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July 15, 2019


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I think Gurinder actually looks very sad. He probably never wanted the job in the first place. Who else was there I ask? Who will there be to become the patron when he dies? In reality for all the facts and criticisms, he and he alone is the one who knows what his intentions behind the financial situations were. What his true motivations were. The majority of his followers who follow blindly, then where is the harm, if their lives are improved.? I read today on CNN how a pastor ( Christian missionary, I guess) went to the Congo, came out, deliberately evaded all the checks and the @#$&hole has Ebola. Who did he think he was? A far greater crime than what Gurinder has done. In the first place who in this century believes in virgin births, dead people rising and what a horror symbol to see a man nailed to a cross. Missionaries have much to answer for in history. Native peoples in their own countries are far more in touch with their connections to nature, their place in the universe than those who force their belief systems on others. Take the guy who was told not to go into the jungle in South America or Indonesia (I think) where the tribe there had no contact with the outside world. Who did the egotistical christian think he was? They killed him. He certainly learnt his lesson the hard way. Far, far greater crimes than the patron of RSSB. Afterall, it is how we think that actually governs us. If we are grateful, gracious, kind and caring, what is the harm in a few well meaning rituals?
Give the man a break! The law is endeavouring to fix it all. I doubt if Gurinder ever said he was the Master or a Master. I have never heard him say so. People hear and believe what they want to according to their mindset at the time. If you want a bit of progress in meditation, as I have stipulated on a previous comment thread, stick your thumbs in your ears, you will certainly get tinnitus, and press your fingers over your eyes, and how you will see the light. oh and squat to become numb! But when you can you hear the hum of the verse and see the light of life while focusing and centering, with hands folded in your lap sittiing comfortably in silence and stillness, how lovely is that? Some people still need to believe in a serarate Master. Let them. They are not ready to take or accept responsibilty. Gurinder (and Charan Singh also) , tell/told until they are/ were black and blue in the face there is no Master but YOU.

To UM, Thanks I do agree in dependent origination and in quantum entanglement. Nothing is independent except impermanence which is all that is permanent. If in fact I chose to be born of my parents in my culture, then within those set parameters or blueprint I am free to initiated change. To become INITIATED. Had I chosen not to sell my first house 20 years ago, I could have sold it now and have a cottage with a sea view in a gorgeous seaside small town. However, the choices I did make led me to having second best, and I am very contented with that. My choices, and mine alone. Had I been attracted to a better kind of man in my youth, instead of all of the @#$&ards, then I would never have ended up with the peace, security, solitude, hassle-free, contentment that I have. ALL my choices alone. And thank goodness for that. Nobody tells me what to do except ME! I can listen to advice, but you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink!😹😹🙏😇🧚

Zooming in on the high resolution screen of my much-beloved MacBook Pro we get the scary, evil look of Gurinder Singh Dhillon.

Ah, I shoulda guessed... the beloved MacBook Pro did it!

Were you in the library or the study when the murder occurred?
Was Snidely Whiplash involved?

You've been involved with him since childhood, haven't you? Did
ya think we wouldn't find out? Make it easy on yourself, son, tell me
everything. Was Snidely behind the whole thing?

I understand ... ya felt trapped... there was no other way. One easy
push on the button and it was over, right?

Okay, I'll take that as a "Yes". Book him, Danno!

Fairy, whatever exists is an "unique variation of the same"

Some love to stress the uniqueness some the sameness.

But whatever is stressed the sameness is governed by its own natural laws and all are lived by these laws.

Who has the capacity to be happy on command??
Who can command the environment?

Why the writer just interested in the dark side of the story. There may be something went wrong. But preaching of RSSB has improved lives of considerable families. Trust me the picture shown in the article is showing angry face and upward moustache. This kind of picture I have never seen

Subhash, it's an official picture of Gurinder Singh Dhillon that is on the RSSB website. Note: official. Dhillon must have approved it, or it wouldn't be there. This is how he wants to be seen.

I would say rather throwing dust on someone it's better you should clean your eyes. Your dusty eyes will never be able to see what the picture has to say. It's your wrong conceptions what you are writing here.

Dear Brian Hines
You must be really angry and upset to go on and on with your banters .

You need to seriously find Peace within dear brother. May God bless you with True Peace and Happiness.

Besides Slanderers are Launderers of others Sins. So think before Slandering anyone. Anyone Right or Wrong. Leave it to God. He is the Judge of all actions not us.
Look at the Mote in your own eye said Christ.

God bless you.


Mr. Negative Blogger
You must know before saying anything against anyone, it's not about just Master
It's about anyone,
One side story can't be believed
Until it has appropriate reasoning and have been proved by law and order with various required proofs.
No matter how hard you try to put viewers of this blog into an illusion of traps, that offcourse will be of no use.
I think Nobody should even care.

One who has experienced the truth it's all useless and rubbish for them.

You must know that
Faith , belief and love is not something that you can buy or snatch from someone
It is everybody's own experience of life.

You are loosing your track on the issue you started with, now you are blotting your own thought with such a narrow thought process. May the Almighty keep you blessed.

Sahil, how do you know the Almighty didn’t guide me in writing this post? I always feel divinely inspired when I write for this blog.

Tushar, you wrote, "One who has experienced the truth it's all useless and rubbish for them."

Who is this one who has experienced this Truth? You? Certainly not me. According to almost all of the satsangs I've heard, the guru is the one who has experienced the Truth. So if he behaves in this way, then why would I want to follow that.

There is an undercurrent of arrogance in your wording that I find obnoxious. The law has proven that the guru, his family and close RSSB friends are required by law to return funds back to the HC and frozen their assets. This is fact, in the court register. If they were innocent, why would they be required to pay it back? Why wait for the courts to order you to pay it back? Has nothing to do with faith, it has to do with common sense and using that brain between our ears to see what is in front of our eyes. Sometimes, the obvious is not so obvious because our faith blinds us.

