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June 23, 2019


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Great post. Ego gets in the way of clear thinking and fosters the cultivation of insensitivity, anger and ignorance because hey, I'm always right and you're wrong, no matter what you say.

I had a friend who went to marriage counseling and the biggest obstacle to them, was that that neither one would admit they were wrong. Once they started acknowledging that they were wrong and offered an apology, it mitigated the arguements. Takes time, effort and mindfulness, to be aware of what you're saying and doing. But it does help to keep the ego in check.

Most people are `born` in …. name it, country, family, class, religion etc etc. and are attached to it like their own body … call it identity, call it ego, self … i doesn't mater, we are all proud to be what and who we are and where we come from; it is un-natural to hate yourself.

Some feel that they have to leave what they are born in, based on in ìnner calling`.
That is how they become monks, nuns, change nationality religion etc.

Mostly if not ever, they were not asked, forced or otherwise attracted to come.

People have themselves initiated in this or that spiritual organization for their own motives.
Humans are all `shopping` for their own welfare.

Several mystics have written that most people that come at their doors do so for their own selfish, material mental and even spiritual reasons.

Even in schools very few children, students, go there solely for learning … most have secundairy motives, related to social life+ friends, parents, teacher.

If people would search their own motives etc as they do analyze these days the motives of teachers etc, they would certainly discover more than they do now.

Why did anyone choose to have him-herself initiated?
What had one in mind about how to benefit from it.
How did one invest etc etc etc.

GSD is not the problem and you cannot outsource your own problems of life on him, irrespective of what he does and says is considered correct, wordly or spiritual.

Wha can look in the mirror and see there the PERFECT seeker after truth?

Um, three words: Perfect Living Master

If you don't want that honorific, stop putting it in books, and stop saying it in satsangs. Make it a banned word if tou have to. Bu they don't ban it, so it keeps being perpetuated constantly.

You wrote: "GSD is not the problem and you cannot outsource your own problems of life on him, irrespective of what he does and says is considered correct, wordly or spiritual"

What a load of shit, especially the last part. So GSD can do whatever he wants and not have to be accountable to the sangat for his actions? I guess Ram Rahim paves the way on this because his idiotic followers still consider him a guru even though he's been sentenced for 20 years for raping two young girls. Guru's are accountable not only to themselves, but the institution they are heading and his followers. I'd you take on that role, you MUST hold yourself to a higher standard. Comes with the job description.

"GSD is not the problem and you cannot outsource your own problems of life on him, irrespective of what he does and says is considered correct, wordly or spiritual."

Nobody cares if Gurinder is our problem just as nobody cares if our imperfect seeking and ego and the other perceived faults you found in others are your problem.

Gurinder and the probabilities of his being a god or a criminal is a topic. And a fun topic. Leave it at that, guy.

Why do so many of you feel the need to prescribe solutions all the time? You carry your religious baggage all over, seeing a problem in every attitude that hurts your sensitive self. "I feel hurt. Please seek enlightenment on my behalf!" How about you stop being so sad instead?

Everyone doesn't want to live in your emotional safety bubble where no expressions of anger exist and everyone smiles and uses problems in the world as excuses to implement the latest self help techniques.

If I or anyone else want to absorb ourselves in anger and spew vitriolic hatred what is it to you? First create the perfect world you want and then invite me. So far you're all just playing doctor but have no clue whats going on.

Jesse, When a person stands in a pillory in the market, everybody is free to leave his house and through whatever he wants to use but he needs not nor can he excuse his actions by pointing at the crimes that are attributed to the one in the pillory.

Amar, everybody is responsabel for his own actions. Those who turn their backs on what they have chosen for their own welfare, can never use the actions of others for that divisions.

Sartre has made that clear when he rebuked an angered judged who was not pleased with his remark that he had blood at his hands by saying that when he accepted the job as judge he knew he would one day have to sentence some criminal to death. The judge defense that he was acting on behalve of the French people and according to law he called "false loyalty" … he could have become a farmer.

I am sorry for disturbing your pleasures gentle = men.
Enjoy yourself.

Um, I assume english is your second language because I can't even decipher what you're trying to say. That or everything you wrote is unforgivably bad word salad even to me. I'm the king kong of word salads and can usually look the other way. Not this time.

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and it's very reasonable to blame others for ones own problems, regardless of whether or not I'm caged in a pillory in a market and people are leaving their houses???? or wtf you were saying.

Anyone who says otherwise is some sort of television grade American conservative who denies any kind of fate whatsoever as if all causes and consequences happen at a personal level. It's like Sean Hannity asking why a Haitian woman in a shack with cancer caused by dirty meds and who'd been raped 50 times doesn't just rise up against her oppressors and start a business instead of robbing people. Some events actually cause irreparable damage to people and they can't be held responsible for the crazy stuff they do afterwards.

Idgaf what Satre or anyone else said. Even mentioning the name of a philosopher is a great offense in my opinion.

Since I have no clue what you were attempting to say, I probably sound even more crazy and like I'm responding to myself, which I sort of am. I'm brave enough, and positive enough to take the heat for it. Let's start a utopia together, Um.

We all respond to how we hear what is said and written … that is normal Jesse.
But that doesn't mean that you didn't understand what I wrote, Jese.

@ Jesse. This world sucks. The sooner some alien race comes over and destroys the notion that we are top of the creation- the better. Can you imagine the mass panic!!!! Religions would fall some say if this happened!!! Doubt it!

Have a good day.

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