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June 12, 2019


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Hi Brian:

This is a very good question. I can understand why some folks want to wait and see.

But what they need to see they can find within themselves...And that would be an honest acknowledgement.

The problem is that Spiritual experience is very real. If it is just mind, it is actual, real mechanisms of the subconscious that can bring ecstatic happiness and much insight. The calm and peaceful mind is balanced, and does a better job of handling the world, happier because things are dealt with immediately, and not after so much denial or anger, or lust or greed, etc..

Can something imperfect be connected to something perfect? That would be the human condition. But the perfection is within ourselves, within this temple, this physical body. Nowhere else. And it includes a calm appreciation for the perfection of this world. It is perfectly what it is. And if we are calm we can be in tune, and receptive to it.

So now I'm receptive to Gurinder's ambition and fraud. I get it. And I'm happy to see it because it is part of discovering a more honest picture of the world.

I don't mind that the past had its fantasies. If not of one form, it would have been of another. And I don't expect to be living perfectly fantasy free either. Just taking one more step towards objective truth.

But this fantasy has a real value in the Meditation. That delivers.

I think it is time for Sant Mat to morph, so that the truth of the teachings can be separated from the myth and fanaticism.

But for that to happen, there can be no GIHF (except that we are all that) Guru, and no high authority so far beyond human comprehension that we idolize the Master. I don't think it's healthy to be idolized or to idolize, except that it is always good to have pure feelings towards something or someone worthy....Like ZuZu. ZuZu is worthy of praise an loving feelings.

What we must understand is the great happiness that comes from loving something or someone, and avoid limiting that to just one person, because then we must demonize the rest of the world...the ultimate solution, the pure and perfect, singular source of unending joy is whatever brings us joy, including Shabd practice.

That is within everyone, and there are steps we can take to go there. The Master is just a step.

But I don't think a real Master takes the role, because then they are creating an external focus, and that encourages idolatry, not self-exploration and progress. Therefore the highest Masters' cannot be found as heads of any organization. Real teachers hold the teachings higher than themselves. They are servants of the truth, not the source of Truth. And that Truth is transferable. You can see it and own it. Not a cult of personality.

Short course, is that I have benefited from the Path in terms of the legitimacy of the practice and the inner journey. Every day I read the writings of Maharaji and Sawan and Jaimal Singh. And to me they are precious. They speak to my own experience. And I find them very forgiving, very compassionate.

Yes, there are some examples of the exact opposite. But in this imperfect world, I choose to accept what appeals to me. And there is so much of that in Sant Mat. The idea that all souls are the same in essence, and beyond sex, beyond title, beyond appearance, we are the exact same and equals in the most important things. I love that. And you can find that in many places, but the writings in Sant Mat just bring joy to my heart in a way no other writings have done, though they are also quite fine.

But idolatry is wrong, and this is one more proof of that. Human beings cannot be more than human beings.

But we can transcend our limitations for a time through meditation, and find something better than ourselves that is actually who we really are.

And we can do the same enjoying this physical world as well.

Discovery here, discovery of new realms of this creation is the same joy as discovering those places within.

When I watched a netflix about Voyager, I saw such joy on the faces of those scientists whenever, every few years, Voyager came close to another planet, opening another window, as if the scientists themselves were right there in space exploring new worlds.

Same thing.

So, probably I would indeed accept initiation again, with the understanding, as I did originally, that it was not necessary to accept the Master as God, but to make my own decision about these things, and to learn to accept that my understanding would continue to be refined over time, as it continues to be.

More details from filmmaker Sheetal Talwar on his riff with Gurinder and the death threats: https://www.masala.com/producer-sheetal-talwar-alleges-death-threats-from-godman-followed-by-shahid-kapoor-and-his-family

If this article has been posted here already, then nevermind.

Hi Spencer. Nice thoughts, but the "PLM" is so intertwined in Santmat that it's almost a non starter.

I've kind of envisioned it as sort of a martial arts type scenario. The "Master" teaches form, technique and perseverance. We dont go and start treating the teacher like a living God, but treat him/her with utmost respect. That's it.

Shabd Yoga is an art form. To be taught and practiced. Individual performance within and experiences to be shared and built upon.