I've been privy to a lot of conversations with RSSB satsangis who talk trash about followers of other faiths who were duped by nasty gurus who stole, cheated, and molested their followers. RSSB satsangis also have contempt for the Agra lineage of saints. Same teachings, different gurus, same contempt. Go figure. That is the arrogance I'm talking about. I used to do it also. Makes me feel like throwing up. RSSB followers are no better off than anyone else who tries to live a good, honest and clean moral life. It's not the copyright of RSSB on this.

Learn to take a dispassionate look at the news, the court findings, the financial ties and score of business entities being run by the guru, his family, and close friends. Don't just ignore it or think it is fake news. If you do, you're probably afraid it might actually be true. That's what you're afraid of, deep down. and that's normal, but to just ignore it and to continue on like it never happened, you're only lying to yourself. On the one hand he says don't run after money. Just make enough to take care of your family and obligations, and let the guru handle the rest.

I guess he didn't want to leave the rest to his guru, so he went after the money like a fat kid in a candy store. The teachings apply to all and everyone, including the guru. Do your homework.


Paridhi, what content? Do you object to the official photograph of the RSSB guru being shared in this blog post? It sounds like you have concerns about the RSSB teachings and the guru. If so, I agree with your concerns. But I believe in freedom of the press, and freedom of the blogs. So I talk about religions even though I'm not religious myself, because some subjects need open discussion.

Mr blogger this is called face expression not scary evil please u zoom on urself what u r talking.

Sanjay, I've used that photo of Gurinder Singh in blog posts, and people have asked me not to do it because they find his expression so disturbing. To me it looks like the photo of someone involved in accusations of massive financial fraud and death threats, so I like this official photo of the RSSB guru. But everyone will see in the photo what they want to see.


The Devils hands have been busy.

Hi Fairy
You wrote
"Who will there be to become the patron when he dies? In reality for all the facts and criticisms, he and he alone is the one who knows what his intentions behind the financial situations were. What his true motivations were."

Yet how readily we convict innocent people simply because we assume, we fill in the blanks.

There is far more information here than in many murder trials.

When you can see God in that accused, will you lend the compassion and even the justifications you provide to Gurinder to them?

"He had an affair... But only he knows the reason... He is truly good.."

"He stole real estate from the poor to build his empire.... He didn't pay his workers and pocketed the money.... But only he knows why he did it...he is truly good. "

"He robbed the shop owner at gun point.... But his children were starving... We must not even think of jail."

We rarely show such compassion for any lesser being. And yet it is the lesser beings who need it.

Gurinder doesn't need even the smallest shred of that compassion.

But if you are going to give that to him and all the Satsangis sworn to obedience who created this scandal, this theft, of epic proportions, can you spare a little more for the weak, the infirm, the voiceless, who have lost their job, lost their healthcare? Lost their charitable hospital? Can you extend yourself to an immigrant and their children fleeing tyranny?

Baba Ji could do it in an instant. He could turn all those empty centers into havens.

But he hasn't.

My heart goes out to the refugees, not the guy fleeing his shadow in a jet.

Curses! Foiled Again!

Spence, you say "Gurinder doesn't need even the smallest shred of that compassion."

How do you know this? Why do you think like this? Everyone deserves compassion and kindness even if he is a wealthy business man. No-one can see into another person's inner being. What you see in another is a projection from your own inner self. Why the gleefulness in finding fault with the guru?

Is it jealousy that wants to bring someone down and take that person off the pedestal that others put him on. Why does it matter if people find help in believing in someone else. I hope there is an afterlife and we all will be judged according to our behaviour in this life time. For those who are negatively criticising others this will be a wakeup call. Forgiveness and compassion to all human beings is very important imo, compared to the opposite - constant criticising and finding fault.

It's all rediculas, he need not to prove what he is. Ur mindless and wasting time. Better go and serve humanity. If u really want to know what's meaning of radhasoami then join it and do regular sewa in toilet cleaning there, ur dirty mind will come to know what is baba ji and radhasoami.

Hi Spence

I wrote a reply and I got interrupted and lost it. Now I can't remember what I wrote! Anyway, I do agree with you. Gurinder has to be accountable for his actions. I like reading your intelligent comments.

Gurinder is no different from the ANZ Bank's CEO in New Zealand, who was fired for his HUGE expenses over the years. Greed is a real bugbear for many of those who think they are above the law.

Do you know at the end of the day, every human being, victim and perpetrator, no matter what heinous crimes they commit underneath it all just needs love and affection. An ideal I know.

I was sexually attacked in the street when I was just 18. I was okay and not hurt physically, and after a lengthy process, I had to let the guy off. I look back and feel sorry for him. Later in London, my second day there, I was robbed in the street, I was not injured. We caught him and he was a sad desperate young man. I did not press charges at the request of the police. There is room for compassion in many instances.

I feel great sadness when I see the plight of millions of families and little children (the future of our planet) who live lives less than that of my cats.

I am most fortunate that I live in a country where there is no great divide between the major political parties, although I am glad who holds the majority at present in our democracy. We hold reforendoms when absolutely necessary.

You ask about my compassion for refugees. What other country would have treated the victims of the terrible attack on immigrant Muslims in March in NZ, the way we collectively did?

Gurinder is reeping the karmic lessons of his actions. A great jolt for him. A major in his life for sure. Just prooves he is a mere mortal like the rest of us.


I believe the collective actions of a people affect directly and indirectly their environment. Look at Climate Change.

