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May 28, 2019


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If Love requires a leader of millions, that isn't love.

If love requires even one square inch of land, even one ant be dispossessed. That isn't love.

If love and fraud are caught together.
Rest assured love was never there.

If you see something lovely on a torn piece of paper, just know the paper is a man-made photo of something real.

Don't waste a moment crying over the torn photo. It is a picture of something real. But the photo isn't real.

Don't look at photos. Even if they appear to be real human beings.

Where fraud is, love was never there.

@ Spencer. Disagree with you there old chap. Fraudsters have loved ones too. Someimes it's an act of love that causes fraud. How many couples have engaged in fraud??

Have a fab day x

Don't waste a moment crying over the torn photo.
What do U mean ? - Here on N°21 give a reference pls

I wrote ">".

Take care

Exactly wasn’t it “>”? You called it

There is ONLY ONE criterium
and it's 100% outside of judgements

Listen to the mysterius Anahabad Shabad;
when it swells in Beauty & volume or form > Things are OK

Adding The Five Words over it makes it Celestial Amrit

When you don't have the Shabad , do everything in yr power to connect

It will SAVE You


meditator said :
we need replace the hatred, jealosy, ego etc the negative aspects of life if we may have, to get closer to those valued experiences apart from efforts in meditation.

I think One Thing does it :

If you do it will not work even in a thousand years of practice

Therefore The Buddha stated that this is the greatest sin !
Engrave lies in your mind and so modifying it.

Drill Sergeants must do this to have the soldiers murder
isn't it Arjuna


Hi 777
The power that runs this creation is Shabd, as far as I can tell. We are all codified Shabd.

But mind is a huge barrier, but also a huge help. Higher mind helps us overcome lower mind. Still, Shabd pulls is through it all.

Shabd is there, the Word is there, and it hardly matters whether we hear or not. At the designated time, you go.

This idea of waving something mysterious in front of others is, I see now, fraught with problems. Each person can find so much within themselves within their conscious capacity to witness with just a little inner practice. It could be higher mind. You might witness your own ideas, and that's Discovery also. Mindfulness is the path forward. Mindfulness that leads to inner contemplation naturally. Everything else happens in stages. Like an unfolding flower, we can't accelerate our change that.

@ 777. Yes.

"Master Song" by Leonard Cohen...

@Spence declared:
" it hardly matters........
At the designated time, you go. "

You mean : "I Go"

Trillions, . . . in fact Zillions said this, Few succeeded to stop thinking, end their inner dialogue during 15 seconds

I hope U will succeed
But who will support You while next, you meet Brahma
or his Sub-Drill sergeants cooking our inner lies to ourselves ( it is their job)

How long you estimate that this creation is already going on ?
Are thousand galaxies full of ink enough to write the zeros of the number of the big bangs
Do U know what U are writing about?

And now you seek glory by accusing without proof a man who is the
Beloved of The SatGuru, Charan, blaming Him as well,

( i think and ask London Phil) just takes his own money back
in spite of the falsehoods from FDA to Daichi to arbitrators, etc

I have not heard One complaining shareholder !

And karma_wise only the Master can see if any injustice takes place
and should be corrected


Hi 777
You wrote
"Trillions, . . . in fact Zillions said this, Few succeeded to stop thinking, end their inner dialogue during 15 seconds"

Just as all become faithful believers and filled with prayer and supplication as their plane nosedives our of control towards the earth, so every soul is enamored with the Lord upon their death. The light compels the moth to single minded devotion. It's a natural event.

You need to watch it happen to understand. The power that runs even the creator of the creator is compassionate, even passionate.

No human being could possibly embody that, and none do.

You wrote
"Are thousand galaxies full of ink enough to write the zeros of the number of the big bangs
Do U know what U are writing about?"

To paraphrase Vishnu, looking upon a line of marching ants and smiling, "All these were 'Gurinders'"

But as to duty, I follow the direct commands of my Master, who has saved me countless times. It is a simple command : Sat, Chit, Anand.

And as for Sat, if He posts it in print, scrupulous journalism, tireless and careful auditing, over and over again, independent verified proof from multiple sources, why blame me? Take your case against the facts.

