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May 26, 2019


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Brian, you always were the rational one. 😉

Dying to know what the title of your new book will be...

Very nice!!
I find this a very good way..
It helped me out of most problems.
Vipassana or Mindfullness is precious.
Love it!

To find your own source of strength, Brian Ji, and to share that, is a wonderful thing.

Venerable Brian

Yep this mindfulness stuff is pretty cool. I’ve often wondered why it’s called mindfulness as the term could imply a mind ‘full of stuff’, when it’s more about being aware of this stuff, getting less caught up in it, and as you say not giving thought more charge by emotionalising it (unnecessarily). The real juice lies in becoming aware of who the so-called thinker is and making sense (if you can:-)) of that imo.
Simple but not easy. The mind likes to think, react, and generally fuck things up for ‘us’ quite often. I was also wondering the other day about how many folk who meditate, do personal growth stuff, seem calm and quite together are also on various types of medication e.g. anti-depressants, anti-anxiety. Quite a lot in my view. Anxiety in many forms seems quite pervasive.

Like the picture. All these illustrations of holy people have the halo - something similar must have happened to all of them - what is it? Some LED has gone on or off and they now sit serenely (I used to be able to do the full lotus) with their bunny friends. What’s with the ear lobes? I reckon ‘getting it together’ involves ELET - Ear Lobe Extension Therapy. I looked at your photo posted 24.5 but couldn’t tell if you had undergone the same treatment.

Some time ago my son popped in to visit me and gave me a sticker with a Buddha quote which I have stuck on my fridge. It says:

"We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world".

How often do I notice it ... hmmm. Probably even if I stuck lots of reminders about mindfulness on the walls I still would not notice them that often... such is the mind. But it is a practice and a good one so thanks for the mindfulness reminder.

From the Official RSSB website today:
Quote of the Day
"Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching."
— Thomas Jefferson —

Very much goes to the mindfulness mentioned here. Kind of funny really. Personal responsibility, taking ownership, ethical (morally or otherwise), but not putting it into practice by the RSSB higher ups and the Boss. If we're trying to be mindful, then we know what we're doing and understand the consequences of our actions.

I guess it applies to everyone else, but not me (read GSD). Just don't get caught.

Strange turn of events. Charan SIngh worked so hard to keep RSSB on the straight and narrow, out of the public eye, away from scandals. Ironically, his own close relatives have undone what he worked so hard for 40 years.

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