate.
See my Obama Song (2008), where I predicted the exponentially as U say: not 2100 but much earlier

In the scheme of trillions ^tr^tr. creations what happens here is minor
But it makes some realize "The One" which means
to BE HIM The Great Almighty, without hate, without fear, The Love One


We don't need to win the battle !!
in creation we need excitements which bring a lot of new(s)

Do less, be happier. - Simran does all that

@Jesse. /. Osho. and all seeing Gurinder next Sunday , . . . near Oregon

About THE ONE and coming from Spain BBJ knows this

The Catholics 10th sacrament wipes out all sins (!)
It is to have perfect Love for the Father at Death

Who can have that without some training while alive
This is the RSSB package - no difference


777 do tell, what is it like to die? How many times have you died and remembered being born?

Interlude #1:

As temperatures exceed 38 degrees here in the UK, and Europe experiences its highest ever recorded temperatures, I am reminded of what must be one of my earliest proper "full-on" visionary experiences beyond the ego-centric and linear experiences of astral projection, and I just wanted to ponder over it, whilst we bake.

First, two articles I came across yesterday:



My own experience occurred when I was aged around 18 or so (precise timelines are vague to me now). I had first come across RSSB aged 12 or so, I believed it but was not following it (except becoming a veggie). Around aged 17 or 18, I started having various visionary and other experiences which brought me to start following RSSB and Gurinder completely & wholeheartedly, and leaving my previous life of, well, breaking all the other vows except eating meat.

Out of the several intense experiences I had during those first few months of changing my life, one stands out particularly clearly. It blew my mind. I had not experienced this kind of "inner experience" before, where there was no "manjit" in the narrative. There were more important matters to attend to! During this experience, I can only say, half-heartedly as I know it is impossible to communicate with words even to those willing to be open-minded and listen, that I experienced the "soul" of many different things, and how they interact. This included the "soul" of inanimate objects, concepts, archetypes etc, the singular "soul" of entire nations, races, religions. An infinite array of souls, all inter-connected.

Out of all these many "souls" I experienced, directly and immediately without the medium of concepts, the one that stands out the most to me was this "soul" of the entire earth, it was a breathtaking and direct realisation......the whole earth, as one, was just "one" soul, from a higher perspective (or wherever you wish to place this perspective, I understand "delusion" will be the default, I myself have placed it there, or at least in "who the fuck knows what that was", indefinitely myself!). All the beings on earth were a PART of this "one" soul, like all the individual cells of our body, themselves "independent" living beings, make up "me".

Further, I was shown, for some reason I neither understood or really cared about on a personal level, that the use of fossil fuels, oil, was like a poison to the earth, and that our continued use would result in the "soul" of the earth taking corrective measures which involved great deals of flooding and other environmental "disasters". I literally "saw" these things all occurring, and the meaning was understood on a level that was pre-conceptual.

What is strange about this experience is, that I believe I knew next to nothing about "fossil fuel" use and it's potential impact on the environment, and I certainly wasn't concerned about these kind of things on a conscious level. I also did not, I believe, know about the concept of "Gaia", and CERTAINLY couldn't even have imagined the TYPE of experience I had, at the time.

Over the intervening decades, I have read what can only be called a common consensus between a variety of "paranormal" sources, NDErs, OBErs, mediums, channellers, visionary experiences, psychedelic users, "alien abductees" etc etc etc, over the past 3 or 4 decades. It is undeniable.

What is behind it? Is it some sort of collective delusion, manipulation by an external force.......or perhaps a "real" glimpse of what may be awaiting us?

Regardless, as I sit here in a sweltering heat I've never experienced before in the UK, I think I'll place my bet on the scientists, visionaries and mystics who have been warning us for decades, and not the intellectually challenged such as Donald Trump.

But to each their own.

I have no children and I pretty much think life is a crazy out of control roller coaster with no safety bars, and that ultimately whatever will be is what was meant to be, so have no dog in this fight. I'm just observing the endless fun and games. I mean, Reality is so much fun, isn't it? :)

Interlude #2:

A very strange thought struck me the other day.

It is a thought that has been hibernating in the borderlands of my consciousness and para-consciousness for what must be 30 years now.

It is a simple thought. And I don't quite realise why the deep profundity and self-evidential truth of it never quite sank in, despite pondering over this very simple idea many times over the decades. And, furthermore, why this isn't obvious to everyone!?

And the thought is this; Any "genuine" or "real" or "perennial" vision or version of "truth" or "universal" spiritual path, which is supposed to be a search for the "truth" of ones own ultimate nature or self must be:

1) Available to all
2) Available at any time
3) Needs no intermediary

Any version of "truth" or "spiritual path" which does not fulfil these criteria is bound by culture, language, symbol, concept......a story, in other words, not "truth" which transcends all these limitations in space and time.

It is, actually, quite absurd to believe that some intermediary, wherever they may be on the spectrum of alleged intercessors to God or Reality, from the rare genuine mystics to the innumerable fraudulent Babas in India, is needed to realise the true nature of one's own self, consciousness, which is said by almost all metaphysical schools of thought to be a drop of the ocean, and in being so, is actually the ocean itself.

Being Reality ourselves, we seek an intercessor to Reality, and thus divorcing ourselves from our own Reality. What a strange state of affairs!

Please resume the normal programming, I need to go and have a cold shower :)

In fact it was the experience of Saints/Mystics which inspired them to write scriptures.
Posted by: Vinny | July 25, 2019 at 01:05 AM





How is that with RSSB?

777, you wrote: "My own experience occurred when I was aged around 18 or so (precise timelines are vague to me now). I had first come across RSSB aged 12 or so, I believed it but was not following it (except becoming a veggie). Around aged 17 or 18, I started having various visionary and other experiences which brought me to start following RSSB and Gurinder completely & wholeheartedly, and leaving my previous life of, well, breaking all the other vows except eating meat."

If you're 82, either you started following RSSB when you were 50, or the heat is messing with your recall. Must have been Charan Singh.

Amar you quoted the wrong person...its Manjits post.

Dear Manjit,
I totaly agree with you,''we do not need an intermediare in between the One and us,ourselves.
Maybe some inspired teacher,but that is different.
God is inside in all of us.
So no need for a master who ''brings us to our own self'',becasue we are that already.
Hopefully you had a fine shower to cool a bit..
Here in Holland it's very hot too.
The last time I felt that, was in Delhi..


You hv a sharp mind with A/C on. !

@Jesse wrote:
777 do tell, what is it like to die? How many times have you died and remembered being born?
Posted by: Jesse | July 24, 2019 at 09:02 PM

What do you want, . . 3 books about some of many many former lives
after about 400 comments I was ordered to place here.
They were read by those needing it

After correctly mathematically explaining serendipities,
and the ridiculousness of 1*0=1
and about what's God's Desire
predicting the last CA earthquake exacly on Richter few hours before. ,
and the sea levels correctly 12 years ago
still for all to see (hear haha)
resulting in name-calling, especially from you
I don't see the necessity to write these books for you

Also in all cases there is the MauJ we must follow

Every attentive compassionate human can NOT_DIE by going in the Shabd vibration which he always was
So, . . have a try yourself!

@Hi Manjit

Like exercises for babies ( if needed when not spontaneous)
consist in de-tonus the muscles
( the baby has all muscles in tension and must relax)
We, dependent of sanskaras know everything.

Next parents and others bring layers around these connaissances
and they hinder to look into that after the age of 4
with some remarkable exceptions

Also accidents @ the brain level might again bring up this knowledge
like is the case with Edgar Casey
and you had that spontaneously because it was in your karmas

So the "must"s. . . ; I would re-think that
1) Available to all
2) Available at any time
3) Needs no intermediary

You told your story from the age of 12 on and also I read visitors saying
shame Manjit isn't present anymore, because he has a correct and insight-ing
interpretation of the Path

"....the whole earth, as one, was just "one" soul, from a higher " YOU WROTE AND YOU EXPERIENCED
Yes : that one-ness can be 'done' on so many levels
according to yr past: humankind, animals, trees, but yes the entire earth, the Sun,
the Galaxy etc
and then we did not even go on step 2 of this fantastic Path.
Great preparation, especially for the strange fairy tales in Sar Bachan!

