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June 11, 2019


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It's still there.

No articles were there yesterday and a different article is posted now. This title makes it look like they are victims.

Yes but the link through the site is gone. The actual webpage might still be up, but how are people going to get to it if the link through RSSB.org is gone?

That link from Jagga takes me to the article, but when I start from scratch, I don't see it. Try rssb.org then Menu then Home then Newspaper Articles. I can't find it in the list of headlines. Is it hidden somewhere else?

Also, Jagga's link is to a story from Economic Times, India that I don't remember reading. Same article as before? I'm just not sure now.

Oh, here's the Bloomberg article...
https://www.rssb.org/news29.html (29, not 26). Like the Economic Times, India article, still somewhere in the rssb website but not on the surface. A little sleight of hand?

There’s no coincidence here.
The same day the judgement came from the High Court is when the articles were removed from the website.
I checked to see if the new article had been posted, but anything related to the scandal has been removed.

Like I said, there’s more to come, and als have to mention that GSD’s eldest son is married and living in Singapore with his wife and two kids. His wife was also named in the HC decision.
So her jewellery store is in hoc as well.

Can’t imagine she’s thrilled with that either.

I just can't believe it. A guru who's apparently GIHF and says every damn day you should live an honest life with the MINIMUM amount of food, wealth,etc etc. Just to keep you going alive and giving most strength the meditation.

Then you see stuff like this! Entire damn family is millionaires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The article link has been removed from their listing of newspaper articles. However, the article itself is still up on the link....But how could you go there if the listing of news stories has the link deleted?

Very interesting thread.

I also noticed that two newer articles at the main official rssb site were no longer visible. Yet, it is rssb's prerogative as what it allows on the site. For instance, the Bloomberg article, which can be verified here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-08-16/billionaires-and-the-guru-how-an-indian-family-lost-2-billion

There was another article which veers off this thread a little, but relates by India Times verifiable here: https://prime.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/65093889/corporate-governance/how-the-singh-brothers-became-victims-of-a-realty-play (Note: To currently veiw this article webineers must now create an account)

With that being said, most people like myself would like access to both articles promptly to verify content. Yet, with the new sign in to view full article part. Most may not opt-in nor have the time. My my, I think this is a viable reason for rssb to no longer share said articles.

Accuracy of verification, just a thought.

On a similar note not even Bloomberg writes an article on the validity of rssb's UN status;

(Search parameters: rssb)

But this is a thread on Honesty? Please correct me if I'm wrong..

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