Goofy, I know, but hey, why not?


Hi Amar
I like that approach.

Hi Amar,
I appreciate your reply. But what this guy is proving by creating nuisance against someone. Bro make a blog about some knowledgeable things and in which you have interest and passion. Your blog is all about one person talking negative but nothing else.

You cannot relate karma of relative or family with Gurus. You are wordly people so for you physical body, physical existence is the only reality. But not for Gurus. In all times of great Saints life most of family members in their lifetime, knew nothing about spirituality. Very few relative or family members knew their reality. This is reality of all great Saints because they do not show their reality to unworthy souls who are inclined towards negativity. Physical relation and physical existence is of no importance to them. If Princess Megan Markers father was animal cruel criminal, you cannot drag Megan into this category because of her relation with Mr. Markrl. If Prince Charles kills Daina, you cannot hang Prince William because he is his son. Every individual body has its own karma ,concepts and inclination . Someone blood relation with criminals do not make them criminal. Many Saints born into criminal families. Buddha's father was very greedy man but Bhudha has no inclination for materialistic gains. I am sorry to see state of your mental development. Very soon you will become disable to continue with this fake blog

Oh my good lord!!! You seem like a fanatic... a lunatic...or maybe someone whose whole idea or purpose of existence is just to bring down sant mat and it's principles...an extremist or a wordly terrorist what should I call you. You have no other work in the whole wide world but to disparage the GUru. Your words are scornful , your whole existence is a waste of a lifetime. No one must have empathise or sympathize with you ever that is why you are so full of resentment and abomination.
An agent to kal, Brian Hines you will be blown to dust..
Don't even bother to reply coz m not even coming back to read your scornful words and imaginary bullshit.

I asked an RSSB friend of mine, after she had just returned from the Dera, about her feelings regarding these matters, and she said that having known the man (GSD) for 30 years, she knew he wouldn’t do such a thing.

That’s one way people are having trouble believing the truth. They find him personable and charismatic to a degree that makes them feel as if they really know him. It’ll be difficult for someone like that to accept that they were a poor judge of character having “known” him so well.

Yes we will

Hi, all of you, what the stories are going on ,and in anyone of you have anyones involvement from the starting to till right now,then what the hell is going on , what and the which department is right or wrong they have to decide ,dont underestimate any one ,we have to do our job ,and by the way what u all knows about that ,the things are right now are in vision in front of you but whats back no body knows, and in big bangs be always away ...

It was my understanding that at the end of the spiritual journey, you find out that you and the guru are one. The purpose of having a guru is to differentiate false self from true self. It's very Platonic philosophically, meaning that there is an ideal person and the purpose of life is to become this ideal.

The problem with that philosophy is that as long as there is this ideal, the duality of true and false self persists. What I've realized in my own journey was that the purpose of life isn't perfection, it is integration. The false self isn't false, it is the real self. The process of integration is getting rid of ideals and accept myself as I am, right now, good, bad, ugly. If you look carefully, that would be having unconditional love for oneself. I don't even have to do that perfectly.

What I've found is that the bad and the ugly parts-- experiences that manifested from self-destructive behaviors-- were cultivated by that duality, the thinking that I was a false self and needed to become perfect. So the irony is that the more I can get rid of ideals and accept myself as I am, the more I resemble the ideal that I got rid of. Meaning, I take better care of myself and I'm kinder to the people around me.

If we could flip Sant Mat over, the benefit of having a Perfect Living Master is that you are bound to see the problem with this duality at some point. More so than you would if the person idolized exists in the past and you can't meet him. And if you can't see it, you'll feel it. Like getting angry at people on the internet who you feel are challenging your beliefs. Is that what a Sat Guru would do? Probably not. If the purpose is to become like the Guru and those feelings arise, what's the lesson there?

I don't know if what I just said is outside of Sant Mat, really, or just that I had a juvenile understanding of spirituality that I held onto for a long time. I think a good teacher, Sant Mat or otherwise, can be a catalyst for this kind of self-acceptance.

I've done a lot of seeking through many different religions and philosophies, which is something that has bothered me. Like, why couldn't I just stick with one thing? But something that came to me recently was that I've always been on the same Path. The discomfort is in the growth of my understanding in being on it.

