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May 22, 2019


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That was refreshing! I know that being involved with RSSB since childhood right up to now, the sense of entitlement, the idea that one is special in finding the Master, and anyone who doesn't is doomed to return to the creation to do it all over again.

Takes a long time to get over the dogma and beliefs one is subjected to, manufactured and self imposed. There are very few in the sangat who are truly only concerned with their meditation. Although the senior management is constantly saying all seva are equal, they are not.

There is an evolving or developing hierarchy where only successful business people are permitted to occupy the senior seva positions. They are not rotated to being ushers, or parking sevadars. These individuals perpetually stay at those positions and everyone else gets rotated around, and the senior sevadars feel good about this, because they don't have to do it.

Again, it takes time to take a step back to realize what you're doing and how it affects not only yourself, but immediate family members and others you associate with. As mentioned in the letter above, he said he lost his friends once he backed away. I guess they weren't really friends.

There is a certain freedom in stepping back from what we're doing and see if it makes sense. Be mindful in the present, and not waste a lot of time trying to save the world. Be kind, generous, and compassionate. Meditate the way you want and bring peace into your yourself. Happiness.

In spirituality, it should be SYS (Save Your Soul), not SOS (Save Our Souls). It's an individual journey and we can't assume to help anyone else when we can't even help ourselves.


Brian, did this guy tell you which denomination he came from? From what little he said It sounds like prosperity gospel mixed with some more traditional american Christianity.

The only Christians that make any sense to me anymore are the orthodox and more traditional Catholics with their Roman mass etc. Though I don't buy into the theology I find the mysticism at least interesting.

Also mysticism..(soefi)

Youtube made by David Lane..


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