Also, in our thoughts we must be constantly mindful. Scientists and physicists have conducted experiments to show,at a quantum level, that matter will change according to what the observer is thinking. I think I got that right.

I really enjoy Brian's blog, along with reading the comments, but in this instance, I think he has undermined his integrity, and it was just a little bit beneath him.

Now the gestures and expressions of face of the Holiest, the Humblest, Perfect Saint of not yore but at the moment is the talk of town on this blog and may be among its readers. In fact expressions in the.photo missed the gaze of His lovers. THey will view it as. His seriousness. about His alloted souls and. task. given to Him . by His. Predecessors. whose . photos . also. appear alongside.

Anyways they just want Him - angry or laughing or whatever the way He shows up on the dais and wherever.

Amar, your take as also that of some of us may align with bare open fault lines in the. Character and Charisma. of the Spritual. Head in His worldly approach yet. on the spiritual side He is by and large unexplored.

To me His eyes are special with. Spiritual sheen.

Jen thank you for your comments. You are the only regular commenter here who actually has compassion. I enjoy reading what you write.

Brian wrote
“Sahil, how do you know the Almighty didn’t guide me in writing this post? I always feel divinely inspired when I write for this blog.”

Negativity against anyone never comes from the one.

I don't know about what blogger thinks or anyone else.

Only thing I know and taught to me is: when we see a person, the other person looks like as we are from inside.

If you actually see the photograph and focus on his eyes while smile on your face and social kindness in your heart. You will actually find he is giving blessings to all.

Thank you.

I'm sad for anyone that outwardly attacks anyone and is negative about it...but karma does not give anyone a break..why don't you get initiated..stop killing animals and eating death ...and meditate and find the truth yourself. People that hurt others with negative energy are very low on the karmic chain...just as the poor pigs chicken s cows were all human...you should start praying for your soul..

Hey, my belief that if a person talks uh-ah-lly in English,is Intelligent if not Wise ,was quashed many years ago by dealing with so called self acclaimed "6 ". Which you have proved true once again.You are so obsessed with Mr Dhillon,that you just can't be a worthy writer.

Meditator and Vijay, as I said before, sometimes the obvious is so obvious, we think it can't be that. We make attributions to an event or happening and assign other worldly importance. That's your choice and if that makes you feel good, then so be it.

When one gets cornered with the truth, one resorts to either of two things:

One accepts the possibility of the truth, or one buries it so one doesn't have to deal with it. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that it happened. It only matters how you process it and deal with it, or not.

Think about your self .your not judge for judge any people .today blog is very important so writting blog for any first read ten times whatever I am writing is true or false and Is it wright topic or not? Think about it.....

ND, so tell me. What facts are untrue in this blog post? Be specific. Don't count opinions. Opinions should be based on facts, but they are different from facts.

My opinion is that the closeup of the official photograph of Gurinder Singh Dhillon looks rather scary and evil. Your opinion may differ. That's the wonderful thing about opinions -- they don't have to be the same.

But ideally facts are the same for everybody. So again, what facts do you find to be untrue in this blog post?

Beautiful picture of the beautiful one.

Brian, if the skin colour of the photo on this thread was the same as on the thread "RSSB guru gets some well-deserved criticism" then maybe the easily scared would not think this reddish/pink photo was all that "scary" and "evil".

Sure, he looks serious and a bit fed up but I think its the pink/orange background that has given him this awful colour. The facial colour of your photo on this thread is kinda tanned like you've been in the sun and not the awful purple/pink skin of Gurinder's photo.

Brian - the photo is fine. It's just your mind latching at everything it can think off. Your mind is everywhere- spinning around like a Kylie Minogue record buddy. So much for being an atheist loooool.

Some of the most sadest serial killers have been kind looking and look at what they do. Google it if you don't believe me.

Control your mind bud. All the best

Hi Jen
You asked
"How do you know this? Why do you think like this? Everyone deserves compassion and kindness even if he is a wealthy business man. No-one can see into another person's inner being. What you see in another is a projection from your own inner self. Why the gleefulness in finding fault with the guru?"

Jen, I'm led to ask you in a similar vein, why defend the most powerful? And why dismiss the harmless, the powerless, the victim?

Are they nothing to you?

90% of my comment was about attending to each other, finding inspiration from each other.

Let me reiterate a question that seems particularity relevant here :

"But if you are going to give that to him and all the Satsangis sworn to obedience who created this scandal, this theft, of epic proportions, can you spare a little more for the weak, the infirm, the voiceless, who have lost their job, lost their healthcare? Lost their charitable hospital? Can you extend yourself to an immigrant and their children fleeing tyranny?"

Arjuna, do you still believe in this philosophy?

Hi Fairy!
You wrote
"Also, in our thoughts we must be constantly mindful. Scientists and physicists have conducted experiments to show,at a quantum level, that matter will change according to what the observer is thinking. I think I got that right."

It has also been proven in Neuroscience. The sensors of touch in our hand change if we perceive we are being touched by a friend, and change again if we perceive we are being touched by an enemy.

It is true we see what we are sensitized to see, and that is influenced by our focus.

You also wrote
"Gurinder is no different from the ANZ Bank's CEO in New Zealand, who was fired for his HUGE expenses over the years. Greed is a real bugbear for many of those who think they are above the law.

" Do you know at the end of the day, every human being, victim and perpetrator, no matter what heinous crimes they commit underneath it all just needs love and affection. An ideal I know."

On these points I agree. If any one is going to believe in Gurinder, and see the infinite compassion in his photo, it is someone who views the world as you do.

In contrast the false lovers are just masturbating, defending their small mindedness, justifying their own weaknesses.