When God speaks to you in a dozen articles for all to see, what is keeping you entrenched in a dogma that allows such theft and harm to others?

Where every step you take is orgasmic,for lack of a better word.
Posted by: Jim | July 06, 2019 at 05:17 PM

Hi Jim
So nice to hear You say that
It's the best word, cumming all the time


@ Spence - brother

God is a journalist now? Lol. TRUMP wouldn't like that lol.

There is no God. This master you refer to is but a figment of your mind.

I don't buy it.

Spence asked
what is keeping you

Orgasmic Sound
Who would cancel That

Hi Arjuna
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. "
Use Yours to find a better philosophy of life.

Hi 777 you wrote
"what is keeping you

Orgasmic Sound
Who would cancel That"

It can't be canceled. But fraud has nothing to do with it.

We cancel ourselves stepping outside to defend fraud.

You have not met the victims, so they are of no concern to you. But the Shabd is deeply concerned.

No offence but U are crazy!

You tell me to stop breathing


There are no victims, only blessed ones, whatever the outcome

Some egos hacked . . yes

"We cancel ourselves stepping outside to defend fraud.
You have not met the victims, so they are of no concern to you. But the Shabd is deeply concerned."

Are you going to save the world Spence? Are you going to judge everyone for their misdoings or is it only because its a guru and you are determined to bring him down. The Shabd is not concerned. Each and every person who has done wrong will experience justice for their actions.

Jen, you wrote
"Are you going to save the world Spence?"
Acknowledging objective facts isn't saving the world.
But neither is defending fraud.

777 you wrote
"There are no victims"

Actually that is false. It's a convenient and self - serving falsehood.

Theft and fraud, especially from a health system, has victims. And they are often the sick, the infirm and the indigent.

I've seen how Mortality rates climb when a hospital is under financial duress and cuts costs a little too deeply.

The Dhillon family chose to steal from the wrong people.

Spence - please don't quote Einstein. You are not Einstein.

Your imagination is dangerous. There are fraudsters galore in this world. Why don't you go after them??? There are people you would not utter a word even you knew something was a miss. Trust me you wouldn't- out of fear of retribution in this beautiful universe of ours.

You are going after GSD as you know he won't do anything to you. The comfort factor.

That is not sure
That is what YOU experienced in your country

There are no complaining shareholders, I heard from, not a single one

There are only some administrators


What is it like to be you?

After being/realising experiencing God, The Splendid One
Would you have any enthusiasm to be that (your) old self again. . . . NO
Be honest, Not even with thousand blogs to be proud of, . .
not Sis Theresa
Nobody would
So , what's the point?

It might be nice is to be another Pure One. . . . Yes


Hi Arjuna
You wrote
"You are going after GSD as you know he won't do anything to you. The comfort factor....
There are fraudsters galore in this world. Why don't you go after them???"

My daily work in healthcare.....

This is just a side thing I'm doing for Baba Ji.

And it's simple really, just citing public data and asking for change that the individual can take steps towards.

And it's great because Brian Ji appreciates and encourages it.

But I think Brian Ji teaches a more cautionary lesson. If you don't do this. If you choose to be passive, if you choose not to use your voice, that changes you. That warps you. That blinds you. And so year after year, thinking you are being honest with yourself, you discover you have been lying to yourself all along. A convenient lie.

And when you wake up, after a little of the Brian Ji bulldozer, you simply can't go back into the blindness ever again. Can't be done.

And when you see others here reacting emotionally to the discomfort of facts, you know your just have to keep on going.

Trust your gut. Use your voice.

Hi Arjuna
I thought about what you wrote again

"You are going after GSD as you know he won't do anything to you."

What would devotees do if they really understood he was guilty?
It would be a crucial decision point.
If I still believe He is God and I love Him should I offer to help Him out?
That's easy enough. We should help God, right?
If I no longer believe He is God but I still love him as a person, should I help him out?
Personal decision. But it might oblige you to actually put out some effort and money.

Is it possible you and others defend Baba Ji because it saves you the trouble of having to help someone who has fallen down a well?

