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June 06, 2019


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Hi Brian and J

The ideal might be attainable, but it might also bring like being a red head.

Just a natural condition biologically among some folks. Even from long before they knew of a formal path.

The issue is making that some universal standard mold everyone must fit.

So be happy if you see unicorns that no one else can see. But as my son said about his own situation, "Dad, it's just a condition."

And no guarantee of anything. To be a good person is another matter.

That's worth struggling for. But as you wrote so beatifully J, that comes from within. Those standards are individual.

The end of J's comment reminds me of something my favorite conman UG Krishnamurthi said.

"I see no problems. Only the solutions these bastards are giving you."

We're all just inventing desires and stuff to battle against. Looking to a guru is asking to compound your own problem by accepting his problems as your own too. Now you need even more tools to fight against this beast you're creating. Sounds like a bad idea.

"Every RSSB satsang is an ode to how we are all failures but must keep trying to find a victory that no one dares speak of attaining."

This is so true! My parents are satsangis and would drag me to satsangs and I found them so repetitive. They always ASSUMED I was sad all the time or a failure.

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