Whatever be the business discourses were correct.

In answer to this question, I would again and again and again and again. If I am so fortunate to.
What the path and the Master has taught me and made me is beyond anything In this world. I thank him every day till my last breath.
Hopefully that was clear enough.

If u know something was and is going on So y didn't u open urr mouth before? And you alligating him now? If u have proof so prove it and come in media and exposed him. What r u waiting for? If u would have guts to say u wouldnt wait for the time!
He teaches us how to live wisely and and how to behave with others. Media is very strong now a days specially in these cases, if u r rightvao y didn't u go to media? Lot of questions will be asked but the only answer is that he hasn't done anything.


Media and critics of RSSB have started a constant flow of cooked stories to denigrate the image of RSSB and present Master.

A lot of people here are victims of sunk cost fallacy.

Yes we will

"They find him personable and charismatic"

The words that make softies like Osho Robbins and Manjit lose their minds.

The guru business is and always has been about charisma. Period. It's a rock star industry for a highly religious society who aren't allowed to aspire to bang chicks and do drugs. Whether it's the perpetrator of the largest bioterror attack on US soil, some feather headed drug shaman slanging brown magical liquid from plastic bottles and hiring hits on tourists, or any of the million other variations on this theme, the one constant is an overly confident person, usually a man, talking endlessly to people who need authority figures to guide them morally and otherwise(see every one of manjit's posts and his quest for manhood.) Charismatic conmen. They're the reason prison guards should never be women, and they're the reason religion and metaphysics is dominated by docile and sad students with weak father figures.

Even if they rob millions of people, or literally throw feces as manjit thinks is a sign of enlightenment, they will be worshiped by retards of which I was of the ranks previously. But now I'm a genius and a scholar.

Yes we will

Author is talking sheer nonsense

"what u all knows about that ,the things are right now are in vision in front of you but whats back no body knows, and in big bangs be always away ..."

If you write "english" this poorly it means you comprehend it similarly and have no business commenting on an English speaking blog. It's like shit on a sidewalk.

All these ranting religious comments by one Indian dude pretending to be 10 Indians are piling up like shit on Mumbai beaches, actually. Can't you block that guys I.P? It's obviously the same person.

Brian, my favorite finance industry adage has always been "the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

This too applies to the current situation facing RSSB and to varying degrees all religions. The charismatic charlatans of Manjit's family can twist and turn these events in ways that continue attracting devotees faster than truths and criminal revelations can change anyone's mind. I mean, we got a guy who posts here who literally worships a terrorist and will juggle his thoughts and words with a level of trickery non cult members can't understand, all in an effort to justify his weird man-on-man soul attraction. "You just don't understand him!" It sounds identical to a trashy 16 year old girl explaining to her parents that her 25 year old ex-con boyfriend is not what they think. Sad.

Just as an irrational bull market can go on for years longer than one would think based on fundamentals, so can these cults continue and prosper at the expense of fragile minds for generation after generation even knowing that their supposedly elevated gurus are half wits with unbounded greed and lust ie Osho, Gurinder, probably the Buddha and all the dead ones too...

In a market, once the crash happens, it's over. Nobody goes back to try reinvesting in whichever stocks fell the hardest in 1987. In a cult, it's easy to revisit the past and try to reinvest. One of Manson's followers still believed in him after Manson died. True believer to the end. Osho, the worst author and dumbest man of all time, has a MUCH stronger cult now than he had during his terror, drug and weapons filled life.

Being part of these religions or allowing yourself to believe anything a guru says is the equivalent to asking the NYSE if you can be allowed to go back in time to buy S&P futures at their highest price, and then short them again when they bottom out because you don't believe in the crash and you're convinced your futures will trade differently this time.

So many of you are totally insane. Snap out of it.



let the people decide, whether they wasted their time or no. Why are you judging it as if you know everybody's truth?