So if Gurinder really did promote, mastermind, or simply concede permission, with about as much awareness as any of us, and we feel compassion, then shouldn't we both encourage him to pay his bills and offer assistance? He is no different, no better or worse than any of us. But if that is true, the obligation on each of us to help each other grows that much larger.

A smile doesn't cost you anything. If you have to be asked to smile, then there's something wrong there. It means you're in a place where you don't want to be. If, as a perfect living master, you don't like your spot in life, then you're not living the teachings. You haven't accepted your lot in life.

I can see where sometimes you won't want to smile, but no smiles all the time? Something weird there. I don't see contentment there at all. Either on the stage or in Q&A sessions.

The worst thing as a human you can do is to play with someone else faith to cool down your anger. Again I will say there can be a wrong person (in guru form ) but his teaching can never be wrong. I challenge you tell the public any instance where he taught wrong.

You need other ways to calm down your anger other than Internet.

Neeraj, here's a few examples of how Gurinder Singh Dhillon has "taught wrong."

(1) He ignored the sexual abuse of a child.

(2) He opposed a woman getting an abortion after a rape.

(3) He appears to be responsible for massive financial fraud.

(4) He ignored a report of a male sevadar (volunteer) molesting a woman at the RSSB headquarters.

Hi Neeraj. I don't see anger on the posts against GSD. I tend to see anger from commenters like you.
If, as you say, the teachings are not wrong, but the teacher is, do you still follow the wrong person in guru form? What do you get out of that? I think you see frustration and disappointment in the comments against GSD. The anger comes from you because you're shocked and angered that someone can say something that goes against the guru. Get over it.

I'm writing this in a non-angry way.

Hi Neeraj
Let's do a thought experiment.
What if Baba Ji is guilty of knowingly participating in fraud, letting it happen, since so much detailed information is pointing to that as a serious possibility?

Then what?
What do you see as the terrible consequences?
You say we should not 'play with someone else's faith'.

How is acknowledging the judgment of the High Court, acknowledging the facts doing that?

I don't think your argument holds up.

Why should a person censor their view? What purpose does it serve to pretend nearly a billion dollars weren't stolen by a group of high-ranking RSSB Satsangis? And much of those stolen funds siphoned to Gurinder family and friends?

And why would Gurinder assign one of these directly judged guilty of fraud by the SEBI (Shivinder) to give Satsang, in, basically, the role of a teacher?

How crazy is that?

Spence, true lovers also masturbates and have intercourse and have kids (without SEBI's and HC's orders ;) - what was the point?

By the way, the photo is really outstanding and doing wonders for many.
Shows a commanding personality of the Lord of the Universe.

Kudos to the photographer 👍
When I first saw this photo at my local satsang center, I liked it so much,
Immediately I searched online for soft copy and got the official one and since then I have it right here on my home screen.

Well, everyone has missed the most important point in this post:
Brian is still googling Babaji's name. Wow. 😀

One Initiated, of course I Google the guru's name occasionally. I do it on Google News to see if there are any new stories in the Indian financial press about the massive fraud Gurinder Singh Dhillon and his family are deeply involved in.

And after Sonya left a comment about the "twisty mustache" photo being on the RSSB web site, which was something I wasn't aware of before, even though I'd used the photo after Sonya had shared it with me. She also shared the photo of me with a "Gurinder Singh Dhillon" caption under my name. Of course, the caption was the beginning of a twitter tweet, but it was still amusing.

Then I was curious about what Google search results turn up for the guru's name. It was really pleasing to see that two of my blog posts were in the top five results. Yay! Truth-telling is admired by Google.

@ seeker . Not sure what I believe in or ever believed in.

But this blog about his evil eyes was a joke that's why I commented.

@ one intiated - hello Brother

Perhaps in that photo He is upset that Brian and spence are coming back as husband and wife. spence does call Brian "ji". The desire to please is there . So perhaps GSD will pray to him Lord for that to happen rather than argue back here on earth 😁

Hi One Initiated
You wrote
"Spence, true lovers also masturbates and have intercourse and have kids (without SEBI's and HC's orders ;) - what was the point?

" By the way, the photo is really outstanding and doing wonders for many....

"Shows a commanding personality of the Lord of the Universe...."

1. The point is that using the master to justify one's own weaknesses serves neither Baba Ji nor the person making the justifications.

2. The Lord of the Universe, last time I checked, was Kal. A worthy power, but not a true Master.

Spence you are all over the place, from one extreme to another, try the middle of the road buddy.

You ask "why defend the most powerful?". No, I'm not defending the powerful, I'm simply saying that everybody deserves compassion and kindness. Gurinder is just doing his job to the best of his ability.

You say "why dismiss the harmless, the powerless, the victim?". Wow, you really know how to annoy someone. Of course I don't do this, compassion is for everyone, the high born and the powerless victims.

Its the constant fault finding that triggers me into retaliating. Its like nagging on and on with a self righteous attitude looking for fault. Spence, set yourself free, see the big picture and see things as they are and not according to your cynical judgments.

"Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations."
– Alan Watts

The thing is that singh brothers were hopeful to get acess to the so called throne or gaddi. Now, when they see there is no way around why not just make the person down, to clear our way. The world these days is controlled by businessess men's. They want to earn profit out of anything and everything. No matter what but gurinder singh has never compelled anyone to donate anything to RSSB organisation. Neither any of the previous guru's had done so. What if he wants to do business is he taking from our pockets. People go and visit beas by their choice noone has ever compelled them. It is just the dirty minds of business mens that wants control over everything from politics, education and spiritualization.... It is the faith that help people to get enlightenment not the person he can just guide us show us the path. At last what matter is you, it is your responsibility.

Without any proof you can’t blame on anyone but you wrote in this article only your own opinions there is law and law will see everything you don’t worry how his face

Neeraj I agree with you.
This is what I have been saying about posts with so much anger and negativity from people Like Amar. He doesn’t see it, in fact he thinks the defenders have anger. Laughable.

