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May 28, 2019


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Georgy Porgy, you submitted one comment under a different name that got missed by me. It's now been published. Every other "Georgy Porgy" comment has been approved.

So don't assume you've been banned without good evidence. Email me if you have a problem with a comment not being published.

Ok - seems a little free speech is still allowed.

You should let others post on the RSSB / guru threads (which know more about it than me, but who disagree with you). I’d like to hear their take also.

Everything is there to establish that Love: the Abracadabra 24/7 first. :-)

Beautifully put. Abracadabra... 24/7.

Georgy Porgy, it isn't that a little free speech is allowed. A LOT of free speech is allowed. Show me a religious blog or web site that allows such free wheeling discussion. Does RSSB allow this? Of course not. Only us open minded atheists are so welcoming of comments from all sorts of people.

The only people who are banned from leaving comments on anything other than Open Threads are those who repeatedly and blatantly abuse this blog's commenting policy. Currently, just "777" and Ashy, who uses many names.


Are you afraid

because in this FREE chapter where other subjects
are permitted, . . .

that you wipe out TWO comments where I explain
on request of ANAMI the working of Quantum Computers

Are you afraid that your 82-year-old '777 , thoroughly banned friend s
scientific knowledge
surpasses yours
ergo : 777 conclusions are way more valuable than yours and you can't cope

Please place the 2 comments for Anami but more visitors might be interested


Hey, 777. I see three answers from you on quantum computing, etc. Are two others missing? Anyway, I got the general idea of why you're interested and thank you!

Thanks ANAMI

Miraculously I see them now

Brians' switching allowed/deleted makes reading here not very easy

I invite everybody on this subject to add layman's info in a simple way
for instance that the central processors can only work
at nearly 0° Kelvin for Super Colliding
All this is fascinating
Especially that countries want to be the first and underestimate
they are creating the biggest collusion ( haha ) ever

I guess f i that all spy agencies will be deleted

It makes communicating a kind of astral with nano timelapses


Repeated a scientific falsehood ( without using his brain or "had no education" )

""" 13You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its savor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.
Matthew 5:13. """



Posted by: Spence Tepper | June 16, 2019 at 11:19 AM

Just when I think I’ll never see GSD again, there he is...
Posted by: Sonya | June 17, 2019 at 07:40 AM

Is it like my song
"Everywhere I go, . . I see Your Face" ?


The references to Russia, Israel and immigration remind me of the band Foreigner. Once, in a general satsang, a speaker quoted lyrics from
"I Want to Know What Love Is."

It is the desire to do good to someone

So this is a Lead for Sonya


You’re losing it big guy.
In your earnest search for Truth and reality you go and muller Anon.
Shame on you.
A person your age should know better.

Posted by: Michael

From this asylum place, I agree of course
A control freak
This is a real bitter angry , physically and early mentally damaged old man without joy or any kindness
except for himself
I invite everybody to read the havoc he made in the other ( Salem ) blog
about almost everything and lately while negotiating a car

Even his 'friends' ask if he is crazy in comments there
beacause of its integrated constant dishonesty
never answering a question that is to difficult
This bitterness he wants to spread over the whole globe

All about a book that was refused and the 'humiliation' of
staying at guard before Gurinders window

Ofc all the words here enforce the ego while destroying the mental
It cannot be repaired in actual life
while also on the scientific side he just copies pages all the time
and he is always wrong


There are many people who have stood guard during GSD's official visits abroad, including me. There's nothing humiliating about it. At the time you feel privileged for the honor. Writing books or giving satsangs, or any other seva is considered a privilege. With this privilege comes arrogance, entitlement and ego. I found myself doing it or becoming aware of it and it made me sick. A lot of people have it, and a few don't.

One example of this is that all sevadars have to park away from the main hall. But hey, if you're in the "Management Team", you can park right next to the main doors. Some even have the balls to park in the handicap spots because they don't want to have to walk the extra 20 feet.

Once you understand the behind the scenes antics of the senior sevadars at these RSSB locations, you find nepotism. Majority of these individuals don't get rotated in the seva rotation. It's created a a kind of class system within the sevadars. If you have a degree or high education, you certainly can't put them out in the scorching heat to park cars or do pat downs. What nonsense!

When they can't find any higher educated individuals to man the "cushy" seva's they go down the totem pole to the next group of people. Kind of like the Hindu caste system... Brahmins, the Khatriya's an so on. If you've been coming for seva for years but don't meet the invisible criteria, then you get called next.

Of course they deny this, but when you get up close and hear the discussions and see it in action, it's there.

Believe me or not. Just putting it out there.

Hehe, I enjoyed reading that comment Amar.........seeing as my main seva at Haynes Park UK for a couple of years was shovelling the shit in the compost heap. It was my compost heap!! Well, to be honest, I was probably more like second in command of the compost heap.....if there was nobody else around.