See : "The boy who saw true" ....... while going with the train here in Provence
each 50 Miles really communicating with the Deva of the next hill ( nice read)

You came here in my naughty corner .during the heat
I guess you are in the UK
People here ( Rivièra) say ( in the Paris journals )
"What are they complaining about
We call that Summer". :-)
Friends in Delhi . . and. I greet them . . . had 47° felt like 52° C.

Hope you had a cool shower and heard the Anahabad Shabd at the same time
That is delicious - to listen at any time - even while robbing a bank
( Seth Shiv's Dayal hobby )

Agai so nice to read U

777 (82)

Aaahh, thanks Marko! Lol, usually the only one posting here is 777.

My apologies to 777, my bad.


You : "I'm a professional dancer MaharaJI"

Charan : "I dance like a bear!"

Be glad HE is between You and a supernova that would burn U to asses
if ther was a nanogram of proud about dancing

This is exactly the Need of One who can bear the Heat of that Kitchen
and the need of collossal LOVE without ego


Amar eh no big deal we all do sometimes miss something..peace


We are here by Brian s grace
No problem

You proved to be good in Math
I was initiated by Charan Hazur MaharaJi in 1966


for the third time - first time was in 1874 by Seth Shiv Dayal Soami Ji MahaJI
but all that is in several comments already
One life to go

I agree with none of it, but that was a great manjit comment. At least a big portion of it.

Some credit has to be given to specific claims of experience. If you've experienced something, talk about it if you want. If you think something "must be" true, as manjit later did, then spare us. Nothing needs to match any concept you've ever heard about, and no credence needs to be given to any metaphysicians or mystics concepts no matter how often they agree.

The world is a giant plate of infinitely self replicating spaghetti noddles. Prove me wrong.

Watched this on Netflix last night, highly recommend, this is the trailer...

The Great Hack / Official Trailer / Netflix

"They took your data. Then they took control. The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation through the compelling personal journeys of players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. In select theatres and on Netflix July 24."

"Collecting data isn’t the problem. Using data for things like influencing elections is the problem"


dear Manjit, great post, enjoyed reading it.

the interlude 2, I don't agree (I know it doesn't matter - but for the sake)
I know talking the books is different and what ridiculously awesome stuff you explained of experiencing in 1) is a different game altogether.
however, I totally got lost on assuming the reason what made you swing away from rssb/Babaji when you yourself explained you experienced galaxies/universe going into HIM and getting out from HIM.
but anyway, that is your personal stand - I am curious to know what happened.

So coming back to the point 2), what you said makes sense in a way, but only it will make most sense when you again experience it yourself and then explain that.
And why I don't believe it yet, is also theoretical only,
however, if we proceed with the Masters literature - almost all of the foregone masters have explained that it is impossible for a soul to ascend from the darkness of Mahasunn - as the darkness eats up all the light of the soul and she is clueless where to move - as Soami Ji explained - 100s of megas of zillions of kms of depth, height and width of darkness - the soul doesn't get a way to proceed anywhere as HE HIMSELF was trapped there for good enough time and ascended by the grace of the Masters.

Again just a theory. Would love if you'd prove it wrong by ascending through that realm on your own. I think that will become the most remarkable history of the universe as till date nobody has claimed doing that alone.

dear 777,
yeah unfortunately, Delhi has new friend cities in the world now with the same grades of temperature :)
I wish there were no friends with such parameters,
I wish cool wind and peaceful environment to every city and every being 😀

Hi 777,
Do not talk wrongly about the very sweet conversation I had with my dearest Guru.
It was sweet and loving <3

..because you did that several times now.
Please stop doing that.

Thanks in advance..


Again just a theory.

Is not a theory - I was there before I ever heard of RSSB
I did Pranayama ( Ramacharaka )
It's not only black - It's terrifying - One is glued down - Cannot move an inch
Charan took the black glue away 1000%

I told it here years ago

I just Try to prevent it for those advertising the Alone-Win
Consider it done without excusing myself. - Perhaps later!


However, there still is this other way described in
It is. in E-book somewhere but I couldn't find now
It's about the situatio of trillions of Sould who thought
the advaita way but having to much ego for acceptinh help

It is the way of realizing Brahm by Ascese ( he hasn't such void-protection,
therefore he cannot consent in the Way of the Housefather ), then wait until he unifies with
Next with all these creations ascend when the night is over
That must occur by the great Compassion showered by a Saint

Little confused you say this is your 3rd life initiated but in the previous comment you talk about before you heard of RSsb. So even though you were initiated into sant Mat you did pranayama?

@ 777

None of these lords have helped me. They are selfish in life and I don't expect anything from them.

They are antichrist nothing more playing games. Is God that sadist that he does this to his children???

I do not believe in the Lord anymore as much as he believes in me. Fame news.

Each birth the baby forgets the former ones
alse when U were initiated
I told a lot during the 6 years here

This black experience was necessary for me I guess
To be happy finding a Holy One again


It's YOU, the doer
4 what happens in your life
in forgetfullness


without this amnesia we couldn't stand

777 pranayama is not black it IS lifesaving.


What I said is a declaration about the greatness of
Pranayama, able to bring one stanta-pede further than Para Brahm's regions
as One said MahaSunna

But it can't save us from That Void, a void of Non-Existence

Please see this in the frame of the Radha Soami teachings
for those aiming the eternal region

As One said according to Sar Bachan the Void is unending times vaster than
all that exists which are a tiny insect compared
I should place all these words between quotes because
like Seth Shiv and Paulus say . . . we have no words for the greatness of Sat Purush

So Pranayama is one of the best exercises to do in our realm
but not for 'astronauts'
the reason at the third Eye-level we must forget the breath

It's logic that satsangis , concentrating on the breath chakra ( 5 )
sometimes even on the Heart (4) (Ramana)
can't reach above physical, astral and causal realms

Charan MaharaJI did some pranayama exercises for Health too
but separate from His Meditations


dear 777,

yes, I have read your accounts, many times.
and read that one too. it's simply amazing.

I am curious and excited for that day when by HIS grace,
I will go through these experiences and specially about meeting HIM inside.

this is one of the most loving and beautiful aim of life,
apart from other worldly roller coasters 😀

arjuna, if you have no inner experiences of the divine, whatever you know is based upon believing what others have said and written.

You have no means to control what is said and written nor do you have any certainty about the correctness of what you believe.

Whether the divine exists or not cannot be controlled.

It exists in the description of the experiences of those who are labeled mystics, saints etc.
Whether that description is correct or not nobody knows.

People have these experiences like people have dreams.
The difference is in the experience of grade of reality.

Yes, I do believe that the prophet had visions and that in those visions the angel Gabriel appeared and that the same ordered him to write a book.

Yes I do believe that it must be almost impossible to withstand the impact of such an experience but that is by itself in no way an guarantee that there does exists such an angel or even an god that did send him. After all, that god could have placed the same experience in the rest of humanity or told them in one way or another that they had to listen to the prophet. So what we have is just the HEAR-SAY of the prophet

And that is how it is with all mystics, prophets, saints … individual human beings having an inner experience and the rest that BELIEVED WHAT WAS SAID … HEAR-SAY. Believing hoping that they too could have the same experience of something that was shown to be had in such an experience.

Happy are those, simple of heart, who can believe these tales of the divine as that will make their journey through life easier to digest.

Analyzing is of no use to benefit from these tales, let alone trying to prove or disprove them and thinking that any living human being can give and definitive answer or that the answer can be found in his behaviour.

Don't look outside, ask yourself what it is that you want and see to it.