Amar I strongly suggest you check yourself before accusing anyone of what you think. I have been in sessions where there is so much smiling that the jokes are nonstop and full on laughing even.

One initiated
Agree with you I see that stern radiance too.

Have ever seen your picture after zoom?? Dar na jati kite apni dekh k..

How one sees another reflects his own condition from within.

Brian, Interesting thesis.
See Babaji is making you famous 😀

Yes Vijay 👍

Arjuna, hey brother, long time!
how is the life man?
I hope it's not all draught, and the game is on ? even for 5 minutes daily ?
Love you! keep loving and listening to the Sound!

Spence, thanks for pointing out.
but don't demean and devalue the physical form of the inner Master.
you Sir, still needing your own physical form for spreading love or publishing all the abuses.
ofc the inner Master is the true Master and so the true disciple - but we weren't discussing this without the physical form.
I must use have used Lord of the Lords of the Universes.

Vijay, you see what you want to see. You never talk about the fact that Baba Ji has been found in the court if law to owe money to the High Court, including his sons, his wife, his daughter in law, his close friends. Hiw convenient of you to completely gloss over that fact. He can smile all he wants, you play into it.

What do you have to say about the fact that his assets have been frozen? I thought we're not supposed to get caught in this maya and money.

I don't expect a rational response from you on this, because you don't have one.

Vijay, I love how you obsess over what his picture looks like. You probably have 10 pictures scattered around your room. Contrary to what RSSB says, you're not supposed to turn your house into a museum. I guess you've done all your meditation for the day since you've got time to go on this blog against the guru's commands. You'll have to do double the meditation to account for all this... also not written in anger by the way.

Vijay, I can think what I want. I can say what I feel is my interpretation of your skewed logic.... as long as I do it respectfully, and as long as Brian allows it. So don't get your underwear, or boxers, in a knot when you read something you don't like. Prove me wrong with some logic and truth, instead of your usual dogmatic drivel.

Amar I have replied to you about the HC decision but you don’t see it as I do or believe me so I let it be. You will eventually get the answer from someone you believe perhaps your wife your parents or someone else you look up to.
No I don’t have pictures scattered around my house. I have 1 which I have had since I was a teenager (it’s actually the very first picture of him). And yes I have done what I have to do for the day. Double meditation would be a good goal. Thanks
And yes you can say whatever you want I was just pointing out the negative tone which is unnecessary. I agree with neelraj when he says you are playing with others’ faith to vent your anger or frustration. And that’s no good no matter what faith it is. See and say what you want brother. Your a winner another negative blog post courtesy of you. 👎🏻

Hi Jen
It isn't judging anyone to say the guy needs to pay his bills.

That's just fact.

That this is so disruptive to some people. They think this is some sort of moral outrage. But it's just acknowledging facts.

Once upon a time folks insisted the Earth was the center of all creation and all the stars naturally revolved around the earth. And they tortured and killed astronomers who simply pointed out that the stars didn't really move that way. And that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe.

In fact Copernicus only gave permission to publish his findings on his death bed, so that he would not become the subject of torture.

So here we point to facts around a major financial scandal, one of the largest in India' s history. And it also involves the largest penalty in history from the United States Food and Drug Administration for selling tainted drugs.

All of this involves RSSB Satsangis. And the guy in all of this, already charged with Fraudulent loans and fraudulent meds is now, under Baba Ji's authority, giving Satsang as if he knew something about right living!

I'm sorry Jen, I'm laughing about all this.

How can you really react at all? This is theater of the absurd.

And one more point Jen.

It's one thing to say, "Hm, something doesn't quite smell right about these frauds among RSSB leaders... It doesn't small right..."

And when the facts come to light we can only say "that's some pretty stinky shit!"

But when we see our Satsangi brothers and sisters stuffing their faces eating that shit, and insulted that we aren't, at some point something says 'no way. Not going there.

Guys, you' RE eating shit! Sorry to have to say it! "Look in the mirror! That ain't a bowl of your mother's chocolate pudding!"

That's not anger, Jen, it's compassion.

Thanks Vijay. Your arrogance is palpable. And thanks again for the non response, which you said you already responded to, which you didn't. Anyways. We agree to look at this from different vantage points.

Spence, where did you get this quote from "Hm, something doesn't quite smell right about these frauds among RSSB leaders... It doesn't small right..." ??

Actually, you just made me laugh. Let it go bro. What does it matter, what other people think and do. Thats their business. No-one is going to change the world and how people think, we each have to just do our best and try to sound sane !! LOL Thanks for your funny reply... Cheers bro :)

Amar I am copying my entire post from a while back. Even then you claimed I have not addressed it and I did. You have a serious issue that everyone doesn’t think like you. Get off your high horse and do you meditation. That’s my only advise to you brother.

“Amar I have addressed the issue to you multiple times. The HC order is an order to pay the money owed to the Singh brothers directly to Daichi. If you think it’s an order of fraud then sHOW it here. You have no idea what the order even says instead you are going by other people’s “conclusions”.
So yes there is money which may belong to the Singh brothers which are with other entities. According to the court 56 entities. Nothing illegal about that. Stop the nonsense of making it look like some sort of guilt has been established.

Posted by: Vijay | July 08, 2019 at 06:20 PM

Vijay, the court has ordered GSD, his family and other RSSB higher ups associated with him to pay the courts and frozen their assets. You're in denial, not me. The court order names Gurinder Singh Dhillon, his family members. His own son Gurpreet was in court to accept the charges.

That's on record. So no, you haven't dealt with it. Fraud will be assigned later. He has been named and told to repay the money., along with his family members. That's what you haven't responded to.