And it raises the ethical question of whether you would help another normal person who meant well but fell. Do we reject them or help them?

I witnessed the former in the Sangat in LA. A couple was found to be cheating and everyone acted as if they didn't exist.

The problem with RSSB can be seen here. Despite all the claims that RSSB rejects the caste system and encourages treating each other as equals, the organization, made of human beings, perpetuates the caste system from the culture of its leaders.

Would you defend Baba Ji if you knew it would cost you greatly in money and time and you would get no spiritual payment, since he isn't a Sat Guru, just a guy doing a job?

And are you willing to help a normal person who thought they were more, but fell?

The answer to these questions is too often no and no.

So you have here your own answer to the question of why a Sat Guru might play this game.

And He will have to continue playing it until you all have not only said 'yes, yes' but acted upon that promise.

Not one iota

@Jen said:
Each and every person who has done wrong will experience justice for their actions.


But in the case of perfect LOVE for God, who is the ultimate decider
S/HE can cancel karmas without the "paying back"

I mean : the victims are equally compensated
and the wrong doer is forgiven


This can be given in proper non-thinking meditation
by Darshan Glance of a SatGuru
the equivalent of many many meditations.


Think about the consequences here

Spence! I was in the L.A. sangat in '85 and '86. Did we know any of the same people? Dewitt and Callista? Lenny (a comic of sorts)? Ron (jolly guy with a Harley)?

Exactly, Spence.

Amir Khusro saw that HIS Master, Hz. Nizamuddin, went inside prostitute's room.
Master had bigger plans, and all other 21 pretentious brahmgyanis couldn't bear the scene.

just like you, they thought to help the Master by later advising HIM it's not good to visit brothels.
Khusro and Nizamuddin laughed in ecstasy.

That's what Hazur and Babaji are experiencing on your comments,
a great joyous laugh! on your sach khand innocence.

@ Spencer- I read what you wrote but don't buy any of it.

Answer me ? Are you going after all the worlds gangsters, fraudsters, sociopaths to do Gods work? If you are I have faith in you but as you are not. You lose credibility my friend.

Good luck and Baba Ji bless you in the end.

Hi One Initiated
The fraud is no joke.
It was conducted by Satsangis, all close to the Master.
And worse, the comments of Satsangis dismissing the harm that was done.

Spence you say:

"And so year after year, thinking you are being honest with yourself, you discover you have been lying to yourself all along."

"Is it possible you and others defend Baba Ji because it saves you the trouble of having to help someone who has fallen down a well?"

I think most of the commenters on this blog have removed themselves from RSSB and we are neither lying to ourselves and we are not defending Baba Ji. If you are going to call out the believers then why not talk to them. I read this blog everyday and occasionally comment and have done so for over 10 years and its annoying to be constantly preached at with this barrage of nonsense.

You seem to be obsessed with Gurinder and I was wondering why you don't go to the Dera and call him out? If thats not possible maybe write to him and lecture him. I don't think he even reads this blog because he is very busy, doing his own service to the Sangat. We know Gurinder is not perfect, but for his followers its up to them to decide.

Spence you have written so many scenarios of if this happened or if that happened. My question for you is...what if it’s proven that BBJ has nothing to do with all this and that he was only an advisor to all of them and had no wrong doings whatsoever. What would you say then?

I still don't see a point, Spence. I never said it's a joke.

Hz. Nizam might have had an intercourse with the lady - (physical or spiritual?) - what's the joke?

Hazur Soami Ji might have had the control over the bank in Agra with huge sum of money - what's the joke?

HE might have been managing millions/billions/trillions/zillions - what's the joke?

the innocent joke is that you think you understand what Hazur wants and commands,
and that Babaji, a True Satguru, appointed by Hazur, a 100 storey lighthouse, a tower of grandeur, doesn't.
I enjoy reading your comments on lighter note and for fun.

Arjuna and One Initiated, you see the Baba Ji which is trotted out to the masses. You see the image we all want to see. White clothes, white beard, sarcastic answers to play to the sangat.