You are alive, that is all … it is a gift … not that this means there is a giver, it just means that you have no knowledge about how to create that aliveness. Having it for free, use it as you deem fit. It is up to you how you spend your life, your time, your consciousness, your love etc and reap the consequences thereof.

Have some coffee or tea and enjoy it.

Though I would appreciate if you could fund my wrongness. Please send bitcoin.
Posted by: Jesse | July 27, 2019 at 10:20 AM

-asking coins without a wallet
-asking about death without trying
-don't worry - stuff° happens - you are doing that


@ UM

Thank you. Think there may have been a reason why you had to write that. It was beautiful.

Arjuna, Whatever people say or write is in relation to others so what is said depends for a part on who listens or reads. One could say that the listener or reader is fishing in the pond of the speaker or writer.

So many things maybe all things said and written cannot be generalized as statements.

Against this background, you wanted somebody to write these words…. and so it happened

Watch how you speak to different people about the same subject and then you will see the difference and how that difference is not related to you but to the listener. Listener are co-responsible for the outcome of what is said.

Performing artists not that … have it your way Arjuna … but … you cannot change yourself, nor anything or anybody else. The way is found through adaptation!

@UM wrote
@Arjuna liked it a lot
"You are alive, that is all … it is a gift … not that this means there is a giver"

Me: YOU are the givers

Apart from the inside_looking_hearing which is so sweet , there is a lot at the outside too , so much more :
We can go two ways now!

Predicting Power for the mathematical inclined under us
1*0=1. Please refrain cause a higher power is acknowledged already long ago

Imagine What will the 500 Qubit devices bring ?
They report a state fidelity of 0.5165 ± 0.0036 for an 18-qubit GHZ state, indicating multipartite entanglement across all 18 qubits.



@UN wrote
After all, that god could have placed the same experience in the rest of humanity or told them in one way or another that they had to listen to the prophet.

Create a few billion forced lover clones , . . . so clever god
He might have done that but it didn't work
We might be the 7trillion_th essay
WEEEE. repeat WE did


Ain't no mountain High enough

How SatGurus think. : 02:52


Nice Girl with Sounds from Japan



“During the preparation of this manuscript, we became aware of recent experiments demonstrating 18-qubit multipartite GHZ entanglement in a tunable-frequency transom device[40] and 20-qubit multipartite GHZ entanglement in a Rydberg atoms array” Wei et al 2019 p. 5.

Dear 777 - thanks for the link to the above paper - I managed to recognise words such as ‘we, of, the, in’ etc - and came to the conclusion that it may be a few qubits above my pay grade.

I’ll hazard a guess and say it’s something about how computers will confirm how everything is entangled at the sub atomic level and everything affects everything else.

“20-qubit multipartite GHZ entanglement in a Rydberg atoms array = I think therefore I am”.
(translated from the Chinese).

Check out https://youtu.be/JPm46Qgyn24. :)

Hi Tim
OK, next chapter in Chinese mandarin is promised
F T T B you can always fall back on my songs above in EQ

Meditation is way easier than these tiny 18 Qubit machines chessboards
Lets wait for the bigger models on the moon in a few years -

So much money is actually
put in - and the low temperature there will be so helpful
maybe next month, all will know if we will exist as n independent song
or we are all the same song

I'm so happy you subscribed

Have a great evening


I have finally come to the unarguable realisation that Sri Huzur Maharaj Pooran Sant Sat Satguru Baba Gurinder Singh Ji Maharaj is indeed the greatest ever Satguru to have ever walked on this earth (and probably all other earths too).

This realisation just dawned on me right this instant.

Gurinder managed to accumulate over half a billion dollars whilst simultaneously being the Sole Saviour of Souls in the entire multi-verse (it's huuuuuge out there!! :), and the direct Satguru over the biggest sangat of any previous Satguru in our earth's history!!

Now, whilst that may seem unimpressive for a Godman with command over all creation, a previous, obviously "lesser" guru, also tried his hand at business:

"As a young man working as a storeman, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru, was counting out the goods ordered by customers. When he got to 13 and said ‘Tera’” he felt he was saying to the Creator that “This is yours” and then couldn’t move onto 14 as everything he touched was also made by the Creator. In this spiritual connection to the Creator, Nanak kept repeating “Tera” and handing out more and more provisions. The customers were getting a great deal of food for free!!

The store owner (not there at the time) heard of this and sent the town police to stop Nanak. When questioned, Nanak explained his actions and was ordered to make up the owners loss from his own wages. However when the stores were checked, there was no shortfall, everything was exactly as it should have been. The Creator saved the honour of his servant."



I think this is incontrovertible proof Gurinder is the Greatest Guru Ever?

Hi Sita - I hope all is well with you :) :)

Yes! I agree with what you write! What can any search be but a search for the truth of our own "self", the one who is "seeking"? It cannot be anything else!

Hi 777 - thanks for your kind comments Sir!

I'm currently reading this book, and thought of you:


It is full of hundreds of "serendepities", or synchronicity, coincidences etc. I'm fascinated by these stories - much like your own - as I've experienced mind-blowing ones on literally uncountable occassions, and David Lane's ideological, post hoc ergo propter hoc "explaining away" by invoking Littlewood's law (the laws of large numbers, basically) stands as an absurdly implausible & desperate explanation for them, as I'm sure you'd agree about your own experiences.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book because the author takes pains to demonstrate these experiences are never proof or evidence of any particular religion, belief or ideology.

I suspect they reveal more about the inter-connected nature of mind & reality, rather than interpreting their content literally.

There I think we may disagree! :)

Cheers 777!

Some thoughts on helpful methodologies around Sant Mat meditation practice :

For me there are several methods that help move meditation along and place me in the eye center comfortably and sustainably.

1. A short prayer to start that begins with asking myself some questions, and answering.. Why am I here? Who am I? What am I? What is my goal? How can I achieve it? What are the vows I took? Each is a loving question, and the answer, stated internally, an acknowledgment of deeply held belief, faith and personal truth.

2.If concentration is difficult I can ask myself why? Is there any change in habit, event or experience that may have caused this? What can I do differently starting today?

3. Twenty rounds of simran, visualizing each round and the count, like beads on a rosary.. Or until I'm relaxed and free of distracting thoughts....

This is often where I found myself falling asleep, but if I can catch myself, then....

4. Handing every thought to Master with each word of Simran, as a language of love, gazing into His eyes... Appealing to Master, simply giving Him everything, as each thought arises, packaged in the language of Simran.. As though it is my poetry to God.

Sometimes I can just start at 4. or 5....depending upon how calm my life is at the time.

5. Visualizing Master's Visage until His Shabd form appears...

6. Entering inside the Simran at the eye center, living inside the Simran with Master, calm, happy, wide awake.

6. Listening to Shabd.. Listening intently as the sounds deepen, and the bell sound emerges as I watch the inner flood of light, and then the stars.

7. Focusing on the bell as I feel I'm rising up... Ignoring the sensation of being pulled up and staying inside the ecstacy of the Bell, Master's true form.

4a. Seeing, noting and understanding the natural cycle time of thoughts, specifically the cycle of distracting thoughts and then Master... The cycle is really a spiral, and moves into focus in its own pace if we don't disturb it, but simply observe it. Letting the cycle move in its pace.

4b. Take note of the cycle time, the roulette wheel of thoughts that returns to Master naturally, if we are not compelled by any particular thought, but which also moves from Master away into the cycle again, to the rhythm of Simran /Dyan, the waltz with Master. The cycle time is a measure of our progress, but that presumes we have enough calmness and non-reactiveness to let the cycle move in its own natural pace.

4c. When we are taken out of that gentle rhythm by strong distraction, so that we cannot sit still, or sitting still, we are working on worldly work for extended periods unaware, basically this is a stage that precedes 4. a. And a measure for our level of connection to Shabd, and our concentration. It is a stage of our meditation, When we can't stay in that cycle, now the failure rate, or our slippage rate, we can record dispassionately as a good scientist, in our daily Journaling. What are the conditions of our life? The level of peace we have built, and the next steps? There is a cycle time even to our falls, their periodicity. We stopped meditating in earnest for six years. Then returned for three, fell, then we are back at it again and hold on for two before we fall again... And now for the last fifteen we have kept going further without a fall.