Bro with regards to evidence one can not deny the involvement of the guru. But, due to one flawed person one can not question the RSSB teachings. There were some also good Gurus before them. My family follows the RSSB sant mat path for last 40 yrs and I am also one of them. As official statement did not come from the RSSB on this matter, we can not take stand on thia decision. Radha Soami🙏

For kind ur information Mr Ajay, our elders say that, 'little knowledge is a very dangerous thing' if u remember that. U don't know anything about this and ur just spitting ur shit here? Go and brush up ur knowledge and then talk. U just heard about other babas and u started comparing him with them. If it is true, media would definitely involve in this and they started showing this in TV news channels. First u need to understand what you are talking about and then open ur mouth to spit shit.

Vanity... Sant Mat is vanity..

"Vanity... Sant Mat is vanity.. "

All spirituality, all science, and everything other than being consumed by crippling schizophrenia is vanity. Probably the only thing in the bible that isn't gibberish is this all is vanity bit.

How is the Sant Mat teaching in RSSB different to those in dayalbagh agra

Sant ji I have lost my faith in this Mat. Ever since I heard of that fraud, I can no longer adhere to it. I feel like having been cheated. Brainwashed people will keep following, but I don't want to. If a leader is tainted, how can he show kindly light?

Yes i will stand by with santmat and my guru. People always write one side of story .

Rajesh, there's only one side to this story.

The RSSB guru has been silent, as has his family. If he was innocent of financial fraud and of making death threats, don't you think Gurinder Singh would be eager to stand before reporters and explain why the stories in the Indian financial press are wrong?

Instead, the guru has been hiding away. What is he afraid of, the truth? Should a satguru be afraid of the truth, since "sat" means truth?

Idioticnesss high caliber you got.pointin to someone who is already famous will not make you famous dude.. Irritably unlogical blog

Truth reveled by media . It is the best way to revealed the truth of RSSB.

Take this with a pinch of salt but If I were in your shoes I would beg for de-Initiation...or is it perhaps convenient to keep that option open...you-know...just in case Sach Kand is real...

Hdd ho gyi....Or koi topic nhii h to BABAJI ko le kr kuch glt likho. ...unke followers comments to krenge hi...notice bhi krenge...but why this kind of nonsense...???
Our master didn't harm you in any way...so what is the reason behind your words??
We need to learn basic manners...hmaare paas likhne ka bolne ka right h iska mtlb ye nhii ki kuch bhi likho kse bhi likho
If we belive , we believe ...if you don't then plz don't use such kind of disrespecting words for the Master

I've seen them from closer angles. There is nothing spiritual but all mundane. The dera is actually a huge vote bank. They play second fiddle to the politicians. In return the political parties (especially a particular one) gave them a free hand to indulge in all nefarious and unlawful modes of money laundering. It is all about VOTE TRADING. All you need is to barter votes for funds and propaganda-backing from the politicians. It's like you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. E.g. you get a go ahead from the govt to construct a dam on the river to turn away the flow of the water. This results in thousands of acres of land reclaimed from the river in your favour. After land grabbing, now it is manipulation of the share market. The funds is clear and clever: 'Preach others to shun Maya, so that it may drop into your lap'. Now don't reason that all this is done for the welfare of the poor followers and the mankind as a whole. Wrong means will never justify the ends, howsoever good they might appear. I am ashamed to have been a follower of such a sect. Thank goodness that I've been disillusioned.
The million dollar question is - Why does the dera and it's followers vote and support a particular party?
Is there anyone who could answer this question, please?

What ever you want to say ..you may say..
But the only truth is ....I personally feel the relation of soul with my master
.and this trust, this love, this connection is never gonna die...because the path and the teachings of our master are pure ..
And the world has always showed the resistance to the real sants and gurus (you can check the history )

Someone mentioned author is talking non-sense,
NO,I disagree with you he is not talking nonsense but he is christian who can’t digest anyone else exist in this world.
I do know some christians who can talk limitless without any base or clue all they want to say be Christian and thats all they chant whole life.
Here i don’t deny I don’t believe in jesus christ but Im definitely against of hese kinds of blogs and information being spread around just to get some followers and make them christians. So stop spreading nonsense information that u never had clue about.
I’m RSSB follower but i do believe that place is much better than any other fake political deras.
You can start your own cult too Brian.
Coz spreading hatred not gonna make u famous mate..