Hey, which country are you from? UK? If you were watching movies in the 70s, have done any kind of regular seva at Haynes back in the late 90s, I'd be surprised if we hadn't met??


@AMAR. @Manjit

Ofc you understood my point

Like the generals serving trump ( without capital )
then sacked - I' m sure the whole pentagon has been pissef off
and secretly changed the codes ( as a start. :-)

So our blogger served with pleasure like the wh people started
next can eat him alive

Me at 82 have a nice shocker and am curious who on the blog finds the following also cool
like I do
It's not " With the help of my friend" but anyaweh
I mean especially the guy at 08:45 with the yellow guitar




This is a huge blow to free speech. America is going down the toilet.

P.S. if you think what happened at Sandy Hook is relevant to the free speech aspect, you should be deported and reeducated in a camp of some sort.


Hi manjit. Not from the UK. I'm here in the Pacific Northwest, a few hours from Brian. I've been to Haynes Park a few times, as well as Petaluma and Fayetteville.

70's movies were the bomb! I joke with my wife about that fashion coming back. Rockin' the flared checkered pants and the printed shirts, complete with the side burns...

Porgy said :
Yes I like a porky.
You saying we should not judge?
Why you not tell that to the judgers?"

If Somebody would come up
with definite proof
in "black on white"

of these blamers here
nobody would react
and they would all put their head in the sand. . . .

Just as happened with my hyper fabulous miracles I told here
( google hinessight 777 vivaldi )
where I invited anybody to ask me email that proof
that is the Riviera's "nice-matin" journal
and only some wanted to see that

Such worse than Archie Bunker hypocritic state of mind
leads to much worse than hell

Nobody will punish - you perfectly organized that yourselves with hate

Radha Soami


""". Wow, that's kind of strange. They actually sold off an active satsang center building. From the Google Maps image, it has the Science of the Soul Study Center verbiage and the logo on the building. Maybe the sangat isn't very large there or it's declining in that area?
Posted by: Amar | June 19, 2019 at 08:02 AM """""

Let me mildly joke a little bit

Is this due to heavy concurrency of Ishwar Puri. ?


Somebody wrote :
"Yeah, we are all in the same boat.
You, whosoever you are, going to die,"


When you hear the Sound and see that THAT is Your real Self,
When you ARE THAT. 24/7/365, . . nobody dies
It's a Brilliant system
It roots out Egos
Egos die bodies die but You will live forever

This is the whole Alpha & Omega of the Path

G is the King of Kings and is This Sweet Sound vibration

Each week there is more ignoramus on this blog



Karmas are reigned by only one item
and this is the ONLY RULE

Don't hurt

( take care )

Dear 777,

Thanks for the beautiful comment.

Ofc, I meant on the similar notes itself, that about the body.

As Master repeats in almost every discourse, from AdiGranth:
"Sabne saure vanjana, sab muklavanhaar"
i.e. "nobody will be spared, everyone has to die."

G is my King and HE allows me to bestow in HIS feet.

However, there is a temporary rile that surfaces
when I read something as disgusting as like "Master will die under house arrest"


To cheer us up
Yesterday HE, BBJ GurinderJI has prevented a second time WWIII
In fact HE does this all the time



I am spellbound.
I do not have a word to reply.

I can not thank you enough for sharing the treasure with us all here.

Lots of Love.

We could ask ourselves (((( if believing the gossippers )))))
How long bad Gurinder might be able to continue this protection?
Je Rigole

I was reading the following nice text at the US Nirankari Mission 40M Members

- By William Samuel
David replies, "This sounds as if I will lose my identity. I certainly don't want to do that. As a matter of fact, I am searching for identity."
Dear David,
When we begin with Awareness we find we lose nothing that is real, most certainly not the Identity. Rather, we let go the notions of an identity we have never been.
We lose the unhappiness, loneliness, lack, poor health and fear inevitably associated with a misidentification called "the old man," his intellect, his cherished common sense and his high opinions of himself.
So, we shuck the old ideas and let them go, David. We bring attention back to this real and present fact of Awareness. Awareness is a fact; we know it; we are it; nothing is
outside of it. Here, we discover the true Identity!


If only we could recognize the Consciousness in which all this appears.
Posted by: tucson | June 22, 2019 at 12:23 PM


Just try again, never give up, few steps to go

I died 2 times as an initiated, . . now I got it faster Ofc
Don't give up

My wife idem
in her last life ( seperation 1947 ). she was gruewsomely killed
but felt nothing and in great bliss while Sawan Sing was all around her

GO ON Tucson,
You will be born fastly


Here, . . . . . . . they don't know

Christopher Esschenbach

told this morning about the enormous
Healing Power of Music

That's appealing

many levels
of music
all subjective



I want whatever you are smoking - I don’t understand a single word of what you are saying, but you seem to be enjoying yourself.