I don't need to get off any high horse. Maybe you need to get your head out of your ass and get some air. Maybe you'll see the light. Pun intended.

Amar wrote
“He has been named and told to repay the money., along with his family members. That's what you haven't responded to.”
Yes because
1.Singh brothers owe Daichi .
2.they can’t pay
3. there was supposed to be a settlement between them to clear the debt sell the properties and pay the liabilities.
4. Malvinder refused to settle as he wants more assets belonging to the Dhillon family which he has written in his email.
5. He tells court he can only pay if he can get what is owed to him
6. Courts orders the 56 entities to pay Daichi directly.

How much clearer can I respond to you?

Also you wrote
“I don't need to get off any high horse. Maybe you need to get your head out of your ass and get some air. ”
Wow mature.

# Amar- hello.

When did Gurpreet appear in court to accept the charges?

Intetesting developments and yet we were supposed to live clean and moral lives?? Lol. I'm not a follower of his anymore - heard him rambling on about how the Lord gives you family to teach you to love at Haynes. Mine died decades ago so it was rather insensitive coming from God. If you believe that. The whole family needs to pay up. Its patronising to tell the audience that you must pay for your karma! Er no mate- you pay your dollar first.

There you go for all those who thought I was sitting on the fence. Anger drives this. All those wasted hours at seva when I could have done something else worthy.

More importantly it's nearly Friday and its Lash On (getting drunk for your Americans who may not get that)


Vijay, I find it comical how you refuse to name the individuals in the list of "entities".

Let me do it here for you so you don't have to break a sweat typing their names:

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon
Gurinder Singh Dhillon
Gurkirat Singh Dhillon
Shabnam Dhillon
Nayantara Dhillon
(all of the above are GSD's direct family members)
There are other high ranking RSSB satsangis listed like Sunil Godhwani and others as well as the shell companies the money was siphoned back and forth to elude the authorities that payments were being made, when they really were not being paid back (circular payments).

What you wrote about the sequence of events looks close to what may have transpired. The issue here is that they owed back loans that are astronomical in value. Why the need for this? Why say one thing and then do the opposite? Should make you stop and think for a minute at least why a guru says don't run after money, and then gets caught in the largest financial scandal India has ever seen.

Why don't you follow Bill Gates or Warren Buffet? They're nice people, they donate billions to society. They don't go around buying property all over India and around the world to put up buildings used twice a week.

What about the land donated to RSSB by elderly satsangi's when they die? The family of these people get kicked off their land and they protest, but the RSSB land sharks won't give the land back to the families. They either take it and sell it or use it for their own purposes. Why not say that RSSB doesn't want your 1 acre of land in some dusty village? They take it without question. Why not say the Dera doesn't want the land or houses, we're a spiritual organization, not a real estate investment firm. They don't say that, but instead take it all without consulting the families affected. Just give the land back to the family.

Not sure what this obsession with property and land is with RSSB. It's a bit unnerving.

You wrote: "Wow mature." to my comment: “I don't need to get off any high horse. Maybe you need to get your head out of your ass and get some air. ”

I kind of liked that one. I may use it again, lol.

Vijay, you seem to have made up your mind. I've made up mine from a life long experience, the court rulings, personal contact with GSD, and the issue behind all of this. No point in going back and forth with you. I've just admitted to you that your sequence of events may be correct. But you'll go so far as to discount court orders and the moral character of these people, without question.

Looks like so many great chefs here, cooking up a lot of things.
Court order is not a court judgement.
Accounts are frozen - fake news.

Livemint story: https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/how-ranbaxy-hurtled-towards-a-meltdown-1562861830620.html
Explains how actually Malvinder messed up Ranbaxy since last 15 years or more with train of one and the other bad business decisions.

Babaji has actually saved them by letting the Ranbaxy gone into the hands of right leadership. Daichi already sold it for profit to Sun.
No more untested meds going out in market under the name of Ranbaxy.
Under Sun Pharma, recent balance sheet of Ranbaxy shows it's getting back on track to be in profits.
Eventually it will all be settled for everyone's good including patients.
Essentially Babaji was really concerned the bad meds should stop! and HE stopped it in style!

No doubt why HE smiles and jokes that HE wanted to do it with a Bang!
the Bang was quite Big! hard to handle, difficult to digest - but great for every single person on the planet.

One, the link you posted deals with the Ranbaxy screw up by the two shit bag Singh brothers. They should be put on criminal trials for selling untested drugs to these poor African countries and putting their lives at risk.

This is the link that says the assets are frozen:

They are stopped from alienating their assets. That means the assets are frozen and can only be sold with the court's permission.

Your skewed logic is disturbing. And what's with the "bang" comments. He deflected his answer by saying he did it with a bang. Doesn't mean anything and what you all are doing is attributing it to all sorts of things. I take that comment of going out with a bang as him, his family members, and close friends getting caught in the act. Maybe he tried to set up his kids and grand kids with a shit load of money when he passes on - for the life he was pushed into leading, with his young family in tow, giving up their lives in Spain. How's that for an interpretation on the same word bang?

Yes Amar,
however, I still could not find the word frozen. When you are talking legal terms you have to be very very precise. Courts, even in India, can not act as lenient as your approach is. You are also confused between court order and court judgement, please study and understand the two are different words and have different meanings and proceedings.

And I missed it, for my knowledge, would you mind sharing the link again, where you read that Babaji's son Gurpreet attended the court and accepted the charges?
I remember that sure you read it in bloomberg article, but I don't have the link handy, could you please share it again here?

Hi One, yes the term frozen is used loosely.

Alienation of assets: Selling assets that are put up for collateral. The alienation clause usually prohibits this.