You have no idea what he does in the background, the people he really associates with. The scheming and money being dealt back and forth and the solicitation of politicians. You see what the Dera managers and handlers want you to see. If you had greater access to him, like the wealthy people do, you'd see something totally different.

So Amy's Food owner decides he's going to buy the land for the Petaluma Study Centre. Now, for the last 10 years, every North American Study Centre has to purchase their nasty vegan burritos for every GSD official visit. It's actually written into the official visit guidelines provided by the Dera.

I guess if you "donate" the land or property, you get a customer for life. Makes sense, right? Not.

Money and religion don't mix, but invariably, they do mix, sometimes as give and take, or land for sustaining a prominent satsangi's business. Must be nice to keep your business going with a spiritual organization's demand for your product, spelled out in a list of directives from the Dera.

But I guess you'll have an answer for that also. I bet if GSD announced on the stage that he was guilty of taking the money, you all would probably say, naahh, he was testing us to see if we'd still follow him. Keep following, my friends.


Between all that money talk , Divine GeigersCount & Serendipities, let's try to
make some readers love Jazz music

If not, the text is like Jap Ji - I think


Look at me,
I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree;
And I feel like I'm clingin' to a cloud,
I can' t understand
I get misty, just holding your hand.

Walk my way,
And a thousand violins begin to play,
Or it might be the sound of your hello,
That music I hear,
I get misty, the moment you're near.

Can't you see that you're leading me on?
And it's just what I want you to do,
Don't you notice how hopelessly
I'm lost
That's why…


@Amar wrote another lie

"So on the one hand he's all knowing"

He knows what His Master tells Him to know ( and you know that )

He is just the custodian of the SoundHe is much more amazed than we are

Did my Geiger thing not ring a bell sir?
Do U need more?


Wow 777,

what a brilliant piece of music 👍
classic singing and a fantastic jazzy piano playing - totally loved it!
the lovely music is as lovely and as piercing as SHABAD.

@One > I loved that song since Ella Fitzgerald song it the first time.!
Sorry for mixing the words Richter and Geiger ( must be my age! )


@Amar wrote:
""I kind of like the second version. I doubt that would happen.""

HIS attitude will push many to look in the Shabad for an answer
by Being The Shabad


all these efforts here to humiliate HIM, next attack the Teachings up to Tulsi, Up to Rumi
are disgusting
BUT There are so many like Mirabai actually


Intoxicated, can't think anymore
'You go into my head'. ( another song)


all these efforts here to humiliate HIM, next attack the Teachings up to Tulsi, Up to Rumi
are disgusting"

You know if you were to go deeper into Indian culture, you'd find that all these names you know are just the huge popular poets of those times and not necessarily the "true saints" or whatever you tell yourself. Mirabai is considered to have been far less prolific than we think, and some would go as far as saying she wroter almost none of "her" poems.

You act like some guy who heard of the top 5 American bands and now considers himself an expert on music, not knowing that there are 1000's of other options out there. You have no way of knowing if Mirabai was real let alone a saint, which you also don't know if they're real.

You suck, 777. Your kind of zealotry is why we'll all live in 3rd world slums soon. Humanity is getting less intelligent by the day, and only the worst of the worst are breeding. The future is bleak and Rumi was nothing but a cow eating, sharia law enforcing psychopath who wrote poems. If you think you're seeing him in your meditation, that's proof that your meditational experiences are all imagination.

777, I don't lie. I even use my real name. My comments are not meant to humiliate anyone actually.
The teachings still hold a small place in my heart, but the path is far from where it started in the late 1800's. The ideals and intent of the teachings are admirable, but to be honest, following the guru in that vein is a difficult thing for me comprehend in today's time and that's where I have come to at my current state.

For someone like you who claims to be in touch with the inner shabd, you speak contrary to that state. You should be clear of mind and heart, your comments do not reflect this. If I had these experiences as you indicate, I sure as hell wouldn't be on here blabbing about it and wasting my energy on this blog.

To say that GSD is doing all this crap to teach us all a lesson to go and do our meditation is so unbelievably naive, I don't know where to begin, and it's not just you saying this, there are others.

Normally I don't respond to anything you post, but thought I would this time. Have a great day dude.