You v read nothing yet
You & Bess may read some older stuff on 777
Once they wanted me on the Gaddi but I managed to change their ideas
by some confessions and one shocker
So that was fixed
to the point of banning by the guy who thinks that 1*0=1
Further I m in an extreme perfect state
Will soon be born in the UK



Why were you banned 777 ?
And how are proposing to be re-born in the UK? I reckon go for somewhere sunny.

Porgy & Bess! I get it, as in the George Gershwin opera!

I m banned because of "preaching"

The owner here becomes experiences shock & awe
up to fainting
when he hears that someone hears the Gorgeous Sound or
got inner revelations, sees his past & future lives
and this Path is The Truth
So, in my 400 comments, U can google on 777 UK and more
They are ALL different than mainstream

My parents, however, will go to the US (me too, haha)
because of unbearable situations from the climate

In that time there will be also a Lady Satguru
Also the Path will be much easier even to practise
and Darshan goes through the holographic 32K TV
Nobody needs to travel
But google a little to prevent a heart attack



But who wanted you on the Gaddi, and what was the shocking confession that saved you?

Don't remember but you can find it
Perhaps JIM wrote it , before he was distracted somewhat by 'butt'. or ''but' and soixant neuf or '69'
:-). :-). :-)

I had myself a big BANG yesterday
The Holy Unstruck Shabad Sound Vibration was OFF entirely!

Then one understands Jesus shouting "Father why did you leave me" Eli Eli Sabakhthani ( paraphrasing )
I think that happened 2 minutes or so
but hanging on a cross is another ballgame than mine!

I live at the Rivièra and one can hardly imagine better

This morning It was back - I have no clue why this happened
Perhaps I talk too much at 82

Maybe I was wrong by stating here several times that
every 7 Chakras entity can hear the Sound
and a Master is only needed to work out on it
by using his package of '5 words'

It might be too difficult even 'hearing' on ones own
I didn't succeed yesterday to have it back by all means!

Perhaps my suggestions about
Gurinder being just the steward or custodian of the package and NOT ALL KNOWING. etc was not precise enough
Strange things are happening actually!

You know : It does not matter
for those who are SURE

This blog mainly lets the blind tell to the seeings that the sun is black
while the seeings are on the beach applying sun cream

It is just as ridiculous as their atheistic math : 1*0=1.
More moronic is not possible


give’m hell 777, at 82 u are right that 1*0 does not equal 1.

Hi 777
1*0=00000000000000000.00000000 to infinity.
The infinitesimal that contains all creation. Everything is within zero.
Take 1, and add a zero, 10, you have a factor of ten.
Add another zero, 100, a factor of 100 times!
Keep adding zeros and you increase in value infinite fold.

When you add every single zero, the whole grows to infinite proportions. And yet each zero, as nothing, costs nothing, but increases value.

When you add one tiny zero to ten billion, you get one hundred billion!

Do not fear that Master Brian Ji is adding zero every day. Zero after zero after zero. He knows what he is doing. He is making an infinite truth out of One. How many zeros can you add?

Brian Ji has added all of them.

I was wrong with "more moronic isn't possible"
These hospitals, where U hv responsibility: Are they for the mentally disabled? I mean math disabled
Or is this a way to flatter an idiot


hell Yes :)


Amar wrote :
Pretty soon he'll start saying there's no soul and you'll go into nothingness.

Haha: Worse would be if HE would say
There is no Sound. . . . :-)

The mystery is :
We both here independently saw HIM radiating full light ,
really. . . . in CH


@ Spencer ! Lol is Brian your guru?

That's the most hilarious thing I have ever read on here.

1*0=00000000000000000.00000000 to infinity.
The infinitesimal that contains all creation. Everything is within zero.

Take 1, and add a zero, 10, you have a factor of ten.

Small technical detail, Spence Ji. Strictly speaking, "Take 1, and add a zero"
is multiplicative not additive. Reductively, it's 1 added to itself repetitively of
course for a "factor of ten" so you're right in that sense.

But zero isn't one. The magic was in the "one", that glorious "One"... multiplying
before your eyes... dancing with itself.

Give credit where credit is due :)

Yep Brian is Spencer’s guru. Baba Hinesey Ji of the Sri Atheist cult.


So what were your past and future lives ?
Spill the beans.

One wonders how much life the earth has left in it with so many humans on it and exponentially increasing.

It's makes no more or less sense to accept Brian as a guru as anyone else.

He writes words, talks about stuff and has an audience. That's the only reason any of you accepted other gurus.

Having absolutely no way of knowing who is near to god or if there is a god go be near, you're just as likely to win the lottery every day for 10 years straight as you are to happen upon a godman.

At least Brian is honest. That's already a rare quality not found in any of the popular gurus.