It is a life's work, but the result is we are more compassionate with others, and ourselves. The only purpose of compassion is to help everyone, including ourselves, take the next step.

4d. Reducing the failure / slippage rate, that is also our work outside of meditation to build the atmosphere for it, not to allow events to make so strong an impression. And to address issues from our own conscience that we may have not seen, or been too emotional to acknowledge. Things that are our responsibility, but which were too big or emotional for us to deal with before.

This is like riding a ten speed bike where the chain keeps slipping back to the third gear when we are trying to move to the fourth or fifth gear. The shifter, the gears, possibly even the frame needs to be adjusted, lubricated, or possibly rebuilt or replaced. That's part of the process of building a life on a foundation of good will and good conscience. Devotion to the Path also helps give us strength to deal with that step by step. And as we do, we have more to give, to help others.

So, we make efforts to live a simpler, calmer, more helpful life as part of our daily, worldly work. And to build the inner impression of meditation through our Simran, Dyan and Bhajan that we can deepen on those days where thoughts are not so distraught and we have better, more relaxed concentration and the mind enters the cycle, returning to Master and then cycling through other thoughts in a natural rhythm.

4e. Sometimes we are aware that our thoughts have taken us away by strong daily impressions. Then, we can build the habit to return to stages 1, 2, or 3 above. Even if we can't get past those, time spent applying ourselves to whatever stage we find ourself is building the impression that will serve as the platform, in time, for further progress. It can take years, but we see the path is built into us. We realize moving through it that the stages are real, and each unfolds all on its own as we keep making the effort to move forward, that the process is pleasant, and it changes our outlook so that as we do the work, we are also functioning better.

Like any good road, we don't actually need a map. The road shows us where it is going just by our looking, at least a short distance ahead, and rightly, that should be our focus. Because it is part of us, it is alive, conscious and ever wishing to help us move further along, even when it appears to be throwing up barriers. It is actually just that we are arriving at rough patches that were always there within. Sometimes everyone around us saw what we did not. And now we must address that internally in order to move forward, and the path, our meditation, brings that exact issue before us at the exact time we need to address it in order to progress. That can throw us off, but our persistence in time grinds boulders into pavement.

You must walk the next mile and several others to get even to the base camp. But the path itself is fairly obvious once you start looking at where you are internally, and with respect to the meditation.

Then you fly over the very road in seconds it took decades to traverse, Step by step. But you have earned every step... Though of course it was already there, and Life brought you here, and gave you the strength and will to proceed, even through the rough years, the fallen years.... It's just cycle time, reducing cycle time.

Hi Spence, nice write up.

Manjit, how do you equate Nanak giving away grain for free, and GSD accumulating (your words) half a billion dollars? At least in Nanak's defense, he was giving it away. What is GSD's defense? Giving it to his family?

I was hoping you were being sarcastic in that comment, but you never know, right?

Jesus I couldn't read all that amount of verbiage and try comprehend it as meaningful even if you paid me.

Can you not condense it into one (or maybe 2) lines of concise explanation and advice for simpler application?

Instead of 1a, b, c, d, : 2 a, b, c, d:
3 a, b, c, d, : 4 a, b, c, d.
And so forth and so on?

@Manjit said
I think this is incontrovertible proof Gurinder is the Greatest Guru Ever?

I just started reading after a day absence
but couldnt help to admit rapidly

I saw the association bztween Nanak's 13
and my 5 Tera external harddrive

It Hardened my thoughts about where the money is and again
I find no better answer than changing it in the equivalent
of the Indian Gross Production : a remarkable 3 Trillion
to use for spiritual ends when the hard times come

Kilo=10 ; Mega=1000K ; Giga= 1000G and Tera=1000G. Trillion is in sight!

A colossal Path we have at our hands, . . including me an ex murderer
I will wait with the Oneness because I need 2 to dance the Tango - OMG
I love HIM so much

All real SatGurus have the same Powers and are the Greatest EVER -WOW

Manjit wrote :

and David Lane's ideological, post hoc ergo propter hoc "explaining away" by invoking Littlewood's law (the laws of large numbers, basically) stands as an absurdly implausible & desperate explanation for them, as I'm sure you'd agree about your own experiences.

Wow -Yes- Top - Wauw - So Good - So ridiculous - calling that science - OMG
and on top
they don't react on math arguments and Actuarial arguments!

When they are at the end of non-arguments , they never admit
which ( i guess ) is non-professional, non teacher behaviour

Like Your Serendipities The Curch would be so happy to have just one
I don' remember which miracle they used for the last sanctifications
and we (RSSB). have them DAILY , each of them surpassing giantly the walking on water
Take F I only my "minor" one
thinking here writing on this blog : "nice answer I wrote!"
same second the TV on tilt with the text "You are just a messenger, nothing more!"
I made photograph !
The humour of it . . . . and the truth

Brian didn' want the photo , that's when I started calling 'gollem'


to be continued


#WTF. Spence
I like it specially N° 7. -Wow. and Congrats a lot
NOW. aplly the Peace of it


Human Beings and other 7 Chakra_Matrix Entities never die.

But only compassionadas°° can become aware of that FACT during the lifetime of their flesh cells, glued on that matrix

Then there is a sweet tiny musical vibration, a tone above your Third Eye - . . at the start SO Tiny that you must really seek a quiet place to hear.

In fact . . it is your Soul that long time was without our attention
Just try it daily
Next you become really aware that YOU ARE THAT MUSIC which will never end

°° Compassion is the human form of LOVE
It starts with saving a mouse on the street
but become more powerful than the entire Galaxy, many Galaxies


One ness comes from which of our Chakras is overwhelmingly energized

As for Rssb Meditation the advise is to trigger the 7th Chakra asap and amap.
via the PowerPackage received from the Custodian

But many trigger a dinner, 3rd Chakra automatically even when only really needed when one is hungry,
Or the 4th Heart Chakra , when following advaita as learned by Ramana
and of course most emotions

A nice example is this fine Lady,
almost a dancing Derwish of the 4th Chakra


I consider very pure and not really triggering the Second chakra
one can also use the heart to admire her
One can even trigger the 6th to admire her , next the 7th when U see God in her
which means do a prayer 4Cassandra

I write all this to let know what Charan MaharaJI ment with:
You will go (at death) where your Heart (already) is


Amar wrote: "Manjit, how do you equate Nanak giving away grain for free, and GSD accumulating (your words) half a billion dollars? At least in Nanak's defense, he was giving it away. What is GSD's defense? Giving it to his family?

I was hoping you were being sarcastic in that comment, but you never know, right?"

Hey Amar!

It's been a long while since I've been reading (almost 25 years) and participating (20 years?) in these discussions about the Radhasoami faith & phenomena online. There is very little said that hasn't already been said. I have come to realise that all our individual opinions & stances are as fleeting as phantasmagoria. Who cares if I say Gurinder is the greatest guru ever, or he is fraudulent criminal? The essence of what I was communicating was in embedding a well known story from someone considered to be one of the founding fathers of Radhasoami dogma into the context of Gurinder's current situation. Interpret that how you will, who cares about my opinion!!

Religious believers in Gurinder may find some kind of vindication for his apparently greedy behaviour from it, who knows? Others, perhaps more independently minded, may see in Nanak's behaviour and entire life the complete anti-thesis to what Gurinder stands for & his life? The similarities may seem that they were both were failures in business. The difference may be in how & why they got there. I have been questioning online for years Gurinder's accumulation of wealth and how it fits in with RS theology (hint; it doesn't!), the fact that there has NEVER been a "Sant Mat" guru pre-RS who was even remotely well off, let alone obscenely rich etc. But, it seems most satsangis never saw anything contradictory or questionable about it (I was having this very discussion with Spence just before the scandals broke.....he was defending his obscene wealth!! :). Some seem to have been affected more by his LOSING that money.