I accept that many BBJ s initiates have a difficult time
That's why I'm here
with my Richter prediction and more

Like Sarah, I like Cassandra but Shabd more
Relax Guys, . . Have Fun

Creation was meant for pleasure


Show me one human that suffered from BBJ ?


"Relax Guys, . . Have Fun

Creation was meant for pleasure"

Literally the antithesis of everything taught by all the gurus of RSSB and all the "saints" you like to name. The word "fun" never comes up in this ecosystem of depressing literature.

You want us all to join the cult you're in by telling us it's the polar opposite of what it really is. This is actually a really normal part of cult indoctrination. Jehova's Witnesses tell you that they're all about free will and harmony in their families, then you find out much later that all family members must fall in line or else be "shunned" by the whole community. In short, they lie to get you to join.

Telling people to have fun but also that your cult is correct is trickery. Once they join and hear the announcements in satsang advising people not to socialize or have picnics, they enter into the truth that is "sant mat." Very standard social control stuff, but with no worldly benefit like political social control might offer.

As for "Show me one human that suffered from BBJ ?" Read Punjabi news. People lost farm land to his cult. Others were pressured out of homes and pressured to give dera all their money as widows with nowhere to go.

This is all the direct result of Gurinder's need to grow like a corporation. Nothing about this cult is "spiritual" or "expansive" or any other good one might associate with a religion. It's a business.

Hi 777
You asked
"Show me one human that suffered from BBJ ?"
I'll give you two.
Malvinder and Shivinder.

"Show me one human that suffered from BBJ ?"
I'll give you two.
Malvinder and Shivinder

I thought that was just a family squabble... fistfights even!

Is it all the evil patriarch's fault again?


Happy' might have been better
Let's ask a UK or US reader about semantics

My only point is that it's not Gods speciality to let us (HIMSELF) suffer
but enjoy


I like how people search through the archives and then randomly comment on an old thread.

I’ve never gone back to read all the old threads but since momentum hasn’t slowed during the Coronavirus I took a trip down “not my memory lane”.

Here’s an interesting one:

Shows what value some people have in life, happiness is relative term, true lover never has "happiness" - ecstacy and pain and longing and aching heart but never this stupid ephemeral thing called "happiness".ask Mirabai what is happiness she'll tell you it's not what these Western intellectual think it is.

Posted by: Haiku's halo | June 06, 2019 at 05:53 PM

@Haiku’s halo
I believe of all the Saints, Mirabai is probably the most misunderstood. She may have “loved” her guru but she was mental. It find it disconcerting that people believe this is a good example of healthy devotion.

@Sonia Good point - The truth always or mostly

and now I m here :
@Sonia wrote
It’s almost like people will start to see whatever they’ve been told is there. It’s like they co-create similar experiences. I guess that’s why they

That is because these Regions do not exist . .
way Not (Gurinder in UK)

We have to manufacture them ourselves and then they will be to your taste

Though_less_ness does that !

In a way actually here_now it is the same and we seem to interact with
others from the same consciousness_time_space_level_frequency

Creation seems so solid because so many jeevas participate!

Actually these others do not exist either - They are of our construct
and SO each billionth of a nanosecond activated

🌟 Blessed are those who asap discover the giant LOVE c q Sound_freq,
🌟 Simran contains _that ; that makes it so possible

Unlucky (in terms of time) those neglecting the sweetness of the Creator which is
and always will be THEM


This is the total explanation of the Sant Mat Beas Gurus and of Creation
included the why

Like : I m water - why I m so wet?

Posted by: 🌟💛💛 777 💛💛🌟 | June 08, 2020 at 07:40 AM

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I believe of all the Saints, Mirabai is probably the most misunderstood. She may have “loved” her guru but she was mental. It find it disconcerting that people believe this is a good example of healthy devotion.

Posted by: Sonia | June 07, 2020 at 10:21 PM

Sonia exceptions prove the rule. These are stories from the lives of masters and deciples that is given to us as examples. I am not very familiar with Mirabai but if you call her mental then perhaps it’s to show us that even the mental can come to a spiritual path and have the kind of love she had.

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