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June 06, 2019


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"As has been evident to those of us who have been following the saga..."

Only to those of us who've taken our heads out of the sand and not hysterically sought strange irrational defenses and impossibly high bars to clear before admitting that the dude holding the money is in fact the dude holding the money.

More evidence but not proof.
The believers will still believe.
Because they have their whole spiritual future at stake. Nobody can afford to risk their secured place in sach khand.

And they claim to love their master too. And lovers don’t give up easily.
As in this bulleh shah Kalaam


A man hired a detective to spy on his wife who he suspected of having an affair.
The detective reported back;
She went home with another man from a night club.
I saw the bedroom light turn on
The curtains were drawn and I saw the silhouette of a man and a woman in bed.
I saw them embrace then the lights went out.
“Damn it” said the husband
“We still don’t know for sure
The damn lights went out and we don’t know what happened next. I have my doubts”

The Article says: "Advocates & Solicitors Kartikeya & Associates-representing Talwar-have submitted to Sebi on 29 May, 2019 that, "...the persons who have benefitted the most and/or on whose instance the said illegalities and irregularities were and/or have been committed have yet not been identified. Please note that the persons and/or the shadow promoters of REL, RFL and their other group companies is one Gurinder Singh Dhillon (GSD/Babaji) and his family".

Looks like the even auditors are pointing their fingers at GSD and his family. Let's see if the authorities take the lead and pursue this.

In an Economic Times article from yesterday, they wrote "The three investors have appointed Kotak Mahindra Capital as the merchant banker for the deal, the people said. Two other investors — Axis Bank (5.5%) and the family of Gurinder Singh Dhillon of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (5%) — may exit the diagnostics company if they get the same terms as the buyers of the three PE firms’ stakes, the person said. “However, it’s very unlikely that IHH would facilitate the exit of these two investors,” said one person."

Looks like GSD is trying to sell off shares to create capital to pay off debts. Supreme Court has not allowed any funds to transfer out, so have to see what transpires with this also.

Read more at:

Hey Osho - how's it going brother? :)

You wrote: "More evidence but not proof."

Sure, sure, no proof of illegality just yet, perhaps. But 100% incontrovertible proof that he is nothing at all like what a "Pooran Sant Satguru Huzur Maharaj" should be, right? I'll be honest, there's too many criminal cases in the world for me to really be interested in Gurinder's alleged criminality, but what does/should concern me/ALL of us is his alleged status as the sole saviour of souls in the entire multi-verse. Annnd I think the Jury's out on that one, bro :)

Though to be fair, there is more evidence of Gurinder's criminality than there is that any human being who has ever existed is literally a ""Pooran Sant Satguru Huzur Maharaj" as defined by RS dogma, so swings and roundabouts as to where we place our emphasis on evidence, I suppose.....

Osho: "The believers will still believe. "

Of course, such is human nature. So much fun isn't it? :)

Give us a shout/whatsapp sometime!! Cheers :)

Wide reaching medical billing fraud at Fortis when under Shivinder's leadership


You can take Shivinder out of Ranbaxy but you can't take Ranbaxy out of Shivinder.

Oops here is the correct link....

Religare Insurance booked for fake claim

Umesh R Yadav
Umesh R Yadav, DH News Service, Bengaluru,
JUN 07 2019, 00:02AM IST UPDATED: JUN 07 2019, 00:04AM IST

The accused showed that Rathna Bai had undergone medical treatment at Diya Healthcare, with documents attested by the doctors there. Even Bai’s signature was forged. (Image for representation)

A 59-year-old woman filed a complaint against Anuj Gulati, MD and CEO of Religare Health Insurance, Vijay Bhaskar, Religare’s Bengaluru manager and 13 others including doctors at Diya Healthcare, for producing fake medical bills on her insurance policy and claiming it without her knowledge.

Rathna Bai, a resident of Vyalikaval, alleged in her complaint that the accused forged medical certificates of her health checkup and despite knowing they are fake, Dr Vijay S, product head of Religare, submitted them to the insurance ombudsman in Bengaluru in June, 2018.

“When I bought a health insurance policy from Religare in 2014, I was not asked to undergo a health check up. I did not undergo treatment. But Dr Vijay along with Ramnique Sachar, corporate manager, Prashanth Singh, legal manager and Khushpreet Singh, head of claims medical, all from Religare, have helped create fake documents and submitted the same to the insurance ombudsman,” Rathna Bai said in the complaint."