I do not think Nanak's failure in business was due to excessive greed, myself, but each to their own level of striving for "truth" and integrity and discernment etc......;)

When it comes to the RSSB lineage, the facts, the "truth", is this; we have absolutely no reason, no reason whatsoever, to consider Gurinder Singh to be a mystic of ANY order, let alone the Supreme Perfect Master of the entire universe. He has NO history of being a genuine seeker or mystic at any point in his entire life, other than the fact he is related to & chosen by his predecessor. A predecessor who, himself (Charan), admitted he had no spiritual knowledge, claimed to be merely an "idol" (usually only found in religions?), hardly meditated etc......but he looked very nice, was very sweet (to westerners especially, obvs), very "humble" etc (qualities often found in your neighbourhood store clerk, but utterly ignored because s/he has no turban, no gaddhi, and no great grandfather who was the founder of a religion!).

These are the facts, as we know them, about Gurinder. We also know there are literally thousands of similar guru based religions and groups all over Asia. We also know Gurinder has been heavily implicated in a display of extreme greed & almost certain fraudulent behaviour.

There is no reason to suspect Gurinder is a "Pooran Sant Satguru" beyond religious assumptions, yet plenty, plenty to suggest he isn't. Yet, believers will still believe. We each gravitate to that level of genuine seeking and integrity we are destined for, what can any of us do?

Yes, it is clearly a religion. I came to RS & Gurinder in the 1990s aged 12 via "seeking", nobody in my family or who we knew was connected to RS. I was a seeker for years before that, and after I left too. My entire relationship, connection, interest etc in RS is as a seeker of "truth", the ultimate nature of reality and consciousness, and, as I got older, having a good time doing it. All my comments over the years have only been addressed to those similar to myself as a young un; a seeker and lover of truth and the mysteries of consciousness.

But I feel like I've been sweeping up, for a long while.

There are NO genuine seekers, anymore, in this religion :)

Everybody connected to RS is a) over 55 or b) related to a family member who is initiated, and over 55! In other words, it remains only as a religion, not something young independent seekers are coming to - or if they do, stay their long for.

I exaggerate very slightly......I believe my age - 41 - is the cut off age for genuine seekers into the mystery of reality and consciousness ever coming through the path of Radhasoamis. I'm bringing up the rear, sounding the horn "there's nothing more to see here".

I'm not talking to those in their late 50s, 60s and 70s who are now religiously intertwined with this faith, and have lost all energy for the "search" and are content with their faith that liberation will occur after death or some such belief. I'm not even talking to those who, presumably like yourself (?) are younger but connected to the RS religion through family connections and are coming to realise their family religion wasn't "truth" after all (it's not a new thing brother :).

I'm talking to a vanishing small, almost certainly non existent audience :)

If anyone who believes in RS managed to read some or all of the above, they may contend I don't know what I'm talking about as I do not understand the variety of mystical experiences, miracles, synchronicityetc that they experience. Well, yes I do, which leads me onto 777....

Hi 777! Thanks for your comments!

You write: "Like Your Serendipities The Curch would be so happy to have just one
I don' remember which miracle they used for the last sanctifications
and we (RSSB). have them DAILY"

Sorry 777, but I have to most strongly disagree with this sentiment!! I find this to be a comment based on naivety and ignorance of the facts.

In the book I referenced to which you replied, "Coincidences..", there are NUMEROUS anecdotes which appear to "prove" the truth of Catholicism, anecdotes which are NO LESS mind-blowing than ANY of yours, I have to say!

Here is a link to a fantastic book about recent "miraculous" occurrences in the Catholic Faith at Medjurgoje:


There is far more actual scientific evidence to support the claims something "paranormal" is going on here than there EVER has been ANY scientific evidence about the claims of RS and RS meditation.

How about the miracles surrounding Christians such as Richard Rolle (who, btw, encountered shabd and the inner fire of kundalini through his Christian contemplative practices, as detailed here:


(Thanks to Glenn for finding the link)

Or the miracles surrounding St Josepth of Copertino?:


Etc etc, the list is endless and always growing!

Yes, all these experiences of inner bliss, visions, miracles, synchronicity etc etc happen to those of all faiths and non faiths, of all gurus, scumbag or saint.

It is obvious.

Something else is happening, but we have been caught in the weeds of the ego-centric narrative.

Imo of course.

manjit, nice comments, following along the lines of what you wrote regarding GSD and the feelings behind the pulling back from the religion of RSSB. By the way, I'm a good 6 years older than the 41 you mentioned...

Amar: "By the way, I'm a good 6 years older than the 41 you mentioned..."

I know, I meant younger than later 500 and over!

I've enjoyed reading many of your comments!


Hi Manjit

This is a relativily peaceful part of Brians blog, due
to the fact that many (Osho said it) don't know where to click to find the free chapters

Appreciated your work and typing

Will go later deeper into the miracles
Stuff, events should only be called a miracle
if hardware proof remains ( like my photo of the TV
like my tangent paper copy of the French journal "Nice-Matin". ( the town Nice @Riviera )
and so forth
Applying that standard, there are way less

But very impressive f. i. Charan in my life at 4 occasions taking/copying the body the molecules
of another person to offer us cookies, drinking tea, showing the hives and the bees
like it was ( we read ) in the old times ( walking on water stuff )

OK, see u later


......but if you're an RS satsangi......DON'T EAT THE EGG, YOU'RE FUCKED IF YOU DO
Posted by: manjit | August 01, 2019 at 05:58 AM

Eggs give no karma.
It's a toial animal injection
It is just that our meditation can't succeed, . . . ONLY THAT is the reason
Monks know that since always
Drill Sergeants know it too , hence they give on Friday when the guys go for the weekend fun


Hey 777! :)

I posted this a few days back, but it was swallowed up by the spam filter monster (you know it well, I presume :).

You wrote earlier in this thread:


What I said is a declaration about the greatness of
Pranayama, able to bring one stanta-pede further than Para Brahm's regions
as One said MahaSunna

But it can't save us from That Void, a void of Non-Existence

Please see this in the frame of the Radha Soami teachings
for those aiming the eternal region"

To which I posted these quotes about "pranayama" from Nanak, Kabir, several other Granth Sahib authors, and assorted other contemporaries (and predecessors from Kasmhiri SHaivism). Enjoy :)

"The snake-like coil is now pierced through & through and I have
dauntlessly met my Lord, the King...
.....Merged in the Full-pervading Lord when I locked the breath
within, *then* (my emphasis, manjit) the celestial strain
spontaneously began to resound."
Kabir, page 972 SGGS

"If her mind pearl, like an ornament, be weaved into the thread of
breath, and the bride puts on the decoration of compassion on her
person, then the Beloved enjoys his sweetheart"
Guru Nanak, page 359 SGGS

"The right & left nostrils are the guards of this body lyre
(harp...manjit), and this lyre synchronises a wonderful melody"
Guru Nanak, page 907 SGGS

"Put thou thy life-breath in the right channel and establish good
relation with thy Lord
In this way thy fish-like mind shall be held and thy soul-swan shall
fly not away from the Lord and thy body-wall shall not perish in
Guru Nanak, page 991 SGGS

"Says Nanak, if in the heart of his heart man contemplates his Lord,
then with every breath of his, he quaffs nectar"
Guru Nanak, page 992 SGGS

"He then mounts his breath to the 16 petalled sky and there flutters
his wings in glee.
In the profound trance a tree of God becomes manifest and it dries
up the water of desire from the body-ground"
Kabir, page 970 SGGS

"The left wind-pipe, the right wind-pipe and the central one, these
3 abide in one place"
Sant Beni, page 974 SGGS

"The breath is drawn in by the left nostril, it is retained within
Sukhmana & is breathed out by thhe right nostril, uttering 16 times
the Lord's name"
Jaidev, page 1106 SGGS

