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July 23, 2019


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All human thoughts are conditioned and therefore unique to each individual. Nobody else can have your thoughts and you can’t have the same thoughts of others. Of course we can share beliefs, ideas, concepts, experiences, etc., but how we arrived at the thoughts about them will be unique to us. All human conflict happens when we think our thoughts are right and others thoughts are wrong, but thoughts are never right or wrong, they are just thoughts that may or may not be factually correct. Although thinking is compulsory for all humans whose cognitive functioning is operational, it’s not compulsory to believe the thought or act it out.

Thinking happens. If the thought is unhelpful (based in want, not want and confusion) it’s helpful to let it pass rather than act on it because if you act it out the result will be unhelpful speech or action which will define the quality of your mind state in now-ness and the mind will worry. If the thought is helpful (based in kindness or generosity) then it’s helpful to express it to develop or maintain peace of mind.

All happiness is found within yourself.

Hi Roger. Interesting comments. To keep your mind in the state you're speaking about takes a lot of time end energy to maintain. Takes a lifetime, if at all. Living in this current state of affairs, we're being bombarded with idiotic statements from politicians and technological advancements that defy the current norms. Where will we be in 10 years? Artificial Intelligence will push the boundaries of our perception of whether an entity or "being" is self aware, has a conscience.

What you wrote above is what I'm trying to follow, for the most part. It's a very difficult thing to do, but from what little I've been able to do, there is definitely a calming and centering influence which prompts me to continue on.

Thanks Amar,

I don't keep my mind in any particular permanent state. In addition, I have my conditioned thoughts and attachments. That said, I prefer a transitory view or approach which allows me to engage with life as an on-going learning opportunity that is constantly challenging anything I think, and I might already know.

The most amazing thing I discovered about life is, that no matter what happened yesterday that you didn’t like, after a night’s sleep, you get to start afresh, so you don’t need to worry about it.
So, for me, life presents two choices. 1. I can start each day refreshed and energized without being attached to the worries of the past and enjoy my day or 2. I can continue to be attached to the past and bring that worry into my day and drain all the energy out of it and spoil it.

Roger, interesting comment. However, upon this - "Nobody can have your thoughts, and you can't have the same thoughts as others!" - I am not so sure!
The company you keep has great influence upon the thoughts you have.
It is only in solitude and silence that you are able to clear the chatter. Even then, from a distance, if completely aware, if someone is paying you attention, then their thoughts and feelings you can hear and feel. It is possible,of course, to be influenced by those thoughts and take them to be your own, unless you are completely mindful.
Meditation opens up many pathways. Telepathy is a fact. So is clairaudience.
It is not always possible, though to assertain who the thoughts are coming from.

Roger, for sure. Definitely have slowly stopped worrying or thinking about my past mistakes and decisions. It's a slow process.
A lifetime of conditioning will take some time to change.

Amar, very good response. Take the time, you need, for your personal subjective process. Engage with life as an on-going learning opportunity......

Interesting interview with Jurgen Ziewe. Sounds like RSSB without the Guru. Just meditate in the early morn go back to bed become lucid by looking at his hands ,gravel on the ground, or a blade of grass.

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