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May 30, 2019


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India is getting serious about this kind of b.s. 10 or 20 years ago the ultra corrupt class would just laugh at the thought of being held accountable for anything.

So far this looks like a good development for the country, assuming it's not even more corrupt lawfare battles.

Jai Hind!

Definitely great news. Individuals need to understand they are accountable for their actions, especially those pulling the strings at the corporate level.

Gotta wonder who else has an LOC with their name on it... Interesting developments.

Does anyone know what holdings,properties,moneys RSSB has out of the country? Could this scandel involve other countries? I never understood why RSSB needed a footprint in Houston Texas

Dogribb I've wondered about the same thing for a while. I only know of the big Haynes park thing in UK, the Chicago and California satsang halls and one in Mexico.

There're probably a lot more, but I'm not sure that all the properties used by Gurinder are even in his or RSSB's name. Like the big house in Hawaii he was supposedly given by the Amy's Organic folks.

It'll be hilarious if this case breaks open and becomes an international scandal with Amy's Organic foods getting busted somehow. I never liked their food.

This is not just something..
Can Babaji travel????
That is also the question by now..

If Sunil Godhwani can't travel..
All the summer satsang travels might be canceled..
That gives openess maybe..
It is nessesary..!!

Let's what the TOI said sometime earlier. Both Malvinder and his brother said it would be “untrue” to suggest that Gurinder Singh was the cause of this financial situation. Which version of Malvinder's story is accurate?


GSD is scheduled to come to the US this summer. Sounds like he won’t be allowed to leave. That’s really going to throw a wrench into everything if he’s not allowed to leave the country.

"Can Babaji travel????"

If you go by RS doctrine he can both physically travel via miracle or just appear in the form of light whenever and wherever he wants. The government can't do a thing to cancel gods satsang.

On a side note, what's with RS saying that there's a "master" for all peoples at all times who speaks the language of his people etc? Is this Baba a natural speaker of Swahili as well as a Malay ?

Same goes for Islam according to a Sheikh I was listening to recently. But he also says Mohammed is the "seal" and last prophet. But it can't both be that he's the last and there's a prophet for all people and ages. Unless of course I'm an 8th century Arab and have hallucinated the modern English speaking world.

I think it's a bit premature to say GSD would not be allowed out of the country. He still has Z Security status. Someone like Godhwani and the two Singh brothers would have to directly say that GSD gave the orders. Don't hold your breath.

My hope is that some of these characters will get uncomfortable enough that they come clean with some honesty and say exactly what happened. Problem is, India is coming down hard on this type of criminal fraud. These three are going to get hit hard and made an example of for the rest of Corporate India. That this is what happens when you think you're above the law.

Good on India for finally taking these guys on and holding them accountable. Let's see what happens.

If Babaji was a good “Teacher”,he could have been open about everything..
This is such a pitty..
He could have been a different sort of master in this period of time..
But he need to be open..,to tell people what is going on.
Hiding things is not a good example ,it is such a pitty.
He could/ can be more open so that santmat goes on but in a totaly different way..
He is not god but could have been a friend..
Sometimes i feel sad about all this..
So many people involved.
If he had asked me ;) i would tell him,be open and become friends.
But even to Malvinder who asked,begged him for help..he is not there for him.
I think Malav has a very difficult time.
But they all have.
Sorry maybe this is an idiotic letter..
But this is my feeling this moment

Malvinder is on the record for saying that Gurinder Singh was totally blameless for this financial mess.
The Times of India says that Malvinder and Shivinder wrote that Gurinder Singh only had their best interests at heart, and that they said it was "untrue" that Gurinder was the cause of the financial scandal. They laid the blame on Godhwani, not the Guru.

This means that Malvinder's recent criminal complaint against Gurinder Singh is compromised by his earlier statements. To put it bluntly, Malvinder has discredited himself as a credible witness in this affair. First Malvinder says Gurinder is blameless, then he blames Gurinder for everything. Which is true?

We don't know which is true, and but one thing we do know: Malvinder is no longer a credible source of information on anything to do with this mess. When and if this matter goes to trial, you can bet the defense attorneys will bring up Malvinder's duplicity. I suppose Mal's counter-argument will be that he was cowed by proof-elusive "death threats," but later found his courage. But for Christ's sake, it's time to stop holding up Malvinder as a reliable source of information.

They have been buying cheap properties in almost every major (and minor) country in the west. It's almost insane. Where is the spirituality? From Jesus' dozen disciples to millions now. Kaal must really want to speed things up if you need that much increase in initiates since his birth.

Great news for the country. It is high time govt takes action against financial fraud committed often under the name of religion.

Poor guy was probably going to Haynes :( Makes me wonder, what will RSSB sheeple do when their guru is accused. I mean Ram rahim, asaram etc. arrested, and surely their followers thought they were god. How is RSSB any different.

Many of Ram Rahim, Asa Ram, Ashustosh, Rampal, Nithyananda etc etc followers are still in denial.

Hi Daljit

Here is my view of why it is so difficult to acknowledge the flaws of the teacher.

Once the mind creates a mirror of your concept of the master that internal projection has a life of its own. And it doesn't change. It gives and keeps on giving.

The problem is confusing the two. And there is the third, the imaginary Master, a puppet of the mind's desires and fears.

One is born from sincere interest, and is the most direct way for the subconscious, even the force of life, to connect with us tiny human beings.

The other two are fallible.

So that internal Master of incredible bursting light is as pure as our highest aspirations. Even higher than our conscious mind can understand. It reflects all we hope for, and indeed much of what we really are.

It is natural to confuse these three as if they were one. In Sant Mat it is encouraged, to overcome doubt, to realize there is a higher truth than our own imagination and desire, to believe in the Physical Master as if they were God. But we are all the same in that regard, grains of sand.

But as we see, the outer Master, the inner imaginary Master, and the inner Shabd Master are not the same.

The inner Master is real, if we can put aside the imaginary one, but real in what sense? It is true, it can tell us what we don't want to see or admit. It can tell us many things that actually are true that we have no way to know, but which time confirms. That inner version is the creation speaking to us in the only language we can understand: symbolic, anthropomorphic.

If we put ourselves aside, put our imagination aside through vigilant practice, our connection becomes true. For most of us that is a fault practice. We fall daily, we get up daily. If we struggle to become honest, that inner Master becomes our guide and pulls honesty out from within us.

But that actually is tangential to the physical person whose job it is to help others strengthen the connection within themselves. And that is through the natural internal symbolic capacity of the human mind and its connections to the entire creation, even what we do not understand yet about the creation.

To the extent the teacher maintains their own connection, they are on the same pipeline. To the extent they become distracted, then the inner Master and the outer are no longer the same. And if we become distracted, which is often the case, the inner Master disappears.

But in all events the inner Master is the real connection to the creation. The power behind the creation takes the form we can understand.

Or so I believe.

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