"I have obtained the 10th gate as a distilling fire and the channels
of the Ida and Pingala (the left & right breath channnels according
to tantra....manjit) are the funnels to suck in and spit out, and
mind as a golden vat.
In that vat, the extremely pure stream of Name Nectar trickles.
Like this I have distilled the essence of essences.
An incomparable thing has happened, my breath I have made the wine-
Kabir, page 92 SGGS

"By turning my breath inwards, I have pierced the six body chakras
and my mind (surat) got enamoured of the Lord."
Kabir, page 333 SGGS

"O brute of brawling and uncultured intellect, reversing thy breath
from the world, turn it thou towards thy God.
Intoxicate thou thy mind with the ambrosial stream that trickles
from the furnace of the 10th gate"
Kabir, page 1123 SGGS

"Associated with the saints, their kundalini is opened and
through the supreme Guru, they enjoy the Lord of supreme bliss."
Guru Ram Das, Granth Sahib, page 1402 (the only time I am aware of in
the Granth Sahib the work 'kundalini' is explicitly mentioned in


Hatha Yoga Pradipika

"64. I will describe now the practice of anahata nada, as propounded
by Goraksa Natha, for the benefit of those who are unable to
understand the principles of knowledge -- a method, which is liked by
the ignorant also.
65. Adinatha propounded 1 1/4 crore methods of trance, and they are
all extant. Of these, the hearing of the anahata nada is the only
one, the chief, in my opinion.
66. Sitting with Mukta âsana and with the Sambhavi Mudra, the Yogi
should hear the sound inside his right ear, with collected mind.
67. The ears, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth should be closed and
then the clear sound is heard in the passage of the Susumna which has
been cleansed of all its impurities.
68. In all the Yogas, there are four states: (1) arambha or the
preliminary, (2) Ghata, or the state of a jar, (3) Parichaya (known),
(4) nispatti (consummate).
Arambha Avastha.
69. When the Brahma granthi (in the heart) is pierced through by
Pranayama, then a sort of happiness is experienced in the vacuum of
the heart, and the anahat sounds, like various tinkling sounds of
ornaments, are heard in the body.
70. In the arambha, a Yogi's body becomes divine, glowing, healthy,
and emits a divine smell. The whole of his heart becomes void.
The Ghata Avastha.
71. In the second stage, the airs are united into one and begun
moving in the middle channel. The Yogi's posture becomes firm, and he
becomes wise like a god.
72. By this means the Visnu knot (in the throat) is pierced which is
indicated by highest pleasure experienced, and then the Bheri sound
(like the beating of a kettle drum) is evolved in the vacuum in the
The Parichaya Avastha.
73. In the third stage, the sound of a drum is known to arise in the
Sunya between the eyebrows, and then the Vayu goes to the Mahasunya,
which is the home of all the siddhis.
74. Conquering, then, the pleasures of the mind, ecstasy is
spontaneously produced which is devoid of evils, pains, old age,
disease, hunger and sleep.
75. When the Rudra granthi is pierced, and the air enters the seat of
the Lord (the space between the eyebrows), then the perfect sound
like that of a flute is produced.
76. The union of the mind and the sound is called the Raja-Yoga. The
(real) Yogi becomes the creator and destroyer of the universe, like
77. Perpetual Happiness is achieved by this; I do not care if the
mukti be not attained. This happiness, resulting from absorption (in
Brama), is obtained by means of Raja-Yoga.
78. Those who are ignorant of the Raja-Yoga and practice only the
Hatha-Yoga, will, in my opinion, waste their energy fruitlessly.
79. Contemplation on the space between the eyebrows is, in my
opinion, best for accomplishing soon the Unmani state. For people of
small intellect, it is a very easy method for obtaining perfection in
the Raja-Yoga. The Laya produced by nada, at once gives experience
(of spiritual powers).
80. The happiness which increases in the hearts of Yogiswaras, who
have gained success in Samadhi by means of attention to the nada, is
beyond description, and is known to Sri Guru Natha alone.
81. The sound which a muni hears by closing his ears with his
fingers, should be heard attentively, till the mind becomes steady in
82. By practicing with this nada, all other external sounds are
stopped. The Yogi becomes happy by overcoming all distractions within
15 days.
83. In the beginning, the sounds heard are of great variety and very
loud; but, as the practice increases, they become more and more
84. In the first stage, the sounds are surging, thundering like the
beating of kettle drums and jingling ones. In the intermediate stage,
they are like those produced by conch, Mridanga, bells, &c.
85. In the last stage, the sounds resemble those from tinklets,
flute, Vina, bee, &c. These various kinds of sounds are heard as
being produced in the body.
86. Though hearing loud sounds like those of thunder, kettle drums,
&c., one should practice with the subtle sounds also.
87. Leaving the loudest, taking up the subtle one, and leaving the
subtle one, taking up the loudest, thus practicing, the distracted
mind does not wander elsewhere.
88. Wherever the mind attaches itself first, it becomes steady there;
and when it becomes absorbed in it.
89. Just as a bee, drinking sweet juice, does not care for the smell
of the flower; so the mind, absorbed in the nada, does not desire the
objects of enjoyment.
90. The mind, like an elephant habituated to wander in the garden of
enjoyments, is capable of being controlled by the sharp goad of
anahata nada.
91. The mind, captivated in the snare of nada, gives up all its
activity; and, like a bird with clipped wings, becomes calm at once.
92. Those desirous of the kingdom of Yoga, should take up the
practice of hearing the anahata nada, with mind collected and free
from all cares.
93. Nada is the snare for catching the mind; and, when it is caught
like a deer, it can be killed also like it.
94. Nada is the bolt of the stable door for the horse (the minds of
the Yogis). A Yogi should determine to practice constantly in the
hearing of the nada sounds.
95. Mind gets the properties of calcined mercury. When deprived of
its unsteadiness it is calcined, combined with the sulphur of nada,
and then it roams like it in the supportless akasa or Brahma.
96. The mind is like a serpent, forgetting all its unsteadiness by
hearing the nada, it does not run away anywhere.
97. The fire, catching firewood, is extinguished along with it (after
burning it up); and so the mind also, working with the nada, becomes
latent along with it.
98. The antahkarana (mind), like a deer, becomes absorbed and
motionless on hearing the sound of bells, etc.; and then it is very
easy for an expert archer to kill it.
99. The knowable interpenetrates the anahata sound when it is heard,
and the mind interpenetrates the knowable. The mind becomes absorbed
there, which is the seat of the all-pervading, almighty Lord.
100. So long as the sounds continue, there is the idea of akasa. When
they disappear, then it is called Para Brahma, Paramatmana.
101. Whatever is heard in the form of nada, is the sakti (power).
That which is formless, the final state of the Tatwas, is the
102. All the methods of Hatha are meant for gaining success in Raja-
Yoga; for, the man, who is well-established in the Raja-Yoga,
overcomes death.
103. Tatwa is the seed, Hatha the field; and Indifference (Vairagya)
the water. By the action of these three, the creeper Unmani thrives
very rapidly.
104. All the accumulations of sins are destroyed by practicing always
with the nada; and the mind and the airs do certainly become latent
in the colorless (Paramatmana).
105. Such a one does not hear the noise of the conch and Dundubhi.
Being in the Unmani avastha, his body becomes like a piece of wood.
106. There is no doubt, such a Yogi becomes free from all states,
from all cares, and remains like one dead.
107. He is not devoured by death, is not bound by his actions. The
Yogi who is engaged in Samadhi is overpowered by none.
108. The Yogi, engaged in Samadhi, feels neither smell, taste, color,
touch, sound, nor is conscious of his own self.
109. He whose mind is neither sleeping, waking, remembering,
destitute of memory, disappearing nor appearing, is liberated.
110. He feels neither heat, cold, pain, pleasure, respect nor
disrespect. Such a Yogi is absorbed in Samadhi.
111. He who, though awake, appears like one sleeping, and is without
inspiration and expiration, is certainly free.
112. The Yogi, engaged in Samadhi, cannot be killed by any
instrument, and is beyond the controlling powers of beings. He is
beyond the reach of incantations and charms.
113. As long as the Prana does not enter and flow in the middle
channel and the vindu does not become firm by the control of the
movements of the Prana; as long as the mind does not assume the form
of Brahma without any effort in contemplation, so long all the talk
of knowledge and wisdom is merely the nonsensical babbling of a mad


