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June 19, 2019


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Vijay I stopped reading the articles and court documents about Gurinder long ago and with my neglect and bad memory still seem to grasp more of this Gurinder case than you. They were chasing money long after Ranvaxy man.
Go worship the Ambani brothers if you're so desperate to be around rich people. I'm sure they occasionally talk about God, too.

"I am also most fortunate, that I have peace and tranquility in my everyday life. It is a constant retreat of contentment."

Is it peace, tranquility and contentment or do you live in a rich country and enjoy leisure and luxury? It's easy to confuse those things, even for a magic Buddhist fairy.


This magical Buddhist fairy, lives in a lower socio-economic area. Certainly not in luxury by ALL of my friends' standards. Not one of my friends would want to live where I live. But I am happy.

Finally in my retirement, I answer to nobody and have all the leisure time I wish for after years of financial struggle. Now I am free. I own my own place and live in a country that takes care of its senior citizens .

It is all a state of mind anyway. Even when I was young and struggling, I still managed. I always had food on the table, clothes on my back and a roof over my head. The basics every human being should have. I could have changed my attitude way back then, and been so very grateful for all that I did have, and not miserable for what I did not have.

Yes, fortunate to have been born in a society where I was able to provide for myself alone. And when I could not quite manage it, help from a dear sister and a little help from the government.

All of my satsangi friends are very wealthy people who have worked hard and live well. The same is to be said of my non satsangi friends, most of whom follow no particular religion or belief system. They would consider me "the poor friend."

But I think I am so very rich, because of my final contentment. I have created everything I need and want now.

Most people in this world are not capable of living their entire adult lives in solitude, and having to go it totally alone, especially not satsangis!

Once again, you are so quick to make incorrect assumptions!

Mike England

"You are never a loan with your Guru!'

I laughed, and laughed. 😂😄🙏🧚 So clever!

Hi Georgy, I used to watch the Looney Tunes cartoons growing up... Road Runner and Elmer Fudd. Funny stuff!

Baba Ji has to pay his bills/debts/illegally gotten funds. That's a fact, because the court says he has to.

Yes, he is responsible for his disciples. Not monetarily, but their souls, or so the Sant Mat teachings say so. Though, lately, he's been saying I don't come for you at the time of death. Seems to be absolving himself of his responsibilities. Pretty soon he'll start saying there's no soul and you'll go into nothingness.

I think I'm gonna go find some rich relatives and see if they want to invest in some real estate...

"Once again, you are so quick to make incorrect assumptions!"

I didn't make an assumption. I asked a question.

But my assumption would have been pretty much correct since you didn't answer my question but instead listed all your worldly comforts and said you were happy to live a life of ease.


I thought I did answer your question. Yes, I now live a life of ease, for I am in my senior years. (Fairies grow old too!) But this has not always been the case. But I have never lived a life in poverty. I do not know what you would consider luxury to be. I am comfortable in a small home, but do not have what people in my society would call luxury. But I enjoy, and live in the comforts I have created and acquired for myself.

Material things cannot make you happy, nor can people, as I am sure you know. But being able to live in relative comfort physically, and not having to worry about putting food on the table helps, of course. Less worries and the load is lightened.

If reincarnation is a fact, and karma plays a role into where we are born, then I am so very grateful to have been born where I am, in a time that was and is, and into a peaceful and progressive country with caring and compassion in the forefront of its inhabitants' group consciousness.

Maybe, in a past life I was a poor little female child born in the slums of India with nothing , not even the respect and love of my parents, or worse still, maybe I was born an animal in the slums of India. Perhaps, I have had my time of dire suffering.

Each to its season. Om Mani Padme Hum. On gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhisvaha!🙏🧚😇😻😻

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.
Gone, gone, gone altogether gone! Oh what an awakening!

My cats have better lives than millions of little children born in third world countries. Yet they have animal bodies. Sometimes I wonder what is better. To be born an animal into a life of love and comforts and non suffering in that form, or to be born a human into an entire lifetime of suffering.

All beings are intelligent, especially animals who reside with humans. I believe they are self aware and although they have "memory", they live in the present. Everything has its order and progression, even if we can't always see or understand it.

It's all good, Fairy.

Just giving you a hard time. Do your thing and enjoy life. Or don't. Do whatever you want to do. Or join a cult and do what someone else tells you to do. Just don't listen to me. Or do listen to me if you want.....


The devil or the "devil" promised the WORLD to a saint all the riches of the world power money control. Lovers and all the material needs met...if that person would let go of spirituality and all the attainments of that and just go with him.
The offer was and can be denied.
IE the according to Sant Mat expressions would say MIND at work at a very CRUCIAL CRITICAL time in ones development and level of spiritual attainment.
If the temptation is so great MAYA and no resistance is made upon the last test of pure self mastery and all judgements become validated as to accepting the wealth and riches path with the little voices in the head nudging a saint to follow another course...of course only temporarily to financially secure things and special people.......the saint becomes a slave of the devil, mind...gets ensnared slowly but surely in webs of intricacy and if disciples are involved this it further complicates new karmas creates a terrible karmic load acquired by using the( trust and faith ) of family and disciples to further the intrigue even more.
Possibly this could be what happened and woe be unto the poor soul who fell into this long old story of saints to sinners.
Let me not judge for my own soul could one day be the same.
The mind is a very complicated subtle trickster! .

Dear Chy,
That devil stuff sounds pretty silly. Equally silly, Baba Ji knows what he's doing (my preferred hypothesis lately). Either way...devilishly funny! I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.

Well said Chy.
We teach our children a basic moral code of right and wrong by which they can become decent human beings and co-exist as communities or society.
"Just say NO!" to the wrong temptations such as drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence etc, is a common mantra in schools thru out the world.
Of course many of us are not so strong willed. However, in my opinion "the chosen one(s)" have to do better and make greater personal sacrifices to become great examples for others.

If one is chosen "chosen" to be a master teacher then if one takes the position...assuming theres free will....another discussion.hah...then upon acceptance again I will say that that person should be willing to show the example and have no major inflictions to be reported on by others.
Major issues should be overcome and no major desires left to fill on the material level. Only servitude to bring the souls back to God. That would be the mission and the sole purpose of the life of the master...So many are watching for the pure one or ones to "fall".
Well lets watch and see how this all plays out as we continue on our own journey. Ebbs and flows of life and its ever changing mystique is what makes it all so interesting .we are all connected or we wouldnt be here.
We go where our connections are. The web of the universes.
For myself ive created or life has given me my own style I guess of meditation which includes RS but has changed from the original instructions and many other things flow through my time as well and its all good.initiated 45 years ago but have ebbed and flowed through other things and it all blends ..no it doesnt mean one is no longer on the path as there is only one path and thats the one we all get on from this awareness into the deeper awarenesses. All paths are the same one its just awareness is individual in the moment and changes moment to moment.
No such thing as on or off the path.
The importance is for one to remain in focus of the enjoyment of being on the path and all its intricacies along the way.
That is the radiant form...

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