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July 29, 2019


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Do any of the vegans slash vegedairyans here need to take B12 supplements?

NOT THE ANSWER I WANTED THO... so i quit and now call myself ex-satsangi

if only my master was vegan... then.... oh yes! then i would find the truth...

Yes Michael,
We all mostly need B12 supplements! As vegetarians and especially vegans.
In earlier times when we lived more natural we eat the earth dirt in our foods.
That ''dirt''supplied B12.
Now we have to take it from pills.

Thank you for the information.
I will start to take a B12 supplement.
I read online the effects of deficiency and they are startling.
I hope it works for me and helps get rid of my constant fatigue.

I sent a letter asking the same question: now that we are aware of the suffering of dairy cows, how can RSSB condone dairy consumption by its disciples? I received a letter back stating the same: "do your meditation". I am now also an ex-Satsangi, having de-initiated myself. The financial problems of the family caused me concern, and also the Master allows politicians visit the Dera when RSSB themselves claim to be a-political. But, the immorality and hypocrisy of consuming dairy is too much for me.

Janette, what is wrong with dairy and even eating meat? Humans cannot live completely vegan and never did. The problem with animal care runs parallel with the availability of animal products. Before the arrival of supermarkets people ate little animal food. There were few farmers that had only cows, and those that had cows had maybe 6 or 12 … the amount of animals they had time to milk by hand. In those days animals were well treated … animal welfare was the fundament of the farmers family welfare.

In those days, maybe 50 t0 75 years ago, the farmer worked for his family and not for the bank as he does these days.

Turn your attention on the supermarkets, the availability of food … that is the real source of much of the suffering of animals your heart pains … consumption!!!

Stop the consumption …. in nature all living creatures are bussy whole day to get enough food to stay allive ...THAT … keeps them healthy and sane.

His uncle said that one should try to live a natural life in a natural way and a simple life in a simple way.

To know what is "natural" one has to dig deep under the layers of "culture" to find out.

Well, further to above blog & comments, it’s now been around 6 months since I turned to a plant based vegan diet and eliminated dairy products from my foods. I watched a 2018 documentary last night called “The Game Changers”. I feel compelled to share my experience, in case there is anyone considering transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, or perhaps from a carnivorous to vegan diet. Of course, mindless RS satsangis whose sense of virtuous righteousness is so supremely well placed can ignore the below, and simply heed the supernatural advice of that Great Master Gurinder who apparently dismissed the ethical concerns with the dairy industry with “but I love my dairy”. Said satsangis should also steadfastly stick their heads in the sand and religiously forget that is the same guy whose advice to his own closest family and friends was such an incomprehensibly spectacular failure that it has become global headline news, brought him and his family to court and jail, and disgraced a spiritual organisation with millions of followers that had existed more or less scandal free for more than a century. I guess we get the advice we deserve.

There are many common misperceptions regarding veganism, many mentioned in the comments above, things such as unnatural, unhealthy, weakness, protein, calcium deficiencies etc are frequently mentioned. I myself also believed in a few of these myself, but thought the sacrifice for animal welfare was worth it.

I’m almost 42 years old, and turned lacto-vegeterian just before my 13th birthday. My decision to turn veggie was purely animal-welfare based, and health was never a consideration in making that choice. Nevertheless, I have been regularly going to the gym and working out for more than 25 years, taking care of my diet, ensuring I get good nutrition, supplements etc. Around 6 months ago, again purely due to animal welfare concerns, I decided to try to go vegan. I thought this may be difficult, that my health, strength and energy levels would, perhaps, be slightly depleted. But this was a sacrifice I thought worthy, but I was open to re-evaluating should my health deteriorate too much.

The first completely unexpected thing that happened after quitting dairy products was within a week a dry skin condition (mild but annoying) that I’d had all my adult life disappeared almost entirely. It has since returned, but I would say at approx. 20% of how bad it was before.

The second, completely unexpected thing, was the significant, measurable improvement in my recovery times from hard workouts in the gym, energy levels……6 months in, I am absolutely confident I have never felt so well in my entire life. Heavy weight workouts leave me feeling as if I haven’t even worked out immediately after & the next day……absolutely amazing. A discernible improvement, and I was already quite healthy before (was probably the fittest in our work football teams, as told by others, and there were several very fit and young guys there half my age).

I had absolutely no idea these benefits were associated with a vegan diet, so was a bit surprised by it. I mentioned casually to a meat-eating friend I feel so well nowadays and that recovery from workouts was almost unbelievable, and I think it may be due to cutting dairy from my diet. He replied with “oh yeah, dairy causes inflammation”. He then told me to watch a documentary called The Game Changers. I watched it last night and was blown away, and my experience with fitness improvements in the last month now make so, so much more sense to me.



There is a reason why so many of the absolute best athletes in the world are eating a vegan diet! Messi, Djokovic, Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton, UFC fighters, weight lifters etc etc. Seriously. They myth of needing meat and dairy products to build and maintain muscle, energy levels (as evidenced by some of the comments in this thread) are profoundly misleading and based on marketing by the meat and dairy industries.

I came for the animal welfare, but will be staying for the incredible benefits for health and fitness. I have literally never taken any supplement or diet change in my entire life that has resulted in such a clear & tangible improvement in physical wellbeing.

Try it, you absolutely will not regret it (probably). My only regret with my decision to turn vegan last year was that I hadn’t done it years earlier.


There are left quite some indigenous tribes that have no dairy industry but I know of no tribe that is vegan or ever was.

All creatures feed on other creatures.

There are no natural suroundings and climates where humans can live as NATURAL vegans.
There is no climate where the whole year around there are enough fruits, nuts and seeds to feed humans. … maybe some small pockets in subtropical climate.

Ask yourself how people can survive in moderate climates or hotter and colder …. without farming and animal food.

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