"He from whose navel steadfastly proceedeth in it's upward course the Om, and naught but it,
And for whom the kumbakha exercise formeth a bridge to the Brahma-randhra,
He beareth in his mind the one and only mystic spell"
Kashmiri poetess, Lalla, verse 34

"I locked the doors and windows of my body.
I seized the thief of my vital airs, and controlled my breath.
I bound him tightly in the closet of my heart,
And with the whip of pranava (cosmic sound) did I flay him"
Lalla, verse 101

"The ever unobstructed sound, the principle of absolute vacuity, whose abode is the void,
Which hath no name, nor colour, nor lineage, nor form,
Which they declare to be the Sound (Nada) and the Dot (Bindu) by it'sown reflection on itself-
That alone is the God that will mount upon him"
Lalla, verse 15

"He who hath recognised the Brahma-randhra as the shrine of the Self-God,
He who hath known the Unobstructed Sound borne upon the breath that riseth from the heart unto the nose,
His vain imaginings of themselves have fled far away,
And he himself recognises himself as the God. To whom, therefore, should he offer worship?"
Lalla, verse 33

"Along the central channel, this path extends up to the braincase...
....Inside the rajadanta there is but one orifice, the mouth of sankhini, known as the tenth door.
From the circle of the root portion whence the kundalini energy flows out spring up the moon conduit from the left portion, and the sun conduit from the right portion......
....From the root bulb arises breath, arises thought, arises the sun, arises life, arise sound and matrkaksara"
Goraknatha's Amaraugasasanam, page 10

"The energy made of unstruck sound stands in the middle, in the wheel of the bulb, looking like a straight line with serpentine undulations at both ends, above and below.
Between those 2 that are sun & moon, the kala is indeed resplendent with a brilliance equal to that of a thousand suns.
This energy can be ascertained by slightly restraining the breath. That is what is referred to as 'symptom'.
And now, the supreme ascent:......"
Somananda's Saktavijnana, verses 9-11

"Known as nadavedha is the piercing brought about by the upward rush of the resonance according to the process of creation; through this spontaneous resonance, let the master enter the disciple's consciousness"
Abhinavagupta, Tantraloka, chapter 9 (where he discusses all the various types of initiation possible - after going through all the various types of initiation that we still see today, including shaktipat, pranahuti etc, he goes on to state the initiation through 'silence' is the 'highest' possible.....Ramana Maharshi?)

"The nature of such a consciousness is its capacity for self-referal, and because of that, there always arises a spontaneous sound which is termed the supreme, the great Heart....
......For that vibration, which is a slight motion of a special kind, a unique vibrating light, is the wave of the ocean of consciousness, without which there is no consciousness at all...."
Abhinavagupta, Tantraloka chapter 4

"It is the Heart whose nature is vibration which constitutes the supreme method for achieving the highest non-duality which consists of universal grace. For the nature of the self-referential character of the consciousness which composes the awakening of the Heart is that it is an astonishment brought about by the total fullness of consciousness"
Abhinavagupta, Malini-vijaya-vartika, page 105

"There on the level of the highest kundalini there is the Emissional Power which is beautiful because it contains within itself the vibration, there the yogin should repose devoted to the condition of the belly of the fish"
Abhinavagupta, Tantraloka, chapter 5

Only what Nanak & Kabir pronounced is correct
Rumi too

After Kabir You lost me - I will read tomorrow - is midnight+2 here
but N° 69 says clearly that the speaking about Brahm / Yaweh
eventually Par Brahm / Jehovih via Sushuma
not Ida or Pingala

RSSB works as follows
Most Disciples are Manmukhs ( like me )
who have no chance at all to do these ascetics
but have the potential for some compassion / Love

Saints ask them/us to do this simple Simran
and with that help end the inner dialogue /thinking
I wrote in coomments

They will hear one of many intensities of Sound
at the right side - Ascending Shabd
not the descending Sounds that make people crazy
Shabd becomes so intensive that we cannot resist
and plunge into it

We also see that it is what we are and that it's Your SatGuru

I don't read much anymore
Only Kabir Rumi - I m 82

My Master Charan Singh Ji did all this for me
and there are no words to explain that
Only Music
Hence I m fond of comparing with worldly music which highest
pitch 'seems' 3 à 4 octaves lower

A good comparison I used here several times is Orgasm
above the Eyes for hours

Sant Mat is for the poor analphabetic people
cannot read or write and guys like me
Several lives ago I used to kill people
like the Halliburton Guys ( Hired )
I explained in comments

Everybody will go the Advaita Brahma Way but it's difficult
and long - several big bangs so to speak

RSSB Saints can only be understood by jeevas that have no
chance at all but have a minimum of exploitable compassion.



When Gurinder talked politics, this was not for Trump
but HE compared with Indian parties
like Jesus who supported the Roman Emperor

For His financial motivations
HE s following The MauJ
and I am sure that in terms of Karma
He just plays an overall equilibium
with moneys and the organizations and persons involved

Of course we are all a little flabbergasted because we don t see
what happened long ago

I v not seen Gurinder's HyperRadiant Form like @Charan
who is my Guru
but I have seen HIM stepping
in and out Charan ( so to speak )
as we all (will) do in Meditation and more
and also we have seen him physically Radiant
like the person on the old Dera movie
on the 4th Row
one can compare with a light bulb

This Path is Wonderfull


Here is an amazing video from a 14 year old girl who was kicked off of youtube today for no other reason than being part of the cognitive elite and not wanting to be molested by adults.

I'm going to show my appreciation for her by sending a few bucks to her Patreon. Support the next generation. Support the youth of America.


Kain , the vegetarian and Abel, the killer of the Lambs

I would have been very upset also

Further one has to know how the wind blew on creation day (Mirdad)

He speaks very fast
so I like first hear thoroughly before bucksing him - I m halfway


Aaaah. It's a She

Being in this naughty corner, ofc I'm for the first amendment
It feels like a 13 yr old with sponsors
It's interesting

Let's see if she has paypal

Hi guys, I live a quiet life and am not very good with words, so thinking about finding balance in life... found some quotes...

The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering.
– Ram Dass

For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.
– Thích Nhat Hanh

Watch what you say, and whatever you say, practice it.
– Soyen Shaku

Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.
– Shunryu Suzuki

Jen - best to say what’s on your mind - don’t worry about hoe it comes out - better in your own words then from somebody else.

A Muslim chronicler of the 17th century said that a Sikh he knew said that the guy who coined the term Sikh 200 years prior didn't eat meat. Reminds me of orthodoxy's dubious history.

This important information about what a guy long ago supposedly ate should help guide you toward making ethical choices in 2019. Why? I have no idea. Just listen to famous people of every era and you'll arrive at truth.

Brad Pitt is an environmentalist.

777, if you're talking about that video I posted, Soph does not have PayPal as far as i know. She has a Patreon account, though Patreon is pro censorship and will likely ban her from using their services soon.

Bitchute is awkward, but there's a way you can click under the video and see all her information. I'm ordering one of the t-shirts on her merchandise site.

"I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be."

Hi Georgy Porgy,

Tired of this life forever after,
Zen teachings help somewhat.
There is no escape from disaster,
seeking kindness never ending.
Wanting to believe in the living Master,
facing darkness nary a warning light.
Forever struggling with one's own might.

"The issue of focusing on the body, and that includes the breath, is only that you are going down rather than up, since your consciousness is already at the eye center, already in an abstract region, albeit distracted downward into the world and diffused..... "

I'll do a tldr version first- Statements such as these should be prefaced with some sort of disclaimer or qualifier such as "my guru/sect says." Cause to just proclaim that your way of meditating is realer, or higher or better or introduces you to better gods is unfalsifiable, even if you personally believe it when your guru says it.