Hi Rahul,

You said:
"Bro with regards to evidence one can not deny the involvement of the guru. But, due to one flawed peron one can not question the RSSB teachings."

Not true if that flawed person is the guru. In RSSB, the living guru *is* the teaching. Unlike other spiritual paths, Sant Mat/RSSB emphasizes a perfect living guru to guide the initiate both internally and externally. He is supposed to be the teachings incarnate. If the guru is false, the path is false.

That said, if you are getting benefits from meditation, vegetarian diet, etc., there's no need to stop doing these things.

I have to say, reading the comments of Priyanka, Kunal, and other initiates here makes me SO happy I'm no longer on this path. The initiates' comments are so much more jumbled and bitter than the others even though their meditation is supposed to make them more clear-headed, insightful and loving. I don't see evidence of this, thus RSSB seems to be a path of delusion/vanity. The initiates don't seem to be more spiritual or happy than the "worldly" people I know; actually less.

Initiates, if you are so spiritual and have the protection of God himself (as you claim), why do you sound so scared and bitter? Also, where in the RSSB teachings does it tell you to visit blogs and make angry comments using terms like "spit shit"? What type of spiritual person talks like this? You can say what you want about Brian, but he's always shown class.

This is ridiculous... if GSD announced in Satsang that he accepts responsibility for everything, thee people like Kaur will say “oh, that’s not what he meant. He meant to say this...”

I really don’t care if you believe the court orders or anything else for that matter. Media is reporting what the courts have delivered.

None of your business, you're an illiterate fetal alcohol syndrome baby.

Brian writes AGAINST christianity all the time.

Please get off the internet and seek counseling for your condition.

@Will you buy RSSB Guru again
Answer:- Yes, those who are really keen and feel deprived of their real home and want to see their father i.e. God shall definitely buy RSSB Guru again because they have no other alternative other than a true path of shabad and naam from a Living Master. Lazy and Lenient people like you who shirk hard work of meditation and who are not worried of future after death shall have an excuse to escape from doing meditation.
Does a man fallen into a well have any alternative other than catching hold of string laid by his saviour to draw him back to ground ? You have to go to a diamond shop to buy a diamond.You have to go to a Living Master to buy Naam.
You have many stories to tell, you may be an excellent writer but the true seekers are not going to listen to you at all and will buy RSSB Guru again and again because He is the proprietor of Naam and distributes Naam to the seekers free without charging any amount.

No, I will not. Never, because . . .

because, I neither did in the first place.
HE bought me and all of you innocent kids as well.

just like the kids enjoys wasting their first year in college,
you are wasting your first birth.
you all will be way better in the next ones.

meditate and taste the treasure inside (and yeah outside too).

Guru scandals are usually trite affairs of sex or murder, so I appreciate the originality and relevance. Baba Ji's relatable to the common man in this age of billionaires, desperate for their wealth but bound to lose it anyway. The curse of the lottery.

He's just like that old Rush song, "New World Man." Here are the lyrics. Look! 1982! They literally wrote prophesy!

He's a rebel and a runner
He's a signal turning green
He's a restless young romantic
Wants to run the big machine
He's got a problem with his poisons
But you know he'll find a cure
He's cleaning up the systems
To keep his nature pure
Learning to match the beat of the old-world man
Learning to catch the heat of the third-world man
He's got to make his own mistakes
And learn to mend the mess he makes
He's old enough to know what's right
And young enough not to choose it
He's noble enough to win the world
But weak enough to lose it
He's a new-world man
He's a radio receiver
Tuned to factories and farms
He's a writer and ranger and a young boy bearing arms
He's got a problem with his powers
His weapons on patrol
He's got to walk a fine line
And keep his self-control
Trying to save the day for the old-world man
Trying to pave the way for the third-world man
He's not concerned with yesterday
He knows constant change is here today
He's noble enough to know what's right
But weak enough not to choose it
He's wise enough to win the world
But fool enough to lose it
He's a new-world man
Learning to match the beat of the old-world man
He's learning to catch the heat of the third-world man
He's a new world man
He's a new world man


"Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight" even!
Mark my words, Rush will take the Punjab by storm!

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