This is from Wiki:
In law, a judgment is a decision of a court regarding the rights and liabilities of parties in a legal action or proceeding.
A court order is an official proclamation by a judge (or panel of judges) that defines the legal relationships between the parties to a hearing, a trial, an appeal or other court proceedings. Such ruling requires or authorizes the carrying out of certain steps by one or more parties to a case.

Either way, the court orders two or more parties to carry out it's resolution. The judgement, I assume, would find fault? Not sure.

I can't find the link either. It might be somewhere here on the blog. Brian or Spencer might be able to flag it.

Hi one
The court order is for alienation of assets not frozen. Also the son showing up in court is not to be found anywhere it’s something Amar made up himself. I think he was referring to what he must have read in the court order where it says the #12 was represented by his attorney. And that’s what made him think that his son was in court. Not a fact but written like it’s the truth much like most of what’s on here. Your right too much being cooked up here. 🙈
My theory is they feel the need to prove the path wrong so that they feel better about themselves for not doing what they promised to do.

Vijay, you can't read very well can you? Read my previous comments. I don't disparage or say anything bad about the path. I speak only to the actions of the guru.

As for the link, I can't find it. There are so many I've been through but they all become a blur.

But I guess everything falls apart if I can't find the link. But everything else you've discounted anyways so what difference does it make to you. Even if I stumble upon the link, you'll discount it anyways, and come up with a ridiculous story.

Everything I've referenced has been posted on the news links and links provided by Brian and Spencer Tepper.

Can't seem to relocate this one.

You're a moron if you think I mixed up #12 attorney with Gurpreet. For crying out loud, you can't even type his name.

How about this: you find me an article or link that exonerates everyone involved. Have fun.

Hi One Initiated

You wrote

"You are also confused between court order and court judgement, please study and understand the two are different words and have different meanings and proceedings."

A court order always follows a legal judgment of liability. No court orders a payment unless they have significant legal standing to first determine the legally responsible party.

When on June 10th the High Court changed their earlier order for repayment away from the Singh brothers and directly to Gurinder family and associates they were assigning liability, legally, and directly.

They didn't do this in a vacuum. Several investigations confirmed the recipients of the loans, and the court found those loans to be legally binding. They confirmed that the loans to Gurinder and family had legal standing and on that basis, made their determination and order for payment.

Your notion that a court can order payment without making any confirmation of legal liability is absurd and there is no precident for it. You are inventing something because you can't believe Gurinder is guilty.

Amar, Vijay, hmmm that's interesting actually.

So Amar, I think here if for the time being we keep aside the fact that you/me is following HIM or against HIM and If we are strictly speaking of worldly truths,
these two have been the false statements and have just been part of a propaganda:

1) Babaji's and family's accounts are frozen - False and fake news.
2) Babaji's son Gurpreet appeared in court and accepted charges - False and fake news.

I have gone through most of the news stories Brian has published on this blog and none of them has any remotest link with the two above fake-news points.
It is hard to track who has been spreading these false points all over.

I believe everything will settle with a very smooth ending. Those who don't deserve will not get a hold of huge funds.

Vijay, did you go through the livemint story ? what's your opinion about it ?
I think that it's best that Ranbaxy has been in Sun's kitty now and performing good and back on the track on producing good quality and economically subsidised medicines.

It's surprising that people can not appreciate the goodness all over and like to cling to the stupidity, frustration, hatred and jealousy.

Drink a glass of water, sit on the bench in a lush green park and feel the wind, Wow, this wind is so peaceful, this world is so beautiful.

Hi one
Your right these 2 points have been cooked up. It’s not a huge deal but shows how readers are being misled and their faith is being played with with false information.
Yes I have read the livemint story. The first thing that stood out was how Malvinder has been a problematic character all along. He seems very driven by money and greed. Not a surprise he would turn on his own family and guru given how he has been.
With regards to Ranbaxy I do know HE knows best. Perhaps like Anami said HE chose to do a cleanup and flush it all out.

Amar I’m sure you will protect your father if something is falsely said about him. That’s all I am doing. You don’t see your guru in the same light as I do that’s your choice.
Have a good day and life. 🙏

Hi One Initiated
You wrote
"It's surprising that people can not appreciate the goodness all over and like to cling to the stupidity, frustration, hatred and jealousy."

Yes, this surprises me, too: That people who have the blessings and bliss of Shabd would get angry at anyone else for quoting factual news stories.

Or worse, rather than offer minor corrections where the transfer of information was imperfect, claiming the whole thing is false, which is false.

I can't imagine how anyone who loves truth would dismiss facts, simply because they hold a negative connotation to that person. That is a personal matter, not a factual matter.

Now this happens all the time. But someone in the bliss of Shabd should have no reaction at all. It shouldn't matter to them. It's just information, and the creation is moving exactly as planned.

Someone living in Shabd should be the most ready to acknowledge facts, though they may not hold any drama for them at all.

Stupid brian is getting famous! Thanks to babaji. You are not spiritual that we all know. Because spiritual people don't critisise others and if you are really seeking the truth by yourself or your own means then i trust that you are getting nothing out of it! Santmat is a path for the lovers not for stupid bloggers like you! Stop blogging start meditating! Your are doing no good to any one! And stop this hate speech!

Anmol, thanks for the great hypocritical comment. You say that spiritual people don't criticize others, yet you call me stupid. So you're not spiritual by your definition and neither am I. We're brothers! Or brother and sister. I feel so close to you.

Looks like the religious crazies are out in force. They're getting bored waiting for GSD to get back to the dera in September. Take heart people! He will be back soon. Listen to some shabds, they will calm you down, sincerely.

Anmol, You represent the dogmatic craziness that makes me cringe. You're scary.