Now the extremely long winded and unedited version.

This comes off as Sant mat dogma being recited by a proselytizer, but it in the guise of something rational and unquestionably true. If you read the whole thing, you'll realize as usual that the comment is not about something anyone can prove, least of all the person who is saying it. It's the same "it must be this way" stuff RS has been saying since at least the days when Dr Johnson was wearing turbans and complaining about the temperature of milk in India. "Why does this danged servant wake me at such an hour!? Doesn't he know how to be American!"

I think David Lane used to warn about the pitfalls of insinuating that your method "goes higher", or that others can't do/get to your place without the supposedly proprietary techniques of the sect. There's almost no way to know or compare other than by taking the various sectarian preachers words at face value. But they almost all say they know more than the next guy, so figuring out who to believe is a crap shoot. Prabhupad uses the coolest names for his highest heavens in my opinion. "Krishna Lok" just sounds better. Something to consider.

Anyone who's looked beyond RS knows that Sant Mat's meditation practices aren't even unique to the cult. Only the exclusive claims of efficacy are somewhat unique. Buddhists and Hindus have near identical practices of listening to "internal" sounds and visualization techniques, but in those religions the techniques are part of an entire repertoire of meditation practices and methods which I suspect gives them a great advantage over cults like RS who prescribe a one size fits all sadhana, and who never do any research into whether or not anyone is being benefited or what if anything is happening to practitioners minds. Not only do they not do research, they outright ask you to take an oath to never talk about anything to anyone.

How can we know that something works, and nothing else does, when we're not even allowed to talk about the one instance that supposedly towers above everything else?

RS aren't the first ones to do this, nor will they be the last, but they certainly are guilty of attempting to hijack yoga and meditation and make exclusionary claims to states of being and abilities to be granted divine presences by using ideas and meditation styles they generally just borrowed (i.e. stole) from others who came before them. Sorta reminds me of buying one of those grotesque body kits you can put on your car to make it look like a Ferrari, but then trying to sell it as an actual Ferrari.

Some forms of Naad Yoga start with listening to a tanpura and then later listening to silence or doing mantras. Sounds familiar. Some traditions practice brahmri pranayam, and again, transition to meditating on the silence. Also familiar. And I know "some traditions" sounds vague, but if you're familiar with the vastness of yoga and meditation schools, you'll understand why it's not necessary to name any particular parampara. There are thousands teaching you to put your thumbs in your ears and go to THE highest heaven with the grace of the bearded man draped in exotic fabrics. Use google.

Being that they're doing almost identical things, one might expect similar results from various schools, especially considering that similar states of being are described by practitioners of many of these methods. But with RS we can't know or compare, because RS is not serious about knowing, and they make attempts to censor normal conversation between members. Contrast that with Tibetans who have thousands of volumes of autobiographical accounts of consciousness experiments and experiences and practice healthy dialogue about their experiences within the community and with anyone who asks. Does RS even have one documented case of anything happening to anyone? I guess I heard a cassette tape once about a guy who accidentally fell into samadhi after sitting down after work and he heard bells. They banned that tape though.

I've posted this video before of a Chinese Buddhist talking about meditating on sound, but I'll post it again. He also talks at other times about meditating with beads, and many other techniques.

For people struggling with how to move on, just remember, there is a lot of spirituality out there. You're not required to join any groups, have your soul saved by anyone, or to believe in anything at all. You can find thousands of these practices that might calm your nerves, or maybe even enter you into ecstatic states like those narrated by your favorite so-called mystics of the past . No gurus, and no beliefs required.


Hey Jen - yes, The Great Hack was a fascinating documentary! If you liked that, you may enjoy the documentaries of Adam Curtis - absolutely fantastic & extremely informative!

I also recently watched this documentary - I think a lot of people - including Brian in this one - could really, really enjoy this new doc called Hail Satan?:


I find the 7 Tenets of the Satanic Temple to be eminently reasonable, and far more coherent than the tenets of Radhasoami?:

"One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.
The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.
One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.
The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one's own.
Beliefs should conform to one's best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one's beliefs.
People are fallible. If one makes a mistake, one should do one's best to rectify it and resolve any harm that might have been caused.
Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word."


Jesse - well, what to say. I never thought I would say it.... but that was an excellent, thoughtful post!

I like my own music much


but many other players Very Much

With inner Sound it's SO the same

You like Jazzy Climatty ? read the txts annotations

Hi Jesse
You wrote "How can we know that something works, and nothing else does, when we're not even allowed to talk about the one instance that supposedly towers above everything else?"

I should have added that this is only my own anecdotal report from my own years of practice. Think of it as a summary of my daily log of meditation practice and results.

That I report these reflects my own sentiment that science requires documentation, reporting and review. Other mediators may get something from it. We can gain ideas and insights, and occasionally confirmation, reviewing what others wrote. And we get something from reviewing our own earlier experiences and interpretations of them.

Meditation practice is also a science, even in its rudimentary stages.

Anyone can prove the effectiveness of any method for themselves. Keep a journal. Be willing to try different things. Including different asanas, yes, try Prana, no harm their. Try the Rosary, try guided meditation. Tru devotional practice, try Mindfulness. Every method I've referred to I gave my best effort to master. Like all things be careful. Log the results. Read what others wrote and have an open mind willing to investigate and experiment. You have a whole lab right there called "your life!"

Go back on a regular basis, even years later and re-read what you wrote, now with even more experienced and objective eyes.
The practice of journaling and looking back is itself a method to develop a greater degree of objectivity. It is the life of someone devoted to the Truth of the scientific method, applying it in the most essential areas to one's own life.

The issue of internal vs external biofeedback, for example, has some research behind it. Some report that biofeedback helps them achieve focus and calm... Alpha waves also develop quickly using biofeedback for many.

But others find it a distraction from their own internal focus and for them biofeedback is less effective in generating alpha waves than simple internal focus.

So it depends on one's own current capacity to focus, one's current locus of attention, external or internal? And that can change over time.

When I wrote about access to higher inner regions through Shabd, it's not in a physical sense. It's an internal experience. These could be places in the human brain. But they are very, very, very fine places indeed and extremely stable and reliable in their qualities. You go "there" and the amazing sights and beings are the same as they were when you last visited. The sense of being pulled up is an actual sensation of floating, then soaring, upwards.

Amy experience of these things gives you a basis to report and dialogue. No experience at all or very limited is fine for choosing a method, and then it's a matter of applying yourself to that.

Two different people can have different results. Where results are similar, and repeatable, there is the possibility of identifying real physiological elements.

One could be discussing their experiences auto racing, sailing, or piloting. It's no different. The important thing is to be doing it.

There is always the element of trying to re-create the results we want and interpreting what we see as the evidence we hope for. This is normal human psychology and it does effect results even in the hard sciences. But the next day, as you read your journal, you can ask yourself, "Can I create that again?", "How do I confirm that?"

You can go into that lab every day. It's not a matter of one test. It's a matter of what you found 365 tests this year, and every year you promised to make this your career.

And results do vary. There are good days and bad days.

If there were one solid reason not to report one's experiences it would have to be that the results were premature, that experimental control isn't quite where it needs to be, replication hasn't taken place enough.. It's a life's work.

Also, Jesse, to add to your list, the exhaustive writings of the Monks of the Philokalia, St John of the Cross, St Theresa of Avila, The Cloud of Unknowing, The Way of The Pilgrim, all from the Christian mystic tradition are great logs of practice, method and experience.

"Watch what you say, and whatever you say, practice it.
– Soyen Shaku"

Jen, imagine what I'd have to practice if I were forced to act on all my words.

That state would make the most deranged urban meth shaman look like a valedictorian PhD student.

All of us would be much crazier if we did this. It might make the world more interesting.

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