A certain Mike thought to write the 5 words ther but wrong
Also their immense Force come from the Giver
So, Jesse . . . . ask Brian

Some of my past is in there


Hi Dungeness
All math is addition and subtraction. The rest are just ways to understand.

Multiplication, even exponential values, is simply a form of addition.

And division, rightly understood, is subtraction.

This is why 777 and Georgy err. They divide, which is really subtraction on a wholesale degree....

Except when you divide by a divided value, it becomes higher.

And when you divide by zero, you return to Infinity!

The One is all there is, all this. So to criticize or divide, or attack is simply subtraction.

But if you accept it as One, and you yourself as an infinitely small part, truly, if you realize yourself as zero. Then you become infinite. You are part of this creation, inseparable.

As for Baba Ji, you see it's easy to encourage him to pay his bills because he is no more right or wrong than anyone or anything else. He is my Brother. So we should all encourage each other. If we are all zero there is no reason to criticize, but every reason to acknowledge reality and encourage and help each other.

If Baba Ji raised my son, as He did, naturally I would like to help him when he gets into financial trouble. He just leveraged himself. It happened in the US in the 1929s. People were so sure of the strength of their financial judgment. They weren't bad people. They were human beings.

Well, experience is a great teacher, but she does send in horrific bills. We should lean what we can. If the school loans are so high at least we should get the degree.

So can't we all learn?

We're all One and not anything separate. 777 or Georgy are no better than the local gas station attendant or the poorly paid prostitute. Every one has nobility and failings.

So when you meditate, just be zero and enjoy the Shabd. 777 didn't invent it! It's part of nature.

1 only becomes great because of zero.
The creation is infinite because of zero.
Without zero there is no value. But just as One exists, so does zero.
Become zero and you have the lever upon which the entire creation exists.

"A certain Mike thought to write the 5 words ther but wrong
Also their immense Force come from the Giver
So, Jesse . . . . ask Brian"


Nobody ever knows what you're saying. It's annoying gibberish. Shut up.

We are all our own guru. Have the fortitude and strength to look within yourself for the guidance you need. We all seek help from people we trust. Nothing wrong with that. We just don't fall over, prostrating in front of our favorite high school teacher do we?
Have the sense to develop your inner strength, instead of relying on someone else to do it for you.


This blog, if you search for 777 comments,
is full of his past life and present life incidents - some of them goes back to the time of Soami Ji Maharaj.

You must explore, they are quite interesting and inspirational reads.

If his past lives go back to Soami Ji, then what is he doing here in this life?

The mind is a very creative machine, and can dream up all sorts of shit. You can't give credence to this stuff. If one is obsessed with Elvis, all your waking and dream states will revolve around Elvis. The mind can make all sorts of "images" seem real.

Put on those blue suede shoes and chill.

All math is addition and subtraction. The rest are just ways to understand.

Multiplication, even exponential values, is simply a form of addition

Yes, and all arithmetic representations can be reduced to sequences
of binary operations as well. But, thank god, we don't do that. We
obviated the unwieldy tedium of "add A to itself B times" for example
by abstracting that sequence of steps and coining the word "multiply"
for it. Nifty, huh?

As for Baba Ji, you see it's easy to encourage him to pay his bills because he is no more right or wrong than anyone or anything else. He is my Brother. So we should all encourage each other. If we are all zero there is no reason to criticize, but every reason to acknowledge reality and encourage and help each other.

Encourage? The blog choir expressed unambiguously that "He" GSD
was guilty even before the HC ruling, Now the same shrill voices intimate
that the ruling is conclusive of his personal, deliberative intent to defraud.
They sermonize about his greed, the possession of a jet and vast property

They pronounce his family's silence to be the final spike in their group coffin.
You personally opine that GSD will "die under house arrest awaiting trial' or
moral equivalent. I forget the exact words of vitriol... but it hardly matters.
You simply meant to express "He is my Brother. So we should all encourage
each other.", right?

You add benevolently "I would like to help him when he gets into financial
trouble. He just leveraged himself". 'He'. again. Really? How do ya know
what happened? Blogger ESP? Obvious inference to be drawn from the
"facts" hinted at in the news? Divine intuition after soul travel to the inner

Couldn't Shabnam or sons or Sunny or others been pulling a few of the
financial levers behind the scenes? Were they all mindless surrogates,
hapless zombies under his control? Gosh, can ya read hearts and minds
too? Do ya know what "evil lurks in the hearts of men"? I thought only the
"Shadow" knew.

Think that encouraging mantra "Pay da man, Dude" will do the trick? Say
a few thousand rounds of it and we're sure to set that naughty Guru back
on the path of righteousness again? Or perhaps smears and insinuations
of shame and house arrest will be more effective.

Hi Dungeness
I get the sarcasm.
But commenting on my commenting is just adding an opinion to an opinion.