Do your meditation in earnest, as I will be, and take a chill pill. Relax. Take a deep breath. Slowly exhale. It's a beautiful world out there. Go and explore. Stop writing on the blog, it goes against the guru's wishes.

And stop using words like stupid. Stupid.

Happy meditation!

You call a photo of our Guru as Scary evil . Guru is spiritual father. I think you do not understand importance of father.
It dies not behold good for a highly educated person of your cadre to use such evil language.
Thus photo is very loving to us. Guru in this form is very lovely to us,to millions of us.This is not scary evil.This is Kind, loving form.

OMG what a scary thread of information

I don't find the Photo of Babaji evil - it looks a serious face - we don't smile all the time. Regarding the Moustache, please do not forget he has just been through cancer treatment. I have seen cancer sufferers in my family. The hair texture changes post Chemotherapy, the softness of skin may get lost. If the hair turns hard the moustache would stand stiff.

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.”

― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

So, if you are angry at Babaji - you would have the emotions as described in some of the above posts referring him as an Evil Picture.

Singh Brothers were not Tiny Tots when they gave funds to Babaji. They made a mature decision. Perhaps they must have felt that he would do more justice to those funds. When they were confronted by the court - they had to find a way out for themselves - so Malvinder started pointing fingers at Babaji. That's how the world is like … SELF FIRST.

Lets Beware - CRITICISING IS NOT A DEVINE QUALITY... So I recommend : Think Positive and spread goodness …


"But preaching of RSSB has improved lives of considerable families."

I remember thinking this way about satsangis when I was more naive and even dumber than I am now. In north Delhi there's a famous Gurdwara and Tibetan refugee area that share the name Majnu Ka/Da Tilla. Across the road there was an area only known as Punjab Basti where mostly Punjabi Hindus lived.

I'd met some folks over in that area and learned that they were satsangis which I was delighted about. I went to their little house and they served me some chai or whatever. There were photos of both Gurinder and Charan on the wall displayd prominently which was evidence to me of how utterly holy they were, just like myself, a chosen one.

After some time they started telling me how poor they are and asking for money. Being the dumb kid that I was, I gave them 100 rupees which was more like giving them 3 or 400 today. Enough to buy food for at least a few days in those days. Nothing much, but nothing to complain about either. Tourists have no obligation to give anyone anything, though this is disputed in India where white people are generally seen not as human, but as ATM machines, or if female, sexual meat to be grabbed and groped wherever they go.

Anyway, they were displeased with my meager contribution to their money scam and, being the holy satsangis that they were, brought in a number of women to display in front of me. Again, my naivete was on overdrive and I had no clue what was happening and thought that these were just neighbors coming to stare at me as tends to happen over there. But I was wrong. These girls were "for sale" by the satsangis whose lives had been improved by the shabd guru.

I forget where I was going with this. But it's all a scam. Radha Soami Satsang Beas is bullshit. The people sell women, the sangat brags about poisoning to death hundreds of thousands of chickens. It's a weird cult that makes you less human and less real.

Everything you believe is garbage. It has no worth. Throw it away. It only helps you by offering comfort through lies. The same goes for all religions and every other organized group of humans. ISKcon "teachers" are raping kids, drag queens are using your library to access children for sex, the news is all a war tool, schools make people retarded, Rabbis are giving kids herpes, Churches have become gay clubs where little boys get diddled by old men. Everything is going down. Earth is hell. Good luck.

"Lets Beware - CRITICISING IS NOT A DEVINE QUALITY... So I recommend : Think Positive and spread goodness …"

Being idiotic and believing anyone in a position of power is infinitely worse than criticism, Jyoti. Criticism is the path to progress, assuming you believe in such things. I don't.

Since Osho has been talking about Gurbani, and RSSB is based on it, you'd think it would occur to you that much of Gurbani is critique. One of the most important portions of Guru Granth Sahib is something I've referenced many times before, the Sidh Gosht. And what is it? Nanak criticizing yogis and arguing with them, rebutting their spiritual claims and denouncing their practices. Granted, it's not very harsh, but it is certainly critical.

Me calling you or myself a dolt is the modern form of the Sidh Gosht. 2019 colloquial language calls for prosaic name calling, not poems written in meter and rhyme.

This is my submission to spirituality. A piece of prose titled These Dudes Deserve to be Hated, Bro-

1. Bro, this shit is so dumb. None of us know shit about shit, but we're all talking. For knowing so much, we're sure stupid enough to get tricked by money hungry gurus who all say the same nothings.

2. I swear to god, fuck these dudes. I hate them so much. I'm gonna sit by the river, or listen to cicadas and be mesmerized by the sounds or whatever, but I'm sure as hell not gonna listen to my ears ringing or think about a gross looking cancer patient on a golf cart. Hell nah.

I've added the numbers so when you reference my work you have some way of directing readers to the right paragraphs.

Hell yeah Jessie you're getting there, albeit a little slowly but by hook or by crook yall be getting there. Eventually your mind will be ultimately annihilated by its own mesmerizing, same as Brian's. There's no other way to go, but by hook or by crook, so be it.
Hell yeah.

Jesse, I love reading your comments. You paint a bleak picture. There are stupid and wacko people in every faith. There are also some very nice people mixed in their as well, but still all drinking the kool aid.

My neighbor is a Christian family who I would not hesitate to have dinner with, but there are satsangi families that I would never sit down with. There are all kinds of people and a lot of them are just lost or ignorant of their faith as the rest of humanity. I know some people who became followers of RSSB because they thought their business would improve and get more profitable. Take all kinds I guess.

Goes to show how anyone can get initiated cause practically no one gets turned down, unless you're blind or under age.

Keep it coming man, really enjoy the comments.

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